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  1. Personally I rate failed selections like Vince and Malan higher than Denly. Not that either of them were great, but they were either more stylish (Vince) or more mentally suited to test cricket (Malan).
  2. As a bit of an aside, the quality of batting in this series (except Smith) has been fairly abject. I know the bowling on show is great and the bowlers’ dominance has made for interesting viewing, but the application from both batting units has been poor.
  3. I really hope that is the end for Denly. Should never have been in the team.
  4. As I said: you guys have a lot more faith than I in England’s batting...
  5. Haha I have a lot less faith in England’s batting than you guys. But yes, they will definitely take the draw and then go north with a bit more confidence.
  6. It was a key moment because I think Australia could have managed a lead if he’d stayed out there. As it stands, they might still muster some sort of lead.
  7. Paxter

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    I think where you take individual responsibility (at least in democracies) is at the ballot box. It’s not unrealistic to vote for parties with sensible climate policy. Unfortunately it’s just not happening in Australia at the federal level and we are left with a drongo waving a lump of coal in Parliament.
  8. I’m loving the way Australia are digging in. Not making many runs, but trying to withstand the pressure and get as close to England as possible. It’s very Langer-esque! ETA: A good session for the visitors. England bowled well but the pitch is looking flat now and they will be counting down the overs to the new ball. Smith his usual, unflappable self.
  9. Paxter

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    Australia is in both Kyoto and Paris. Compliance/likelihood of compliance is debatable.
  10. Paxter

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    Yeah I tend to agree that "per capita emissions" are probably not that relevant and get talked about too much. Countries like Canada and Australia are doing much more harm exporting fossil fuels to more populated countries than burning them themselves. ETA: Personally Jones doesn't bother me that much - I see him as a symptom of shitty Australia rather than a cause of shitty Australia.
  11. I think Head and Wade are the men in form and will be the mainstay apart from Smith. The top three are in a tricky position having to deal with the new rock; plus Warner and Bancroft are making their comebacks. I must say I raised an eyebrow when Warner got bowled in this innings - it's not often he gets beaten in that fashion. And his form is even more surprising after all those World Cup runs. The flat-track bully label continues to hold true.
  12. To be honest, England have bowled very well throughout the series so far, with only Smith and Wade really firing for Australia. Again this morning they looked penetrating and bowled with even more control than at Edgbaston. We'll never know how the Edgbaston test might have played out differently if England had a complete pace quartet. It's the batting that is the focal point for England and their real Achilles Heel. Last season, Sam Curran or Woakes consistently bailed them out with the bat. It's much harder to see that happening in an Ashes series with Curran not selected. I really don't know what they can do about it. They look terrible even with Burns doing his best to replicate Cook. RE: Usman, yeah, I dunno. He has a poor record in England with just the one fifty from nine innings. I thought he had made a significant breakthrough last year with that incredible hundred against Pakistan. But then he was ordinary in the Australian summer (averaged 28) and hasn't set this Ashes on fire. He did score a hundred against Sri Lanka in Canberra (lol). I just don't think he has looked the same player since everything went down with his brother last year. An intriguing test is unfolding in Galle. NZ have had a few chances to really nail Sri Lanka, but each time the hosts come back. There is a bit more riding on these test matches now with victories in two-test series having an inordinately high weighting for the Test Championship. ETA: I've said it before and I'll say it again: BJ Watling is the most underrated test cricketer of the modern era.
  13. Aaand once again Australia’s top order falls in a heap and it’s all down to Smith. You can’t say England aren’t getting chances in this series! Another poor decision from Dar, fortunately England had the review...
  14. Warner gone again early. The thread title is working it's magic! This is an important innings for Bancroft. He's averaging under 30 after ten tests - that needs to rise at some stage or he is going to find himself replaced by Harris or Burns. ETA: Pretty good day for Australia after making the call to bowl first. If they are good enough, they can bat England out of the match tomorrow.
  15. I'm not so sure about that, at least where test cricket is concerned. In recent history, players like Pietersen, Bell, Strauss and Prior had a tremendous amount of pure talent and played together in the same team. And, unlike the four you mentioned above, they all averaged over 40. On current form, I wouldn't be surprised if Root ends his career with an inferior record to KP. I kind of agree and disagree with TWS' posts above. The problem isn't so much that they are dropping players, it's that they are selecting them in those positions in the first place. Ollie Pope should never have been picked to bat at 4 last summer - it was an utter joke and a confidence blow to a promising batsman. The same with Vince at 3 for the last Ashes tour. And the same with Denly in the West Indies and right now. ETA: Poor Leach coming in at number 11 after opening in his last Lord's innings and making a fine 92! And just (for a change) to say something positive about England: Rory Burns has been a bit of a revelation in this series so far. I know he's been quite fortunate at times, but I don't think anyone foresaw him scoring 200 runs in his first few innings.