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  1. Closer to $350 here. I wish you luck on that quest though.
  2. Every time you replace "a sandy, dry place" with "a donut with chocolate sprinkles", I giggle so hard I can't actually notice the thought.
  3. This incident will end a career. Let's sit back and see which one.
  4. Hard to trademark, hard to exploit for ancillary sales. And that is what is driving this decision - the very real possibility that they might lose the rights to "Redskins" in the future on the basis that the term is "disparaging, scandalous, contemptuous, or disreputable."
  5. I would humbly suggest there is at least one way.
  6. Winter is coming. That lead is far from safe.
  7. So the big reveal from the Washington Football Team is set for February 2nd. Groundhog Day. For the team that called a portion of themselves Hogs. I have a bad feeling about this.
  8. This is the decision that kept @Jaime L from staying in Experts. Not that he is one to hold a grudge.
  9. I wonder how many Fantasy Leagues were decided by that garbage time TD for Najee.
  10. Keeper looks like Race will be saving his bacon and stealing Jaime's. Groz is done. Race is 0.86 behind with Nate Chubb to go. Or Nick. One of those Chubb dudes.
  11. It has been in the past on the RARE occasions when there aren't enough slots available because the members of Experts scheduled for Jaxoming won in lower ranked leagues and nobody in Experts won a feeder. And Westeros A is not a snake draft. At one time it was considered "the other Experts" as it had a consistent membership of only long term players. While I could not speculate on your excretory potential, which considering the degree to which you are full of fecal matter could be considerable, the current membership of W-A is Me, WJ, Groz, Jaime, PotN, Jace, JJ, BluRay, Tywin and Ace. Those owners have a combined 100ish seasons in Experts.
  12. Keeper Groz v Race Dynasty: Jaxom v Tywin So the way I see it - The priority of feeder leagues has historically been Current members of Experts stay with any win. The "primary" feeder leagues are redraft leagues - Keeper and Dynasty rank behind (never liked this, felt that winning a perennial league is more indicative of devotion to WFFL's, but my viewpoint never prevailed). And in the rare case where it matters, the primary leagues are ranked numerically/alphabetically. That being assumed for the sake of argument. Race and I have the opportunity to save ourselves with wins in W-A or Keeper. Otherwise, done. Groz is in with a win in W-A. There may be a scenario with a loss in W-A and a win in Keeper, but its a longshot. The winner of W-B is in. (along with Groz if he wins A, as the first replacement otherwise) Mudguard has a good chance with a win in C - the only way he doesn't advance with a win in C involves him losing B and both Race and I keeping our slots. Tywin is rooting for a win in Dynasty, and wins by WJ in C and Groz in both A and Keeper. Or a Mudguard double-dip. Jaime survives with Groz in A, (any in B), WJ in C, Groz in Keeper, Jaxom in Dynasty. He needs a perfect outcome. Or a winner to politely decline promotion.
  13. Barring the completely unforeseen (Dallas TE + D - McLaurin) > 50 points, Keeper will be Race v. Groz. Dynasty (barring 60 from Heinicke) will be Tywin v. Jaxom.
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