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  1. So at this point there’s no way for the Cards to make up the games they’ve missed, is there?
  2. So roughly 20% of the season has already been played.
  3. So rumor is the Cards’ covid outbreak is due to some of the players hitting up a casino. Real classy Cards.
  4. My guess is we’ll get an announcement in the next few days that says each team will play as many games as they can and postseason slots will be awarded based on winning %.
  5. The DH in the NL, 16 teams in the playoffs, runners at second to start extras, and now 7 inning doubleheaders? All in a 60 game season without fans. Can we really still call this baseball?
  6. Well see I think the outrage and hand-wringing over potentially beaned Astros is somewhat premature. The pitch to Bregman wasn’t particularly close, and the pitch to Correa was a curveball with two men on base. So yeah, I’ll wait for more than hurt feelings before considering whether or not things have gone too far. In the meantime I’ll continue to enjoy watching these unrepentant cheaters reap what they sowed.
  7. Maybe Manfred shoulda thought about that before he let them all off the hook for stealing that “piece of metal.” Or maybe the Astros players shoulda thought about that before they stole that piece of metal. Or before they decided to show absolutely zero contrition for being cheating dicks. If and when someone actually gets tagged in the head I’ll take a moment to re-examine my position, but for now I’m fine with pitchers throwing in their general direction, and more than fine with pitchers clowning those crybabies from the mound. Or you know, these Astros assholes can finally own up to what they did, apologize without condition, and stop trying to make themselves the victims.
  8. Eat shit Astros, you dumb dicks. But save a spoonful for Manfred. And while Joe Kelly is my new hero, Orel Hershiser has been my idol since before the beginning of time. I love him very much.
  9. Go fuck yourselves, shitty Astros. Joe Kelly is my new hero.
  10. I mean honestly, with what’s going on with the Marlins right now, can we still say the reward is worth the risk?
  11. Dumb Giants, you should just stop playing baseball.
  12. Eat a big fat butthole stupid Giants!
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