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  1. Not true. Charles is the eldest son, so he inherits the title. However, once he becomes king all his other titles disappear, and the intention is that he will then recreate the title and give it to Edward. This is the reason Edward wasn’t made a duke when he got married.
  2. Literally the only reason UKIP are still in the news is because their candidate for Msyor of London is a man named Gammons
  3. I think they said they weren’t going to have a replacement for Weisskopf
  4. I don't remember what happened on the BBC when Diana died, but I do remember on 9/11 they had rolling news on BBC1 but kept BBC2 as the normal schedule. Doing more news for Philip's death than for 9/11 definitely seems OTT.
  5. I feel I’m missing something, maybe because I haven’t seen it, but how is Will Ferrell’s Eurovision film eligible?
  6. While they’ve certainly given BBC1 over to continuous news for other big stories, I don’t recall them ever doing it simultaneously on BBC2 as well before - that was ridiculous and worth complaining about
  7. It’s on Sky Atlantic, but no idea why the delay
  8. It doesn’t start in the U.K. until May 17
  9. At the start of Interesting Times he’s marooned on a desert island until the wizards use Hex to find him and teleport him back to UU, so my assumption is that his offscreen adventures mostly happen between Eric and Interesting Times. Eric ends with him getting out of Hell but never actually says he got back to Ankh-Morpork
  10. Didn't Terry say once that any timeline inconsistencies are the result of the History Monks messing up?
  11. That’s true for most countries with Parliamentary systems whether they’re monarchies or republics.
  12. I imagine because it’s a starter molecule that’s designed to build up more complex things
  13. While this is what did for Edward VIII, Charles simply being old and unpopular is not going to make the government take such a radical step. Now if Andrew was the heir then maybe it would happen depending on what more comes out about him and Epstein, but Charlie hasn’t done anything controversial enough for that to happen.
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