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  1. Trevor Bauer to the Yokohama DeNa Baystars of the NPB, 1yr/4m (plus incentives). And just when Japanese baseball was having a moment…
  2. The best decision Lucasfilm has ever made is bringing Diego Luna into Star Wars. He’s an incredible actor (tbf, I’ve been slightly obsessed with him since Y Tu Mama Tambien came out). Now here’s hoping that they get Gael Garcia Bernal to at least make a cameo in season two.
  3. Okay I’m a little behind, but I just finished Andor, and it’s literally the best thing they’ve ever done with Star Wars. And I will not hear any argument against it.
  4. Oh we’re doing first time a stranger passed you a joint at a concert now? Flight of the Conchords at the Hollywood Bowl in 2010
  5. Tina Turner at the San Diego Sports Arena in ‘93. Chris Isaak opened. It was amazing
  6. I am but one cold blooded man, my scales do not shine brighter than those of any other. Stick me in your terrarium, sun stealer, and a thousand more just like me will hatch to face you!
  7. We lost Jeff Beck today. A genuine guitar god. If you want to have your face melted (or want to hear Rod Stewart as an honest-to-god rock star) go listen to Truth or Beck-Ola
  8. The Correa contract has four separate vesting options for $25m, $20m, $15m, and $10m respectively. So after the first six years the Twins will get to see how he holds up on a yearly basis. Correa has no opt outs.
  9. Carlos Correa to the Twins, 6yrs/$200mm, with a vesting option that would add another 4yrs/70mm if reached ETA: this contract is pending physical, so, you know, don’t celebrate yet Twins fans
  10. According to Ken Rosenthal, the Metropolitans have “raised concerns” over Carlos Correa’s physical
  11. His salary still counts against the luxury tax, which probably explains why the Dodgers have been so quiet this offseason. According to MLB Trade Rumors Bauer’s salary puts the Dodgers at about a million bucks under the lux tax threshold
  12. Trevor Bauer’s suspension has been reduced to 194 games, meaning he has now been reinstated. Bob Nightengale has reported that the Dodgers plan to release Bauer, and I sure hope that’s true
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