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  1. It has been a long time! It's good to see you too, and yes being a homeowner does feel good despite all of the bills and annoyances that come along with it. Jam making sounds like a great thing to get into. You can never have too much jam. I'm going to North Carolina for my cousin's wedding but that's only for a couple of days. After I get back I'll just be staycationing for the rest of the week. Sorry to hear you've had a rough year, I hope things start looking up. Congratulations to your best friend on the wedding! Glad you're feeling better!
  2. Yeah feeling much better now. Just a lingering cough that hasn't quite gone away. Hi Rhaenys! I'm doing alright all things considered. Seems like everything in my house is breaking down at once and I'm paying repair bill after repair bill but that's just the nature of home ownership. Looking forward to Halloween and taking a vacation in November. How are you? I'm enjoying the dragon show quite a bit but I am and have always been a Targ fan so it's tailor made for me. It feels good to have a weekly 'event' TV show again. Reminds me of when GoT was still good!
  3. Sorry to hear that Bucky. I hope your symptoms stay mild and you recover quickly. I got sick for the first time since all this kicked off a few weeks ago myself. Wasn't covid in my case thankfully. First time I ventured into a big crowd with no mask on and bam, infected. I'm never taking my mask off in public again.
  4. Hello spammers. Hope you're all doing well. The Dragon Show™ has pulled me back to the board to (mostly) lurk in threads. Ain't that the truth.
  5. It's been a banner year for replaying games over here with not many big new releases since the first few months of 2022. I started with the full Dragon Age trilogy back to front, which marked the first time I've revisited the second game since it came out. I was unbelievably disappointed by it at the time but my feelings on it were a lot more positive the second time around. The places where it's obvious how little development time they were afforded (thanks EA) still stick out like multiple sore thumbs, especially the third act, but overall I really enjoyed it this time. Inquisition is still way too fucking big but I'm more excited than ever for Dreadwolf now. Fingers crossed Bioware can pull this one off! I'm onto Breath of the Wild now thanks to the announcement hype from Tears of the Kingdom. Got it running at 4k60 this time (through extremely legal and legitimate means) and that game just shines every bit as much as it did five years ago. My fond memories of it had kind of glossed over some of the more annoying elements (inventory management, cooking being incredibly tedious, not being able to climb if it's raining etc.) but none of them really hamper the fact that it's a wonderful experience to sink into again. Easily remains among my top games of all time, and I can't wait for the sequel next year. Finally some new stuff I'm looking forward to over the next couple of months. Scorn and the Plague Tale sequel in October and then Dad of Boy 2 in November. Can't wait to murder more gods with the power of anger.
  6. And the ongoing centralization of videogames continues. Monotone yay. But hey maybe they'll actually kick the abusive shitheels out and finally do something with all of their stagnant franchises.
  7. Ha, I've been of the mind from the start that Jeff isn't actually cheating on Shauna and that something else is going on with his sneaking around and the woman at the hotel. Didn't have any actual guesses on what it was but I like the call that he's involved in the blackmail plot.
  8. I was initially pretty shocked at Shauna saying she didn't like her daughter in front of this woman who is still grieving her own, it felt so cruel. But then seeing how awful Jackie's mom is to her my thoughts quickly changed to 'get her ass'. That scene actually made me like Jeff, who just seemed like such a douche before. I am still really hoping things don't go in a supernatural direction.
  9. Hi Buck I'm doing alright. Work remains busy as hell, and ongoing anxiety over the state of things never gets any more fun. But being vaxxed and boosted and able to see people again now and then has been nice. Though now with omicron I guess it's time to go hermit mode again. How are you doing?
  10. I've been enjoying this show a lot more than I originally thought I would. Although to be honest I become somewhat less interested as they started hinting at some grand conspiracy beyond whatever awful shit the girls themselves got up to out there and are trying to cover up. Christina Ricci is the absolute highlight of the show for me. She's got that faux-cheerful menace down to a science that makes my skin crawl. I'm glad the creators have a specific roadmap in mind, even if five seasons sounds like a lot at the outset. My biggest fear with this show (as with anything Showtime touches) is that they'll drag it out for years past the point when it should have ended until it's a miserable ghost of its former self. I still can't believe they necro'd Dexter.
  11. Season's greetings, spammers. Just popping in to say hello and I hope you all are doing well and staying safe in this ongoing apocalypse of ours.
  12. I still don't think the book ever comes out but getting the prologue was neat.
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