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  1. If Roberts pulls Anderson I’m gonna lose it!
  2. Myshkin

    Lit Prizes

    The Costa (formerly Whitbread) book awards have been permanently scrapped.
  3. Well damn, the Costa Mesa Angels of Fullerton have shitcanned Joe Maddon
  4. Damn. Liotta was the fucking best. Gonna watch Cop Land tonight in his honor.
  5. Yup, going forward, but not retroactively. Basically Bauer gets paid up to today, but nothing more.
  6. Also, it seems as it currently stands none of the 111 games Bauer has already missed will be counted toward his 324 game suspension
  7. Apparently this is the first time someone has been suspended under the MLB’s DV policy without a settlement agreement. Unsurprisingly, Bauer, that dumb dick, is appealing the suspension.
  8. I don’t want to jinx it or anything, but the Dodgers are looking kinda good so far.
  9. My beloved MC and Kair are at Chavez Ravine (blue heaven on earth) right now, and the rest of us are not. But I’m not jealous, because I love them and they deserve this evening of wonder and beauty.
  10. Cody! I’m so happy for him.
  11. So you’re saying it’s got nothing to do with Jebus? I’m pretty sure that blasphemy bud.
  12. Tell me something I don’t know. You should know that your husband and I are in constant contact. It would not be unfair to categorize what we have as an “emotional affair”. Go Blue!
  13. I am so fucking livid right now
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