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  1. Daboll deserves all the coach of the year awards.
  2. Looks like I’ll finally get around to playing Fallen Order!
  3. Nothing to be ashamed of. Sports fandom is a lot like a (toxic?) long-term relationship, with all the highs and lows therein. The emotional push and pull can make you a wreck. It’s natural and healthy to eventually recognize that these are literally just games that we as fans have no control over, and there are a lot of more important things in life. it’s also easy for me to say that as a person whose CBB team lost to frickin’ UNA last month. My dad and I had a good laugh over that one at Christmas.
  4. This feels different in the worst possible way.
  5. News broke yesterday that Mike Leach had a medical emergency and was airlifted to Jackson. A lot of rumors since then, but the Jackson newspaper just reported he suffered a massive heart attack and may have serious brain damage. If so, what a tragedy for all involved and for college football as a whole. I really hope he pulls through. ETA: Official word this morning that he’s passed away. Shocking loss of one of CFB’s greatest characters.
  6. Chaos continues with K-State over TCU. Awesome game, both teams played great down the stretch.
  7. After being spurned by Kiffin, Auburn has now hired Hugh Freeze as HC. Their fans don’t seem too thrilled, and I can’t blame them. Yes, Hugh is a very good football coach and an offensive innovator who beat Saban twice with inferior rosters. He’s also a well-documented scumbag and weirdo with a bad habit of DMing strangers on Twitter, including…alleged sexual assault victims: Ian McCaw is Liberty’s AD. If that name rings a bell, he’s the same dude who oversaw the Art Briles years at Baylor. Truly “Jesus-like.” I guess Auburn will stoop to any level if it means a chance to beat Alabama.
  8. Y’all have served notice, that’s for sure. No more questions around Beamer or Rattler.
  9. Yep, he’s been going all-in with the Twitter rhetoric while doing nothing to actually close the door on the rumors, leaving the fanbase in limbo during a week where we should be excited about playing our rival. Shit, maybe we turn around and hire Deion away from JSU. I’d rather have him than Matt Rhule or some other retread.
  10. Most of us think he’s gone. He’s been sidestepping the question this week by claiming AU hasn’t offered him the job. My concern isn’t so much that he leaves, because I never expected him to stay that long anyway if he found enough success. I am concerned he’s going to take Quinshon Judkins and a bunch of other promising young players with him, meaning we start back at zero with the next guy. The Portal is a double-edged sword that way. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also gripe about the 4-year limit on contract duration for state employees in Mississippi, which hamstrings us a lot more than the annual salary payments. Why make a somewhat lateral move to Auburn? They can offer a longer term deal, thus a much larger total contract. I’m fine with him leaving for another job - it happens, and I don’t expect much in the way of loyalty in this business. But he has handled this very poorly by stringing the fan base along on Twitter and elsewhere. He apparently even joked about it on his call-in show last night.
  11. It is truly mind-blowing. Today has been a weird day in the SEC. Well, except in Fayetteville, where it’s business as usual for us over there.
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