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    fondling rocks, playing in the mud and sailing the seven seas

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  1. @grozeng i didn't see trade offer til this morn. Beckham looks down for the count but i'll take mclaurin instead. Imean diggs and kittle are my only good dudes...i need strong wr replacement.
  2. ...ready to rock, shop and mail < sniff sniff > i can smell the homemade peanut brittle already
  3. ...the dungeon of debauchery requires a sacrifice...
  4. well that sucks...i was planning on a "dead last party" to end all parties ...such is life if y'all change your minds, i'm still doing shot of the week posts...cause that's the kinda drunk this salty old sniffer is week one...gold-toothed Red Rocker Two shots of cabo wabo a├▒ejo and one shot of goldschl├Ąger...shake on ice until well chilled...enjoy with a friend
  5. i know a couple of them...i shall violate my self imposed exile from the book of faces just for you Jezzie
  6. as i peer into the magic bowl...i see massive trades in your future... ...probably with me since i'll be the one with 5 quarterbacks who all have same bye week
  7. i am sure it is me... ID:11553 Manhole ...too much weed
  8. after these last few hard years, i am also ready for this tradition to be renewed... i can't run it...but am hoping someone one who is smarter than me is willing perhaps if we link this to a genchat thread, we could get some of the past regulars to join in...
  9. @Tywin et al. ...so are y'all picking this season...i tried to get in but password " Manhole" was rejected i am looking forward to getting schooled in the proper use of confidence points...again
  10. i reckon phobia works for this old dawg...i gotta get used to using technology again before i can tackle philia thanks for thinking of me, jezzie
  11. perhaps...i am doing a search of old threads for inspiration
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