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  1. And the ongoing centralization of videogames continues. Monotone yay. But hey maybe they'll actually kick the abusive shitheels out and finally do something with all of their stagnant franchises.
  2. Ha, I've been of the mind from the start that Jeff isn't actually cheating on Shauna and that something else is going on with his sneaking around and the woman at the hotel. Didn't have any actual guesses on what it was but I like the call that he's involved in the blackmail plot.
  3. I was initially pretty shocked at Shauna saying she didn't like her daughter in front of this woman who is still grieving her own, it felt so cruel. But then seeing how awful Jackie's mom is to her my thoughts quickly changed to 'get her ass'. That scene actually made me like Jeff, who just seemed like such a douche before. I am still really hoping things don't go in a supernatural direction.
  4. Hi Buck I'm doing alright. Work remains busy as hell, and ongoing anxiety over the state of things never gets any more fun. But being vaxxed and boosted and able to see people again now and then has been nice. Though now with omicron I guess it's time to go hermit mode again. How are you doing?
  5. I've been enjoying this show a lot more than I originally thought I would. Although to be honest I become somewhat less interested as they started hinting at some grand conspiracy beyond whatever awful shit the girls themselves got up to out there and are trying to cover up. Christina Ricci is the absolute highlight of the show for me. She's got that faux-cheerful menace down to a science that makes my skin crawl. I'm glad the creators have a specific roadmap in mind, even if five seasons sounds like a lot at the outset. My biggest fear with this show (as with anything Showtime touches) is that they'll drag it out for years past the point when it should have ended until it's a miserable ghost of its former self. I still can't believe they necro'd Dexter.
  6. Season's greetings, spammers. Just popping in to say hello and I hope you all are doing well and staying safe in this ongoing apocalypse of ours.
  7. I'm all in on the new FFXIV expansion lately. Servers are completely packed with players leading to queues that last upwards of four hours in the evenings on the higher populated worlds, and that is assuming you don't error out and end up getting send to the back of the line again. Thankfully the frequency of those errors has been trending down and they say they've identified the cause now and will be rolling out a fix soon. I feel bad for the devs. An absolute perfect storm of shit has led to a situation they can't really fix. I'm lucky to be working from home most days still, so I can login in the morning when there's no queue and just stay in game all day. Aside from all that, the game itself is fantastic. It has become by far my favorite MMO of all time and just keeps getting better with each new installment. It's honestly incredible how far it has come. From one of the biggest failures in gaming on its initial launch to now being so popular that they are suspending sales and advertising because there are too many people trying to play. The remake is really good. Much better than I ever would have expected. It's the first time since they abandoned the traditional turn based style of combat for FF games that the combat system has actually felt good to me. Like they finally nailed what they've been trying to do since 12 or 13.
  8. I still don't think the book ever comes out but getting the prologue was neat.
  9. I'm at a point in the game now where normal difficulty has become trivially easy (my hacks one-hit-kill most enemies) but turning it up to hard results in enemies one-hit-killing me and me still one-hitting most of them. Guess I need to invest in some survivability and try very hard or just accept that I am a hacker god now. Never thought I would wish for spongier enemies.
  10. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/cyberpunk-2077-refunds/ Sony are pulling the game from sale until further notice. That's a pretty huge blow to CDPR.
  11. I picked Street Kid and I've had quite a few chances to use unique dialogue options from it but there's only been once or twice where it actually seemed to matter beyond getting some additional flavor text about something.
  12. Congrats on the new job also Covid numbers only ever get worse here in the good old USA. Especially in Florida. I've been having stress dreams about it too.
  13. I really wasn't enjoying this game at all at first, but its grown on me a bit. Abandoning stealth and focusing on the main story instead of bothering with the side content helped. Unfortunate, cause I love stealth and that's generally how I prefer to approach Deus Ex style games but it feels completely broken here in terms of the enemy AI and stealth detection. Also the side content in Witcher 3 was sort of the highlight of that game and I was looking forward to more of that here, but most of it seems to be really generic. Anyway, now that I'm just going loud on every mission and have most of the quickhacking skill tree filled out its actually pretty fun. Casting a virus on one guy and watching it spread through the enemy ranks, disabling their weapons and making them explode in their hands is very cool as it turns out. Also Body Heat radio is nonstop bangers.
  14. Thanks Bucky Its been a lot of ups and downs this year. My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and that's probably been the single hardest thing. Some other illness in the extended family but somehow we've all managed to avoid covid so far. On the other hand I bought a house at the beginning of the year, and I've been fortunate enough to keep my job through all the madness of 2020 so I can keep the mortgage paid. I never thought I would be a homeowner. I've been living here for 10 months and it still doesn't feel real. All things considered I can't really complain. With everything happening this year I've been incredibly fortunate. How are you doing?
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