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  1. I'll make it work. I usually get off work around 5 so I'll log in even if I have to miss out on a few bids.
  2. If anyone wants a starting rb, bernard is the block. I need a wr.
  3. That's just a brutal beat @Whiskeyjack I really needed that win though. Let's hope there's not a stat correction that screws me.
  4. Foles for mahomes Peterson for ceh Arnold for Kelce Cole for Edelman
  5. Gesicki for kelce Edwards for ceh Smith for Edelman
  6. Unbelievable. @Jace, Basilissa I'd almost feel bad if you hadn't talked shit. My balls went thru my throat when he almost threw a pick at the end.
  7. This is beyond brutal! @Jace, Basilissa
  8. If anyone needs a RB, AP can be had for a WR or TE. Also willing to move Brady in a deal as well. Send me some offers.
  9. I can get one of my brothers to take it over. I can hit them up in the morning.
  10. Trade between Dracarys and I. I get: Chris Carson and Hunter Renfrow He gets: Akers and Hollywood Brown
  11. QB: Mahomes, Brady, Trubiskey RB: CEH, D. Johnson, Akers, White, Thompson, Peterson, Armstead WR: M. Brown, Parker, Edelman, Cooks, Sanders, Shepherd, Hardman, Campbell. TE: Kelce, Gronk. K: Fairbairn DEF: Cincy, Detroit, Houston Spent too much on CEH early. Cost me at RB3. The plan was to stock up on low cost receivers which I did, but I missed out on my primary target when I thought I had him and got distracted. Damn kids. Willing to deal everyone but Mahomes if the price is right.
  12. QB: Jones, Minshew, Bridgewater. RB: CEH, Mixon, Bell, Hunt, Mack, D. Williams, M. Brown. WR: Galloday, Lockett, Boyd, Edelman, Hardman, Perriman. TE: Kelce, Gesicki. DEF: Chicago, New Orleans, Indianapolis K: Lutz Like this team a lot. Getting Kelce in the fourth round is a fricken steal. Waiting as long as I did at QB might bite me in the ass, but all 3 have upside and could be playing from behind a lot. Willing to deal. Gotta be a massive offer for CEH. I had the rookie number 3 on my board.
  13. I'm keeping: Ekeler- RD 7 Gallup- RD 8 T PATHETIC
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