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  1. It was part of a study paid for by Air Canada. But it wasn't the most reliable testing procedure...just a self-test mouth and nose swab. I wish I had been able to go home! The Australian border is pretty much closed shut unless you are willing to pay for hotel quarantine. I was in Greece and Germany visiting friends/family. Hope all goes well @kairparavel. My understanding is that regional/rural Ontario is in pretty good shape.
  2. The testing bottlenecks are disappointing. I feel like we hit a ceiling in the summer and just haven't been ambitious enough. To this point of the pandemic, Australia has tested around 100,000 more people per million than Canada... I got tested for the first time at Pearson yesterday. Wasn't the full nasal swab but I did get my results within 24 hrs (and have two more tests to do while in quarantine).
  3. Lots of speculation that we will be having an election soon...but what are the incentives here? I feel like O'Toole is better off hammering the Libs over the pandemic and then having a tilt in a year or so time. As for the NDP, surely they need to keep licking their wounds after last year's disappointment?
  4. And I don’t think Andrews will end it either until they reach a point of significantly diminished returns. The criticism of his handling of the outbreak has been off the mark IMO.
  5. Yeah it is a little sad to be honest. My work was on York and King - a real hive of activity usually. Now it's likely I will depart Canada before people return to work there!
  6. Consistently lower cases in Vic now. But apparently the lockdown wasn’t working... FFS.
  7. Yeah I have to be careful of that in my workplace. I am finding remote work relatively straightforward (though I do wish I had a bigger condo!) Lots of my colleagues are finding it really tough managing work and family responsibilities. The more I think about it, the more I think that "the office" is really just a quiet sanctuary for working parents.
  8. He will have to unless the NZ gov't grant him compassionate leave. This has become harder to secure since two young women were released on compassionate grounds, only to later test positive for CV-19.
  9. Pakistan was doomed from the moment @Hereward called England’s loss :P. Frustrating stuff but you have to hand it to England. Long batting order working well for them. And congrats to Buttler for proving the doubters wrong.
  10. Aaaand Pakistan get themselves into a spot of bother. Shocked!!!
  11. Not saying it would be a panacea, but I do think Leach is the better option. His batting might not be as good as Bess, but he's no mug. And he offers much more control and a better chance of taking a wicket against a Pakistan line-up packed with right-handed batsmen.
  12. Broad can be dangerous in these situations. I’m always worried that Pakistan will give up a lead by handing easy runs to the tail. Nice to see Shah taking a bag. He’s one of the most aggressive spin bowlers going around, which makes him fun to watch if not a consistent performer.
  13. I doubt that's the last time Abbas will get Sibley LBW in this series. He's pretty much the perfect bowler for Sibley - bowls stump-to-stump and with just enough seam to cause major problems. Abbas' test record in England so far: 12 wickets, averaging 14. Striking every five overs. ETA: Make or break for Buttler? This is such a critical innings to his long-term future.
  14. Yeah it's a nice little story. Masood was ridiculed by the English cricket press last time he toured after making single-figure scores in half his innings and just the one 50. No better way to silence the critics than with a ton!
  15. Gotta love Pakistan fans. As pointed out on Cricinfo, the comments on Masood's innings went from: from "got to find a way of rotating strike" and "can't just spend time at the crease" to "absolute joy for all Pakistan fans" and "potential Pakistan captain"! This is going to be a decent (without being dominant) score for Pakistan and gives the bowlers a shot.
  16. Urgh. Don't even remind me about the Holder tosses - he probably threw away the series by doing that. Even if they had posted only a moderate score in either match, a better rested bowling attack with runs of the board would have challenged England. Then again, England did just look brilliant once Broad was back in the side. So it may not have mattered at all. I do think Pakistan could be slightly more challenging, but they are the usual hit-and-miss proposition. The batting as we've said looks better than the Windies and the bowling has nice variety: the pace of Naseem, accuracy of Abbas, left-arm pace/angles of Afridi and the leg-spin of Yasir and Shadab. The problem is that some of their better players (e.g. Ali, Shafiq, Yasir) have middling to poor records in England. So a good side on paper might play like crap on the park. What's new for Pakistan I guess!
  17. Decent start to the series for Pakistan. Certainly showing more top-order fight already than the Windies did. Just on Babar Azam - boy he is a really classy player. He is the one guy who could probably join Virat, Root and Williamson as number 2 test batsmen in the world. He averaged 56 in 2018, 68 in 2019 (including a sparkling hundred on tour in Australia) and now averaging 212 in 2020 (from two innings...)
  18. Morrison concedes defeat and pulls the C’th out of Clive’s border challenge. All hail King Mark I!
  19. Lol. I love the idea that this is a “hard” lockdown. For a lot of the developed world (USA excepted), these are the basic restrictions that countries lived in for months and may well have to reintroduce. Going to the supermarket was the most exciting event of the week.
  20. Agree on both some sort of reintroduction of restrictions in NSW and masks. Even if there is only, say, a 20% chance of NSW emulating Vic, the new rules would still be worth it. For the record, the “lockdown isn’t working” headline was from the ABC! I’ve now switched to The Guardian and the Tele home page to see what the other mob is thinking :P. Maybe I should try some Sky After Dark for some lolz.
  21. I have a feeling politicians are watching hospitalization and deaths more than cases at the moment. With better testing now in place, it’s almost impossible that we will see flat or declining new cases now that restrictions are lifted. But we should hopefully be able to keep the most vulnerable safe.
  22. As things stand, I'd still argue that it's possible more lives have been saved than lost in Australia (so far) through better practices in aged care settings. As a simple example, no one is allowed to visit my grandmother's nursing home now without evidence of a 'flu shot. In times gone by, there would never have been such a strict requirement, even in peak 'flu season. Separately, some of the reporting on the Vic outbreak is infuriating. Headlines that the "lockdown is not working" etc. are just ridiculous. We know from other countries' experience that these types of restrictions are one of the only effective tools, reducing cases in places like Europe and New York to more manageable levels.
  23. Haha ByWard Market is the place to be! I went to one of their (small) gay bars on a visit earlier this year...me and my friend were the sole patrons! At least it made karaoke less intimidating than usual. Ford opened up the GTA today. I think it's the wrong move but I am a bit conservative. Let's see how the numbers pan out in the next few months. My prediction is that Canada will be back at over 1,000 cases / day by the end of summer.
  24. Fair call. I would say that Australia (and Vic) is still tracking top of (an admittedly under-performing) class on protecting vulnerable people from the virus. As a comparison point, roughly 7,000 Canadians have died so far in aged care settings, with some outrage and some shrugging from the electorate. No ministers have lost jobs over it AFAIK.
  25. Haha, we already had our shot at that. 2/3 said secede and we still wound up staying in the Federation .
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