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  1. Totally agree RE: Sam Billings. England looks far superior to Australia in this format, even with Stokes and Morgan missing from the side. Australia is missing its regular pace attack, but honestly, I doubt it would make much of a difference if they were available. Langer is undertaking some strange experiments (Short as ODI opener alongside Head? Finch in the middle order?) Unrelatedly, spare a thought for cricket's fallen stars. I was reading this piece on the weekend and it really ticked me off. I know Ryder has long since fallen off the radar of international cricket, but surely he deserves a domestic contract after averaging 71 in seven First Class games last season and over 40 in nine 50-over games? The guy is no angel and is not the fittest bloke playing the game, but he is also one of only a very select few NZ test batsmen to average over 40. NZers please explain this to me!
  2. Someone was handing out sandpaper-themed placards printed with “4” or “6” to England fans. Cue outrage from some Australian pundits and sections of the media.
  3. I'm not a fan of many of the policy positions that Australia takes at a domestic or international level. Personally I'd not put this particular incident at the forefront of my outrage, though I agree that it confirms deep cultural problems within the ADF.
  4. Lol at the Australian response to the English sandpaper jokes/taunts. Honestly, they are the most accomplished hypocrites.
  5. Paxter

    June '18 Reading - Something something witty.

    OK so I've done a bit of a 360 degree turn on this one...enjoying it now with 100 or so pages left! I think I just found it a little jarring initially as I wanted it to be another Kavalier & Clay, but didn't realise it was going to be a sorta-non-fic memoir.
  6. Paxter

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    Yeah it's a great show. I watched some of the South American episodes before travelling to Chile earlier this year. Visited the best sandwich place in Santiago on the back of one of his recommendations . As for recently watched: I finally finished Fargo Season 1. Thought it was fantastic, but I'll probably have a break before watching the next two seasons. I might watch Blue Planet II next.
  7. An exciting day for Afghanistan, but they will probably have a tougher entry to test match cricket than Ireland. Even without Kohli, India's batting is ridiculously strong with the likes of Pandya, Jadeja and Ashwin batting in spots 7-9. Rashid Khan went for 13 in his first over... Side-note: I'm pleased for Karthik that he has fought his way back into the test team. India really need to land a new test 'keeper, they have struggled in that area since MS' retirement.
  8. Onya Moeen. Good to see Morgan back among the runs too.
  9. Yeah I checked Cricinfo and noticed that 370 had been scored. But I had to look twice when I saw that Scotland had posted it! I do have a bit of egg on my face now as WI v Sri Lanka also turned into a fairly intriguing match.
  10. Sutherland resigning as CA's CEO after nearly two decades in the job. He gets a mixed review from me, mainly on the basis of the culture of the men's team, the handling of the pay dispute and the continued decline of the first-class game. But he did oversee some good progress in the areas of women's cricket and domestic limited-overs cricket (mainly the BBL). West Indies v Sri Lanka has so far been uninspiring at best.
  11. Paxter

    June '18 Reading - Something something witty.

    I enjoyed re-reading the first instalment of the Harry Potter series, though I was surprised by the gap between my recollection and reality. It was certainly a lot lighter on detail than I remembered and very fast-paced, with quidditch matches I was expecting to go for a chapter being covered in just a few pages. I also enjoyed the Dursley section immensely, which was a surprise. I read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life, having received it as a gift a while ago. I enjoyed this much more than expected and it was certainly better than standard self-help fare. Don't be misled by the title though - the book would be more accurately (but less intriguingly) titled "A Guide to Happiness: Give a F*ck About the Right Stuff." I also read the latest volume of Saga, which was excellent as usual. Now about a third of the way through Michael Chabon's Moonglow, which I have mixed thoughts on so far.
  12. Sooo...England v Australia (five ODIs), WI v Sri Lanka (three-tests!), Scotland v Pakistan (even more ODIs) and *drum roll* Afghanistan's debut test against mighty India! This could be the crappiest month of international cricket we have ever seen. Luckily there is a World Cup to watch and a Socceroos side to cheer (vainly) for.
  13. Paxter

    May - Reading 2018 - Have another?

    Yes, I think that's broadly where I landed too. Not sure if I will continue with the series.
  14. Paxter

    Cricket: ODIs Aren’t Proper Cricket Edition

    Ha don’t get me started on that. Two-test “series” are the bane of my fandom.
  15. Paxter

    Cricket: ODIs Aren’t Proper Cricket Edition

    Pakistan on their way to an innings defeat here methinks. Credit to England for a good comeback under pressure. Kind of a shame that both test matches were one-sided affairs though.