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  1. NSW Opposition Leader Michael Daley stays classy, the usual dog whistle about Asians taking jobs away from young Australians. The first thing that annoys me about this is that a large number of Asians are, like myself, second generation. I was born here, I speak only English, and if anyone spoke to me on the phone you'd assume I was some sports-loving Anglo bloke. I may appear Asian, but I'm as "Australian" as anyone else. Comments like Daley's just legitimise every drunk yobbo's refrain when they yell out for me to "go back to your own country!". The second thing is that it's a lazy explanation. I don't know exactly which sector is awash with Asians taking jobs away from other people. If anything, it's in the menial fields (cleaners, call centres, etc) where other people don't exactly want those jobs. If we're talking professional fields (e.g. medicine, accounting, etc) then you're welcome to study hard and try to "beat" the Asians who get into those courses. It's not exactly a secret how to get into those jobs. The third thing is that government tends to cynically exploit their own political consequences. Re: the "PhDs" comment, Sydney University now has 25% international students, most of which are mainland Chinese. This is because the government has cut so much funding from universities, that they now have to look for international full fee paying students to balance their books. To be fair, Michael Daley doesn't have anything to do with federal funding. To be sure, I'm aware there are examples of things happening out there that are not kosher, but let's not tar the vast majority with the same brush.
  2. Jeor

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    As was mentioned before I like the presentation of the Supreme Intelligence (instead of a giant head in a vat). However powerful Captain Marvel is at bashing stuff up, defeating a portable AI archenemy who can hide anywhere and resurrect themselves anywhere is going to be a challenge.
  3. Jeor

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    I don't know much about the actual comic book origins but certainly the film explanation of her powers was believable in a superhero kind of way. She gets her powers from the exploding engine, which was really getting its powers from the Tesseract. Other people who touched the Tesseract or interacted with it in certain ways got zapped out of existence or teleported somewhere else (Captain America 1) but I could perform some mental gymnastics that the jet engine mediated what would have been its usual effect. Another thing - I assumed the Kree messed with her memories, because I'm certain that in her first couple of flashbacks to Lawson's death, the person walking menacingly towards them was a Skrull, right? It was only afterwards that she realised it was actually Yon-Rogg.
  4. Jeor

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    I guess with Captain Marvel being overpowered, that's where the whole Infinity War storyline fits in. It's not really a story where she can just go and beat up Thanos and save the day; I'm guessing it's going to be much more about the "how" they do it. Obviously her powers will be a great help in that but it will be interesting to see how they fit her in with the existing Avengers cast or if there's going to be any tension. I'm guessing her flight powers may be important in getting to Stark. And if there are going to be sequels, I guess for 90% of the film, she was inhibited so there's no reason why there won't be some way of doing that again to her to make things interesting. I suspect by leaving Jude Law and the Kree Empire intact, that might be an avenue they could explore in the future - I think Captain Marvel would find Earth a bit boring. Agree the chemistry between Danvers/Rambeau was great, and the daughter as well.
  5. Just saw the movie; thought it was in the upper range of Marvel movies. Above average and enough to be deemed a success, no ruined expectations. Probably not as significant a hit as Wonder Woman for DC, but I don't know whether the general high quality of MCU had something to do with that (as opposed to WW being the best of DC's uneven production). Although I was a Marvel comics collector in my childhood (albeit early 90s) I don't really know much about Captain Marvel canon, so accuracy with comic books wasn't going to be a thing for me. Things I liked: Brie Larson's performance was solid. I was worried they were going to make her a "serious" sort of character given the powers, but she had moments of humour and light-heartedness that made the character more likeable. Young Nick Fury: Great part and good to see SLJ in a full action role. Some people will say it takes away from the female lead, but I think his role was perfectly slotted in. While being an origin movie, I'm glad they started in the middle and not from her childhood, urgh. First credits scene whets the appetite for Endgame and I guess they came up with an explanation why she wasn't around during Infinity War. Liked the references to the other movies with appearances from Coulson, Ronan and Korath. The 90s nostalgia wasn't overdone, I felt it was handled well and didn't take over the plot. Things I didn't like: Final battle scene got a bit ridiculous and overpowered, when she destroyed all those missiles and basically could have done whatever she liked. The movie sold the Skrulls well, but knowing their comic background and tendency to be antagonists I found it a bit hard - I kept on expecting them to backstab the heroes or do something weird. But, I suppose they're making their own MCU canon.
  6. Jeor

    MCUniverse - Nick hath no Fury like an MRA troll

    Just saw it. I really liked it. Not the absolute best Marvel movie, but definitely in the upper range of them for me. EDIT: Created a standalone Captain Marvel spoiler thread.
  7. Jeor

    MCUniverse- Captain Marvel Rises!

