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  1. I just got my J&J vac yesterday. Woke up to a bunch of "J&J cAuSeS bLoOd CloTs!!1!" texts from my mom.
  2. I recently saw my Hong Kong Phooey* lunch box for sale at a vintage consignment store for $95. Fuck I'm old. *number one super guy!
  3. Just got my "Starlink available to order in your area" email. I'm in Taos, NM, about 50 miles south of the Colorado border. I paid the $99 deposit but they don't seem to expect to actually have service here until mid to late 2021. Hrmph.
  4. Just made a batch of standard Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie dough, with added 1 teaspoon cinnamon and mashed frozen banana. Also implementing high altitude adjustments (Taos, NM -7000ft elevation). It's delicious. May make cookies as well.
  5. Well, and the hypocrisy can be staggering as well. I can't speak for you, but many of the blue collar guys I've worked around my whole life don't hesitate to commit unemployment fraud during slow-downs in construction. Usually its as simple as just not looking for work like they're supposed to, at least until their claim expires. But also there are guys who plan on getting laid off for the winter who then claim UE while plowing snow, or selling firewood, or otherwise working for cash until springtime or their claim runs out.
  6. Or, more ominously, he's speaking directly to his armed and increasingly anxious base in a very literal call to action.
  7. Ya, an ex was hurt that I "didn't want to look at her" when we kissed. Never mind the fact that trying to "look at her" from 3 inches away made my eyeballs turn inside out.
  8. Trump likes to break things before he "fixes" them. So, I think re: the stimulus, Trump wants the headline "NO STIMULUS CHECK BEFORE THE ELECTION" to resonate for a bit before he swoops in and approves $$$ for everyone. Never mind the "fact" that it was always him holding things up. He likely believes, and is probably not entirely wrong, that there will be enough low info voters out there who will only hear "TrUmP PAsEs STimUluS BiLL iN TiMe FOr ELeCtIoN!!"
  9. You can't hurt me. I'm already resigned to hearing Maiden aired over a "soothing sounds of the 1900's" oldies but goodies station.
  10. More likely he was just more amped than usual from extra helpings of whatever "Sudafed" they give him when he's in his manic rally mode. Also: The Covid Convention? The Covid Convening? The Rona Rally?
  11. Ya the message from this is "Trump can't/won't even protect his own family, so why would you trust him with yours?"
  12. Just wait until bands that came out when you were in high school start getting played on "classic rock" stations.
  13. If its any consolation you're not really "losing" as much as you think. A lot of it is just migrating to your ears.
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