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  1. I don't watch any anime, but I read manga. I'm not sure if there is a manga thread, so this is probably as close as I'll get to one. I just started One Piece the other day. I'm 77 chapters in and finally getting into it now. I have to compare it to Naruto, in the sense that they are both extremely long mangas. At 77 chapters into Naruto, we were already in the midst of the Chunnin exams, so the story was really starting to flow as one. What I like less about One Piece is so far it's just been story after story, rather than everything happening feeling like part of one big story, as Naruto already felt like by 70-odd chapters in. That's why I only feel like I am really getting into One Piece now, as it's finally come to a story that makes it feel like it really means something. The part I am at it is where they go to Arlong Park and we find out that Nami has been working alongside pirates all along. It feels like it's reached a point in One Piece where things are really going to take off in terms of an overall plot.
  2. 7 for me. Highlights: Tyrion starting to look a bit more like the Tyrion of season 1-4. As I have said all season, they are handling the Daenerys and Jon relationship really well and continued to do so this episode. The summit was pretty well written and tense. The killing of Littlefinger took me by surprise. Didn't expect Sansa and Arya to out for him like they did. Jon being called Aegon. Burning of the Wall. Lowlights: Sam and Bran's conversation was so contrived. They have become exposition in character form. Don't really see the need for Theon to go and become a hero. I can't forgive him for his betrayal of the Starks, so I can't really believe that Jon would spare him, as he is no use to anyone.
  3. The change with Arya is definitely a deliberate one by the writers, not by the actress herself. I think Maisie Williams has proven to be a great young actress, especially in the early seasons. But since Arya the character has changed, Maisie William's performances as her have got worse. I don't think she plays this new Arya as convincingly as she played the old Arya. Working off Sophie Turner hasn't help, as for me, she may be the weakest actress out of all the main cast, along with Isaac Hempstead Wright as Bran. The acting between Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner in the last episode was so wooden and unbelievable, in my eyes. Neither of them seem believable in their roles anymore.
  4. I gave it a 7, but I do think I was being generous. If I wanted to nit pick and focus on how ridiculous some of the timing scales were - Gendry's run back to the Wall and a raven seemingly flying from the Wall Dragonstone in the same time it took three dragons to fly from Dragonstone to the Wall, which appeared to be a few hours - I would end up giving this episode a 4, but I've come to accept that D&D realise what they are doing here. They know as well as we do how unlikely this is to make sense, but they want to wrap this thing up. More of this will come next season, so we all better get used to it. There were some good moments, though. I liked the dialogue between the Hound and Tormund. As much as I didn't want it to happen, the dragons coming to the rescue was well done visually. I was happy they killed Viserion and brought the dragon back as a wight. Despite what a lot of people are saying, I think the show is handling Jon and Daenerys' relationship quite well. The scene with the two of them together in the boat was nice. The lows of the episode was the needless killing of Benjen. I really have no idea why they couldn't have just let him come to save Jon and take him back to the Wall without him jumping off the horse and going to die. And, of course, the Winterfell storyline. It has been possibly the worst part of this season altogether, but episode 6 ripped it. I really dislike what they have done with Arya. For two actresses that seem as friendly as Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are in real life, they literally have zero on screen chemistry. Their conversations at Winterfell have easily been the worst examples of acting in the whole show.
  5. I actually rate this a 9 and would say it was my favourite episode of the season so far. Yes, it didn't have the action of episode four, but I think there was more story and more character development. As a Tyrion fan, it was nice to see him have a purpose again, even if it was only to strike a deal with Cersei through Jaime. I had waited a long time to see Jaime and Tyrion in a scene together, to see what kind of tension there would be. I think the show got it spot on. Jaime didn't quite know if he wanted to kill him or talk to him. He feels sympathy for Tyrion over Joffrey, but he can't look at him the same due to Tywin. We all knew Gendry was coming back, but I actually like what they have done with him - the warhammer was a nice touch - and I am interested to see if he and Jon can strike up a relationship like that of Robert and Ned. I don't know about everyone else, but I am pretty excited for the journey to catch a wight with Jon, Jorah, Gendry and the Brotherhood.
  6. I know they didn't literally copy and paste the dialogue from the books, but it is still no shock that the dialogue and general writing has appeared to suffer since they ran out of book material. Certain scenes have still been brilliant, of course, like the 'Hold the door!' moment and the Battle of the Bastards, but I imagine - I may well be wrong, of course - that these scenes are going to appear in the books at some point, so aren't completely a creation of the TV show writers.
