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  1. No surprises in the end that the England tour of Pakistan is also off. A little more surprising is that Kohli is handing over the India T20 and RCB captaincies. The official line is that this is about managing his own workload, but there is a bit of buzz/rumour-mongering about dissatisfaction with his captaincy. And Virat enjoyed working with Shashtri, who has ended his involvement with the team as coach.
  2. Gah what a shame. What a crappy world we live in. The greatest rivals in world cricket don’t play bilateral tests against each other and the second most populated cricket country can’t host matches.
  3. Yeah and the pressure on the health system is there for all to see. Not enough decoupling (if at all). But to put it in perspective, 35 US states are reporting a higher caseload per capita than Alberta(!) ETA: Ontario is kicking ass at 50 daily cases per million with the Delta strain the main player. But I don’t want to be overconfident having just seen what happened to Victoria vs. NSW back home.
  4. Pretty bad week really with the Manchester test off, the Hobart test likely off and NZ’s tour of Pakistan cancelled. Not sure what will happen to England’s Pakistan tour now. And of course it’s becoming more and more likely that England will take a B (or at least A-) team to Australia for the Ashes. On the bright side…no one can say there’s too much cricket being played! Australia for one barely plays anymore…
  5. Desperation I think. I do kind of feel sorry for him in that the NDP is effectively neutered when the Liberals are so good at at least acting like a progressive, centre-left government. CBC reporting tonight that some ill Alberta patients might be transferred to Ontario hospitals as a last resort. That's...a pretty long way to be airlifted!
  6. I dunno, I'm not willing to write Gladys off just yet. I think pandemic incumbency is very useful and the fact that Victoria has had no more success than NSW in managing the latest outbreak should lead to some voter forgiveness.
  7. Loooool and now Kenney bringing in a vaccine passport system. Schadenfreude.
  8. Federal Labor couldn’t really be doing much worse, so perhaps she’s worth a try. ScoMo is still easily preferred PM and I don’t think Labor has enough cut through or the right leader for swing electorates. I expect they will just mop up the same city electorates as last time and lose the rest.
  9. When Ford is making better pandemic decisions than you, you know you’re in trouble! Oh and SK is hot on the heels of Alberta right now. Crazy stuff and for nothing considering that the other provinces have largely the same freedoms but health care systems that are at least somewhat below breaking point.
  10. Even if Kenney is ignoring her private advice, if she is publicly telling Albertans something different (ie that they are taking a “prudent approach”), then I think she has to be accountable.
  11. Not so sure about that...this from May '21: Prudent approach! Lol.
  12. If you don't laugh, you'll cry at this from AB's chief medico: And she is supposed to be the expert. Again I'm going to do something unusual and credit Ford for actually listening to the advice this summer. Things could still go pear-shaped in Ontario, but we are in as good a position as anywhere in North America to get through this winter without resorting to blunt restrictions.
  13. I’m wincing a little at the Keneally story. It’s hardly surprising when a political party parachutes a senior Senator into the House. And of course it’s shitty when someone misses out on preselection as a result. But let’s not pretend that any party is actually choosing candidates on the basis of being representative of their electorate. We have pathetic representation of the true diversity of the electorate across the House and that is an entrenched problem of which this story is only an example.
  14. I guess the thing to factor in is that the Liberals did pretty damn badly at the last election (especially in Quebec) and still got into Government. Maybe they can’t get much worse this time?
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