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  1. Still got nothing on Starbucks though - the new chocolate cold brew is a masterpiece...
  2. I've had this illness in my household for the last few weeks (my BF). Not pleasant but he got through it and is now making a good recovery. The progress of the illness for him was: Small pimple that got bigger (almost cold sore size) on his chin Similar but smaller pimples/lesions over his body, around 30 in total Pimples popped and scabbed over during the course of a week Sores were not painful or itchy except for those in sensitive areas Scabs fell off after two weeks and are now healing Looks as if he will have very little (if any) scarring I was lucky to get a post-exposure vaccine (thank you Ontario/Canada) and escaped the virus. Overall, it was a pretty scary/distressing experience due to the lack of good information about the illness and shock of getting it. For the majority of people, however, this isn't something to be too worried about as: Transmission risk is currently very low outside of sexually active same-sex attracted men (though this could change). For people in this category (like me), vaccines are becoming available in a number of countries. For most healthy adults, the illness is a nasty experience but resolves nicely after a couple of weeks.
  3. Now that was pretty good in the end from England. Nice start to the Stokes/McCullum partnership. Where is @Hereward?!
  4. Just 84 needed to win, five wickets still in hand. England's to lose?!
  5. Very minor point, but I’m not sure I like this Black Caps order. I’d get Conway back up to open, push Kane back down to 4 and hopefully Nicholls is fit again soon for the middle order. I hate when successful teams mess with a winning combination! Anyway, nice fightback from Mitchell and Blundell so far. England need to strike.
  6. According to Cricviz, the average number of wickets that would’ve been taken on Day 1, based on the ball-by-ball statistics, was 6. Seventeen wickets fell on Day 1. A real tribute to moderate day batting, this!
  7. Nice work from England though so far. Will be interesting to see how Pope goes at three.
  8. Well you’ll know (or at least make a very educated guess) soon given the mandatory quarantine period is so long! I think it’s very encouraging that there don’t seem to be many serious cases so far. Even if this does end up becoming endemic (as it is in west Africa), it then would likely have only a very small toll. Plus there is the option of producing and rolling out more latest generation vaccines. My understanding is that most of the existing stockpiles of smallpox vaccine are previous generation and wouldn’t be deployed for a milder illness like monkey pox.
  9. I never expected ScoMo to implode as much as he did - events got the better of him in the end, together with the “end of the cycle” thing. Let’s see what lies ahead for PM Albo. Also, can we please have a female PM again so we can end all these “o” ending nicknames?
  10. I really, really would not write any obituaries for the Libs. Australia has shown itself time and time again to have a conservative bent. You can look at anything from the Tampa affair, through the Riots, Stop the Boats, the gay marriage plebiscite and forgiving the Coalition virtually overnight for the leadership squabbles that haunted the ALP for a decade. The Liberals will be back - whether under Dutton or another leader. They will win back those Perth suburban seats. They will spend big in the suburbs of Sydney. They will fight on the beaches and on the landing grounds; in the fields and streets. This is just the end of a cycle.
  11. A shift to the right is always likely after an election loss no matter the leader - it helps to achieve product differentiation and is more aligned to members’ actual beliefs. With no need to do any deals in the Senate or devise any actual policy, the Libs’ impulse for centrism disappears. Moreover, the Libs may decide it’s a better strategy to go after Labor in the suburbs in 2025 rather than win back inner city seats. These are in any case heading towards Labor-Greens contests on a two-party preferred.
  12. Maybe not a bad thing that this time the Coalition (and global events) have bequeathed Labor a clusterfuck budget and inflationary environment. It’s pretty much the opposite economic situation to post-Costello 2007. Labor won’t be able to spend their way to re-election and Chalmers will have to focus more on fiscal restraint than Swan et al. Labor can still please its base with climate change policy, constitutional reform to implement the Uluru statement and the ICAC.
  13. Double post, but now that the dust has settled, I’m quite annoyed that ScoMo stepped down as leader. With Frydenberg likely out of parliament, this really clears the way for Dutton to usher in a particular toxic form of politics.
  14. Pretty crazy that QLD could be handing the Greens as many as three precious lower house seats. Just demonstrates how much Australia is changing - I can't make lazy assumptions around what is a safe seat anymore. Ultimately Australia could start resembling Canada more, with the left leaning vote split more evenly between a centre-left party and a left party.
  15. Labor majority looks on - go WA! My seat of Hasluck is flipping. Clever campaign by Labor to focus on the west while allowing independents to continue picking off the Libs in the major cities. As we have said before, this did feel like the end of the cycle for the LNP anyway (three PMs since 2013), but Labor win so rarely that Albo will be hailed as a messiah.
  16. Quite a few cases of monkeypox now suspected over in QC (a couple of dozen). Will be interesting (and potentially concerning) to see how things go from here (e.g. whether there is any exponential rise in cases). On the plus side, most people over 50 should have a decent amount of protection from the smallpox vacc. Plus there is apparently the possibility of vaccinating close contacts of confirmed cases. I do worry a bit about the effects on my community given that current cases seem to be largely across gay/bi men.
  17. Yeah Kenney always struck me as fairly moderate, for all of his missteps. Speaking of provincial politics, Ford is all but guaranteed a win in a couple of weeks. Bleh. But overall he probably gets a pass mark for COVID management, so it would be a surprise to see him axed after one term.
  18. Is this a case of being careful what we wish for, though? It seems like one of the reasons for the slim margin is that Kenney "wasn't a real conservative."
  19. He did get a pretty good run in the IPL, leading the now-defunct Deccan to their only IPL win. But yes, he would have been even more sought-after in the IPL-dominant era we now live in. One of the good things about fewer T20s in the 2000s was that we were able to see Symonds have a good run in the test team, which saw him average a very creditable 40 and pass fifty 12 times in 41 digs. I doubt that would have happened nowadays, as guys like Maxwell barely get a shot at test level, in part due to the primacy of limited overs cricket. It is sad that we have lost some amazing former players this year. Another fallen star recently is Michael Slater, who went off the rails after the disastrous 2021 IPL and criticizing the Aussie PM via Twitter. He recently had charges of domestic violence dismissed on mental health grounds in court. I am pretty dismayed by these developments as Slater really seemed to have pulled things together after the ignominious end to his test career.
  20. Yes, definitely a moment of political schadenfreude, though inflation targeting is clearly the realm of the central bank, which as I mentioned months ago has been asleep at the wheel. And even from that point of view, you could argue that the Reserve has performed better than its peers, many of which are seeing even higher rates of inflation despite being oil exporters (e.g. Canada).
  21. Can’t disagree with the ad though. I’m a fairly close political watcher, but it’s hard to really separate the two major parties on the policy domains I care about. Things were very different under Shorten’s leadership- he created some very clear policy differentiation (which unfortunately nobody liked). Albo is going for the “anyone but Coalition” approach.
  22. Feels like the parties themselves then are pressing pause on democracy. Get on with it! ETA: We have ludicrously short election cycles back home (three years), so I’m accustomed to more breakneck pace.
  23. Very sad story. Unrelated, I am still confused by how long it takes the major parties here to agree on a leader. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no hurry to see that crazy guy get the Cons leadership, but I do think the Westminster system requires a strong Opposition and it just feels like Federal politics is dormant right now.
  24. Whoops we were at cross purposes. I was thinking broader economy; you housing prices. Agree with the above.
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