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  1. Felt pretty good about the start of the draft. Less good during the middle when everyone was going for $5 under my values and I didn't have enough money to bid. Overall pretty happy with my team, though would be better if I'd gotten my OF3 target (Corbin Carroll) to help with steals, and one other starting pitcher in the $7-12 range. C - William Contreras 1B - Pete Alonso 2B - Andres Gimenez SS - Corey Seager 3B - Rafael Devers CI - Christian Walker MI - Ketel Marte OF - Aaron Judge, Luis Robert, Joc Pederson, Oscar Colas, Austin Meadows UT - Shohei Ohtani, Edward Olivares Bench - Jorge Polanco, Josh Rojas, Jarred Kelenic, Garrett Mitchell, Darick Hall SP - Shane McClanahan, Shohei Ohtani, Luis Castillo, Jesus Luzardo, Drew Rasmussen, Hayden Wesneski, Jared Shuster, Hunter Brown RP - Jason Adam, Erik Swanson, James Karinchak
  2. With the Houston loss, every person in my pool has now lost their champ pick.
  3. I'm good for the 27th or 28th.
  4. Is everyone good ending the season on July 31st again? Also, when should we draft? Should probably aim for a date prior to opening day. Some options - Tuesday March 21st Wednesday March 22nd Thursday March 23rd Friday March 24th Saturday March 25th Sunday March 26th Monday March 27th Tuesday March 28th Wednesday March 29th @[email protected] [email protected]@JJ [email protected]@Bronn [email protected]
  5. I get why people are debating ethics, but at the end of the day, doubt Joel was thinking about any of that. There was no debate for him. Like Kal said - Its not like he was taking the time to go back and forth and weigh the pros and cons of different paths. He wasn't going to lose her, end of discussion for him. Also - I guess where we differ is that, while I know that robbing Ellie of her choice is probably wrong and unfair to her, I also understand Joel and think I would have done the same thing as him if it was one of my kids. I don't know, its pretty complex. In the end, he's both the hero in some ways and the villain in others. All I can say is that I get why he did it, and my inclination would be to do the same, regardless of the consequences. Curious what you mean here. I don't think it was inadvertent - seems pretty intentional.
  6. That was near perfect. So good.
  7. Spoken like somebody who doesn't have fantasy football drafts in August. You guys should decide independently of me. But I'd say I'm like 75% in if the last day is end of July. If not, no worries, but don't think I'd play this time around.
  8. Are you thinking full season or end after July?
  9. I don't think there was really any question about Joel surviving his injury in the game. I mean, yeah, he wasn't doing well. And its a surprise when you switch over to Ellie. But I don't remember ever thinking he was actually done, or that the remainder of the game would be focused on Ellie with David's group. In the game, there is a sense of David being kind of suspicious from the start, but you're not sure if its legit or if you're just being paranoid. A major difference is that there's an entire section (while you're waiting for James to come back with the medicine), where you have to team up with David to battle a bunch of infected. Its probably one of the more difficult parts of the game, because you're kind of starting from scratch with Ellie. And also, the final battle is just extremely tough (or at least I thought it was until I figured out a strategy for it). So you start to build a bit of trust and rely on him in spite of your suspicions. . . and then James comes back, they reveal that the people you fought at the university were part of their group, and things proceed from there. The other big difference, from my perspective, is that the interaction between David and Ellie when she's in the cage is a bit more subtle in the game. It's not really clear that he's the leader of the whole community, he's not a pastor (which seemed generic and unnecessary), he doesn't say anything about her being his equal and how they should run things together. He's super creepy and its at that point that you find out why he's really interested in her, but it doesn't go quite as far as the show. I actually liked a lot of the episode. There were some great parts to it. But I do feel it was rushed, largely because they skipped the section where Ellie and David have to work together against a common enemy. And also feel like they went a little over the top in having David talk about them ruling the community together, or whatever he said. The issue of things going too quickly has been my concern from the beginning, once I read that the entire first game would be done in 9 episodes. I think they've done a really good job making it work up until now. But the university and now the interaction with David are the first time where I wish they'd taken more time with it. Adding another episode would have helped. Or if that wasn't an option, then maybe restructuring the Left Behind episode so it was half flashbacks and half present day, so Ellie could start the section with David earlier. Just something to let it build up more.
  10. Awful from Tomiyasu, such a huge mistake.
  11. Great game up until the end. Pretty awful call.
  12. Real question is, did the bloater have an accent?
  13. Awesome episode. Probably my favorite so far.
  14. Same here. I haven't been able to watch episode 4 yet, but think Bella Ramsey has been great as Ellie from what I've seen so far.
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