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  1. So it appears the secret to a good fantasy football season is to stay away from the RBs I draft in Dynasty. Last year I lost all my RBs to injury and this year I lost Barkley. It is crazy. I know we all had this happen to us this weekend, but every time ESPN updated an injury it looked like one of my players is out for the season. My 15 year old daughter was laughing so hard at my reactions every time something scrolled across the bottom of ESPN
  2. well, there are rumors of Ertz to the Cowboys here in Philly, so at $6 he would be worth 4 years now if that were to happen.
  3. Crap, fell asleep last night during the games and forgot to post my contracts - but they were in my spreadsheet. Daniel Jones - 3 Julio Jones -2 Kenyan Drake -2 David Johnson -3 Ertz - 3 Tee Higgiins - 4 Boston Scott - 4
  4. If we can't get the waivers to work then we will need to figure out how to do it on the board. I have to pick up a Def and K too. Bronn - let me know who to take out too.
  5. Let me fix it. I tried yesterday to get waivers off. OK - league is set for week 1. If I have to make any changes let me know. Waivers are still 9/13. I don't know if I can change that. We may need to make waiver picks before the game on Sunday
  6. I would assume Chiefs - Texans. Do I need to change the settings? Also, contracts due by Monday.
  7. Everything is set up for tonight. See everyone tonight
  8. Awesome. Are you good to draft tonight?
  9. Do you feel like just drafting and then we can auto manage the team filling in the best roster?
  10. We can use another owner for keeper to take over pyroclastic flows team. Some good keepers. Draft tomorrow night 9:30 eastern. Let me know if you are interested
  11. We really need another manager for the keeper league. It's not a bad team. Some good keepers and the 2nd pick in the draft.
  12. Seriously, what should we do. Do we let his team auto draft and set the best roster? Wait until Friday or Saturday to draft in hopes we get another person?
  13. We may need to delay the draft if we can't get the 10th owner. @PyroclasticFlow are you back in?
  14. No for some reason I thought you were in the league. Do you want to be? We need another owner because Pyroclastic Flow has not responded. We have the draft tomorrow.
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