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  1. Bronn Stone

    NFL 2019 Midway Point: Gase into the Abyss

    I still could not believe Coach Kyle's decision to throw on third and long toward the end of overtime. A running play pretty much clinches the tie. You can almost certainly run off half of the 85 or so seconds that were remaining before punting. SF did not need the win nearly as badly as Seattle. A tie pretty much locks up a playoff slot, barring an epic collapse of which that defense seems incapable. And their chances of pulling out a win on 3rd and 10 from their own 20 were quite slim.
  2. Bronn Stone

    NFL 2019 Midway Point: Gase into the Abyss

    Jaime nailed it. Morgan Freeman's voice rings out in your head the MOMENT you read that.
  3. Bronn Stone

    NFL 2019 Midway Point: Gase into the Abyss

    Mr. Mayfield may not be hitting the old gym often enough.
  4. Bronn Stone

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    Drat. I lost 14 points because I picked New England. I think I'll keep doing that and hope for the same result. (after the Bye, of course)
  5. Bronn Stone

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    Not a relatively good week for me. But at least we aren't picking the winners of games from the World Series. I think I would have gotten every game except Game 4 wrong.
  6. Why the f*** should a college have a pro football team? And if it does have a pro football team, why the f*** should it not be subject to all of the rights and restrictions associated with other professions. Age discrimination laws, wrongful termination - etc. You can NOT believe even for a second this will not exacerbate, and badly, the gap between the haves and the have nots.
  7. If it is time for it to go, it is time for it to go. But this will be the end.
  8. 100% serious. And I stand behind it 100%. This will kill the game at every level but the top 25 (who won't have anyone to play outside of each other). And risk killing every minor sport.
  9. Yeah. He can't throw much. But he's still far from the least effective QB in the NFL.
  10. Profiting from likenesses will destroy college athletics. What happens when Phil Knight decides that every Oregon player on the 2-deep chart is worth a $100K roster bonus "endorsement deal"? He'll pay the $5M every year without hesitation or regret with zero regard for their actual value to Nike. This will create a couple dozen or so "have" teans and a bunch filled with actual college students who will take their lives in to their hands every time they play. Competitive balance, bad as it is, will get a lot worse. Emerging players for non-paying schools will demand transfers. Even worse, what happens when it happens in Women's Volleyball or Women's Basketball. A couple of well-heeled alums who are willing to buy championships will be unstoppable. And ultimately, at least at Cal, I am 100% certain that faculty academic committees will seriously question what the justification is for the school to maintain a professional football team, especially since the pockets aren't deep enough to actually compete at top dollar values. At this point, we don't really have an angel investor alum like some other schools.
  11. If I were still a Chargers fan, I would be looking in this draft for the replacement of Philip Rivers. I don't think his game will age well and that it will go fast when it goes. Of course, I thought he'd be done by now.
  12. Bronn Stone

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    One thing I noticed is that for some website glitch reason I don't understand, ME's games add up to one more than everyone elses. It's like he got to pick Georgia-South Carolina and thought he was getting free points. On topic, the measurement bars this week suggest that most games are going to have consensus picks over 75%.
  13. Sanders might be small enough to fit in a vacuum.
  14. He wasn't right as a passer in 2016 or 2017 or 2018 or 2019. His skills as a runner continue to deteriorate, as one would expect a QB rounding the bend of 30.
  15. I can see picking Allen over Newton. I just can't see looking at Allen and thinking "We are good here". ETA: Healthy Cam Newton was a marvelous player, if inconsistent. I don't believe we shall see that Cam ever again.