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  1. I’ve seen the first two episodes, the pace is as glacial as season 2 was.
  2. Trailer for episode 4. Lots of big 80s hair
  3. I think with the neighbours there are times when they start to remember what’s real, and then Wanda reasserts control and everything reverts. More noticeable here because she was losing control of her powers during the pregnancy.
  4. Ty spent most of yesterday pointing this out to people on Twitter - the establishing shot shows the ship is under thrust.
  5. That scene with Vision outside when he saw Agnes and the other neighbour reminded me more of the Truman Show than anything else
  6. Surely a miscarriage of justice should be dealt with by the courts overturning the conviction rather than a pardon?
  7. Technically true, but as with most reserve powers the Queen will only ever pardon people on the advice of the PM.
  8. That’s because of the Sony deal. Incredible Hulk also isn’t on Disney+ because it was a Universal coproduction
  9. I always got the impression Bo-Katan was deliberately animated to look like Sackhoff
  10. Her brother and mother were also Indian voice actors, the father was Japanese.
  11. It means he's been a victim of identity theft.
  12. But then they might spend it on *gasp* inappropriate things! *clutches pearls*
  13. She’s about 10 years older than Sabine would be (assuming this is going to be set at the same time as Mandalorian).
  14. Once described as the Greek god of failing upwards
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