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  1. rocksniffer

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    checking in to let you people know i am out for blood this year... ...and i am better against the spread than the confidence pts so beware what you wish for...heh heh heh
  2. rocksniffer

    TTTNE 475 - for the Honour of Greyskull!

    ...still alive...
  3. rocksniffer

    Westeros Football League B

    i am out of town til 27th so 28th ok and any date after...
  4. rocksniffer

    Fantasy Football 2019

    dire dawgs are back in B if you all can stand to beat me again...
  5. rocksniffer

    Acrophobia 35B: Death Comes As The End, Final Round Voting!!

    i got home last night for a few days so i might be able to go forward though i think we should wait til after the egg hunts... i am like HH doing it during the show is difficult ...
  6. rocksniffer

    Calling all Picts! : Pictionary 44 : A Nightmare of Spring

    i am ready to draw....sort of...
  7. rocksniffer

    Acrophobia 35B: Death Comes As The End, Final Round Voting!!

    1st... #8 2nd... #4 3rd... #7
  8. rocksniffer

    How do you put on your bra?

    well i must admit when i attach my bra i do it side to side...
  9. rocksniffer

    2 truths and a lie

    my next 3... 1...i enjoy noodling for catfish 2...i once wrestled a 6.5 ft alligator gar into my boat before shooting it in the head 3...while surf fishing of the sc coast i caught 14 sharks in one day
  10. rocksniffer

    2 truths and a lie

    i can't figure out what #1 actually means...2 fingers nailed together when the nails hit rocks? so it is my choice of lie... because 2 and 3 are so similar i am going with #2 as the lie...i am enjoying imagining you and a half dozen other dudes fixing 30k calendars...i mean what kind of sticker...just the date...too funny and i am getting the same ads...
  11. rocksniffer

    Calling all Picts! : Pictionary 44 : A Nightmare of Spring

    no in fact it is a real movie... i just made a sentence based on the dvd jacket...sort of
  12. rocksniffer

    Calling all Picts! : Pictionary 44 : A Nightmare of Spring

    for the record i am against the scoring...cause i don't need a score to score... the rest of the pictionary crew knows i am the bad seed but i recommend checking out the past games an excellent starting sentence the theme is usually just a guideline for some who might need it to trigger their imaginations... and in fact it would be a great movie poster for deadpool 3... The Hound and the Heinie...Chickens Beware! pictionary is the least stress check out .....past pretty pictures or some such for the drawings...my stick figures are famous...i started using them when the ladies decided they would prefer not to see harry potter running down the street with nothing on but his gryffindor socks ...found it this is a thread with most of the games archived...i did not start playing until number 20 or 21 i think...and i was not the first to get down in the gutter...but i do it the best if i must say so myself... here are some of my personal favs...and by the way not one is safe for work viewing...and one player told me that at least one of my drawings "disturbed my husband!" of all the games i play...this one makes me laugh the hardest... ...even if the overlords try to curb my basest instincts...
  13. rocksniffer

    2 truths and a lie

    ah not so much oct. 1976 feb. 1980 mar. 1988 aug. 2017 as to the rock star...it was the lie...i have never been married
  14. rocksniffer

    2 truths and a lie

    you did not guess my first set
  15. rocksniffer

    2 truths and a lie

    hahahahaha yes 1 is the lie while i am a dawg from time to time, and have had ladies let me know with a good pop to the chops, never 3 in one day...one week maybe yes i spend at least 45 minutes a day looking at sky, day and/or night... clouds, stars, jet trails as they disperse, little birds chasing bigger birds, like jets in a dogfight... the moon... i learned to enjoy this after years at sea without much to look at but the sky or the waves... ...and although i enjoy a good cut of steak grilled rare...i would eat sushi every day for the rest of my life. i love fish cooked or raw (not all sushi is raw)...i usually eat it at least 4 times a week...and even though i can make it myself, i usually let my "Number One" niece do it since she was trained by a wonderful Japanese chef (her wife) and has better knife skills than i... which is why she is called She who must be Obeyed here on the board