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  1. My question was about people who are deliberately trying to circumvent the checks. How do you catch them without having checks either between GB and NI or on the Irish border crossings?
  2. If you are treating goods as domestic by default, how would you prevent unscrupulous people from declaring goods as for domestic use and then smuggling them across the Irish border without putting border checks in place?
  3. Zelensky’s statement I think said he wants to hold it in Mariupol at some point in the future but didn’t specifically say next year
  4. The full results of the public vote are up on the Eurovision website. 28 countries gave Ukraine 12 points and only three gave them less than 10, the lowest being 7 from Serbia
  5. It was decent enough, probably would still have been top 10 in a normal year.
  6. @Ran can you post a link for the Discord? I thought I would leave and rejoin the server to see if that lets me view the Eurovision channel but I can’t find the discord link on the mobile site and the one you posted earlier is expired
  7. I think the post credit scene where Fury’s on the Skrull spaceship
  8. The Boys wouldn’t have cut away from Captain Carter being cut in half.
  9. I keep thinking the UK should send a song in Welsh just to see how it does
  10. Ncuti Gatwa: BBC names actor as next Doctor Who star https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-61371123
  11. He’s not in Parliament though Edit: I agree he’s be a good choice though, but I think he’d want to finish his mayoral term first. Also his old seat is now Tory.
  12. In minor but pleasantly geeky news, I am now represented by Councillor Iroh
  13. If Durham Police fine him he’ll probably have to resign given all the pressure he was putting on Johnson and Sunak for Partygate.
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