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  1. since there's no leftover thread here's the ones i should have used...or not for round 2 bloodraven...although i was too late... Really clever, long-lived 'Raven growled, "... I'm famished!" for round 3 quaithe... Yes princess, being queen's no easy quest. Rond 4 melisandre, i really wanted to use JFQ... Jesuitic firebug quibbles. Jesuitic fiery quotationist. Jumped-up fanatical quack. Justa fucking quack. Hey everyone...we phlebotomize unfaithful! Round 5 jojen... Monitors wolfling's visions, lest Summer forever. Also an assortment of variations on green Round 6 qyburn... Ghoulishly throrough creating Paladin. Disciplined heretofore, experimenting physician unchained. my personal favorite... Vargo's fastidious fucking requires knowledge... queried vagina. Round 7 the others... Children's forest became threatened...refuge devastated. (honestly more tv show than published texts) Inferi jeopardize yanks. Cold fuckers brazenly terrorizing ramparts defenders. ...i showed y'all mine now you show me yours
  2. ... well said i for one enjoyed letting my one active brain cell get a workout...thanks Howlin for drawing me out of my dungeon to debauch out in public ...and i see that i jinxed myself...my late vote allowed ser n/a to slide past me... ah well it was simplicity at its finest My dear Castellan, you always have an interesting or humorous take on any theme...cheers on the win! Now it is time to reveal the ones i left on the floor next to the empty vodka bottles...see y'all in the dark shadows
  3. no luck doing this on the phone so tomorrow i shall use the laptop to post something totally inappropriate, oh queen of my blossoming bogland heart...
  4. thanks fellow phobes for being patient...drunks have issues with memory and typing skills ...and to my darling @Fragile Bird i can not dm you...although it is my fervent wish to do so perhaps you could dm me...
  5. this is what happens when you fall off the wagon vote... 7 1 4
  6. ...laughing at our picks is what makes this game great...that and it is generally easy for me to come in dead last... ...let the debauching commence
  7. even if i understood the point, the point of understanding the point is pointless if the point of the point is getting the point... So sayeth the sniffer
  8. so if i don't vote i win... ...who knew
  9. ...and beware the sniffer... he's on a roll straight back into the dungeon of debauchery... ...thank the gods
  10. greetings Brother Bear...i am damn glad to see you... I agree the excessive hair is stupid, but i like the dragons all being distinct individuals...and since the nieces pay for the hbo for me...in an effort to keep me out of the pub...i have been enjoying it. as for the rings, i think it will improve over the next season now that most of the exposition is done...but i will stick with it as well even if it doesn't
  11. <sniff...sniff> 1...7 2...3 3...1
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