    Re: the role models thing, I don't think it's necessarily that people will live their lives trying to replicate what their role model did, it's more a general inspiration thing where you pick out things in the characters that you like. For example, I remember growing up as a nerd (still am one!), and rather than trying to un-nerd myself, finding comfort from the fact that Peter Parker had this nerdy high school science background. Didn't mean I wanted to be swinging from building to building but it was kind of cool that he was "a bit like me" and that was celebrated as a good thing. I think there's also a general understanding that the "mutants" theme in X-Men etc tapped into lots of things about not fitting in or people misunderstanding you. E.g. general teen angst, being in an ethnic minority or different social class, etc. As someone from a racial minority, I don't think I ever really thought about it consciously in that way, but it could kind of make sense.
  8. Jeor

    Cricket 34: Bring Your Own Sandpaper

    There's been a bit of oversaturation of the BBL. If they halved the number of matches so that it was a single round robin (instead of double round robin, home/away) and then rejigged the final series (1st vs 2nd, 3rd vs 4th, loser of 1st vs 2nd gets a second chance to play winner of 3rd/4th) I think that would help the structure. With that BBL final, if it had happened in Pakistan everyone would be screaming match fixing! Still not as bad as this match though..,.
  9. Jeor

    Cricket 34: Bring Your Own Sandpaper

    And in another stunning meltdown, the Melbourne Stars completely throw away the BBL title. Chasing a modest target and at 0/93, requiring 53 runs off 43 balls, with 10 wickets in hand, they somehow contrive to be bowled out and lose the grand final.
  10. Jeor

    Cricket 34: Bring Your Own Sandpaper

    Just watched the final T20 between India and New Zealand - that was an absolutely crazy game. NZ score 213 and win by 4 runs, India falling agonisingly short. The required rate was an outlandish 48 from 18 when Krunal Pandya and Dinesh Karthik began bombing sixes everywhere, got it down to 16 from the last over and hit a six off the last ball but just didn't get there. You feel sorry for the bowlers in those sorts of matches - even a single seems like a win for the bowler - but they certainly are a spectacle to watch.
  11. Jeor

    Tennis Volume 7: Roger That!

    Fed's record at the French (only 1 title) is "bad", sure. But he lost four finals to Nadal. If Nadal weren't around, Fed would have likely had three or four French Open titles to add to his existing tally of 20 Slams. Instead of being 6-1-8-5 he would probably be 6-4-8-5 or something similar. In his prime, Fed is better than anyone on any surface, with the exception of Nadal on clay. For a period of about 5-6 years, Federer was literally undefeated in Slams except by Nadal (and maybe Safin once and Djokovic once). Nadal's Slam record is a rather lopsided (though obviously still amazing) 1-11-2-3. In his prime, Nadal is better than anyone on clay, but still eminently beatable in all the other Slams throughout his career by a number of different players. I guess it really depends on what you weight when you consider GOAT. Head-to-head against contemporaries, Grand Slam record, rankings, etc. Lots of things to throw into the pot and whichever way you do it, you could probably find a way to justify each of Federer, Djokovic or Nadal.
  12. Jeor

    Football: the winter break

    Absolutely crazy. Only a few weeks ago, Arsenal were getting further and further behind, United were miles off the pace and Chelsea's 4th spot didn't look in much danger. Not sure what's going on at Stamford Bridge but they're having real problems.
  13. Jeor

    Tennis Volume 7: Roger That!

    You're right, of course...rarely are there any absolutes in GOAT arguments. Still, there's something symbolic about being the guy with the most Slams and most weeks at No. 1. I actually kind of hope Djokovic doesn't get there, but I don't see anything (bar catastrophic injury) stopping him. I'm hoping Fed has one more Slam in him, and Wimbledon seems the most likely.
  14. Jeor

    Tennis Volume 7: Roger That!

    Assuming he can avoid injuries, Djokovic will be on track not just for the Grand Slam count but also the total weeks spent at No. 1. Federer's at 310 but Djokovic is on 236; another 18 months and he'll eclipse that record. If you have the most Grand Slams and the most weeks at No. 1 (which Federer currently has) that's a pretty persuasive argument about being the greatest of all time.
  15. Jeor

    Tennis Volume 7: Roger That!

    Wow, that was way more one-sided than anyone could have predicted. Djokovic committed virtually zero unforced errors the whole match.