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  1. Jace and I have a trade. She gets James Robinson I get Adam Thielen However, since Robinson has already played this week, she is going to get Joshua Kelley for this week (and can use him if she wants). Then we will trade Kelley for Robinson next week. I checked with Jaime and he said it was okay, as long as we posted the full trade now to be transparent.
  2. I actually do like Josh Kelley. But like you said, not as if you need WR.
  3. Looking to trade some of my RB depth in this league for an upgrade at QB, WR, and/or TE. James Robinson, Joshua Kelley, and Mike Davis are all on the block if anybody is interested. Want to improve on - Stafford/Haskins at QB Green/P.Williams at WR L.Thomas/Schultz at TE
  4. Lost CMC in this league, so looking to trade for RB help. I'm pretty stacked at WR, and willing to move any of Juju, Woods, Diggs, Diontae, Jeudy, D-Jax, C.Davis in the right deal. Probably won't trade Ridley. Sent out some offers, but open to ideas if anybody wants to send something my way. Would like to get a reliable RB, not a question mark (already have a few of those).
  5. Glad to hear he's doing okay. Was concerned when he didn't show up. Will be very happy to have him back next year.
  6. @Tywin et al. Tried to send you a PM but it says you can't receive them. Might need to clear out your inbox?
  7. Think there are plenty of us out there who don't like playing games on a computer, and strongly prefer the experience on a console. I used to play on a computer, switched to console, and enjoy it a lot more. Less complicated.
  8. Think that went well. QB - D.Prescott, M.Stafford (D.Haskins) RB - D.Cook, M.Sanders, K.Drake (T.Coleman, J.Robinson, D.Williams, J.Kelley, A.Mattison, B.Scott) WR - D.Moore, T.McLaurin, A.Green, D.Johnson (P.Williams, B.Edwards, N.Harry) TE - T.Hockenson, C.Herndon K - H.Butker DEF - Philadelphia, Tennessee Feel like I'm very strong at both QB and RB. And happy with Moore, Terry, Diontae, and my bench at WR. Also like Green and wanted to make a bet on him somewhere this year, but was probably aiming a bit higher at WR3. Draft would have been even better if Mcbigski didn't save his last reserve of money for Antonio Gibson. At that point, he was sitting there with an $8 max, I had a $7 max, and next highest was Jace at $4 max. I had two guys way above everyone else on my list - Gibson and Diontae. Mcbigski had 2 roster spots left, so my hope was he'd blow them on some okay but not great players. If he did, I could have gotten both guys for $4 each. But he threw down a $7 on Gibson unfortunately, so I just ended up with one. Anyway, feel very content with this team and don't think I need to make any moves right now. That said, I'm over-invested in both Sanders and Drake at RB across my 4 leagues. So I'm open to moving one or both for comparable RB values (or making it into a bigger trade involving more players).
  9. @Dunknegg Draft in 10 minutes. I think everyone else is already there.
  10. Very happy with this team. QB - D.Prescott, J.Burrow (D.Carr) RB - C.McCaffrey, M.Sanders, A.Gibson (L.Murray, T.Coleman, D.Freeman, B.Scott) WR - J.Smith-Schuster, C.Ridley, R.Woods, S.Diggs (D.Johnson, D.Jackson, J.Jeudy, B.Edwards) TE - T.Higbee (C.Herndon) K - D.Bailey DEF - Philadelphia Made a couple of aggressive moves to get a few guys I like - couldn't be assured of them getting back to me at the turn. Think my biggest question coming out of the draft is if Dak + Gibson (my 3rd and 7th round picks) will turn out to be better than A.Jones + J.Allen (the alternative RB + QB I could have had at those picks if I had reversed the positions). My gut says Jones + Allen is better, just based on a natural inclination to draft RB early. And it'll probably turn out that way if Gibson is a bust. But my auction values have it as Dak + Gibson in a 2 QB league. And after I saw Mahomes, L-Jax, Wilson, Kyler go in the first two rounds, decided to pull the trigger on a QB early (I expected Mahomes + L-Jax, but thought the others might last a little longer).
  11. First trade of the year. POTN gets Jonathan Taylor + DK Metcalf I get Tom Brady + Kenny Golladay Wanted to flip one of my RB for a QB2 upgrade - felt it was better to improve my lineup, as opposed to having depth. And POTN really needed some RB help. So should be good for us both, at least on paper. Will admit that I was kind of surprised at the cold market out there, but I guess everyone else is trying to sell their QBs to Fuentez right now.
  12. Appreciate you mentioning it. I posted in the main Fantasy Football thread that we are changing that for our leagues, so people are only allowed to put players on IR if they are on the real NFL IR or if they have a Covid designation. Players who are Out or on PUP won't be allowed, and those transactions will be reversed (any player added that way will be dropped).
  13. Pretty happy with this one. Would just like to upgrade QB2. QB - M.Ryan, K.Cousins (M.Trubisky) RB - J.Mixon, M.Sanders, K.Drake (J.Taylor, C.Edmonds, B.Snell, G.Bernard, J.Williams) WR - J.Jones, C.Ridley, D.Metcalf, D.Johnson (B.Edwards, P.Campbell, L.Shenault, J.Arcega-Whiteside) TE - Z.Ertz K - H.Butker DEF - New England Feel great about RB, WR, and TE. Feel solid at QB1. Think I was a bit caught off guard by the low prices for Taylor and Sanders, so got overloaded with RB assets instead of having the money to get a better QB2, but can't complain about the value at all. That said - willing to move one of Taylor, Drake, or Sanders. Possibly willing to move Julio. I think this is a good team, so not desperate to make a deal, but think I've got a lot of interesting puzzle pieces and would be up for shifting things around a bit.
  14. Sent you an offer. I think we could help both of our teams pretty easily.
  15. @Jaime L @Jace, Basilissa @Tywin et al. @Prince of the North @fuentez1138 @Lord Dracarys @BLU-RAY @Bronn Stone @grozeng Draft in 15 minutes.
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