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  1. It was a hell of a game. The type I’ve seen us lose so often in the past, especially against Arkansas.
  2. All those games are easily playable on an older laptop, so you should be fine. I'm in a few SWTOR groups on Facebook and there are guys playing that game on a toaster (not really, but ancient laptops and Microsoft Surface tablets, etc.).
  3. Hey, it’s something. Also, consider that it’s Vandy and that their offense probably didn’t cross the 50-yard line all day. Hopefully she will get a shot at an actual scoring play next week.
  4. The announcement at least confirms that they’re working on something, which is encouraging as a fan of the franchise.
  5. Clemson eked it out; Michigan did not. Please tell me this means Harbaugh is gone?
  6. And on that note, Clemson down 28-10 to BC going into the half.
  7. Nice win for Kentucky. As ever, nothing sucks like a Big Orange.
  8. True enough. These guys are just notorious for mistaking one whiff of success as a sign of taking the next step as a program, and doing so in an especially hyperbolic fashion. I could cite examples but I'm too lazy.
  9. This time last week, Leach was the runaway coach of the year, their QB was leading the Heisman race, and MSU was a darkhorse title contender. Today Leach is a terrible hire who can't recruit and will never escape mediocrity, the QB is a noodle-armed chump and the team will be lucky to go bowling. Gotta love MSU fans.
  10. This version of Kiffinball is fun to watch. ETA: Messed around and won! Wasn’t expecting that.
  11. I'm still wondering if the rumored gameplay changes have any chance of actually happening. Source I saw was a Reddit post so not the most reliable information. Updating the graphics for the games will be nice (and who am I kidding, I'll still buy it just for that) but it would be nice to also get updated combat mechanics, particularly for the first game.
  12. Yeah this certainly doesn't bode well for football and basketball either, seeing how close contact is mandatory in those. No way to keep it from spreading. Even players wearing masks, in addition to being impractical, wouldn't guarantee safety.
  13. Yeah no one really sounds like a native Georgian to me. I keep having to be reminded that's where it is set. Ran is correct in that metro Atlanta has a more "East Coast neutral" accent pattern but this show appears to be set largely in the country, where the older characters especially would be expected to have at least some Southern inflections. I haven't read the book (and haven't watched last night's episode yet) but I binged the first five over the weekend. I'm still intrigued, but like @dbunting I'm a little wary of the supernatural aspects at this point. Feels like that stuff might be an excuse to oversimplify what felt like a truly complex and baffling mystery at the beginning.
  14. Looks like another off the field mess is brewing for Penn St. as a former player has accused ex-teammates of hazing, allegedly with knowledge of the coaching staff including James Franklin. If the allegations here are true, Franklin needs to be gone. Some of the stuff described here is unquestionably sexual assault, and cannot be tolerated. Not to mention, this little tidbit:
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