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  1. It’s really bizarre. I figured everyone from Willis to Howell to would go in the 2nd. …and now the Seahawks have passed again!
  2. Sam Williams is a hell of a pass rusher. His biggest concerns have been off the field.
  3. The Jets are killing it. Very surprised that nether the Falcons nor Seahawks picked a QB.
  4. Hard to believe 5 UGA defenders went in the first round and Dean wasn’t one of them. Can’t go wrong at this point with him or Willis at that spot.
  5. Not sure what platform you’re on, but I just bought it last weekend for PS5, and through about 12 hours of play my experience has been phenomenal. No noticeable bugs, crashes etc. Looks amazing and combat plays like a dream. I’m loving it thus far.
  6. Incredible. Bracket demolished by Peacocks!
  7. In non-tournament news, Mike White is jumping ship from UF to UGA, in what could prove an upgrade for both programs. White is a good dude and a solid coach, definitely a step up from Tom Crean (lol), but he probably hit his ceiling with the Gators. I doubt he could’ve withstood anymore mediocre seasons there, but he’ll make UGA’s program more competitive. I’d heard over the weekend that he was a possible exit strategy away from Kermit Davis at Ole Miss. As good ole boy type hires go, I certainly wouldn’t have minded it.
  8. Lunardi thinks Auburn will fall to a 2 now. They haven’t looked too impressive over the last month or so.
  9. Great game, and a remarkable comeback on both sides of the ball for the Bengals.
  10. Incredible game, fucking devastating finish for the Bills and their fans. Mahomes is a surgeon.
  11. Wow! Another walkoff by the road dog. What a round thus far.
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