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  1. Umm hi. Stuart MacGill kidnapped? Now I’ve heard everything.
  2. Haha you’re not the only one. I have recently got into surfing as a spectator sport...the Pro Tour is currently on in Australia so you know that won’t be cancelled! Plus, like cricket, the tournament goes for many days and there is a lot of waiting in between the action :P.
  3. UAE already being talked about for the T20 World Cup. It is very possible that by October India would be viable again but it’s probably not a bad idea.
  4. Aussies off to the Maldives, everyone else should be able to get home. Correct call to postpone, but hardly a difficult decision in the end with the bubble burst and uncertainty over how long it would take to re-establish. ETA: Agree @Jeor. In hindsight, the UAE model (like last year’s postponed tournament) was the way to go once again. With no crowds allowed, playing in India was more symbolic than anything else and made logistics extremely difficult.
  5. The IPL bubble has burst, with confirmed cases in the KKR and CSK camps. ETA: looks like the CSK cases were false positives. But there have been more cases amongst ground staff. While this isn’t necessarily a fatal blow (we’ve seen it happen in other sports that have continued, thinking especially of last year’s MLB), it will definitely raise a few questions, particularly for overseas players who may be looking at an early departure. ETA 2.0: Michael Slater is in the Maldives awaiting permission to enter Australia after leaving his commentary post early. While I share his pain as someone who has previously struggled to enter Aus during the pandemic...I’m not sure it’s a complete disgrace when he was aware of the risks of this happening beforehand. Australia does warn all departing citizens against international travel and does not guarantee unencumbered re-entry.
  6. Warner axed as captain of SRH and replaced by Kane halfway through the tournament! Crazy stuff. I don’t know if it’s really his fault TBH but l...karma.
  7. Pollard talked to you with his bat haha. One of the better IPL innings I’ve ever seen. He was swatting the ball like a fly.
  8. This comment didn't age well. A lot of the matches are snooze-fests now, as the bottom four teams (KKR, RR, PK and SRH) are clearly inferior to the top four. I wouldn't rule out a resurgence for perhaps one of them, but I I don't see it as likely. I am, of course, enjoying seeing Warner's team struggle. Overall though...is this IPL going to make it all the way? If more of the domestic and/or overseas players drop, then it might not be tenable. I see the argument for forging ahead, but I'm still not sure it will last.
  9. I think it’s pretty hard to call these games. It’s a pretty even comp. Going to say Dad’s (MS’) Army will win this one. In other news, I noticed that Cricinfo has officially dropped the word batsman in all its coverage. FWIW, I’ll follow suit on that one and use batter going forward.
  10. A dominant performance from Marnus in the final sees QLD win yet another Shield. Glamorgan will be keen to have him over in the UK shortly for a county stint. Nice to see Pope back in form for Surrey. England will need him to have a big summer to hopefully pave the way for a decent Ashes performance. Maxwell does it again for Bangalore. And Delhi were too good for the Kings, who look to be the IPL laggards along with Warner’s hapless Sunrisers.
  11. The Sheffield Shield final of course! You’d think the Bulls will win after Neser’s performance yesterday and a top class QLD batting line up featuring Marnus and Usman. Plus the County season has started and I am a bit more enthused than normal. I was never a big fan of the Division format; I think the US-style conference structure will produce better talent. And I’m still watching a bit of IPL here and there. Looks to be a very even competition with not many lopsided contests. RCB actually look decent so far thanks largely to The Big Show.
  12. KKR looked pretty decent the other night, I wonder whether they could be a dark horse under Captain Morgan. MI and Delhi are the favourites for mine.
  13. I think QC is potentially reaping the reward of holding back second doses. Hospitalizations there are increasing at a much slower rate than Ontario despite similar case increases. That’s speculation though - I can’t back it up with any evidence.
  14. I think you’re totally fine and well outside the contagious period per CDC advice (ten days since the start of symptoms, provided symptoms have cleared). Can always social distance / mask / gather outside if it makes you more comfortable!
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