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  1. And Pacheco wasn't drafted that far ahead of Purdy. It's kind of great that very late 7th rounders will be so impactful in the game.
  2. Because Wilson sucked. Wilson wasn't any better than Darnold. Darnold was rated higher than Wilson coming out of college. I was in the give Darnold some more weapons and see how he does camp over starting over with another unproven QB who just had one good season. And take the can't miss Left Tackle who you know is going to be good. And they could have traded down to get Sewell and got a couple more picks. At that point they weren't a QB away from competing, so trade down and get more picks and some help for their QB.
  3. I always thought the Jets should have kept Darnold and drafted Sewell or a WR. But I really wanted them to take Sewell. And then they could have signed a WR in FA to give Darnold another weapon.
  4. We should all take a moment to pause and think about how Sam Darnold is the first QB of the 2018 draft class to make a Super Bowl.
  5. I think I killed Us. I figured a Paladin wouldn't align with anything on the ship that wasn't trying to escape.
  6. I didn't switch anything from what they started with and I was still Level 1, so maybe I missed something. I maxed out Charisma and put 1 point in Strength (I think). I think I may start over.
  7. My Paladin kept missing when I tried attacking him and Lazeal was doing 9-10 points of damage, so it would take 10+ turns to kill him.
  8. So basically you are saying keep reloading until Command works
  9. I have Lazeal, Shadowheart and a Vengeance Paladin, so don't think I have command. But I will try again to see if I can get it. So I will just rush him while he is fighting the mind flayer.
  10. Finally started my game. I really hate the Playstation controllers. I wish I got this on a PC. Is there anyway to kill the big guy on the first ship? I like his flaming sword, but he has too many HPs for me to get him down.
  11. How crazy was the Saints/Falcons ending? I saw it on Sportscenter last night. I am sure players have done that before, but Jameis Winston was probably like "You brought in Derek Carr, so who the F' cares"
  12. I was leaning towards Ranger as a Beastmaster or Paladin with the vengeance subclass for the first time. I agree, in the old versions it was easier to be a fighter the first time to learn how to play and then be a magic user.
  13. So my computer can't handle the game, so I just got it for the PS5. What is the best character class for starting/learning how to play? I see all different suggestions online.
  14. Was away last week so did not get to post. Dynasty mcbigski (3) vs grozeng (4) Keeper grozeng (1) vs JJ (6) I ended up winning both leagues and Westeros A. So 3 out of 5 is not bad. Congrats WJ on Westeros B (and 5th place in C).
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