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  1. Seems they changed the laws so while I used to be right, currently it can be done at any time “before he would normally have been expected to release the ball”
  2. I don’t have any problems with Mankading in general, but I do think that one should have been disallowed, because the bowler had clearly started her delivery stride before turning around to take the bails off
  3. Is this the first time they’ve actually used the BBY/ABY dating system on screen?
  4. Census figures showing NI now has more Catholics than Protestants - could Star Trek’s prediction of the date of Irish unification still be right?
  5. Oddly enough, I find myself in agreement with HoI here, although for different reasons. I think the institution of the monarchy for many people has become linked with her as a person, and there’s probably a lot of people who liked her but will become less monarchist now that she’s gone. So we probably need to wait and see if Charles drives down public support for the institution before we have any real chance at abolishing it.
  6. I thought it was other people who planned the coup and got stopped partly because Mountbatten wouldn’t do it
  7. His sisters all married Nazis, that was the German problem
  8. Yep. I think the speculation after that was William
  9. Celebrimbor is a grandson of Feanor, of course he’s going to be a bit odd
  10. Arondir could also be one of Thingol’s people from Doriath
  11. As far as I recall the only real time we see Elven magic in the Silmarillion is Finrod’s duel with Sauron. All the other magic is the work of Ainur and Maiar, such as Melian’s wards around Doriath
  12. I enjoyed Spoiler tagged for US people who haven’t seen it yet
  13. I sincerely hope Kelsier is not showing up on those lists
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