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  1. Whiskeyjack

    MLB Offseason 2018: Harper, Your Herald Boras Sings

    Could be wrong, but I'd be very surprised if the 40 man roster was out. That would change baseball in significant ways that go beyond the things contemplated by these new rules. I think this specific change is limited to implementing a cap of 28 players in September.
  2. Just beat God of War. What an amazing game. Probably rank it as my 2nd favorite that I've ever played, after The Last of Us. Pretty much did everything before I finished the last part of the main quest. But still have 4 Valkyries and Niflheim to finish off. Glad I left something to go back to - don't think I'm quite ready to walk away from it yet.
  3. Whiskeyjack

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2019

    Think I'm probably not going to play this year.
  4. Whiskeyjack

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

  5. Whiskeyjack

    Fantasy Football 2018

    Experts Jaime 194.40 vs. Whiskeyjack 191.76 Westeros A Fuentez 153.46 vs. Whiskeyjack 152.34 Westeros B JJ Lannister 191.54 vs. Whiskeyjack 146.80 Westeros C Whiskeyjack 185.34 vs. Brian 138.36 Ended up getting one win, in Westeros C. And losses by less than 3 points in both Experts and Westeros A. Those were pretty rough. Was hoping for better, but still a fun year. Congrats to Jaime, Fuentez, and JJ.
  6. Whiskeyjack

    Westeros Experts League 2018

    This game is over. Gurley news kills me. And Jaime was winning anyway. Congrats.
  7. Whiskeyjack

    Fantasy Football 2018

    Guessing it was pretty painful when Carolina's one passing TD came from CMC instead of Newton. Was that the difference in your game?
  8. Whiskeyjack

    Westeros Experts League 2018

    Excerpt from the Coldwater Gazette: The Riverrun Cobra Kai are the clear favorites in this week's upcoming Championship Game. Now led by proven Super Bowl winner and MVP Nick Foles, the juggernaut out of the Riverlands has destroyed their opponents in each of their first two playoff matchups. And can any of us say we're really surprised? With superstar names like "Lumberjack" Jeff Wilson, Adam "Soon To Be A Patriot" Humphries, and Jaylen "Worked Out At The Combine At TE" Samuels spread out across the lineup, it's truly a star-studded team. Nearly unbeatable. Meanwhile, the plucky underdogs from Coldwater are just hoping to keep the game competitive. It's a longshot at best. But sources say the Behemoths are "just happy to be here" and "appreciating the full Championship Game experience." They already consider this season to be a success, and anything more would be a shocking - yet welcome - surprise.
  9. Whiskeyjack

    Fantasy Football 2018

    Thanks man. And yeah, I got extremely lucky to advance in both Westeros A and B. In W-B especially, I only got 7 points total from Keenan Allen, Aaron Jones, Jameis Winston, and Adam Thielen, but somehow Blu-ray's team did even worse. We'll see what I can piece together for our matchup in the finals. After all of the injuries, my team is definitely worse than what I had at the end of the regular season - but I've still got Mahomes, so you never know.
  10. Whiskeyjack

    Fantasy Football 2018

    Here are the matchups for the finals. Experts Whiskeyjack (1) vs. Jaime (3) Westeros A Fuentez (1) vs. Whiskeyjack (2) Westeros B Whiskeyjack (1) vs. JJ Lannister (6) Westeros C Whiskeyjack (1) vs. Brian (6)
  11. Whiskeyjack

    Westeros Experts League 2018

    Doubt it lasts. Surprised you were the 6 seed. Your team is really good.
  12. Whiskeyjack

    How long has it been since there was a mafia game here?

    About 9 months ago. But it wasn't hosted here. Was on a separate Westeros mafia forum. Our community is pretty much dead at this point. Though could maybe get restarted if people get interested again. Do you play on other sites?
  13. Whiskeyjack

    Westeros Experts League 2018

    Nah - at this point I'm convinced your luck is unstoppable. Expecting to see you win it all.
  14. Whiskeyjack

    Westeros Experts League 2018

    Well that was a disaster. Keenan Allen getting hurt killed me in Westeros B, and also led to Mike Williams destroying me here. Also went up against Damien Williams in Westeros A. Had a good regular season but feel like I just lost nearly across the board.
  15. Whiskeyjack

    Fantasy Football 2018

    Update for the semi-finals. Experts Whiskeyjack (1) vs. Boiled Leather (4) Mya (2) vs. Jaime (3) Westeros A Fuentez (1) vs. Week (5) Whiskeyjack (2) vs. JJ Lannister (6) Westeros B Whiskeyjack (1) vs. Blu-ray (4) Lord Lyman (2) vs. JJ Lannister (6) Westeros C Whiskeyjack (1) vs. Jace (4) Manhole (2) vs. Brian (6) A few interesting notes: The 6 seed made it to the semi-finals in 3 of the 4 leagues. JJ has been fighting hard to return to Experts, and he's still alive in 2 leagues. In spite of him conceding the loss prior to the Monday night game, Week is actually still in the playoffs too. He ended up saving his season with a 1 point win, when he got 4 points on the Wilson to Lockett hookup for a 2-point conversion in the fourth quarter. Blu-ray somehow survived against the Derrick Henry Thursday night onslaught to comeback and win his game.