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  1. Me and Valyrian have a small trade. McGee for Hampson. I need steals and my entire MI crew is injured. And I have too many closers.
  2. So WJ, you are going to pick up Mike Brosseau. He has a projected .883 OPS. He must be really good. I wonder why he is still a FA and people have players with lower OPS on their team. Or if you want a Catcher, Zack Collins has a .805 OPS. That's pretty good for a catcher. Why is he still available. Storm's End had 3 catchers. I did not want McCann and Realmaluto is too good. So I went for the one in the middle, not knowing he was better than the Catcher I already had (all with the intention of turning Grandal - who I thought was my best Catcher over to Bronn for SB help). That was the master plan here. In my rankings, I had my dollars a little higher than what I got (but I was looking at the wrong Will Smith when I made the proposal). I figured Smith was a part-time catcher who did not get enough at-bats to hurt me and did well when he did get ABs.
  3. To be honest, I looked at the wrong Will Smith value when I proposed this. I even made a (lame) Coldplay/Fresh Prince joke during the draft when Chris Martin and Will Smith went up close together. I had no idea Will Smith the catcher was actually good until there were some complaints about the trade. I just put him in the trade because I liked a Catcher with a projected .900 OPS and wanted to trade Grandal to Bronn for some speed. I thought I was giving 3 players for Tucker basically and getting a potentially good catcher back and a starter I liked last year. Didn't realize Smith is like the 3rd best Catcher.
  4. Well, as WJ says, once the draft is over what you paid doesn't matter Just kidding. I looked at his roster and 4 catcheers and lack of power and figureed it would help him and me. I asked for Smith because you needeed a Catcher and said you had SB to spare. So the intent was to trade a catcher to you after this trade. I had Smiith lower than $11 in my rankings. I had them Tucker, Muncy, Sano, Smith, Green. Heaney I did not rank because he was $1 for me. Dollar-wise I had them pretty close in my rankings. But looking at the projected stats I am losing a ton of HRs and RBIs but gaining SBs. I got good deals on my players in the draft where I felel Tucker and Smith went a little high. But it's not like I am trading 3 players I just picked up off of waivers for Nolan Arenado when he was a top 10 player either.
  5. He went for $33? I had him much lower. I was looking at my rankings. Did not look at where he went in the draft. I told you my rankings were way off. I had Tucker higher than Sano, Muncy higher than Smith and Green much higher than Heaney in my rankings. If Tucker is really a $33 player, I take back my overpaid comment. But I did not have him anywhere near that.
  6. Just traded: Horn Hill Muncy, Sano, Green for Storm's End Tucker, Smith, Heaney Feel I may have overpaid, but wanted Tucker. And picked up Peralta to replace Green. I need OF and SB, so Tucker fills the bill. But gave up a ton of HRs and position flexibility.
  7. Not sure how I feel about my team. If anyone needs a MI, Muncy is available for a good offer. I think I need OF or a SP.
  8. He'd probably be too rich for my blood.
  9. I guess tonight I need to start doing some research and setting some auction values. How much is Ichiro worth noawadays?
  10. Fridays in general are not good for me. 9pm is better than 8pm. May still be a bit late. So if we could move to 9pm that would be helpful If I pre-rank my values does it go up by $1 or automatically to a higher dollar amount? I can definitely set values for all my players. I guess I would miss out on deals though if I did that.
  11. Sorry. Just logged in for the first time in a while. I can't guarantee I am available at 8pm on Friday. I may not be able to log on that early.
  12. So it appears the secret to a good fantasy football season is to stay away from the RBs I draft in Dynasty. Last year I lost all my RBs to injury and this year I lost Barkley. It is crazy. I know we all had this happen to us this weekend, but every time ESPN updated an injury it looked like one of my players is out for the season. My 15 year old daughter was laughing so hard at my reactions every time something scrolled across the bottom of ESPN
  13. well, there are rumors of Ertz to the Cowboys here in Philly, so at $6 he would be worth 4 years now if that were to happen.
  14. Crap, fell asleep last night during the games and forgot to post my contracts - but they were in my spreadsheet. Daniel Jones - 3 Julio Jones -2 Kenyan Drake -2 David Johnson -3 Ertz - 3 Tee Higgiins - 4 Boston Scott - 4
  15. If we can't get the waivers to work then we will need to figure out how to do it on the board. I have to pick up a Def and K too. Bronn - let me know who to take out too.
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