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  1. Great speech…no sense in creating unrealistic expectations this early in the season with the ticket holders
  2. Not exactly the same format as WJ uses, but something to tide us over in the meantime: Current Playoff seeding after week 7: 1) Race 7-0, 50-13, 1st in pts 2) Dunk 5-2, 38-25, 2nd in pts 3) POTN 4-3, 38-25, 3rd in pts 4) Whiskeyjack 4-3, 31-32, 5th in pts 5) JJ Lannister 4-3, 24-39, 7th in pts 6) Mudguard 3-4, 39-24, 4th in pts ——- 7) Brian 2-5, 30-33, 8th in pts Below would be Jaxomed as of now: 8) Jaime 3-4, 24-39, 6th in pts 9) Jaxom 2-5, 24-39, 9th in pts 10) Tywin 1-6, 17-46, 10th in pts Miscellaneous data to pass the time: Average score = 141.47 Race has exceeded this score every week so far while Jaime has eclipsed it only once. Record in Blowouts(20+ margin): Race 3-0, Dunk 2-0, POTN 4-1, Whiskeyjack 2-1, JJ Lannister 1-1, Mudguard 3-4, Brian 1-2, Jaime 1-3, Jaxom 2-5, Tywin 1-4…As a fan, I wouldn’t pay to attend any of Mudguard’s or Jaxom’s games as they have all been blowouts. Record in close games(3-10 pt margin): Race 2-0, Whiskeyjack 1-0, Jaime 1-1, Tywin 0-1, Brian 0-2. Record in Nailbiters(< 3 pt margin): Jaime 1-0, JJ Lannister 3-1, Dunk, Whiskeyjack & Tywin 0-1 Thanks Schedule Makers (usually , a couple of times a year you would have beaten everyone else or lost to everyone else had you not played that one other team on that specific week). So far, only Whiskeyjack won a game with the 2nd lowest score vs Tywin in week 6 and no one so far has lost with the 2nd highest score. Highest/Lowest score of the week: Whiskeyjack and Dunk have posted the highest score of the week twice. Tywin has posted the lowest score of the week thrice. Jaxom has played three games where his opponent scored the most points that week. Record vs current playoff teams: Race 3-0 Dunk 3-1 JJ Lannister 3-2 POTN 2-3 Mudguard 1-3 Whiskeyjack 0-3 Yea, I was bored.
  3. I like that idea too. What Yahoo decided was the lazy way out IMO.
  4. First of all, I want to put this in perspective. The health of Damar Hamlin is infinitely more important than the remaining NFL games, much less fantasy football. My prayers continue to go to Hamlin, his family, teammates and friends. With that said, has there been any determination yet as to how the fantasy games in process that have either Bills or Bengals players in their lineups? Even the NFL doesn’t know how to proceed or if the game will be completed or cancelled. Would or could that game count as it stands currently, not count at all, or week 18’s games somehow take the place of that game. should each league have co-champions? Will Yahoo ultimately make the decision for every league? Should each league vote on how to handle this unique situation? I don’t have a pony in any of the leagues championship week and quite frankly, don’t care in light of what has happened, so I ask just out of general curiosity.
  5. QB - J.Herbert, D.Carr (M.Mariota) RB - L.Fournette, A.Kamara, D.Harris (D.Singletary, J.Robinson, S.Michel) WR - D.Samuel, M.Pittman Jr, D.Johnson, T.Lockett (M.Valdes-Scantling, N.Collins, T.Burks, K.Golladay, J.Tolbert, M.Gallup) TE - D.Waller, H.Henry (N.Fant) K - D.Carlson DEF - Dallas & Cleveland(trading for Miami) Not sure how I feel about this team. There is potential, but it could also go awry easily as well. If my QBs stay healthy, I’ll feel more comfortable. WR are what I’m most unsure about.
  6. Are we going to continue having 3 IR spots this year or go back to “normal” and have none? My preference is either normal or 1 max, but I’ll roll with whatever is decided.
  7. Prefer the 5th at whatever time.
  8. Final cuts are Aug 30, waiver claims due on Aug 31, not sure when they are processed. First game at 8:20 EST on Sep 8. I’m definitely out from Aug 26-Aug 31 as I will be out of communication with the world…i.e. no cell or internet connectivity. If my flight on the afternoon of Sep 1st is not delayed or cancelled, a risky proposition lately with the forced retirement of pilots, I may be available after 9pm EST in time to wing it with no prep, but better than Auto-Jaxing. Honestly, any date between Aug 24-25 or Sep 2-7 works best for me, but I’ll go with what works for the most parties.
  9. I wonder how many times in league history that the seeds as ranked at the end of the season have played for the expected overall place? 1st place - #1 vs #2 3rd place - #3 vs #4 5th place - #5 vs #6 (#5 already won) 7th place - #7 vs #8 9th place - #9 vs #10
  10. That bites! if it makes you feel any better, I just tested positive too and have been quarantined to my bedroom.
  11. How about that projected score. 174.32 -174.33
  12. I’ll need it based on what your QB’s did last time they played each other!
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