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  1. I can't do Saturdays at all. I work from 9 to 1 and then again from 3 to 1130
  2. I can't do Saturday or Wednesday cuz of work all the other nights should be fine.
  3. I agree with Jaime. Give it back to Jace if she wants it. If not, if go with one of the second place finishers.
  4. Made the championship in 3 out of 5 non experts leagues. Gotta get a W in one to save my experts spot but, I gotta say, it'll feel really good to win all three. Let's Go!!!
  5. #1 seed in three leagues and bumped from experts. Brutal.
  6. What a crap season in this league. It makes it worse that I'm in first in all the other Westeros leagues I'm in. At least I put up the highest point total of the season last week.
  7. I've got a ridiculous amount of RBs. I need upgrades everywhere else. Send offers. They can all be had.
  8. I have a plethora of RBs. Jones, Mixon, J. Cook, White, Robinson and Achane. I need to upgrade everywhere else. Shoot me some offers.
  9. @Whiskeyjack That was just brutal. Any stat corrections and I'm screwed.
  10. Pick his keepers and auto draft. Of he shows up great. If not, we keep looking for other owners.
  11. I'm loaded with drafts every night this week. Maybe we draft during the first game Thursday night? I know we did that once before.
  12. My tentative keepers. 2. Ekeler 4. A. St. Brown 10. J. Cook 11. G. Smith 12. C. Kirk
  13. Little brothers keepers. 1. Lamb, 2.Adams, 3. Fields, 5. Jefferson, 7. Hockenson, 8. Carr, 9. Conner, 10. Herbert, 11. Pollard
  14. Little brother is back in and I'll get a new ID created tonight so we just need 1 owner. Don't want the league to file on account of me. When are we drafting?
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