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  1. Haha oh well. We couldn’t agree on the term after all.
  2. Taking the quick single out of the game! It really is a game of inches… Perhaps we can at least agree on burying the term “mankad”?
  3. I have no issue with making batters run the full distance after seeing whether a run is on offer. Let them be rooted. And on the contrary, I think backing up too far is a massive issue, especially in limited overs. Non-strikers want the head start.
  4. All part of the risk-reward. Once people stop backing up too far, you wouldn’t be able to get a wicket. As for pick off plays, the constant boos from the crowd speak for themselves. Fans don’t really want to see it. But it’s part of the game.
  5. Classic Pakistan. On running out non-strikers: I don’t really get all the fuss. This issue has been dealt with by the ICC. Should just be a normal part of the game like pick off plays in baseball. It’s not particularly compelling viewing (just like pick offs) but there does need to be some risk-reward in backing up.
  6. Haha don’t put those guys on us. Sky After Dark is truly fringe Murdoch media - even for our little backwater country. One of the previous co-hosts of that show was sacked for describing Chinese people in a disgusting fashion. Who knew that Rupert had any shame!
  7. Wasn't aware of it but I'm hardly surprised by that report. This week the following allegations (among others) have emerged with respect to Aboriginal players from the Hawthorn footy club: WTF.
  8. It's not just ERs either, there is strain across the health care system, from family doctors to surgeries. And of course the aged care system is hopelessly broken here. Ontario's proposed solution? Private care. That will end well.
  9. Not much is closing here. Will be a normal day for most people, although BC did announce a day off school.
  10. No holiday for the two most populous provinces though.
  11. Tragedy in Hamilton, Mississauga and Milton today. Horrifying, distressing and confusing.
  12. It’s not just us! NZ also declared one. Will see if Trudeau and co follow suit (decision possible tmrw).
  13. BB has the advantage of being a much more focused, plot-driven story. BCS is by design a slower, more "world-based" romp. Personally, I think BCS was at its best when it took a leaf from BB's book and focused on Jimmy, Chuck, Kim and Howard, and the associated legal and con-man adventures. As much as I love Mike and Gus, I really felt like the plot hook wasn't there as we all know the outcomes and overall journey for those characters. Nacho was fairly wasted. Having said that, I loved Lalo and he saved the show after we lost Chuck.
  14. I think England got themselves into trouble with the overall leadership of the test set-up in the COVID era and that contributed to a potentially avoidable poor run (especially that Windies defeat). Having dumped Ed Smith (for no particular reason), they then ended up with Silverwood and the somewhat exhausted/depleted Root as supremos. There is nothing really wrong with those two guys per se, but they lack the flair and positivity of the Stokes/Baz combo, which really came to the fore this summer. Funnily enough, this rise in England's test prospects seems to be inversely related to their limited overs form. I wouldn't really give England a great chance in the upcoming T20 WC, whereas last time around they were firm favourites.
  15. Daily deaths also on the downtrend in NZ (from around 20-40 per day to less than 10). So the winter peak has receded. Australia ran about 50-100 deaths per day during the winter and that has been quite sticky, but is also starting to drop now. The sideshow around QEII mourning day is kinda amusing/weird. Oh and VIC has an egregiously good number of public holidays. I think two or even three more than NSW (Grand Final, Melb Cup and one other).
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