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  1. Ended up being a bit of a damp squib *sigh*
  2. At the risk of this post disappearing into the void of the ASOIAF cricket thread: INDIA V PAKISTAN IS BAAAAAAACK!
  3. It will be an interesting contest (especially with Phelps in the mix) but the conventional wisdom seems to be that the challengers will find it difficult to produce the necessary swing in a blue-ribbon electorate. And it is difficult to compare Wentworth with Wagga due to the specific circumstances in Wagga (a sitting member resigning due to corruption allegations).
  4. And then things took a more sinister turn as Moeen alleged that an unnamed Australian player called him 'Osama' in the 2015 Ashes. According to Lehmann, the seemingly inarticulate Australian actually said 'part timer.' Umm. Yeah. Sure. The domestic cricket season formally kicked off in Aus yesterday with the Vics just about claiming victory over Qld in a 50-over match. Maxwell starred with 80-odd for Victoria...not good enough!
  5. It seems like everyone is waiting to see if Kerryn Phelps (an independent and former president of the AMA) decides to run. If she doesn't, then it will be a Labor male versus a Liberal male (who should be able to connect well with Wentworth's large Jewish community). I would expect the Libs to (just) hold on to the seat in this scenario. If Phelps runs, all bets are off.
  6. Paxter

    September '18 Reading - A Labor of Love

    I'll be interested to see what you think of The Waste Lands.
  7. Oh dear. Things just getting worse for Langer as it now emerges that he double counted international and domestic hundreds when comparing Maxwell's record against Smith's and Warner's. A pretty minor stuff-up in the scheme of possible gaffs, but it does illustrate the slightly crazy atmosphere that has engulfed the national side. Meanwhile, some interesting stuff is unfolding in Pakistani cricket. Inzamam has been accused of using his influence as national selector to get his son selected in a Pakistan junior team. You'd think he might have to pull his head in a bit here - there was already speculation about whether nepotism might have played a role in the selection of his nephew (Imam-ul-Haq) in the national team.
  8. Ha yeah true. And even worse was Langer comparing Maxwell to Smith and Warner. Not a single batsmen in the current Australian batting ranks is comparable to those two players! What he should be doing is comparing Maxwell to the batsmen who got selected ahead of him (e.g. Labuschagne).
  9. I agree. But I feel for Maxwell, because he (and the public) keep getting told that it is for cricketing reasons only. Langer was on SEN with Gerard Wheatley yesterday saying: "He needs to score more hundreds, it's as simple as that." This is insane stuff really from a slightly unhinged Australian setup. They could get mauled by Pakistan next month (or, at least, I live in hope!)
  10. Is there anything we come across well on? In fairness to my countrymen, only around 40% of Australians voted for our crappy anthem in the 1977 plebiscite.
  11. Never thought I'd ever say this: I kinda feel sorry for The Big Show. How can you say someone is not scoring enough hundreds when they have a better proportion of hundreds to innings than other selected batsmen?
  12. Haha yes poor Nelson. Warren Entsch actually wrote in brackets on the petition to oust Turnbull: “for Brendan Nelson”.
  13. Yes I agree Billy - the Anderson achievement is a significant one.
  14. Abbott was opposition leader for around four years, so there is some recent precendent. But yeah, Labor was generally all over the place during Howard’s reign (Latham!) I think Morrison could hold on as leader for quite some time - he’s not a terrible unity candidate for the two warring factions.
  15. I think Morrison will probably end up being a more popular leader than Turnbull (the "Mr Harbourside Mansion" thing didn't work well for MT), but it's unlikely that will help him stay in The Lodge for long. The Wagga by-election on the weekend was pretty nasty for the Liberals in NSW.