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  1. Whiskeyjack

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2020

    You can put me down as a maybe, but probably no. I just don't like playing for a full season. But I know a lot of you like that. And not asking you to change it for me - don't want to ruin it for anybody who cares, when I'm lukewarm about playing even if the settings are perfect.
  2. Whiskeyjack

    Fantasy Football 2019

    I play a weekly DFS league with friends. This week, I was in first heading into the last 2 minutes of the SF vs GB game, but was only up by 1.75 points. The guy in 2nd had a few players that weren't on my roster, including SF Defense + Jimmy G. San Francisco picks off Rodgers to basically end the game, and he goes up 0.25 points. He's celebrating in our group chat and I think I'm done. But then.......Jimmy G comes out and kneels for -0.1 points. Once. Twice. Three times. And his 0.25 point lead drops down to a -0.05 point loss. I win the week. Chat goes wild. Was the funniest rollercoaster I've seen in a long time, and probably the 2nd worst loss I've ever seen.* (*The worst happened to this same guy years ago, when he was up by 2 points and lost when Andre Johnson ran backwards 26 yards on the last play of the game in an attempt to kill the clock.)
  3. Whiskeyjack

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Those aren't pillows!

    Same here. It's a top 5 movie for me, and for reasons that have nothing to do with the aliens.
  4. Whiskeyjack

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Looking forward to it! And congrats on the great year. Think you're the only team I saw who drafted both Lamar Jackson and Christian McCaffrey.
  5. Whiskeyjack

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Congrats to all of the league winners in the various Westeros leagues! Experts - Boiled Leather Westeros A - Dracarys Westeros B - Whiskeyjack Westeros C - Mcbigski Keeper - Boiled Leather Dynasty - Jaxom
  6. Whiskeyjack

    Fantasy Football 2019

    I can add the Westeros B and C scores. Westeros B - Whiskeyjack (128.56 + Aaron Jones + Mike Boone) vs JJ Lannister (122.34 + Jamaal Williams) Westeros C - Mudguard (124.12 done) vs Mcbigski (122.04 + Mike Boone) Pretty solid chance that we're looking at Jaxom + Mcbigski as the new teams in Experts, and Jace keeping her spot.
  7. Whiskeyjack

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Starting Dalton over Josh Allen going to backfire badly. Not sure why I put any trust in the Bengals.
  8. Whiskeyjack

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Shouldn't be too hard, given that I lost my 2 best players last week (Cook + Godwin). And yeah, looks like it is a rematch - didn't realize that before.
  9. Whiskeyjack

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Finals matchups. Experts Dracarys (2) vs Boiled Leather (4) Westeros A Blu-Ray (1) vs Dracarys (2) Westeros B Whiskeyjack (1) vs JJ Lannister (2) Westeros C Mcbigski (2) vs Mudguard (5) Anybody know who made the finals in Dynasty and Keeper?
  10. Whiskeyjack

    Watchmen: Nostalgia is a helluva drug. (spoilers)

    Thought it was very good. The key question to me - and the main thing that determines how I'll think of the series - is whether (1) Jon allowed himself to be killed because that was how things had to be and he couldn't stop it, or (2) he determined that he was wrong person to hold so much power, wanted to pass it on to somebody who would do more with it, chose Angela to be next in line, and recognized that he needed to go through all of these steps to get her to a place where she would decide to take up the responsibility. Option 1 is garbage, and would hugely diminish the show for me. But Option 2 is pretty good. And I think it lines up okay. So I'm content to go with that, and feel really good about the series.* A few other things. Don't think the racism plot was undermined at all. They were still bad guys. They were just outdone by another faction (or multiple other factions really, since Trieu and Will/Dr. M weren't truly aligned). Also, overall, I enjoyed episode 1 and episodes 6-9 the most. The tone, style, and approach to story telling in those episodes resonated with me a lot. Episodes 2-5 were still okay, but they dragged a bit for me. *Spoiler for The Leftovers (seriously, don't click if you haven't seen the ending of that show) -
  11. Whiskeyjack

    Westeros Experts League 2019

    Pretty sure winning Westeros A would keep you in. At this point, it's basically the same as B and C.
  12. Whiskeyjack

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Semi-finals update. Experts Whiskeyjack (1) vs Boiled Leather (4) Dracarys (2) vs Jaime (6) Westeros A BluRay (1) vs Whiskeyjack (4) Dracarys (2) vs Jace (6) Westeros B Whiskeyjack (1) vs Manhole (5) JJ Lannister (2) vs Mudguard (6) Westeros C Dunknegg (1) vs Mudguard (5) Mcbigski (2) vs Aceluby (6) Interesting to see that all of the 6 seeds advanced.
  13. Whiskeyjack

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    New Bioshock game announced. I think its in the hands of a new studio, so not sure what to expect. And they're saying they're at the start of the process, so it won't be released for a long time. But still excited. Infinite remains the only first person game I've ever enjoyed (I usually only play third person).
  14. So...yeah. Thought this thread was spoiler free for books that haven't been covered on the show yet? But come in here and see people referencing upcoming events, which is really not cool. Even if you aren't spelling out the details, leaving strong hints about the nature of what's going to happen also sucks. It's not clever. It's selfish.
  15. Whiskeyjack

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Here's the rundown heading into the playoffs. Experts Whiskeyjack (1) - bye Dracarys (2) - bye JJ Lannister (3) vs Jaime (6) Boiled Leather (4) vs Dunknegg (5) Westeros A BluRay (1) - bye Dracarys (2) - bye Fuentez (3) vs Jace (6) Whiskeyjack (4) vs POTN (5) Westeros B Whiskeyjack (1) - bye JJ Lannister (2) - bye Grozeng (3) vs Mudguard (6) Rocksniffer (4) vs Manhole (5) Westeros C Dunknegg (1) - bye Mcbigski (2) - bye Tywin (3) vs Aceluby (6) Whiskeyjack (4) vs Mudguard (5)