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  1. ...map...i got a map for ya... ...well i had one til i ran outta rollin' papers...shit happens ...followed by a jump to the left...and then a step to the right ...any moon is a good moon but no moon is the true moon ...thus i may debauch unchallenged
  2. today i was scrolling through the older topics in our beloved games forum and discovered several that have fallen away or been locked up in the archives... i also noticed several peeps that seem to have vanished as well such as the great @Lady Blizzardborn... so in honor of her tenacity and dedication to locating the lost ranger i hereby give a resounding bump for Benjen
  3. ...greetings spamlanders...shot one is in arm and shot two is on horizon ...and then the grass growing season set in...so i am off to mow, mow, mow
  4. rhaegar is the drowned god... ...welp i guess what is dead may never die...
  5. ...with all due respect to my darling Bird, i got the "mock deer" straight away as pointing to his bastard status but also a "mocking of the deer" tune...it was a brilliant entry ...i loved it Rhaenys my goal to be dead last is firm in hand my dolorous host and the ever elusive will continue to weave the smoke screen that shields the genius lurking in the ... shadows ...as to your generous reward points, i say...reward points...i don't need no stinking reward points... ...anyone looking for fun join me in the dungeon of debauchery where i am drinking shots and thinking up my next losing entry...
  6. i think tom would make a good Mance Rayder let's see if y'all see the same character as i do... Willem Dafoe
  7. never heard of him...but i know how to google... Sallor the Bald next, someone from my generation... Little Richard...
  8. brilliant...that gives me time to drink the fine bottle of grey goose
  9. ...i reckon victarion is better...i like my tongue speaking of tongue...would you rather eat roast dog or locust pie? mmm...mmm...good
  10. busted...yeah i am in usa...i think i found one here and look forward to trying it out thanks for the heads up about it anyway
  11. Rhaegar is Coldhands... ..it is known
  12. ...here is one from the demented dimensions of my rocksniffing brain ... i see vincent van gogh playing patchface...although the expressions of their genius and madness varies...painting vs poetry/songwriting...i see their brilliance as being similar... next... Neil deGrasse Tyson ...and i agree with a free nothing tops melting mitch...
  13. i hate all the shit on the media sites but do use the fb to keep in touch with some of you too far for me to drink with in person...but i ignore everything else...except i am interested in this marketplace talk...something i have ignored...i guess i am the last to know that craigslist is no longer hip... yeah this is why i don't have a cell phone at all...when i am in the world i am literally in the world not in my palm...only a laptop for me, which is too valuable to me to take out fishing... this is the only reason to have the book of the faceless masses (fb) to find other people who like the same weird shit as you...i love board games and have some oldies but perfect-condition goodies i might like to sell or trade... could you pm me a link to the group if it is open to public... thanks...
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