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  1. KiDisaster

    Secret Santa XIII - Unlucky for some but not for us

    I hope we can get it going again this year. If there's anything I can do to help with the organization I'm happy to volunteer.
  2. KiDisaster

    Netflix's The OA: Part II

    God fucking dammit. Fuck Netflix and this two seasons and done strategy. They cancel all their most interesting shows.
  3. KiDisaster

    MMA & Boxing 20: D.C. Stands For "Double Champ"

    Did all the fighters get together backstage and agree that nobody's tapping tonight what the hell? I've never seen so many people get choked out on one card before. And the stoppages are coming late too. God dammit Robbie please beat this piece of shit... ETA: My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. Here's hoping Usman gives him a taste of his own medicine I guess.
  4. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/07/01/cd-projekt-red-working-on-two-more-cyberpunk-2077-projects The 'standalone multiplayer game' is almost certainly Netrunner I think. I had hoped for a digital version of the card game for a long, long time but I wish it wasn't happening this way.
  5. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    SGDQ 2019 just wrapped up, raising just over 3 million dollars for Doctors Without Borders. Smashing the previous GDQ record by half a million. These events are always such a joy to watch.
  6. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    I am keeping my hype on a leash until we can see more of the game. I loved VTMB and have replayed it more than most games, and when I found out we were finally getting a sequel I was extremely excited, but there's every chance this one ends up being a disappointment. I hope it's good though.
  7. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    I've been playing a bit of Outer Wilds and it's one of the coolest games I've played in a long time. It's overwhelming and somehow relaxing all at once. There's just so much to see and explore, so much information to take in, and I'm a very easily distracted person so I end up going off in random directions and forgetting what I had originally planned to check out. The ship computer thankfully does a great job of keeping track of everything you've learned though and is the only thing that persists through the reset. Watching the sun explode in the complete silence of space at the end of a run is really hauntingly beautiful.
  8. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    I'm not sure if Schreier specifically has any articles focusing on unions, but other sites have been doing that work. Waypoint (or rather Vice Games now technically) focus on it quite heavily. Here's a piece they wrote about the efforts of Game Workers Unite at this year's GDC https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/zmad85/unionization-was-center-stage-at-the-2019-game-developers-conference Just yesterday we saw Bernie Sanders tweeting in support of GWU. The support is growing, and slowly the industry is going to get there. Kicking and screaming as the higher ups may be.
  9. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    You don't see the press drawing attention to issues like this as an important part of moving toward those modifications to the capitalist system? More and more video game and tech related media outlets have been unionizing in the last couple of years, organizations like GDU are pushing for the same in the actual development industry. Their growing success, and the growing support for it, is thanks in part to work like Schreier's.
  10. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    I dunno I'm pretty socially inept and spend a lot of my time isolated behind screens (yay crippling anxiety) but don't find that to be a hindrance to actually giving a fuck about other human beings and the often horrific labor conditions that go into making these games. I think that the removal from reality mentioned and a desperate desire to preserve their bubbles of ignorance is key for many of these Gamers™ but many are also just unfeeling, bigoted pieces of garbage. Anyway speaking of things Gamers hate here's a great interview with Anita Sarkeesian on 10 years of Feminist Frequency https://www.polygon.com/features/2019/6/19/18679678/anita-sarkeesian-feminist-frequency-interview-history-story?utm_campaign=polygon&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
  11. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    Deep Silver is the same company that pulled Metro: Exodus from sale on Steam even though it had been available for pre-order for months already. Though at least in that case the people who ordered it on Steam could still get it on Steam. Clearly whatever they lost in chargebacks, refunds, etc. did not add up to the fat check Epic cut them for the exclusivity deal so they're going for it again. This time around is more egregious. I'm not anti-Epic store like most people on the internet seem to be but this absolutely sucks on Deep Silver's part. Fuck 'em.
  12. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    Hell yeah. Finally an Animal Crossing announcement and the teaser for Breath of the Wild 2 was an awesome surprise. Banjo in Smash was expected but still very cool to see. Great stuff coming from Nintendo. God there are too many games coming out in the Fall of this year and Q1 2020.
  13. Old thread is at locking age. Some important news to kick us off: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-06-10-cd-projekt-gives-free-copy-of-cyberpunk-2077-to-guy-who-shouted-youre-breathtaking-at-keanu-reeves I think the announcement I'm most excited for so far is Elden Ring. I'm 125% on board for anything From bring out, and I can't wait to see their take on a bigger open world game. Looks like Microsoft is hungry again after having their lunch eaten by Sony this generation. I wonder if they'll try to get their next console to market a year early again. Having Halo as a launch game will be huge.
  14. KiDisaster

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    I'm potentially interested in Stadia for any games that will have crossplay/save. If I can play a game at home on my own hardware, and then pick up right where I left off streaming on my phone or whatever when I'm traveling that would be great. Destiny 2 seems like it'll be good for that since it's included in the Stadia subscription and they've just announced cross save for all platforms. I'm curious to see how well it works. On the other hand I don't like the idea of having even less ownership over my games than I already do, and Google in particular being notorious for shutting down projects after a couple of years because they aren't dominating doesn't exactly incentivize me to spend much money on it. We know Microsoft is going to be unveiling their own streaming platform next week, and what I'm really hoping for is a partnership with Nintendo to make it available on the Switch. That combined with their Play Anywhere stuff could really sell me on it if it also works well.
  15. KiDisaster

    MMA & Boxing 20: D.C. Stands For "Double Champ"

    Wooooow. Switched over to the boxing just in time to see Joshua get dropped twice and waved off. Gus retiring is sad but I think it's the right call. He just hasn't been the same in his last two fights. Definitely looked like he's just over it.