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  1. I wish you had - then I would not have played Taysom.
  2. I did want to. I didn't see the trade in time after it went through. @BLU-RAY Any objection?
  3. Justin Tucker $2 - 1 year Christian McCaffrey $45 - 1 year Jalen Hurts $39 - 1 year Kyler Murray $12 - 4 years Zach Charbonnet $11 - 4 years Darnell Mooney $2 - 1 year JuJu Smith-Schuster $3 - 1 year Puka Nacua $8 - 4 years Dalton Kincaid $4 - 4 years Adam Thielen $1 - 1 year Zamir White $1 - 4 years Keaton Mitchell $2 - 1 year Justice Hill $4 - 1 year
  4. Add Rashee Rice in the spot I just vacated (Smith-Njigba)
  5. I would try as hard as possible to get a guest drafter.
  6. Thanks. Considering how utterly disconnected from the NFL I am these days (my team abandoned me so I abandoned them and even this year, baseball is life), I am pretty satisfied. I managed to execute big end QB early then watched with amazement when 5 more went in the high $30s or greater. I definitely fumbled QB bye weeks when I grabbed Mac Jones, not noticing he had the same bye week as Mahomes, whom I intended to get at any price. TE is a crap shoot and RB/WR are weak but WR is deep and Taylor lurks. I almost always stream defenses, just this year I will do so from a list of 2, both nominated early by Tywin. I also hedged my W-B team by getting Mitchell here at least. QB: Hurts, Mahomes (M. Jones, Garoppolo) RB: A. Jones, Conner, K. Herbert (E. Mitchell, D. Harris, E. Elliott, J. Taylor) WR: Hopkins, Evans, Aiyuk, Kirk, (Toney, Pittman, M. Thomas) - I have the 2019 title locked in TIGHT here TE: Kittle (now Kmet, after putting Taylor on IR) K: T. Bass DT: SF, Philly
  7. I would actually not keep Hopkins as a 6th. I thought he was borderline at 7.
  8. The Westeros B draft went as follows. The numbers in parentheses are the keepable round in our draft. 1. Mccafrey (1), Jefferson (5), Chase (2), Ekeler(2), Kelce (1), Mahomes (2), Kupp (1), Chubb (1), Diggs, Pollard(11) 2. Allen (2), Barkley (1 - choice between him and Kupp), Hurts (1 - choice between him and Kelce), Hill (1), Henry (1 choice with Hill), Robinson (R), Brown (10), Mixon (1 - not kept), Lamb (1), Jackson (2) All 5 with higher than round one are sure keepers. McCaffrey will be kept. Kelce probably not, but may no longer merit round 1. Kupp was an interesting pick, but not a good example IMO. Chubb is likely to be kept. I am of the opinion that there is a very good chance that Diggs is the first player taken if available.
  9. Guys who are about where they should be should be kept IMO, since some of the guys who should be drafted ahead of them will be kept behind. If Franco Harris is a 5th round pick, but 8 of the first four rounds guys are being kept later, Franco moves up a round.
  10. To me, Diggs will probably go in the first round for someone. Probably behind Bijan though. Depends on whether you want to roll the dice since more than two people will be drafting in that round.
  11. A safe suggestion for Tywin's Keepers 1. Stefon Diggs 2. Lamar Jackson 7. Amari Cooper (changed after I saw Groz) 8. AJ Dillon 12 Alexander Mattison And maybe 14. Tyler Boyd.
  12. Keeping 2 - Joe Burrow 5 - Trevor Lawrence 8 - DeShaun Watson 12 - Rhaemondre Stevenson This team is wretched.
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