  7. I know that the three siblings shouldn't have been making jokes and playing games with each other as if all was normal. Maybe it was more the dialogue that they had to work with was poor. It just didn't seem natural, to me, even for a season that was meant to be unnatural. Something I had also noticed in last week's episode with the dialogue between Jon and Daenerys. You say there is no chemistry between Kit and Emilia, but I think it is the material they are working with that is causing it, coupled with the fact we all know this relationship is being forced upon the show. Last night, the exchanges between them in the caves seemed a bit more natural, also when she asked him for advice on her next move. I just can't fathom the idea of the two of them ending up with some romantic scenes. It's going to be so forced and contrived. Jon is backwards and shy when it comes to women, which made Ygritte perfect for him because she was so forwards it made up for the two of them. Daenerys was shy and reserved initially with Drogo, but it didn't take long for her to come out of her shell with him. Then when she saw Daario, she seemed like she wanted him from the moment she laid her eyes on him. With Jon, if they do pursue it, it's going to be a slow burning relationship which will only lead it to be more contrived, in my opinion. It would have nearly been better if she looked at Jon the way she did towards Daario right from the start.. But this whole stolen glances, Jon touching her arm and Davos accusing Jon of liking her just makes it all too cringeworthy.
  8. It was, as you say, a great episode. Definitely the best of the season so far. I agree for the most part about what you say about the dialogue, but do you not think the Arya arriving in Westeros and her banal conversations with Sansa and Bran (poorly written and poorly acted out) slowed down the pace momentarily? It definitely peaked again quickly after that, but that section was boring. I have a real feeling the Starks in Winterfell are going to be the boring arc of the season. We have a great character like Littlefinger there, who is being wasted following Sansa around and now smiling weird smiles in Arya's direction. They need to get the life back into LF, because he is the only thing that could save the story at Winterfell, as Sansa, Arya and Bran have zero chemistry.
  9. I'd say an 8, and I'd go further by saying it was the best episode of the season. One particular highlight was when Jon told Theon that the Queen wasn't at Dragonstone and it cut away to the impending battle scene at Highgarden. There's been a couple of really nice cut-aways so far this season. Low point of the episode was the Stark reunion between Arya, Sansa and Bran. I know Bran is no longer Bran, but the awkwardness between the three just felt more like bad acting and bad dialogue as opposed to intentional awkwardness between the trio.
  10. The whole of the album Little Machines by Lights, but this is a personal one, as it is what I was listening to at the time I first read the ASOIAF novels. Funnily enough, the tone of the album seemed to suit perfectly as a soundtrack.
  11. Dany's claim to the throne is that she is the daughter of the last Targaryen king, Aerys II. She seems to forget, when she gets on her high horse, that Aerys lost his throne by losing the plot and becoming a mad King. He wasn't overthrown by random revellers that thought they'd see if they could take it for a bit of fun. The rebellion was caused because half of Westeros wanted to save the country from Aerys' madness.
  12. 6/10. It was a strange episode for me. Jon and Dany meeting is something we have been excited for as book readers and as TV show watchers, but I can't help but feel they failed on the delivery of it. There was very little tension between the two characters when they met. I'm not sure if it was bad acting on Harrington and Clarke's parts, but they dialogue exchanged between them was stiff and awkward, maybe even poorly written. I mean, you summon a man to come all the way from the North to bend the knee, he refuses and tells you about the threat of the Night King and the army of the dead and you don't ask him anything about it or look remotely interested. I know she likely doesn't believe him and the audience know all that he does so it would just be explaining things the viewers know, but the lack of interest she showed made no sense. I am so disappointed in what Tyrion has become. He pussy-foots around Dany so much that you can hardly recognise him as the same maverick from season 1-4. The part were he and Jon were left brooding was enjoyable because that felt more like the Tyrion of old. I did like the final Jon and Dany scene. The exchange between them was more realistic and I hope it's a sign of things to come. I don't know, it just felt like a lot of filler at times, which I didn't think this series would be. The first two episodes covered more ground and I felt things were going faster than last season but E03 felt like another one of those slow paced episodes from last season.
  13. I agree that Jaime was a more entertaining characters earlier on in the story when he was with Brienne or when we could see him interacting with Tyrion. The past couple of seasons, his character has dried up a bit, but I have a good feeling about him this season. Remember the Valonqar prophecy? Every prophecy made about Cersei has so far come true. Maggy said she Cersei will die at the hands of her little brother. Most, myself included, believe that to be Jaime rather than Tyrion. Last episode, with the Olenna scene, we saw more signs of Jaime's conflicted feelings towards his sister. He loves her, but deep down he is starting to see the monster that everyone else sees in her. I think the conflict between the two of them will rise even further when he tells her the truth about who really murdered Joffrey. I would be very shocked and disappointed if it wasn't to be that way. To me, it seems to be setting it up for Jaime to finally turn on Cersei and fulfil the prophecy. Jaime is one of the more interesting characters in the series. He is a good man deep down; he is nothing like Cersei, Tyrion or Tywin. It's just a shame his storyline has hit a plateau for a few seasons but I can see it picking up again from now.
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