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  1. The Mance

    Welcome to Jurassic Park!

    Mmm hmm
  2. I’ve certainly enjoyed my time with it so far. I try to treat it with care, but without obsessing too much about potential loss. Its a weird balance at times. As I said, I won’t take it on a plane, but I do take it out in the canoe….which, I dunno how that works in my head. I guess, I don’t want to lose it to something as random as baggage handlers, but whats the point of having a favorite mug if you can’t risk it in a canoe in the early morning fog. But ya, french presses (what do they call them in France?) can be convenient or a real PITA depending on where you’re using them. Overall, though, I prefer them to anything else, and I keep several of them scattered about my home range. Thanks. I’ve always been inclined to reuse/repurpose/recycle objects or materials etc in my personal and professional life. So as much as the appearance and utility of the mug appeals to my aesthetics, I do put a lot of value in the finding and rescuing of the mug as well. My mug is still in essentially perfect condition. No visible signs of wear, chips, or discoloration whatsoever. I’m pretty sure its commercially produced, and not like hand crafted or whatev, though there are no manufacture stamps or markings on the bottom, and I really don’t know enough about ceramics or pottery to say for sure. Also, it's dishwasher safe, though I can't remember the last time I washed it. I generally just rinse the sludge out of the bottom and refill.
  3. I only drink coffee. Strong and black, from a French press. I use close to double the rec'd grounds and at a very fine grind, and I let them steep for as long as time allows. On work mornings this is usually +/- ten minutes, but other days I'll sometimes forget all about the existence of my brewing coffee for an hour or more. In a cruel twist of irony, sometimes it can be very difficult to make my morning coffee....before I've had my morning coffee. My fav screw-up is dumping the fresh grounds into the kettle of boiling water. Also, I've been using the same favorite mug for over 25 years and will be legitimately affected when/if it is ever lost or broken. I rescued it from behind a wall panel near the fireplace where someone had stashed it next to an ashtray of MJ roaches in the break lounge of the soon to be demolished Ski Patrol shack in Taos Ski Valley. I take my mug with me on road trips and overnight visits, but never on airplanes for fear of losing it. My kids tease that they promise to bury it with me if it should outlast me in this world. I tell them, "Nooo! You must find a good home for it!" The Mug must endure!
  4. The Mance

    Prolonged Life.... Dragons

    These threads always remind me of those Nat Geo specials about life on the ocean floor when the doomed carcass of some animal from way up where the sun shines comes drifting down out of the gloom, and all the pale, slimy denizens of the deep come oozing out of the darkness to feed on the lifeless blob of protein.
  5. The Mance

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    I read on the internet* that originally horse shoes were hung open end down because the inverted U shape was similar to the symbols for some goddesses at the time. But that since those symbols were used for goddesses because of their yonic appearances “The Church” made up the whole rational for open end up so as to be less “dirty”. So, the question for OP is, do you like looking at vaginas, or no? *so… ya know.
  6. The Mance

    BIRDS (and how to look at them)

    Awww, now! They get a bad rap, but I meant to speak up for them earlier when somebody mentioned gull watching. They really are spectacular flyers. Also, I personally performed a leg-ectomy on a "gull" that had had a tangle of fishing line constrict its lower leg to death. Dunno if it helped, but he was spotted several times around the cannery over the next couple of weeks, so maybe..?
  7. The Mance

    BIRDS (and how to look at them)

    Ya, apparently they only come this far south during “irruption” years that follow boom n’ bust lemming population cycles. So any Snowys we get are likely not too happy about being here. Still, magnificent birds. I’ve had a feather for years that I suspect is of a Snowy owl. Its a good size primary, definitely from an owl, and almost pure white.
  8. The Mance

    BIRDS (and how to look at them)

