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  1. The Sopranos has my favorite ending of any TV series. Dexter had the worst.
  2. This whole album by Le Butcherettes is amazing.
  3. KiDisaster

    Star Wars Thread: Don't Get Cocky

    oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  4. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    What Remains of Edith Finch is really fantastic. Hope you all enjoy it. I picked up Let's Go Pikachu for my Switch since I was traveling for a week. Wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the removal of wild pokemon battles in favor of the Go style of just chuckling balls over and over but it actually works pretty well and reduces a lot of the time spent grinding from the originals. Also it's just a really nice shot of nostalgia for the Red/Blue/Yellow versions I played when I was a kid and the updated visuals are really great. Looking forward to the Sword/Shield games now, it'll be the first mainline game I've played since Ruby & Sapphire.
  5. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    Waypoint's stream ultimately raised over $160,000.00 for Trans Lifeline. A huge increase over last year's stream. The things this site does are really incredible. It's a shame they're being folded into the main Vice brand going forward, but I'm sure the work the team put out will continue being just as important.
  6. KiDisaster

    MMA & Boxing 20: D.C. Stands For "Double Champ"

    Al Iaquinta is made of fucking concrete. I don't know how he keeps going. Cowboy was on fire tonight. What a fucking fight.
  7. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    The folks at Waypoint are running another charity stream, Save Point 2.0. They're streaming for 72 hours to raise money for Trans Lifeline. If you want to tune in or donate you can check it out here: https://tiltify.com/+waypoint/savepoint-translifeline Last year they raised over $60,000 for The Florence Project, and this year they're already closing in on $20,000 after just two hours.
  8. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    I'm looking forward to picking up Steamworld Quest for my trip next week, seems like the perfect game for planes and hotel rooms. In the meantime I was thinking about grabbing Days Gone despite having little to no expectations for it but uh...damn https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/a3xg4j/days-gone-is-an-ugly-miserable-experience-thats-not-worth-your-time
  9. KiDisaster

    MMA & Boxing 20: D.C. Stands For "Double Champ"

    I'm pretty annoyed about the ESPN PPV change too. But I can cancel my Fightpass subscription now at least. Literally no reason to have that anymore. The main & co-main last night were two of the best fights I've ever seen, and Rountree looked like a fucking monster in his fight too. I'm surprised Anders managed to stay conscious through all that. Sad Max lost, but Dustin deserves that belt. I don't know how he beats Khabib, but I look forward to seeing that fight later this year.
  10. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    The only hope left for DA4 in my mind is that the negative reaction to Anthem causes them to reevaluate the live service move and swing the project back in a new direction. Of course that would most likely mean yet another development reboot in a studio that's already having enough issues with those so...
  11. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    I actually really liked Inquisition. Andromeda had solid combat but nothing else about it is worth remarking on.
  12. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    https://kotaku.com/the-past-and-present-of-dragon-age-4-1833913351 Another great piece by Jason Schreier about the state of DA4. Just dashing any slight hope I had left that this wouldn't be another train wreck out the damn window.
  13. KiDisaster

    Netflix's The OA: Part II

    I just finished the season and all I have to say is WHAT?! This show is fucking wild and I cannot wait for more.
  14. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    I have no issue with the Epic store. It lacks a lot of Steam features, sure but I can add Epic games to Steam and use a lot of them that way (I added Ashen to Steam to use Steam's built in PS4 controller support, no issues). Exclusivity is never good but it's a downside I'm kinda willing to overlook to see Steam's borderline monopoly on PC distribution challenged. Not to mention the far better deal they are giving devs/publishers. I can't blame any developer, indie or otherwise, for choosing the up front money Epic is offering for timed deals PLUS the much more generous revenue split for sales and waived engine fees if it's an Unreal game. I hope the service itself improves over time, and I'm sure it will.
  15. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    Was able to beat Sekiro last night. The final boss is a really tough but amazing fight. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to go through NG+ and try for one of the other endings. I kinda hope this happens just because the gamer salt will be glorious to behold.