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  1. i will help you out but i have only done snake drafts...i might fuck it up if it is different tell me what i gotta do...
  2. Thanks @Prince of the North that worked...i had not messed with info for this re-animated set of dawgs and of course it had me as west coast v southeast ...i raise a glass to you, my friend
  3. greetings fellow fantasy fools...i am ready to chew some bubblegum and kick some ass...sadly no teeth left so i shall be drinking shots and kickin' ass...the only bubbles will be floatin on top of my beer chaser by the way how do i change the fucking time zone of the game times i saw 10 am start time and had to drag my hungover ass outta the rack to get picks in and set line up...help a brother out there must be a way
  4. ok used id and pw and now y'all gotta try to beat me...
  5. well here is my C+ team...since my goal is to come in dead last i think i am looking good so far QB...mahomes, lawrence, wentz and dalton WR...in no particular order...antonio brown, tyreek hill...and the rest who's names are temporarily blocked by some high dollar liquor... RB...hunt, jacobs, hines, moss, bernard, and murray TE...andrews and fant K...succup DEF...tampa and buffalo...i am a dueling defense kinda team obviously i picked mahomes and hill to have a doubling of points...and brown cause i expect brady to sling the ball...i watched lawrence at school so i think he might be able to play enough wentz and dalton are just to laugh at murray i figure will play somewhere and produce...the rest of the backs are the best i could hope for once i used early picks to get mahomes and hill i had andrews in '19 season and he played well for me...fant for some future need... i don't know why i took succup since brady only goes for touchdowns and not fieldgoals, so i will probably swap kickers out depending on matchup i usually draft 2 def and swap them out for a good matchup... every now and then i swap them for FA def with an even better matchup, or that has been effected by injuries
  6. you know i was thinking of doing that very thing ...then i woke up
  7. thank the gods...my draft page said 7 pm and here on east coast it is current 6:55...
  8. almost dead last...ah well maybe next time cheers to asshat and my darling Bird for making it interestingly enough for me to jump in... and thanks to gooseberries for recognizing that kinky coitus rules
  9. and the final score is sniffer 1 and technology zip... the dire dawgs are back and ready to party...i look forward to openin' a big can of whoop-ass every week...gotta build my stats back up serious question...does the IR/5 bit of the number of players at each position mean i can draft 5 extra dudes who are injured but might be able to play at some point
  10. hey @Whiskeyjack i sent corrected email in pm... ...beware a sniffer too blazed to spell his own name
  11. ...and the winner is... 1...#5 2...#3 3...#4
  12. shit i just my computer back...need more time..... or not...
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