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  1. Q the Cat

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    I am pretty sure my SS was Bex. Who sent me a beautiful scarf covered with birds - my favorites! AND so much black licorice I am set for the year! Love it, love it all. Thank you so much, SS - aka Silent Sister! And thanks to Lany for organizing yet again.
  2. Q the Cat

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    Three separate packages of SS gifts have arrived. Unable to keep myself from opening them, I now have two kinds of licorice to eat and a beautiful silk scarf. With birds. So pretty! And here I thought I'd never find dark chocolate covered black licorice again. Not only did my SS find it, but found a version with chipolte - so even better! Thank you thank you SS. I am pretty sure I know who you are .... <3
  3. Q the Cat

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    Scrolling quickly through this page, my mind captured the phrase "chocolate, chocolate logic" That is all. PS I may or may not be wrapping presents today.
  4. Q the Cat

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    So very sorry for you loss, Lany. You were good to Draco and I know you'll miss him dearly. *big hugs*
  5. Q the Cat

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    Questionnaire: Favorite Type of Food (i.e. Italian, Mexican, McDonald's, Burger King, etc): I like italian and Mexican. I took a trip to mexico last year and had the most delicious stuffed avocado, tasty tasty Mexican crema – yum! Favorite Scent (i.e. Fruity, Vanilla, Flowery, etc): I like citrusy and woodsy smells. My favorites are Fasier Fir, green tomato leaf, and verbena. Favorite Hobby (i.e. Scrap booking, Photography, things you collect, etc): puzzles, knitting with deliciously soft yarn, feeding my hummingbirds J Favorite books or types (romance, true store, mystery or just one you would like): low fantasy, some sci-fi, mysteries and the occasional non-fiction Favorite animal: I love birds, especially hummingbirds and also dragonflies. Favorite movies or types (romance, comedy or just a DVD/VHS you would like): Not a fan of romcoms, I love a big action movie, fantasy, sci-fi, and the ocassional indy flick Favorite Music Artist/Type or a CD you would like: I recently discovered Jeremy Adamiak and just love him. I like David Gray and that sort of singer/songwriter type. My absolute favorite of all times is a band called the eels, but they haven’t released anything new for a while. Do you collect anything? Only dept. 56 Christmas village stuff and I have a little GRRM/JRRT shrine bookcase with thingies from Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. *love* Is there anything (not expensive) you want or need? What is your favorite: a. Color? green b. Type of candy? I love me some smarties. Also dark chocolate/sea salt stuff. And black licorice. I once had dark chocolate covered black licorice and it was the best. I've been looking for it ever since, so that would definitely be a hit. c. Type of munchie? Cheese popcorn! d. Puzzle to do? Jigsaw, logic, cross sums, jumbles, all kinds Do you collect anything for Christmas? (i.e. certain types of ornaments, nativities, snowmen...etc.) .I don’t have anything other than the Dept56 village, but am contemplating a Game of Thrones Christmas tree this year. OR at least a ‘geek tree’ J What type of hobbies do you have? I love to knit, love yoga, just started playing pickleball, love trivia games. If you were going to theme Christmas with just one word... what would it be? Grown up me says Family! Little kid me says Presents! Big family Christmas with everyone down to 2nd cousins...or just immediate family in their jammies? I like the jammies one. Favorite Christmas movie and why? Christmas Story – ‘cause it’s awesome! Religious or non-religious Christmas/Chaunaka/ Non-religious, although I attend candlelight mass xmas eve. I love the music and I love the Christmas energy. If you could spend Christmas in any one of these places, which one would you choose and why: a. A beach on a tropical island just a few very close family or friends, be lazy and open presents and then have a non traditional dinner including Pina Coladas and BBQ shrimp, wearing swimsuits, Bermuda shorts and tank tops b. Tiny cabin in the woods, fire going, very rustic, warm and cozy with your close family and friends, wearing jeans and sweaters. Probably this one. I like to be with family (most of them, any way) and I also like the traditional cooking and being warm and cozy is so warm and cozy. c. Biltmore Estates, full regalia, all glitter and glitz, all your close family and friends, wearing black tie and velvet d. NYC Christmas, Park Avenue, last minute hustle and bustle, haute couture with a 4 course meal and champagne with 50 of your favorite people. Wearing, of course. the latest fashion favorites. Favorite Christmas music I like the classics, but I also like a new take on things – especially singer/songwriter stuff What is your Christmas morning like" a. chaotic b. slow and relaxed c. organized, but fast paced d. "Christmas is HOW SOON???!!!!" e. all of the above. This. I’m usually a bit harried getting ready for Christmas and getting all my shopping, deco rating, and baking in. Christmas day is nice and relaxed. It’s over too soon. And I haven’t bought a thing yet!!!! Name something you want but will never buy for yourself, just because you cannot see yourself being that flamboyant. Jewelry. I rarely buy any. What sizes do you wear (optional answer if you would prefer to not have clothing) XL womens t-shirts. What colors are in your home: Lots of green and tan, some blue-gray too What style is your home decorated in? (i.e. ethnic, country, southwestern...etc Our home is decorated mostly modern, clean lines, etc Anything else your SS should know about you? I’m recently engaged, late 50s woman. Oh, and I don’t drink any alcohol but am always looking for the best root beer and also the best balsamic vinegars. And did I mention bacon? And coffee? Do you have any wish lists? Amazon has my wish list, but I probably need to update that.
  6. Q the Cat

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    OMG - Can I still get in, pretty please?!?! I can't believe I missed the early sign-up.
  7. Hello, Julianne!

    Did you get my message on the phone?

    I'm back! =o)

  8. Q the Cat

    How would you rate episode 401?

    9/10 for me. Some of the best quotes were in this episode. I loved Sandor and Arya. And the red viper did not disappoint.
  9. I agree. I had goosebumps when that scene started. They did a good job, from Dany speaking in Valyrian but the head Slaver not noticing because he was busy with the dragon. She was excellent and her character is really developing into a legitimate force! I also really liked the Jaime scenes. They had his rotting hand around his neck and made him drink horse piss, just like in the book. I expect the non-book reading viewers will start to have pity on his character now, too. Great episode, the best of the season for sure!
  10. Q the Cat

    [No Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    You had a bad copy. The music didn't start until the credits started to roll. So you missed some dialogue.
  11. "I'd hate to be you if I were me."

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    2. Q the Cat

      Q the Cat

      SHARKNADO!!!! Tonight we saw the Ghost Shark - so hilarious. I spent more on my last trip to Costco than the special effects budget for that movie. :-)

    3. The Great Walrus

      The Great Walrus

      Well i like you better as Cat anyway. :-)

    4. Nox Irradiata

      Nox Irradiata

      Where have you been, woman? I've been missing you in EGs. :)

  12. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only reader who is totally annoyed by the Talisa character. I'm curious what the tv-only fans think of her. I didn't mind the Cat scene, because I know they were attempting to gather more sympathy for her. But I'm not sure this worked for me. The scene portrays her as someone who 'flip-flops' on who they love. That doesn't seem to be in Cat's book character. Her book character is a fierce mother, who is undeterred by her love of and loyalty to family. Book-Cat would go to the end of the world for her family/loved ones. She would NOT flip-flop back and forth between loving someone and despising them like tv-Cat did Jon.
  13. I noticed that too. Very clever on the credits. He's definitely lighter. Maybe it's the northern sun. ;-) Thoros of Myr was great. I loved him singing Rains of Castamere! yes, I think he was trolling for Lanisters. :-) That makes sense to me, too. I'm glad they are taking the time now to set that up. We book-readers know they won't be able to in future seasons.