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  1. rocksniffer

    Cast the Actor!(v3)

    dolorous ed... johnny depp ...hasn't this thread run its course...
  2. rocksniffer

    Coldhands is secretly...

    ...coldhands is secretly making moonshine to sell to the wildlings...
  3. rocksniffer

    Bumping for Benjen Vol. VII

    benjen was seen recently in south carolina enjoying a fish fry at sniffer's house...
  4. rocksniffer

    Bumping for TWOW V5

    bumping in remembrance...
  5. ...aren't cups really subservient to steins and flagons...
  6. rocksniffer

    Last One Wins

    hahahahahahaha the sniffer has returned just in time to win this thread....
  7. raisin' bran has often been seen slinking around the street of sisters..sadly it is because he has forgotten that it is the street of silk where the brothels are located...
  8. rocksniffer

    Would you rather?

    i would prefer to be a kept woman...though i do not think i would be loyal...manse or not... would you rather be a valued loyalist or a chicken eating deserter...
  9. rocksniffer

    What's the Avatar Above You Thinking #14 (Finally)

    ...then this flag appeared behind me, and i thought why not...the colours complement my petals...
  10. rocksniffer

    What do you think about online casinos?

    i find myself in agreement with mcbig...spam threads should get the fast acting lock down they deserve... ...and to speak clearly...i am in before the lock
  11. rocksniffer

    Be as unhelpful as possible, v. 3 (No)

    enough to eat all the chopped meat in the bucket... could all the ravens in westeros speak if given the opportunity...
  12. rocksniffer

    Promise me, Ned!

    promise me ned you will explain why several avatars are not what i remember...
  13. rocksniffer

    This Game Of Mash Will Reveal Your "Game Of Thrones" Life

    i shall ignore the "high Carden" as a typo.... i shall live in sunspear i shall root for house Martell my best friend is Oberyn Martell i would like to date Chataya my worst enemey woould be the Mountain, as well into battle i would take the real sand snakes...from the book and not the show.. would i survive...it is a 50/50 chance...
  14. rocksniffer

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: FINAL: SWMBO WINS!!!

    interesting my Number One has both come in dead last and won a game since i have been gone... both things i have failed to do...she is carrying our name forth into the void of the board... i am proud... although i would have pointed and laughed if she had fallen down at the end
  15. rocksniffer

    The Game

    this was a wicked cool game...and i am pissed off that i did not see the theme....but oh well that is the way the cookie crumbles...