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  1. Agreed with lean but Mixon for McKinnon. The 49ers defense is in pretty bad shape and they could be playing catch up.
  2. I am $324.68 towards the $2.5 Billion it will take to buy them and move them back to San Diego where they belong.
  3. What? No offer to me? Just because all of my RB are super-sketchy AND my WR might be deeper than yours. Other than that, we are a perfect fit...
  4. My Westeros A team had Barkley, McCaffrey and Tyrod Taylor starting. That team is not so good right now.
  5. I play to win. Not for style points. I won.
  6. I still won the week. I knew that was the safest hedge.
  7. I'm sitting at 15-0 right now. I only picked one underdog (LV in the home opener of a new stadium) but am rethinking that pick now. I would probably ride with the Raiders if a stadium full of fans was on the agenda.
  8. Now it's Jeudy's turn to cry, Jeudy's turn to cry, Jeudy's turn to cry. Because Jonnu came back, for meeeeeeee. (okay, only vaguely)
  9. Five Westeros teams combined for 742.18 points. Against me were scored 724.54. I am 1-4. Three narrow losses, one 27ish point loss and one 57 point victory. I love this game.
  10. I benched the guys I want benched. My 4 WR for week 1 are Watkins, Fuller, Adams and Kupp.
  11. I definitely want Will Fuller in my starting lineup, kind ser. Sammy Watkins also, please
  12. The site is not yet allowing adds for this week and probably won't. This is a problem for me as I didn't draft a kicker or a defense with the belief that I could move Armstead to an IR slot to get one then decide Sunday around noon PDT if it was worth it to drop a player to get the other. This seems to be because the site is under the impression we start week #2. I believe the schedule for week #1 should be the same as week #10.
  13. The partners of Harlaw Ironmen would like to welcome our incoming class of hires and announce the following deals (subject to editing before deadline) Partners Jerick McKinnon $3 (2 more years) Bryce Love $3 (1 more year) Alexander Mattison $4 (2 more years) Marquez Valdes-Scantling $4 (2 more years) Rob Gronkowski $1 (2 more years) Josh Allen $7 (1 more year) Kareem Hunt $9 (1 more year) James Conner $4 (Contract expiring - remembering you as Leveon's handcuff while he pouted - but we saw potential) Michael Gallup $2 (1 more year) Courtland Sutton $8 (1 more year) DJ Moore $4 (1 more year) Aaron Rodgers $30 (Contract expiring - Happy Trails and Go Bears) Incoming Dak Prescott $36 (1 year) DeAndre Hopkins $29 (1 year) Todd Gurley II $23 (2 years) Parris Campbell $2 (4 years) Malcolm Brown $2 (3 years) Tyrod Taylor $1 (1 year) Darrell Henderson Jr. $1 (2 years) Ke'Shawn Vaughn $1 (4 years) Tyrell Williams $1 (3 years) Ryquell Armstead $1 (4 years)
  14. I would say seek a volunteer draft only manager if a real one can't be found. One of your friends maybe. Reach out via email if you want me to ask one of my friends.
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