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  1. 1 - Joe Mixon2 - JuJu Smith-Schuster5- Aaron Jones7 - DeShaun Watson11 - John Brown14 - Golden Tate16 -- Deebo Samuel
  2. 1--2-3 but i don't like any of them and think that a full contact sweaty, gasping breath sport in the age of a pandemic is ridiculously irresponsible. see: college football, where some encourage keep kids safe, and others see them as modern slaves to make money for their school/conference doesnt' matter what we do, its a crap shoot and the losers will be dismissed by bad luck. that doesn't seem right.
  3. sorry off line afor a bit. i'm in and set my keepers. Monday the 2nd (eve) and Wed 4th are bad for me
  4. perfect. thank you. i wasn't going to make a fuss.
  5. i updated on the site I am keeping schuster and mixon and LAR sorry for not checking sooner
  6. so If I read this right, I keep Rogers #1 Gurley #2 I have to throw back Hopkins (unless I throw back gurley or rogers) I keep watson at 12 I keep LA (those rams) at 17 If I keep mixon he's 3 If I keep stafford he's 6 so is schuster. do I have this right?
  7. would some one remind me the round "costs" from year to year? I seem to recall at some level they were 2 rds and at another 1 rd.
  8. drat. I saw you were in SF a few months a go and I hadn't been on the board.  My appologies.  We try to be more welcoming.  I"ll blame Bronn.

  9. since this is stuck and i haven't posted, i've been adding recipes to my blog. feel free to peruse. http://stuffandthingswithlee.wordpress.com or don't. :)
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