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  1. With the NFL having formally declared the game a "no contest", and all stats accumulated during the game canceled, I think Yahoo made the logical choice. I'd be really disappointed were I in a money league and an opponent accepted this outcome when it was astronomically unlikely for them to win otherwise. And I would have definitely liked to have seen Yahoo have at least the opportunity for players to concede in Yahoo games - such as a player up by only one point going into that game facing multiple players on both teams with none on their team. But there was and is no clean answer, as seems to be the consensus.
  2. Perhaps my worst fantasy season at Westeros ever. Which makes sense, because I really didn't GAF about football until the Padres were eliminated. And only barely after.
  3. I had a hard time getting into football at all this year. Definitely feeling the aftermath of "my team moved to LA to be the asterisked chumps to the also-chump Rams". I just don't care who wins games any more. Plus, MLB was very exciting for me right up until game 3 of the NLCS. Baseball is definitely my passion these days. It showed in my drafts and it showed in my outcomes. My Westeros A team is the only one that actually looks good now. Well maybe that and Keeper, but that team finished DFL at 4-10 so all I will see is if it is a terror in the consolation playoffs.
  4. Keeper (JJ's Brother)(1) - bye Brian (2) - bye Boiled Leather (3) vs Tywin (6) Groz (4) vs Race (5) Dynasty Tywin (1) - bye Bluray (2) - bye Groz (3) vs Race (6) mcbigski (4) vs Jaxom (5)
  5. New contracts (subject to edit before deadline) Baker Mayfield (Car - QB) $4 4 years Derek Carr (LV - QB) $14 1 year Calvin Ridley (Atl - WR) $8 4 years Mac Jones (NE - QB) $8 2 years Clyde Edwards-Helaire (KC - RB) $15 1 year Tyler Lockett (Sea - WR) $5 1 year Marquez Valdes-Scantling (KC - WR) $5 1 year Desmond Ridder (Atl - QB) $2 4 years Hunter Henry (NE - TE) $1 1 year Skyy Moore (KC - WR) $6 4 years Corey Davis (NYJ - WR) $1 1 year Gus Edwards (Bal - RB) $3 2 years Julio Jones (TB - WR) $3 1 year Tim Patrick (Den - WR) $1 2 years Isaiah Spiller (LAC - RB) $7 4 years
  6. "I need to start a new thread" has never been said more eloquently.
  7. Owing to the short delay between the draft and the start of the season, can we have a one-day waiver period for undrafted players just in the first week?
  8. Dropping Campbell and Brown if that wasn't clear in my post.
  9. I'm fine with knowing once we have locked keepers. If that happened here, I withdraw the comment and apologize for not being able to pay closer attention. I am somewhat rushed this week.
  10. I really hate that we do that and have argued against it for years. At some point I feel I must stand by my principles and not participate. But not this year - timing was too short.
  11. Are the rosters posted? I can't find mine. 7 - Trevor Lawrence 8 - Daniel Jones 10 - Cam Akers 11 - Deshaun Watson 14 - DeVante Parker 15 - Rhamondre Stevenson Yeesh. What a train wreck!
  12. Both of these are fine with me also.
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