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  1. Sorry, rather than read through all the posts it was easier just to send a reminder to everyone
  2. @Jaxom 1974 @Tywin et al. @BLU-RAY @Jaxom 1974 @RaceBannon42 @briantw @Babblebauble @Bronn Stone @boiled leather Reminder, I need contracts before the game if I have not got them yet.
  3. Contracts: Mahomes $47 - 3 years Courtland Sutton - $9 - 3 years Corey Davis - $5- 3 years Kadaris Toney - $1 - 4 years Rondale Moore - $1 - 4 years Gabriel Davis - $1 - 3 years JK Dobbins - $10 - 4 years Sam Darnold - $4 - 2 years Le'Veon Bell - $2 - 2 years
  4. @Babblebauble Jace, you autodrafted here and in Keeper. Look at your team. You have Fitzpatrick in the starting limeup here. I can switch him out for Dalton. Contracts here are due Sunday
  5. I made edits to Yronwood's team. He may have issues with Byes since he has Jeudy and Mostert. I left them on the bench rather than IR. For this week, Washington projected more points than Baltimore on D, so I left them in. I will use the same rules as Dynasty. We will just put in the highest projected points each week and if he needs to fill a spot on the roster it will be the highest person with projected points available at the position after waivers are processed. I can move Mostert and Jeudy to IR, so he would not need to drop anyone
  6. Just to post - I am not starting Golladay. Yahoo put him in my starting lineup. Will switch him out for AJ Brown
  7. Please post if you are starting anyone from today's game tonight (preferably before the game ends).
  8. That team has better keepers than the other, so I wanted someone drafting it rather than auto-draft
  9. For this year, yes. You have Elliott in the first and then Lamar Jackson and Dak in 5th and 6th or 6th and 7th. You'll see it on the team page,
  10. Go to draft results and click on "team" instead of "picks". It has the dollars there
  11. Keepers for the draft: 1st and 2nd will be a 1st rounder next year 3rd and 4th are a 2nd rounder next year 5th-9th are the draft round minus two for the keeper (so 5th is a 3rd, 6th is a 4th, etc) 10th - 22nd are the draft round minus three for the keeper (so 10th is a 7th, 11th is an 8th etc). I gave you ME's team so you have some players already. I used the keepers WJ provided
  12. I also made waivers 1 day so there are no issues picking up players prior to Sunday's games. We will start scoring Week 2, so if you draft someone playing week 2, let me know if you need to put them in the starting lineup
  13. Draft Order: Yronwood - Dracarys (auto-draft) Starfall - Pyroclastic Otisburg - ME (tywin drafting) Valyria - Raxe Castle Black - JJ Harlaw - Bronn Horn Hill - grozeng Harrenhall - BL Sunspear - Briantw Winterfell - Jace I'll have the keepers done shortly so check your team
  14. We still need one more person to draft
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