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  1. yes a good friend of mine was an artist...he painted this for my Number One niece, SwmbO...she is supposed to be the nun and he is the eye in the moon...the mantis is the expectation of religion...real deep hahahahahahaha he was one of a kind
  2. good effort Chick...better luck next time ...well done
  3. i am 8 yrs old this month as well...the day after D-day i tried out the book threads but i had never even speculated about theories so i was quickly shunned since i fucked with everyone... then i went straight to gen chat and discovered the real underbelly of the forum...luckily @Elder Sister, @Fragile Bird, and @Bonesy saved me from myself.... ...i would challenge this assertion... if i didn't have to blaze a bowl and suck back this shot of tequila ... but i shall return to this issue if i remember
  4. ...correct good job, my Brother...don't give up
  5. ok roy from so hot (fiery drunk) loffo has dong sag (member mutilator) noble froods (loud garment) the wand elf (loyal surviving steward)
  6. i guess it is no to my assumption... 3 is aegon targaryen
  7. ... 1 is daenerys targaryen 2 is jon snow working on 3...am i suppose to assume if there are 3 words in your acro there are 3 words in name
  8. ...i can pee in a bonus pool...i got time...
  9. you need to amend the title to say it has spoilers...i don't care but many on this forum do...
  10. i'm done... she will be home from work in an hour or so...
  11. ...ebony and ivory...melting together in perfect harmony
  12. excellent game Madam Julia...i honor you yes i am sliding back into my dungeon of debauchery to enjoy my loss, yet not enough of a loss to win... cheers to the Ladies at the top... i shall keep my further observations to myself
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