    I might have caught a brief look at a Snowy owl today! Was confuzzled at first by the large white raptor looking bird drifting lazily across the neighbors yard. Definitely not a seagull, too big for a barn owl, too uniformly white for any sort of hawk, and during the day… in Boston? …dafuq? Turns out Snowys are all of those things! I’m still not going to claim certainty, though, only because they are pretty rare this far south. Also, I was never closer than 100ft, viewing through a smudgy window, a window screen, and a row of leafless trees, for all of 10 seconds. I do have a pretty good eye for raptors, though, and it was definitely built, and flying, “like an owl”.
  9. The Mance

    BIRDS (and how to look at them)

    Not to get all persnickety, but In Central Park this was more likely the very similar Eastern Towhee. I only know this because the Spotted Towhee is one of the first local birds I identified at our feeders when I first move to Idaho.
  10. The Mance

    The Significant Handshake - France on Citizenship

    Right? Surely this woman is familiar with the clearly stated and explicitly specific list of French customs one must adopt to properly denote assimilation.
  11. The Mance

    U.S. Politics: Who's Cohen Down?

    Back in the day I shared the family PC and one AOL account with my wife and our two girls. I kept my porn buried deep in the darkest corner of the most boringest folder string I could find: Pets > Aquarium > Forums > EZboard > AquariumCentral > Planted Tanks > DIY > Invertebrates > Prawn!
  12. The Mance

    Walking Dead Season 7 (No comic Spoilers)

    I really don’t see a problem with Darryl still wanting to kill Negan after having just let Dwight go on his way. Its been a slow, incremental process, but I think that Dwight did finally prove that he was sincere in wanting to help the coalition of communities fighting the Saviors. It may be too little too late to earn him real redemption in the eyes of everyone who had reason to hate him, and maybe particularly, Darryl, but its at least enough to earn him his life. He did relay information and otherwise help Rick n’ co in the early stages of the rebellion, and he risked his life and more on many occasions when he could have betrayed them to gain favor with Negan. Also, its turns out he didn’t shoot whats-her-name with a soiled arrow, etc. All that said, I agree the Godfather Maggie scene was a bit over the top. No way Maggie and Darryl would be so quick to go behind Rick’s back over this. Hell, all they really need ot do is wait a few episodes for Rick to flipflop his position on extrajudicial killing again. But, in particular, there’s no way Jesus would be so intent on seeing someone be killed instead of imprisoned or otherwise justly punished. Like, is this not the same character we just saw counseling Morgan about not taking life unnecessarily? Sometimes I wonder if the writers even read the scripts they write.
  13. The Mance

    Han Solo Movie Cast First Shot

    You just ruined this movie for me.
  14. The Mance

    US Politics: Free Trade, Freer Trade, and Nuclear War

    I think its more accurate to say that his focus has been self-aggrandizement, wherein wealth accumulation is just another means, rather than the end. A subtle but important distinction. But I think I would really rather he was just about getting rich instead of inflating his self-image. At least then his monetary interests might be more in line with the overall interests of the rest of the US. Instead we’ve got a narcissistic buffoon lighting cigars with $100mil bills on a global stage beacuse he thinks it will impress anyone.
  15. The Mance

    The Walking Dead: Season Ate (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    I’m not sure its that much of a departure, really. Given that everyone is already infected with the zombie virus, the dangers from bites and scratches, etc is really just about standard infection risks. I don’t recall that we got a good sense of how serious the wounds sustained by the Hilltop people were. It seemed like Carols friend was stabbed pretty good, though. Worse than “cuts and scratches”, at least. So maybe generally superficial cuts and abrasions don’t allow the infectious components of zombie blood deep enough into the victims blood stream to allow the infection to take hold, whereas deep stabs or arrow punctures do? I’m mean, is it really such a glaring departure to think that “a skinned knee” that gets some gore on it is not necessarily the death sentence that a stab to the gut with a blood coated knife would be? Also, the ingesting of blood and gore is really a non-issue. Substances can have drastically differing health effects depending on how they enter the body. Snake venom being a classic example of something that is virtually harmless* when ingested, but potentially lethal if entered into the blood stream. . *assuming no open sores/bleeding ulcers etc in the mouth/digestive tract.