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  1. Maybe we could get Peter Thiel to remind Trump he's sposed to be taking his campaign bloviations seriously but not literally.
  2. The Mance

    Vote On Forum Description of Trump Supporters

    Entrumpeneurs, surely?
  3. Your American is showing. Also, I thought we were already prepared for this sort of thing
  4. The Mance

    Vote On Forum Description of Trump Supporters

    Trumpy McTrumpfaces
  5. The Mance

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    I'd watch a buddy/road trip/heist movie of Lydia and Marie rampaging across the southwest, breaking hearts, stealing shoes, and suffering no fools.
  6. Really? I thought it was the reverse.
  7. The Mance

    Just Like His Hands - More Small Things To Talk About

    Well, not to brag, but I had 5 years of high school and almost 2 whole semesters of college. *flexes*
  8. The Mance

    Just Like His Hands - More Small Things To Talk About

    So I need help translating “for my little waffle hedgehog” into Latin.* Google translate gets me close, but is giving me more of a “indecisive speech” definition for waffle rather than the needed “tasty breakfast”. I guess they didn’t have waffles in ancient Rome. No wonder it fell. Anyhoo, I’ve worked out some definitions on my own but I’m at a complete loss for sentence structure and conjugation: quia — for my parvus —small prandium — breakfast crustum pie/cake ericius — hedgehog Also, from what I gather, Latin is exhaustively particular about its pronouns, tenses and conjugations, etc, so to be clear, hedgehog is definitely the noun/subject and waffle is the qualifier/descriptor. I need a waffle-loving hedgehog, rather than a hedgehog shaped waffle, if that makes a difference. *timely reply triggers adorable explanation!
  9. Agreed. The letter reads more like a banal gossip inducer than an actual farewell message. And, while I can totally see AMC grasping for viewership by teasing Rick's death, it would be even more in character for them to tease his death and then..not kill him. Especially if they can not kill him in a way that lets them drag out the reveal of his actual fate indefinitely. Plus, there's the whole Jadis/Anne needing to find an "A" rather then a "B" to deliver tot he helicopter people. And with Gabriel not living up to whatever qualifies one as an "A", I'm pretty sure Rick will be going for a ride soon.
  10. The Mance

    U.S. Politics: For Whom the Bell Polls

    Well, it does seem to be working for Cruz...
  11. The Mance

    And now Barnes & Noble faces the Headman's axe

    This is happening to The New England Mobile Book Fair here in Needham, MA. 30,000 sq/ft of row upon row of tightly packed, looming, towers of books reduced to a single storefront in a Marshalls strip mall. I remember wandering the aisles as a kid back in the '70s, begging Momz to buy me this or that. CS Lewis, Lloyd Alexander, McCaffery, Anthony, Tolkien: all my early fantasy influences came from there. Hell, even before that. Stuart Little, Cricket in Times Square, and probably even my OG Where the Wild things Are. That place felt timeless back then, like it had been selling books since there were any books to sell. Gone.
  12. The Mance

    US Politics: Judge Dread

    Now I'm no accused sexual predator/SCOTUS nominee, but I would think that Kavanaugh would be keen to have those possibilities looked in to. You know, to clear his good name. If only there were some federal bureau we could call upon to investigate that type of thing.
  13. The Mance

    US Politics: Judge Dread

    Ya. Flake's vote is probably irrelevant due to a Collins/Murkowski bloc. He either just wants to save face by seeming undecided, or he'd like permission to vote with them. Calling for the FBI investigation buys time.
  14. The Mance

    Science vs. Pseudoscience

    No no, its just that their values including having parents that can afford to pay for their education.