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  1. You seem to be saying that Labour shouldn’t support trans rights because you think it sends a bad message, when surely the correct thing for Labour to do is still support trans rights but get better at controlling their messaging.
  2. But in that case the problem isn’t Labour supporting trans rights, it’s the messaging going wrong.
  3. I sincerely doubt there are people who will think “Well, I prefer their economic and social policies a lot more than what the Tories are offering, but I’m not going to vote for them because they oppose bigotry”.
  4. It’s not going to lose them the election either, though, is it, so why not do the right thing instead of pandering to TERFs?
  5. Italy and Cyprus are supporting them, since it's a generic "return of cultural property" clause so there's a fair few less well known items those countries can also get back.
  6. And also Greece wants the Elgin Marbles back as part of the trade deal
  7. Boris has form in proposing half-baked infrastructure projects - this is basically the Garden Bridge and Boris Island writ large.
  8. There seem to be a lot of people in this thread who have never heard Hanlon’s Razor
  9. Maltaran

    Words and Phrases that Bug You!

    Sounds like our Home Secretary wanting tougher sentences for counter-terrorists.
  10. Probably a disastrous economic crash
  11. Maltaran

    Doctor Who II

    Wasn’t Jack like that most of the time anyway, or is this going further than he did before?
  12. Maltaran

    UK Politics: And Brexit came swirling down

    And now, like the coyote catching the road runner, they have no idea what to do next
  13. Maltaran

    International Thread 4

    He’s been like that since forever but it mostly only got reported as “he talks to his plants when he’s gardening lol”
  14. Maltaran

    International Thread 4

    I heard one of the reasons was because the catacombs under Paris are so extensive that the ground can’t support the weight of tall buildings