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  1. I'm down to end in July. I have another draft on the 26th but any other day should work.
  2. If anyone needs RB help, I'm loaded. Need an upgrade pretty much everywhere else. Send me some offers.
  3. Trade between Jaxom and I: I get Deebo and a throw in He gets Goff and Reynolds
  4. I've scored the most points in the league. I'm 0-4. Just crazy.
  5. Trade between Mudguard and I. I get Jefferson and he gets Brady and Evans. I'm loaded at QB so don't really need Brady, and this gives me who I think will be WR1 at the end of the year.
  6. Did the draft order get set? Or random before the draft?
  7. I'll send you little brothers email tomorrow morning so he can get signed in and give you his keepers.
  8. Keepers: 2. Kupp 3. Ekeler 10. Thomas 12. Henderson Jr. 15. Kirk 17. Denver
  9. I'm guessing my brother will take the other team. He's a FF junkie as well and would probably be able to draft on 9/6. I'll hit him up tomorrow morning to confirm.
  10. How many owners do we need in this league?
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