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  1. It’ll be Priti Patel, so all the shire Tories can vote for her and claim it as proof they’re not racist
  2. Johnson has received an Ig Nobel prize, along with Trump, Bolsonaro, and various other world leaders, for “using the Covid-19 viral pandemic to teach the world that politicians can have a more immediate effect on life and death than scientists and doctors can.”
  3. Yes, it’s a recurrence of the back injury that forced him out of the Dauphine
  4. I understand that, my point is why be so obvious about it?
  5. The big thing about that I find hard to credit is that
  6. Trek did lose two riders on day 1, don’t know if that counts. Agreed on van Aert and van der Poel. I’ve not seen Evenepoel race yet, but from the way people talk about him it sounds like he’ll be up there too. Side note: ever since I found out who his grandfather is I want to call him van der Poulidor
  7. Depends how well Bernal has recovered from that back injury. Also, should Lopez or any of the EF Colombians be added to the contender list?
  8. Arrange to meet up in a park or in someone’s back garden so you can stay 2 metres apart?
  9. I think that’s kind of the point, the experience is mild enough that once she’s back in Adua we see that she actually hasn’t changed her ways at all.
  10. Adam Yates to Ineos next year, while Simon stays with Mitchelton. And Cav left out of the Tour again.
  11. Not surprising given Froome’s lack of form in the Dauphine. Definitely means Jumbo is the team to beat, especially if Kruijswijk recovers in time.
  12. Yeah, the articles I saw indicated this is at least partly driven by mutual opposition to Iran. Also, Palestine has withdrawn its ambassador to the UAE in response.
  13. You're all Yanks. Texans are Yanks.
  14. It makes sense to me. If you claim all lives matter you should be helping these refugees, not demanding the Navy sends them back to France
  15. The Swedes never speak English, so why couldn’t they cast some actual Swedes?
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