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  1. Apparently early on in the 2019 season MLB monitors at Minute Made Park were explicitly told by the league to listen for banging sounds coming from the Astro dugout. So yeah, it seems like the league has known about this shit for a while, but wanted to keep it all quiet.
  2. Yeah, Jemisin’s apology had a big fat “if” in the middle of it, but worse than that she later went on to blame the fact that she hadn’t apologized sooner on “the media”. Jennifer Weiner’s apology though was the worst of the lot. In it she sets herself up as righteous for defending her friend, who was insulted, and defending female oriented fiction, which was assaulted. She apologized for allowing her (already established as righteous) emotions blind her to the “power inequity” of the situation, which resulted in her making someone “vulnerable to bullying”. So you see, she’s clearly not a powerful asshole who bullied some grad student for daring to have a critical opinion; she is in fact a Good Friend and Valiant Crusader whose wholly righteous actions may have vaguely, and of course unintentionally, contributed to making someone vulnerable to bullying. And let’s not forget that Jennifer Weiner is the author who tried to draw a direct link between this one person’s critical opinion of one YA author and the horrendous crimes of Larry Nassar. But at least Weiner bothered to write an apology. Jodi Picoult and Celeste Ng just retweeted Roxanne Gay’s half-assed apology.
  3. While Dessen’s apology is more direct and slightly less mealy-mouthed than the apologies of the other authors involved, it still elides the worst of her behavior. She apologized for posting a screenshot of a critical quote. She did not apologize for excising the rest of the quote, which contextualizes the criticism, nor did she apologize for egging on the dog pile that followed. To me it just doesn’t read as contrition, but rather as a piece of boilerplate damage control.
  4. Well fuck. Several hours ago I posted in defense of an issue that I am very passionate about; the free press. Deceptive reporting practices led me to believe that my position was righteous. I should perhaps have looked into the matter in more depth before commenting. That’s on me, and I own it. I have a platform, and it is incumbent upon me to understand how using that platform may affect other people. Bullying and abusive behavior is never okay, and it hurts me to know that my post may have unintentionally opened someone up to abuse. Moving forward, I will do better. Dear Katherine Grandstand. I’m sorry. I said some stupid shit about you without knowing, or bothering to know, the facts. It was a real jerk move, and I have no excuse for it. I should never have called your journalistic integrity into question. I apologize unconditionally.
  5. Hey Myshkin, you’re a big dumb asshole. A small amount of research would have put this “apology” in its proper context. It took me very little time to discover that while yes, an apology was technically made, it was made as an acknowledgement of hurt feelings, rather than as an acknowledgement of any wrongdoing on the part of the reporter. The reporter explains that while cruelty was never the intention of putting the quote in the article, it was in fact her job to do so. Hope you feel good about yourself, dummy.
  6. One a side note, one small aspect of this story that I think deserves a little more attention is that the reporter who wrote the article that kicked this whole thing off has apologized to Sarah Dessen for including the offending quote. Are you fucking kidding me? This person needs to seriously rethink their choice of careers.
  7. I’m not sure much PR training is needed to follow the one rule every author should know; don’t address your critics. You’ve put your work out into the world to be judged, and not everybody’s gonna like it. Now if someone like Michiko Kakutani just absolutely tears into you, then maybe it’s okay to say something (though probably still better not to). But some rando internet person? Nope, just let it go. And I’m sure every one of the authors involved in this incident has had that discussion with their agent and/or publisher. I’m also not sure much PR training is needed at this point to understand that popular public figures (especially those involved with fandom) with large social media followings should not single out private individuals for abuse. It’s no secret in this day and age how quickly the insular world of fandom can turn toxic. Maybe (maybe) a small amount of PR training is needed to understand that turning some internet nobody into the face of All That Is Wrong In Our Corner Of The World is a bad fucking idea.
  8. In that they are defensive about the idea of not being taken seriously as authors, and so any perceived insult may be met with an outsized reaction?
  9. The assholery of certain SFF authors, and the incestuous community that tolerates, encourages, cheers on, and joins in their behavior is unfortunately quite widespread and well known. I’m not denying that, nor seeking to minimize it. But the existence of assholes in SFF does not immunize YA against accusations of same. Nor, do I believe, does discussion of one group of assholes always necessitate comparison to another well known group of assholes. In this instance a group of YA assholes publicly dog piled on some nobody who dared voice mild criticism of one of their own. Friends supporting friends, to a fault, turned out to actually be a bunch of people with powerful voices bullying some no name grad student off the internet. Calling her a bigot, a bitch, and then a raggedy ass bitch. Accusing her of being an agent of the patriarchy, of suppressing female voices, and in one case making a direct link between her criticism and systemic child sexual abuse. The people who did this are assholes, and I’d like to talk about that. Also, I’m not certain what contemporary YA is, but I shall look it up. Another also, it is not my intent in this thread to drag the general YA fandom through the mud, nor otherwise denigrate anyone for enjoying YA fiction. This is essentially an Authors Behaving Badly thread.
  10. Hmm, this is undeniably true. Perhaps I’ve come at this conundrum from the wrong angle. As I understand it a large portion of YA literature is of the SFF variety. So now the question becomes, is YA author assholishness a function of the YA field (that is to say, a distinct disorder unrelated to other forms of assholishness), or is what we are seeing simply a new strain of SFF assholery.
  11. You are right about this sir; Picoult appears to be a RP (Regular Person) author, thus muddying the waters of my YA Authors = Giant Assholes theory. However we must look beyond the surface here to see that while RP authors obviously can be assholes, the tendency toward assholedom seems stronger in YA authors.
  12. Interesting. So you posit that YA authors are no more likely to be assholes than any other authors, but that their assholery is more visible due to their greater interaction with social media platforms? This is an intriguing theory.
  13. I mean, I’m not well versed in this field, but it seems like there’s been a lot of assholishness going on in the world of YA for, well, ever. And now there’s this: https://www.google.com/amp/s/slate.com/culture/2019/11/sarah-dessen-ya-books-authors-brooke-nelson-social-media-attack.amp So are all YA authors just thin-skinned assholes? Or is it more like 50-25-10%? And what exactly is the correlation between writing teen fiction and being an asshole? Does the field somehow appeal to people who are already assholes, or does working in the field carry with it the inherent risk of becoming an asshole? I beg of you, readers of YA fiction, help me get to the bottom (pun intended, maybe) of this (to me) mysterious problem. Also, please try not to be an asshole about it.
  14. Okay, a lot. I am a bit (a lot) ashamed of it. If anyone has a suggestion for a better thread title that adequately encapsulates the current situation, I’m all ears.