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  1. I fart in your general direction!
  2. I wonder how many times in league history that the seeds as ranked at the end of the season have played for the expected overall place? 1st place - #1 vs #2 3rd place - #3 vs #4 5th place - #5 vs #6 (#5 already won) 7th place - #7 vs #8 9th place - #9 vs #10
  3. That bites! if it makes you feel any better, I just tested positive too and have been quarantined to my bedroom.
  4. How about that projected score. 174.32 -174.33
  5. I’ll need it based on what your QB’s did last time they played each other!
  6. That was a little too close for comfort. Managed to sneak out with a win I wasn’t expected to.
  7. If only the season were over today….I’d still be in 2nd place.
  8. Are we going to change rosters back to normal for this semi-normal season?
  9. I’m going to only play in Experts this year.
  10. There went any chance I had in C...thank you Alvin
  11. Anyone else able to see the Pit-Bal game now scheduled for Tuesday? I made my pick last week but it is gone now.
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