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  1. Another dropped catch and off Siddle's bowling again! Poor guy.
  2. Oh wow. The Roy wicket was one thing but to get Root first ball is a major blow.
  3. England will really want Roy to fire here. A quick 50 would assuage @Paxter's fears! They are the only side who can lose this match now (there not being enough time to set a target and bowl Australia out) but Australia need to restrict the scoring and take wickets in bunches in order to have a chance.
  4. Yes, a draw most likely but England will feel a bit better than Australia. They will have introduced some doubt into Smith's batting and Archer will have gained a lot of confidence from his performance here. Not to mention the fact they will have escaped from the usual home defeat at Lords.
  5. I'm just reacting to the image of him being hit in the neck and not the helmet - it really looked like a serious blow. Looks like he's out LBW now. Probably the best thing for him to get out quickly, really - he didn't look very secure out there. Get some treatment on the arm and neck, get some rest, make sure everything is ok and hes ready for the Third Test. I doubt he will come out to field.
  6. It does seem a bit reckless to me. I guess he really wants to get another hundred.
  7. And yes I think you're right...the pitch has played its part. Some of the balls have been screaming off a length over the keeper's head but the odd ones are staying low. It isn't an overly dangerous pitch but it does offer assistance to a quick guy like Archer.
  8. Lead or no lead, I think the match is headed for the draw. Australia needed to score more quickly if they wanted to build a lead and have enough time to bowl England out.
  9. For all the buildup it does look like Archer made Smith look uncomfortable. A hit on the arm is one thing, but to then hit him in the neck shows it wasn't a fluke. Strangely enough neither of those balls was really a venomous bouncer - the second one Smith virtually ducked into. England may be onto something, although they still haven't really got Smith out before he scores a century. Agreed, good job by the medical team to take him out against his wishes. He would have loved to stay out there and show Archer he isn't intimidated, but clearly his decision making isn't in the most rational state.
  10. Given Roy and Warner's ODI success but recent Test failings, I was trying to think what the difference is between ODI and Test openers. Obviously in both formats you still have to deal with the new ball and well-rested opening bowlers, so that can't be the cause. And in both formats at least early on the fields are reasonably attacking - you might have a few more slips in Test cricket but there will only be a couple of people on the boundary rope at the start of the innings, whether it's ODIs or Tests. I'm not quite sure if I'm on the right track, but I think some of it may have to do with the quality of the pitches (although we didn't see it so much in this World Cup, ODI pitches are generally deliberately made to be as batting friendly roads as possible, whereas Test pitches have a bit more variety and certainly deteriorate in quality as the second innings comes into play). I think it also has to do with the "strike zone" of the batsman. In ODIs, bowlers generally have to bowl a tight line to you (not too wide outside off, definitely not down the legside, and only one bouncer). Because it's an ODI, you want to feel bat on ball and hit a few in the middle, and the ball has to travel down a pretty thin channel to get to you. Whereas in Tests, the bowlers have a bigger target of what's acceptable, and batsmen don't have to try and score off every ball. We've seen how effective Smith is at leaving the ball, and ODI batsmen just don't have good "leaves" in their armoury. I know Warner got bowled, but Roy has been caught behind the wicket playing at balls he didn't really need to, and has generally looked too anxious to put bat on ball.
  11. Jeor

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    Do people always pay the carbon offset for every airline ticket they buy (or not travel by airline, as the case may be), or buy Fairtrade goods all the time, or decide to pay extra money for everything all the time because most cheap stuff in shops is made by slave labour? If individual people can't take responsibility for their own practices in view of the social good (something that I think is the key sticking point in climate change), I think it's tough to expect larger institutions to do so. Government is really the only place where it can happen, because only government has a sufficiently big stick to force people to do so (as they have demonstrated with smoking, gambling, etc), but we're not going to get very far at the moment in this age of populism. To be honest, I'm not sure what the answer is to the climate change issue. I just think that expecting people to take responsibility for the social harm they cause is an unrealistic starting point.
  12. His last couple of innings he has looked good and just happened to get out, and his last two innings he has scored at a pretty fast clip for Test cricket (40 off 48, then 36 off 56). In England with the conditions and the skill of England's bowling attack, there might be a ball coming down with your name on it but I think he's got as good a chance as anyone not named Smith to score a century. Yes, I still can't get over how badly England are batting here. I mean, you look at the lineup and the initial reaction is that you think there's quite a bit of potential there, but the career Test averages and the performances are just poor. Australia's bowling is good, but I think England are giving them quite a bit of help too.
  13. And another poor decision with Wade successfully challenging. I was watching the first session with a mate and as soon as the appeal went up both of us instantly said "Pitched outside leg". Great bowling from England. Conditions helped them too with it being cloudy and drizzly, but they definitely got the ball moving and could have had even more wickets than the 3 they got with all the plays and misses. Australia's tail is also a bit weaker too (Hazlewood is a genuine No. 11 whereas Pattinson who he replaced could handle a bat pretty well) - there's a chance they could get rolled pretty quickly. Smith and Wade are in now, but they've only got Paine to come (and he's not quite as accomplished as a specialist batsman). Cummins can bat a bit, so can Siddle, but I don't think you want to keep counting on lower-order fightbacks. 258 looks like it could have been a decent first innings score after all. EDIT: Mark Taylor talking up Usman Khawaja and I think he's right. Khawaja has made some starts and then got out, but each time he has played he has scored reasonably quickly and has looked in as good form as anybody in the Australian team (minus Smith). I think Khawaja has a century or two in him this series.
  14. Jeor

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    Probably the other thing that comes into the environmental equation is that Australia is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) exporters of coal in the world. So regardless of the level of our own emissions, it's also clear that we're enabling other countries. Now, I agree it is not really something we're responsible for (and hey, if we've got exports to sell and people are buying, it's not real easy to say no, we don't want your money). But regardless of whether we're responsible for the global coal production or not, the fact we're a key player in it is something that lessens Australia's standing in environmental terms. As far as Alan Jones goes...his audience lap it up, but they are mostly ageing as well and it's clear he is becoming more irrelevant as time goes on. He'll always maintain some base sort of popularity (for all the anti-political-correctness people) but I think his influence is already on the wane.
  15. Muahahahahah.....ehhhhxcellent. *steeples fingers* Yes, the route to victory is to try and only bat once (or as close to it as possible), e.g. score 400 and bowl England out cheaply again. I don't think it's going to be easy to make a big score, though - Archer seems to have been bowling pretty quick, Broad picked up a wicket, and Woakes has an excellent record at Lords.