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  1. Awesome Wert - congratulations For those who don't know the actors, can you let us know who is what character in the picture? Obviously the tall redhead is Perrin, right
  2. grozeng

    Westeros Football Keeper League

    After 4 weeks, ME in the lead at 4-0 with Week's old team which no one wanted.
  3. grozeng

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2019

    Yeah congrats @Week If my team did not forget how to hit the last two weeks it may have been different. I lost 2 points in Average and 2 in OPS over the last 2 weeks. Or if my highest paid player was not injured all year. Even if I got 20 HRs from Stanton I would have won. That and forgetting to put in Mallex Smith on Consecutive 2 SB days were the difference of 2 points in the standings for me each. Crazy how close it was. I am definitely in for next year.
  4. grozeng

    Westeros Football Keeper League

    Of course I moved Jordan Howard out of my starting lineup right before the game started thinking it would be sloppy and low scoring
  5. grozeng

    Westeros Football Keeper League

    Wow, don't think I ever lost by over 100 before. Dak and Jackson killed me.
  6. grozeng

    NFL 2019: Wake Belichick Up, When September Ends...

    And their uniforms are the same color. Oh wait... the Jets are now that ugly Jet Green. (living in Philly, the Eagles are my other team right now since I can't bring myself to root for the Giants)
  7. grozeng

    NFL 2019: Wake Belichick Up, When September Ends...

    Would that be going into a room and just listening to Motley Crue and Quiet Riot for an hour every year Personally, I think the Pats should not play Brown this week and wait to see if anything else comes out. Not like they need him and it would look good in the "public eye". But that would require the Pats to do something ethical, so not very likely to happen.
  8. grozeng

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    When I saw the news, all I thought was of course this happens the one year you trade away all your TEs
  9. grozeng

    NFL 2019 Preseason: Hard Knockin on Gruden's Door

    I bet Robert Kraft is wondering why AB just didn't go to a massage parlor like a normal person
  10. grozeng

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    Thanks,. I kept meaning to email him and just could not get to it. I see he put them in. I think we have them all now. But end of day today is the deadline in case anyone wants to change
  11. grozeng

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    I don't think I have Race so I just sent it to everyone if I was giving Race until today
  12. grozeng

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    @Tywin et [email protected] @Bronn Stone @Jace, Basilissa @Jaxom 1974 @Lord Dracarys @briantw @RaceBannon42 Final contracts due today
  13. grozeng

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    Yeah, that was my thinking here and in keeper. I think I took AJ Brown both times. I was going to take Marquise in keeper just in case one was a bust, but regardless, I don't think I would have started him in either league yesterday. I did not think Lamar Jackson had a deep ball either, which worried me. But then again, AJ Brown has Mariotta throwing to him.
  14. grozeng

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    I was debating between AJ Brown and Marquise Brown the whole draft. I chose AJ who did well, but probably should have gone with Marquise. It was just all the comparisons to DeSean Jackson had me worried he would be schemed against. New Contracts Bell - 2 years Coleman - 3 years J. Jackson - 2 years Herndon -4 years Brown - 4 years Justin Jackson - 4 years Harris - 4 years
  15. grozeng

    Westeros Football Keeper League

    Noted both the changes. I will get it updated before Sunday.