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  1. Jeor

    Football: foreVAR confused

    This is the best outcome I think. Takes him out of play otherwise I was worried Arsenal would have seriously thought about it.
  2. Jeor

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

    Another thing about Emery- while it doesn't look like the team has an identity, which is a big problem, the results haven't been too bad except for the last three league games where Arsenal threw away a combined 4 points (winning positions turned into draws, so they at least got half of it right) and unexpectedly lost to Sheffield United. So if you want to defend Emery, even if we count the Sheffield game as a true loss, four more points from the other two drawn games would put Arsenal on 21 points (still 5th place) and only two points behind Chelsea in fourth. Arsenal have still lost only 2 league games in 11, and it's no shame to have Liverpool counting as one of those. Some of these articles saying Emery is about to get the sack are a little sensational, I think. If the league form kept going for another 3 or 4 games in a row, sure. But on the basis of three league games is pretty trigger-happy.
  3. Jeor

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

    Agreed. Mourinho would be terrible - imagine how even more divisive the place would get if a man with Mourinho's ego were running the joint. Even with huge amounts of money (which he isn't going to get at Arsenal) Mourinho couldn't get United to be successful.
  4. Jeor

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    Well I obviously didn't check my calendar before booking my flights...I'll be in the air during the final, bah. That being said, I don't expect it will be a thrill-a-minute sort of game. Probably quite cagey and tactical, unless England just steamroll the whole thing. My prediction is for a tight first half, but then England pull away in the second.
  5. I'm not too fussed on second-guessing Hinch's non-use of Cole. I think his decision to remove Greinke so quickly was the real mistake and then his use of relievers afterwards compounded it. Going to Cole would of course in one sense (described above) be the sensible thing to do, but if it didn't work out, he would have been second-guessed as to why didn't he use his specialist relievers. Harris had a pretty good postseason run up until then, Hinch also used Osuna his closer. Cole might have been lights out in one start, but he was also far from it in Game 1. You have a specialist closer like Osuna there and you use Cole instead of him? Anyway, some big free agents here in the offseason. Not the least of which are Rendon and Cole, pivotal on opposite sides of the World Series.
  6. Brilliant win, well done Nats. So glad they won and that the Astros back office don't get to celebrate. Astros will have a lot of introspection about this game - they were in complete control of the first two thirds of this game. Scherzer stranded 9 baserunners, working his way out of jams pretty much every inning while Greinke was retiring the side in order time and time again. As soon as Greinke was removed, the game changed completely. Credit also to Corbin for holding the Astros scoreless over what could have been a tense and tough innings 6, 7 and 8.
  7. Yeah, that was a ball by a mile. Balls and strikes tonight have been a bit iffy. Zimmerman had an at-bat earlier in the game where an inside and an outside pitch were both called strikes which would have made the plate about twice as wide as it should've been.
  8. And tell you what, this heart of the Nats order (3-4-5) has been clutch in all of the big postseason games. Rendon and Soto homered off Kershaw in Game 5, Kendrick delivered the grand slam. Facing elimination last night, Soto homers to take the lead and Rendon collects 5 RBIs. In a low-scoring Game 7 tonight, Rendon homers, Kendrick homers for the lead and Soto gets a couple of hits and an RBI.
  9. Yeah, hooking Greinke is going to be second-guessed for a while now, if they end up losing. His pitch count was very low, and he had mowed down the Nationals hitters all night. To take him out after only one hard-hit ball (Rendon homer) and a walk was probably a bit premature.
  10. Scherzer doesn't look like he'll go long tonight, and Greinke is having no trouble. A lot of sharp line drives off Scherzer and some loud fly-ball outs, it's a bit of a miracle it's still only 1-0 and he's been able to escape the last couple of innings with minimal damage. I expect Scherzer will be hooked soon.
  11. Jeor

    Cricket 38: Ashes Openers Crash and Burns

    Ah, true, true. One thing that does come up is that he doesn't have much excuse. These days apparently all players have anti-corruption education. At least Shakib has completely accepted the ruling and isn't making any excuses.
  12. I know he's older now and pitched 223 innings in this season, but Verlander's velocity has been fine. His World Series ERA is a terrible 5.68 albeit over a sample size of only six games, and in at least a couple of those games he's pitched well enough to ordinarily have gotten a win. I think it's more likely that Verlander's typical weaknesses (scoring in the early innings, and a tendency to give up the long ball, especially in his last few seasons) are amplified in the postseason, where runs are generally more scarce due to the overall quality of pitching. So Verlander ends up looking worse in the postseason by comparison to the regular season standard. His cumulative postseason ERA of 3.40 is actually not terrible and quite close to his career ERA of 3.30. To my mind he's been pitching more or less fine and has just not had the luck to pick up the W.
  13. Jeor

    Cricket 38: Ashes Openers Crash and Burns

    I guess he had to be banned, as they have to take a strong anti-corruption stance and if he didn't report an approach then it's only a short skip to something much worse happening. And apparently education about that sort of thing is pretty high in cricket so he should've known. Still, it must be particularly hard for Shakib - he's a world-class player and I'm guessing Bangladesh is particularly vulnerable to approaches given the economics of the game there.
  14. Jeor

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

    It wouldn't be the first time that fans want to have it both ways. I guess the case for Ozil starting is that we're paying him huge wages anyway, and our goalscoring and creativity isn't exactly through the roof. Despite Aubameyang's contributions, we've still only scored 15 goals in 10 league games, which is a pretty mediocre return for an Arsenal side that has such quality strikers. There's no doubt that Arsenal still need something more in attack and I guess some supporters think Ozil can provide that. On the other hand, Ozil's form has always been pretty patchy, and he offers nothing in terms of midfield control or defending, which is already a major issue for this Arsenal team. He's essentially a luxury player - with a hardworking midfield shielding an effective defence, he would be ideal, but in the absence of either of those it's simply too dangerous to play him. The simplest solution to this conundrum would be to sell. Forget about getting any fee, it's his wages that they need to get off the books, or at least partially off the books if they can persuade someone to take him. He's an excellent player, but he just doesn't fit the team (or the team isn't good enough to fit him) and at 31 years old, it's too late to fix that problem.
  15. Come on Nats, just one more to go...! Hope Scherzer is healthy.