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  1. DRS? A lot of pundits were using it to explain the inability of batsmen to cope with the pitch in the last match. The theory is that previously you would play the line of the ball and then use your pad to cover the spin. Now apparently batsmen are tied into knots as they know that the pad will get them into trouble with Hawkeye. Not entirely sure I buy it. I think there has simply been a secular decline in test batting quality and a simultaneous spicing up of pitches.
  2. Some great news on the effectiveness of a single shot of the vaccine amongst the most vulnerable: Only 105 cases in ON care homes! That’s brilliant. One of the scourges of Covid in Canada has almost been tamed. Provided no curve balls from rising variants...
  3. Cool news on the FF mobile game. I have more confidence in Square to handle remakes well than new entries. Maybe we'll see some more of this with the other classic FF entries (i.e. the ones for which we have Uematsu soundtracks)?
  4. Pretty crazy that Ashwin beat Lyon to 400 wickets. I think at the start of the Australia tour Ashwin only had 365...
  5. I think that actually made the track harder to bat on - natural variation off the pitch increases the percentage chance of false shots. If every ball was turning, it would’ve been easier to play for the turn. But you couldn’t do that on this pitch because of the one skidding on. Reminds me of how Warne got a lot of wickets in the second half of his career.
  6. Reminds of the match at Pune in 2017 when India got rolled for 100 in both innings. I’ve got to say...I’m not really happy with any of these pitches. The first Chennai pitch was toss-dependent. And the second and third tests have spun from the first session and are no chance of making Day 5. It doesn’t really make for the best standard cricket IMO.
  7. Got the Pfeiffer! Could this match be over today? India have a useful 30 run lead...you never know!
  8. Root an almost farcical 4-5. Is the pitch really that bad? I'm going to say yes. The ball rags square a couple of times an over, then skids through straight from the same spot. The only way really to make runs is to hope that the seamers come on (hence why openers Rohit and Crawley got runs). I wouldn't be surprised if Ishant and Bumrah don't get a bowl in the second innings.
  9. Roooooooooooot. Who said England didn't pick two spinners!
  10. Triple post...but it's pleasing to see Leach do well so couldn't resist. Could get a big bag here in favourable conditions. India looking good still so long as Rohit is out there.
  11. Exciting second match between Aus and NZ. The hosts were cruising until Stoinis and Sams nearly pulled off an incredible win. Guptill is just a pleasure to watch when he gets going.
  12. Yup I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say I got it wrong with the selection too. I thought three quality seamers under lights might be more threatening than more full tosses from Dom Bess...but actually England needed at least two spinners on this deck. It’s not a raging turner like the last test, but there is enough natural variation off the wicket to cause a lot of problems for batsmen against finger spin. At the end of the day though: it’s England’s batting that is the problem. Root’s recent success was masking what is still their big issue, particularly away from home when you’re not getting much from Stokes.
  13. Not sure where to from here for England. They’ve played one spinner on a wicket where five wickets have fallen to spin in less than 30 overs (I was supportive of their selection...whoops). Stokes maybe a tad unlucky but the rest of the top order was blown away.
  14. Crawley’s dismissal almost a carbon copy of Jonny’s. Hard to really deal with the variation Axar is sending down. Maybe Stokes should just swing from the hips here? Not sure how else England can get any sort of score.
  15. Definitely in a tricky position, with Stokes and Pope lacking runs and previous success in these conditions. But it could be a low scoring test. Axar has gone for a few runs but also bowled some pearlers. Lovely to watch.
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