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  1. Total destruction. Fun game to watch. Would be good to see Nwaneri and Walters get a few minutes.
  2. I feel like you maybe didn't get deep enough into Act 3? The coronation at Wyrm's Rock gives you some direction, and if you progress through the Lower City its pretty clear which areas are connected to which characters. There is definitely a lot of side content too, so maybe you got bogged down with that. But there's also a strong narrative and quest (or multiple quests) for each companion, with most of them also linked to the main story.
  3. I just finished the game yesterday. Did not have any bugs in Act 3, except for Lady Jannath's Estate, which crashed a few times. That's probably the only thing I didn't complete in the game, but its a minor side quest so not really missing anything by skipping it. Also, I'm way more on the side of Poobah - thought Act 3 was excellent. Yeah, there is a lot to do, but none of it really felt like the type of filler you'd see in a game like Dragon Age Inquisition. A lot of the missions had strong connections to the main story and characters. And the side content was also pretty good. Just move through the city one building at a time, and if/when you end up with a handful of active quests, decide which one to focus on and tackle them one by one. That said, I would definitely recommend handling some of the main sections in a specific order. You don't have to rush anything, and things that seem like they would be on timers usually aren't triggered until you actually enter the area in question and start progressing it. But personally, I think you want to make sure you (vague story spoiler) - Anyway - think it was an amazing game. Have never played a game with such an extensive degree of customization in how you can build your characters. And felt like all of my decisions had an impact on how things played out. Also thought all of the character arcs had impactful endings and excellent writing - especially Karlach, Shadowheart, Astarion, and Gale. Would recommend going back to it, unless you have a reason to think you'll run into issues. For what its worth, I was playing on PS5.
  4. I think you're going to want Strength as your primary stat, since that's what impacts your ability to hit and your damage. And then Charisma and Constitution as second/third most important in some order. Keep your Dexterity at something respectable for your initiative, but not worth making it great (assuming you're using a Strength build). Probably set Intelligence and Wisdom to the minimum. They're useful for checks and saves, but ultimately the other stats are going to be more important for your class.
  5. That's up to you, depends on how you want to play the game. Some people have their own rules against it. But best to just do whatever you think is most fun.
  6. You have command, it's a level 1 spell for Shadowheart. Go into your spellbook and replace one of your current spells with command and you're all set. I used the Everburn blade for the entire first act, maybe longer. Definitely worth the effort.
  7. Not a Liverpool fan, but still sad Klopp is leaving. Nothing but respect for him, he's one of the best.
  8. Okay sounds good. @Jace, Extat - Any interest in rejoining the league? There's a spot open for you, if you think you can play on Yahoo again. Maybe try registering a new account and start from scratch?
  9. The Anti-Targ answered this well, but to add my thoughts - it definitely wasn't universal hatred. Personally, I think it was an amazing game. I think the story is excellent, love the way its told, and feel like the themes are very thought-provoking. No image from any game has ever stayed with me more than the end of the final confrontation. I also think the gameplay is perfect, but its basically just an upgraded version of the first game, so that depends on whether or not you like that style of game. I feel like there are 3 groups of people who disliked the game. Won't go into details except to say that I think one is based on the way the game was structured, one is based on the story itself, and one is a bunch of people who probably didn't even play the game and threw a fit because they thought it was "too woke." I can understand the first group, even if I don't agree with them. I can acknowledge the second group, but feel like maybe we're just looking for different things in the shows/movies/games that we watch and play. The third group is made up of complete idiots, and to me they constitute the majority of "the fandom who really hated part 2" that you're talking about.
  10. Congrats to Jaime on taking the championship this season! Guessing Race didn't see that Mostert was out? Lost by 4, and putting either Gus Edwards or Roschon Johnson in for Mostert would have given him the win. For next year - JJ won back his spot by taking Westeros C. Also grozeng earned a place with wins in Westeros A, Dynasy, and Keeper. For the 3rd spot, its a bit of a question mark. I won Westeros B, so no help there. Think our options are: 1) Ask Jace if she wants to rejoin the league, since she is on the board again. She was out last year because of issues with Yahoo - her 2022 season was actually really good and she won the league that year, but she just couldn't get her account to work. So maybe thats patched up now? 2) Have Jaxom retain his spot, and let the only change be replacing Tywin (who was last in the power rankings) with groz. 3) Invite somebody who finished in 2nd place in one of the leagues. Looks like that would be either Blu-Ray from W-A or Ace from W-C. Would probably give it to whichever one responded first. @Jaime L @RaceBannon42 @Prince of the North @Dunknegg @briantw @Mudguard @grozeng @JJ Lannister
  11. Been on vacation, so haven't been able to post the final results until now. Here are the 2023 Champions: Experts - Jaime Westeros A - Grozeng Westeros B - Whiskeyjack Westeros C - JJ Lannister Congrats to everyone who won this year!
  12. Vengeance Paladin is a great class. Recommend getting Savage Attacker as a feat at either level 4 or 8. Here's the description - It works really well on a paladin, because it triggers on every dice roll connected to a weapon attack - so for a paladin, that's not just your normal weapon damage roll, but also your smite damage roll (and any other additional rolls you tack on through other items). I've got Karlach setup this way, and she hits like a truck.
  13. Also made the championship game in my work league, for the third year in a row. Overall, 2 out of 5 in the finals - solid season so far, will hopefully end well.
  14. Finals matchups. Experts RaceBannon (1) vs Jaime (3) Westeros A Grozeng (2) vs Blu-Ray (5) Westeros B JJ Lannister (1) vs Whiskeyjack (3) Westeros C JJ Lannister (1) vs Ace (2)
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