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  1. Looks like Nkunku to Chelsea is pretty likely to happen. Ornstein: Nkunku to Chelsea agreed
  2. Reports say he has a release clause of 60m euros. ETA - Not an option until next summer though. They'd have to pay more to get him in January.
  3. Chelsea are annoying. Going to ignore this and sign him in my Arsenal career mode anyway.
  4. I don't disagree. But would say the same is true about the ending of the second game, as well.
  5. Yeah, that's why I said "for the most part." Because I understand the negative reaction to the structure. Though I think its more of an issue the first time you play - when I played a second time, didn't bother me at all. The game was review bombed by morons who hadn't played it, before it was ever released. You're obviously aware of some of the issues they had, because you're referring to them in your last sentence. As for the story - guess we'll have to disagree. Think its one of the best stories I've ever seen in any medium. And just as effective as the story in the first game, though with a different focus/theme. If somebody had a problem with that story, and it was genuinely based on the narrative itself rather than other factors (which seems pretty doubtful), then I guess we're just looking for entirely different things.
  6. The Last of Us 2 was amazing. I continue to be confused by the complaints some people had about it. Though I guess that's not entirely true, since for the most part they're driven by a pretty obvious agenda.
  7. The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II are by far my favorite video games. I care more about this adaptation being successful than any other that's ever been made. Have a lot of faith in Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin. But you never know how things will go. Thought this trailer was outstanding. Can't wait for the show to come out.
  8. Power Rankings after Week 3 1) Jace: 23-4 2) Race: 21-6 3) Jaxom: 18-9 4) Dunk: 15-12 -- Boiled Leather: 15-12 6) Mudguard: 10-17 7) Whiskeyjack: 9-18 -- Mcbigski: 9-18 9) Jaime: 8-19 10) JJ Lannister: 7-20
  9. At long last. The Food Wars have finally returned.
  10. Power Rankings after Week 1 1) Mudguard: 9-0 2) Jaxom: 8-1 3) Dunk: 7-2 4) Race: 6-3 5) Jace: 5-4 6) Whiskeyjack: 4-5 7) JJ Lannister: 3-6 8) Mcbigski: 2-7 9) Boiled Leather: 1-8 10) Jaime: 0-9
  11. Not really any of my business, but think that would be pretty unfair to him. At the very least, Williams (7), Dillon (11), Mattison (15), and Patterson (18) are all easy keepers. Borderline decisions would be L-Jax (3), Dak (4), Cousins (8), Marquise (9). Would all depend on how he feels about those players, how many other QBs are being kept, etc.
  12. Think its pretty obvious that Tywin didn't realize that you had already applied the keeper cost to the rounds you listed. Some of his other potential keepers are pretty good values.
  13. QB - J.Burrow, M.Stafford (M.Willis) RB - J.Taylor, S.Barkley, D.Pierce (B.Hall, R.White, E.Benjamin, J.Warren) WR - M.Williams, G.Davis, K.Toney, G.Pickens (S.Moore, J.Dotson, T.Boyd, J.Jones, R.Gage) TE - D.Njoku, G.Everett K - D.Hopkins DEF - Cincinnati, Indianapolis Solid draft. Didn't see many huge deals other than maybe some of the RB3. Feel great about RB, pretty good about QB, and good about my WR1-2. But WR3-4 is a weak spot, need some luck there. Might be willing to trade Breece + a bench WR for a solid WR2-3 + lesser RB4. Not sure, but could see something like that making sense.
  14. @JJ Lannister @mcbigski @Jaxom 1974 @Mudguard @Firebrand Jace Draft in 10 minutes
  15. I like the IR spots - they reflect how things have changed in the NFL and short term IR is more common now. Plus they account for Covid and players being declared out for other reasons. Losing a player to injury or illness is enough of a negative by itself, don't see why we would want to force that team to also drop a player to pickup a replacement.
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