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  1. Great game, although some fairly big refereeing mistakes. That being said, without the mistakes it wouldn't have had as much drama as a tie with so much play beyond the buzzer. I'm surprised no one seriously went for the drop goal attempt in injury time, there was ample territory and opportunity to do it. Australia look like a promising side again but I don't know how much of that is due to the ABs being a bit off the pace from what we have come to expect.
  2. Bernal came into the Tour with a back injury, so it may be that he's just not up to full fitness and it might be bothering him. Once he was no longer in contention, no need to keep going I guess.
  3. That was a crazy game and a fitting end to what has been a rather bizarre series. Lots of topsy-turvy stuff with England loseing two wickets from the first two balls, recovering to post a big total, then Australia reduced to 5/73 chasing 300+, and then recovering, and then having a last minute stutter. Maxwell has such low consistency, but when it comes off, no one can live with him. Seven big cow-corner sixes. Mitchell Starc must have some sort of record for "immediate impact". His first two balls of the match were wickets, and then his first ball as a batsman he hit for 6.
  4. Some of the greatest matches are choke city. Glad for Thiem to have pulled off a Grand Slam win for once. He's 27 so still has a few good years left but you don't want that monkey on your back for too long. Zverev will get plenty more chances, he's only 23.
  5. I went to bed thinking Australia were well on track to restricting England to a nice, gettable total. Turns out I was correct, but underestimated the capacity for Australia to do their best collapsing impression of the 90s England sides...
  6. That was a good final, Osaka taking it in the end. Very hard-hitting game, it's very small consolation for Serena, but based on this match I find it hard to believe she would have been able to take on Osaka and won. Now for the men's final tomorrow - I want Thiem to win. Poor guy has been a finalist in three Slams so far without winning one.
  7. Serena's out. Must have been very disappointing for her given this was her best chance of getting to 24 with other big names like Halep and Barty out, and the draw proving a relatively gentle run-up to the challenge of Osaka in the final. She did have a few three-setters before the semi, so she wasn't in top form through the tournament but you just got the feeling she'd hit her straps and make a memorable final against Osaka. Well done to Azarenka for the win. Apparently the first time she's beaten Serena in 11 Grand Slam matches, and for all the talk about Serena doing this as a mother, Azarenka also is a mother and had a custody case with her ex, so she's had to fight through a lot in her personal life too. Glad to see her back in the middle of things. Osaka will be heavily favoured in the final, but I think Azarenka still has an outside chance.
  8. I think a default was the correct decision. I don't actually know why there were long and hard negotiations about it. I don't think intent can really come into it for an unnecessary action like this, being so hard to judge. If a ball is shanked off a racket in the middle of the rally and hits a person, that could be viewed more leniently as that happened during the course of play. But in a case of an unnecessary action being taken once play is over (hitting the ball to dispose of it), I think it's the end result that matters. Even in cases where people have smashed a ball in anger, it would be hard to argue that they actually intended on that ball hitting the person; I think the issue was that they hit a ball when they didn't need to and this endangered the officials.
  9. Aussies definitely look out of shape and out of practice. Game 1 could have been forgiven as a collective brain fade in the final 6 overs of the match - up until then everything had gone pretty well. But Game 2 they were behind from the start and never recovered.
  10. I didn't get to watch the game, but does look like it was a massive choke on the highlights and on the scorecard. Needing 39 from 35 with 9 wickets in hand is a win 99.9% of the time.
  11. This article is a couple of years old but suggests: So yes, it seems that broadcasting is a fair chunk of the revenue. Wimbledon is known for at least trying to keep tickets reasonably affordable, and also for being very exclusive with sponsorships (trying to keep the ambience of the place very clean and free of advertising; and as someone who's been there in person, this really does make a difference to the experience). Based on those 2017 numbers, it seems ticket revenue is 16% for Wimbledon and 36% for the US Open, with broadcasting rights being the lion's share of revenue.
  12. Pakistan made a big score in the T20, racking up 196. England have started well in the chase, so it could be a good match. EDIT: I have apparently cursed England who have now just lost their first two wickets in consecutive deliveries...
  13. Well that was an eventful first stage. Lots of crashes, and a surprise winner (Kristoff, I didn't know he was still around and kicking). Just had a look at the course and goodness there's a lot of hilly stages, and Day 2 is a medium mountain stage. The race organisers really didn't want the sprinters to get much of a look-in on this one.
  14. Le Tour going to start up soon. Who knows whether they'll get through the thing - the COVID-19 situation in France is a bit dicey, and if I was one of those cyclists preparing to push my body to the absolute limit for three weeks I'd be getting pretty worried. Bernal the favourite, I think, followed by Roglic. Dumoulin, Landa and Alaphilippe podium contenders and outside chances for the title. I think Quintana and Porte are probably past it.
  15. Hah! It does seem a tried and tested way to get the best out of Broad. Kudos to Anderson on the 600. Like @ljkeane, I thought it would be tough for a fast bowler to go past McGrath's 563, with the lengthy career and avoidance of injuries that entails. But he's played an unbelievable 156 Tests and been a consistent performer throughout, and England's most reliable bowler for the past decade. He doesn't quite have the menace and unrelenting accuracy of McGrath across all conditions, or the sheer pace and hostility of a Dale Steyn, but you'd have to say that in English-type conditions when the ball's moving, Anderson is arguably the most dangerous bowler in world cricket.
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