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  1. Don't hate him because he's beautiful.
  2. It'd be interesting to see Cass work himself into a position of having to sacrifice Luthen for the good of the rebellion.
  3. Its 2022 and people are angsting over the future of a monarchy, but its the coin usage that surprises you?
  4. I did not win $20,000 on the slots in the Vegas airport once. I would have, if I'd played my last two quarters together instead of one at a time. For a brief moment after all three of the biggest, fanciest, lucky 7s came up I thought maybe there was a delay on my payout so security could rush out and make sure nobody else tried to steal any of my loot. But, no, as the person next to me pointed out, those 7s only payed for two or more quarters. Fuck Vegas.
  5. Sadly, the grind-your-own honey roasted peanut butter station at my local Albertsons has not returned post Covid. I fear the worst.
  6. Another derecho system like the one that hit Cedar Rapids last year.
  7. I'd like to be able to inflict bouts of explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting. Just a single instance of each per episode, but simultaneously, and only preceded by 2 or 3 seconds of gurgling.
  8. Norman Finkelstein was the name of the librarian at my elementary school, and my instructor in "Introduction to computers" class in 7th grade. He taught us how to make a robot walk across the screen of an Apple 2 in Basic. Circa 1982.
  9. How did Roe prevent anyone from deciding how to live in their state?
  10. There's a tighter shot, I think when Paul is on the ground, that I'm thinking of. And, to be clear, I'm not taking a position that it should be viewed as problematic. I just noticed a depiction that i knew some people may take issue with.
  11. Right. The gorilla chest beating was a little on the nose as far as hitting on racial stereotypes. Honestly I noticed during the film and then immediately moved on, until I recognized the point that zorral made being missed. And, fwiw, the expressing of rage was completely apropos for Jamis, in the moment. And GCB is certainly a way that humans, being primates, use to express fury, or frustrated aggression. All I would say is that I noticed and thought it was... a bold choice.
  12. I think ya'll may have missed zorral's point, which was not, "was it narratively appropriate to have the Fremen character, Jamis, beat his chest and growl like an angry gorilla?"
  13. Right, which just makes Stilgar's approach to the situation even more curious. Like, he knows who they are, and would be fully steeped in the mythos, so why would he think to dismiss, let alone lay hands on, Jessica? And what was it about being BG that enabled Jessica to wrap him up so handily? Are martial arts part of their skillset? Did I miss her using The Voice, or was there some other/new aspect of her weirding ways that wasn't effectively made apparent in the scene? Because it looked to me like she just outclassed him, but he reacted as though she'd used some mystical hoodoo on him.
  14. In the scene where Paul and Jessica meet the Fremen, Stilgar attributes Jessica besting him to her weirding ways and it isn't clear to me at all what she had done to clue him in to her abilities beyond just being a more competent fighter than he'd anticipated. What did I miss?
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