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  1. I am still here, but last year, my PC was hacked through my yahoo account. I have decided reluctantly not to use any of their websites this year so I have had to back off from Fantasy Football. Sorry I did nor check in sooner. My team can be given away if you would like. I'll miss playing with you guys. This was one of my favorite leagues.
  2. This was a fun year until I had the catastrophic loss in the quarter finals. I can't wait until next season.
  3. Man, Having starting QB's of Dak Prescott and Eli Manning with Dez Bryant as a WR1 killed me. If it would have been an average game, I would have been competitive, but as it stands, I was blown out of the playoffs. Great league... Thanks for having me as a part of it. The highlights is My Jay Ajai pick from last year paying off in doses this year. I had a feeling about him.
  4. Here are contract offers for this year's draft Dak Prescot $13 - 4 years Corey Coleman $9 - 4 years Jeff Driskel $1 - 4 years Eric Ebron $1 - 3 years AJ Green $37 - 2 years Victor Cruiz $1 - 2 years Terrence Williams $1 - 2 years Eli Manning $13 - 2 years Here is already existing contracts for next season and time left on them. Jay Ajayi (Mia - RB)  $1 - 2 years Travis Kelce (KC - TE)  $15 -1 year Todd Gurley (LA - RB)  $23 -2 years I'm glad I spent some time looking at them. I had no idea that half my roster was expiring after the year, Thanks for keeping track of all this.
  5. I do not have a roster shown this year. Am I starting over from scratch?
  6. Hey friend...MI always have enjoyed talking about movies with you despite having crazily different tastes. Here is my Facebook page. I'd love to interact with you here as well.


  7. I do not think that at all. If the Hound would have been restored by The Lord of Light, it would have to be a priest of R'hllor that raised him, not a monk of the Seven. He would also have not taken two days to get the point that the monk thought that he would actually live. Everyone else raised has jumped up and been mostly fine.
  8. note... Was this the least amount of swearing that Ian McShane has done in an episode of television broadcast on HBO? Someone failed big time by not having him utter the word cocksucker. I'm talking to you Mr. Cogman.
  9. I think that having this season's significance is enough to justify his time in this episode. I personally think that we are going to get a Hound/Mountain Champion fight, and being that this is inspired by ASoIF, I'd put money on the Mountain crushing our hopes yet again.
  10. That is an understandable position to take. I just think that he was so bad in this episode that it really had me questioning how he ever got people to follow him in the first place. He was uncharacteristically uncharismatic.
  11. Tonight was the first episode that I did not give a 10 to this year. I gave it a 9. The set design around the drawbridge at Riverrun was enough on its own to get a 7. The nitpicks I have is not enough Arya this week when the plot is really heating up, and John Snow's complete ineffectiveness in showing leadership.
  12. I gave it a 10 simply because of the dress Gilly wore.
  13. I am a lifelong fantasy fan. Sword and sorcery has been my escape since I was a small child. For almost my entire life, my favorite genre of literature has been treated like the above movie. I would rate this movie a 1.
  14. Just an FYI... I know a lot of decades long readers like myself who absolutely loved this episode. As a matter of fact, that seems to be the general consensus. A bunch of us discussed Emmies and Hugos. Feel free to hold your own opinion though, but I'd like to be left out of it.
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