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  1. No problem. Let me know the email to send the invite. There are some good contracts that were drafted for the team, so if you want to sign any long term let me know. Do you want the keeper team too? Someone took over yours but we have another free one that also has some decent keepers (Bijan Robinson, Jordan Love, Lamar Jackson)
  2. If Jace wants it she can have it (and the keeper team that is being auto-run right now).
  3. So 2 each? Should we do Kelce too with the caveat the new owner can reject any? More than 2 years? Maybe 2 for Hall and Ekeler, 3 for the others? Kelce?
  4. Travis Kelce - 29Breece Hall - 25Austin Ekeler - 24Jared Goff - 20Derek Carr - 19Zay Flowers - 14Miles Sanders - 13Jordan Addison - 10Tyler Lockett - 8Rashee Rice - 8Jimmy Garoppolo - 7Jakobi Meyers - 5Odell Beckham Jr - 3Chuba Hubbard - 2Ezekiel Elliott - 2Younghoe Koo - 1Kansas City - 1Clyde Edwards-Helaire - 1Hayden Hurst - 1Jason Sanders - 1Jacksonville - 1Michal Pittman Jr. - 1 (1 years) I like briantw's suggestion. So let's assign some keepers and let the new owner decide to void them penalty free. I would probably do Hall and Ekeler at 2 years at that price. What about Flowers, Addison, Rice and Meyers? I think those are probably the only other keepers. Do we do 2 years (or more for Flowers and Addison) for those guys and the new owner can void them?
  5. He looked good when he ran and he did well in the first game. I hadn't seen much of him last year. I figured he wasn't used because Cook is so good. But they let Cook walk and kept him, so I figured he had to be something. I guess I figured wrong. I have him in 2 leagues.
  6. $11 seemed good for Mattison. I had him at $19. It's just he dropped so many passes and should have had another fumble where it was just ripped out of his hands. It was a really good defensive play, but he was going down and should have secured the ball. I don't think I am going to keep him after yesterday but was leaning towards a 2 year deal before that.
  7. Mattison sure looked terrible yesterday.
  8. New Contracts: Kendre Miller - 4 years Josh Downs - 4 years Aaron Rodgers - 4 years Not sure about Mattison, Moore and Conner so I will update here before Sunday if that changes
  9. Yeah, I have the penalty for 1 year on my spreadsheet. I will correct it here. Cordarelle Patterson also should have been 1 year. I corrected it.
  10. I appreciate that. Every year I say I am going to keep better records and start earlier, so when it comes time to start next year let's figure out the best way to fill the league and get a draft scheduled prior to the first game (although I sort of like the tradition of drafting Keeper on that first Thursday).
  11. I make it hard on myself by disappearing right before the season starts. Next year we need to just start earlier and lock down the new players when WJ is finding his people. Also, I transferred your Keeper team. If you want it back next year, it is yours. It has some good players.
  12. Contracts due before the first game Sunday. Rosters are updated on the first page with the prices of the new guys from the draft. We need to decide what to do with Mudguard's team. Some potential good salaries there.
  13. @Tywin et al. @mcbigski @RaceBannon42 @Jaxom 1974 @briantw @boiled leather @Bronn Stone@BLU-RAY @Mudguard Draft in 15 minutes
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