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  1. Howdyphillip

    2018 World Cup - Get a Team to Support Here!!!!

    Sorry I am so late. I have not been around much lately. I hope it is not too late to get a team.
  2. Howdyphillip

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    I am still here, but last year, my PC was hacked through my yahoo account. I have decided reluctantly not to use any of their websites this year so I have had to back off from Fantasy Football. Sorry I did nor check in sooner. My team can be given away if you would like. I'll miss playing with you guys. This was one of my favorite leagues.
  3. Howdyphillip

    Ozark (Netflix)

    I think you missed the conversation here. Since Netflix started putting out content, we have been handling spoilers the exact same way. The board policy is also clear to not spoil in a thread unless a thread is titled spoilers. I should not have to ask you politely to follow board policy. The onus is on you to understand what it is before you post. The good news is that now, you know, and can avoid spoiling people who do not want to be spoiled in the future.
  4. Howdyphillip

    Ozark (Netflix)

    The way this board has generally handled Netflix shows is we discuss spoilers in spoiler brackets. This allows people to get a general understanding of whether they want to watch the show or not without being spoiled. We also generally label our spoiler tags with the number of episodes we have seen so people can feel free to discuss the episodes they have already watched. I do not understand why this show should be any different to any other Netflix show.
  5. Howdyphillip

    Fantasy Football 2017

    After a long debate with myself, I have decided that I will not be opening up leagues or participating in Fantasy Football this year. In the off season, my computer was hacked through my Yahoo account, and I am just not willing to have any interaction with their websites anymore after loss of money and more important time. I will miss playing with you guys, and am looking forward to interacting with all of you on the NFL thread.
  6. Howdyphillip

    Ozark (Netflix)

    I disagree with the assessment that the environment in this show hasn't been a character unto itself. The cinematography is as rich as anything I have seen. This includes Breaking Bad, and True Detective season 1. What is missing is a score and soundtrack that equals all of the other parts of this show. It is either non existent, or in places acts as a detriment to the show. Every review I have read about this show says it is excellent, but something is missing. I am absolutely convinced it is the music. Everything else about the show is majestic.
  7. Howdyphillip

    What's For Dinner, Take 7

    I have a busy day ahead of me today. It is prep day for tomorrows 4th of July BBQ. I will be making my multi olive based potato salad and Gorgonzola cole slaw. I will precook the bacon to add to the macaroni and cheese. I will be trimming and seasoning the 20 pound brisket and 6 racks of St Louis ribs. I will be brining the 6 chickens in habeneros, mango, oranges, salt and brown sugar. I will be making the patties for the 20 plus burgers by seasoning and stuffing them with blue cheese. I will be soaking the beans. This will all lead up to midnight when I start to smoke the meats. I am going to be exhausted by the time the fireworks start tomorrow.
  8. Howdyphillip

    Death of a Proud Sailor, a Board Legend - RIP Lord O' Bones

    This hits hard... I wish I could write a proper memorial for him, but I just can't right now. I know when I do, it will have to contain a lot of swearing and a couple of arguments. I will miss him fiercely...
  9. Howdyphillip

    WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

    What in the hell is Sony Pictures Television?
  10. Howdyphillip

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    This was a fun year until I had the catastrophic loss in the quarter finals. I can't wait until next season.
  11. Howdyphillip

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    Man, Having starting QB's of Dak Prescott and Eli Manning with Dez Bryant as a WR1 killed me. If it would have been an average game, I would have been competitive, but as it stands, I was blown out of the playoffs. Great league... Thanks for having me as a part of it. The highlights is My Jay Ajai pick from last year paying off in doses this year. I had a feeling about him.
  12. Howdyphillip

    What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Steak and Guinness pie tonight. I slow cooked the beef for 9 hours in beer, beef broth, and Worcestershire and added julienne chopped carrots, oyster mushrooms, red onions, garlic, and green peppercorn while thickening the concoction with flour all through the day. I did cheat and used a store bought puff pastry because I just don't think that the time I spend making my own is worth the effort in the slight taste difference. It was absolutely delicious.
  13. Howdyphillip

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    Here are contract offers for this year's draft Dak Prescot $13 - 4 years Corey Coleman $9 - 4 years Jeff Driskel $1 - 4 years Eric Ebron $1 - 3 years AJ Green $37 - 2 years Victor Cruiz $1 - 2 years Terrence Williams $1 - 2 years Eli Manning $13 - 2 years Here is already existing contracts for next season and time left on them. Jay Ajayi (Mia - RB)  $1 - 2 years Travis Kelce (KC - TE)  $15 -1 year Todd Gurley (LA - RB)  $23 -2 years I'm glad I spent some time looking at them. I had no idea that half my roster was expiring after the year, Thanks for keeping track of all this.
  14. Howdyphillip

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    I do not have a roster shown this year. Am I starting over from scratch?
  15. Hey friend...MI always have enjoyed talking about movies with you despite having crazily different tastes. Here is my Facebook page. I'd love to interact with you here as well.