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  1. Hello, Julianne!

    Did you get my message on the phone?

    I'm back! =o)

  2. 9/10 for me. Some of the best quotes were in this episode. I loved Sandor and Arya. And the red viper did not disappoint.
  3. I agree. I had goosebumps when that scene started. They did a good job, from Dany speaking in Valyrian but the head Slaver not noticing because he was busy with the dragon. She was excellent and her character is really developing into a legitimate force! I also really liked the Jaime scenes. They had his rotting hand around his neck and made him drink horse piss, just like in the book. I expect the non-book reading viewers will start to have pity on his character now, too. Great episode, the best of the season for sure!
  4. You had a bad copy. The music didn't start until the credits started to roll. So you missed some dialogue.
  5. "I'd hate to be you if I were me."

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    2. Q the Cat

      Q the Cat

      SHARKNADO!!!! Tonight we saw the Ghost Shark - so hilarious. I spent more on my last trip to Costco than the special effects budget for that movie. :-)

    3. The Great Walrus

      The Great Walrus

      Well i like you better as Cat anyway. :-)

    4. Nox Irradiata

      Nox Irradiata

      Where have you been, woman? I've been missing you in EGs. :)

  6. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only reader who is totally annoyed by the Talisa character. I'm curious what the tv-only fans think of her. I didn't mind the Cat scene, because I know they were attempting to gather more sympathy for her. But I'm not sure this worked for me. The scene portrays her as someone who 'flip-flops' on who they love. That doesn't seem to be in Cat's book character. Her book character is a fierce mother, who is undeterred by her love of and loyalty to family. Book-Cat would go to the end of the world for her family/loved ones. She would NOT flip-flop back and forth between loving someone and despising them like tv-Cat did Jon.
  7. I noticed that too. Very clever on the credits. He's definitely lighter. Maybe it's the northern sun. ;-) Thoros of Myr was great. I loved him singing Rains of Castamere! yes, I think he was trolling for Lanisters. :-) That makes sense to me, too. I'm glad they are taking the time now to set that up. We book-readers know they won't be able to in future seasons.
  8. Looking for a Season 3 party!

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