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  1. I'm just trying to explain that criticism of China was what I had in mind, no matter how badly I said it. I'm okay with "silly mistake". I guess I don't think my mistake was QUITE as silly as you seem to think it was, for reasons I have tried to explain. Is that enough for you, or do you want to push for more? Maybe we could argue about it for 5 more posts. But I'm really not sure what you're after at this point. I think I was told a little more than that. But never mind. If it is just about whether I was wrong, then fine. I have already admitted I was wrong. More than once. I don't feel like a victim either. I just think this is not a very productive conversation, at this point. If you disagree, perhaps we can discuss for 5 more posts whether or not I am playing the victim. I disagree. There is such a thing as damage control. And it can help to be accused of the very opposite thing of which one is actually guilty. And I think China, on the whole, would be very happy with the kind of "criticisms" made against them in this thread, before I made my comment. But I did not have those criticisms in mind when I made my comment. I had, I admit, forgotten about them, or I would have worded what I said more carefully. What I had in mind is that nobody had criticized the Chinese government for any of the totally messed up crap that they were (in my opinion) actually guilty of.
  2. I did not say (or mean) that anyone here was a pro-China propagandist.
  3. I was not talking about criticism, then why did what I said even matter one way or another? Okay fine. I was wrong to say that nobody mentioned China. Happy now? Or are you still mad. I see it is really important to you to prove that I am a bad person. Please carry on. That's obviously much more interesting than discussing the fact that China threatened bullied and censored the scientists and that tried to warn them of this impending tragedy … until it was too late to contain the outbreak. People here were accusing China of the sort of thing they would LOVE to be accused of, like overreacting to a situation that is not really that bad. These were the sort of criticisms that any pro-China propagandist would be proud to make.
  4. It's a reference to the fact that this is a very left-leaning forum. Which is hardly disputable. But if the comment hurt your feelings somehow, I apologize. It was not intended as a blanket reference to anyone. No particular poster here is required wear the shoe. But if the shoe fits, feel free to put it on.
  5. I made no blanket derogatory statement about the members of the forum. I am also a member of this forum. But never mind that. Please carry on with your accusations.
  6. If you thought the remarks earlier in the thread were critical of China's handling of the coronavirus epidemic, then you have not seen real criticism of China on this issue. Your own comments, in particular, rather had the flavor of praise. Rather undeserved praise, I thought, all things considered. There is all kinds of evidence that China has completely bungled it. But there is a new thread on the Wuhan Coronavirus, if you want to discuss the Wuhan Coronavirus. if you would rather discuss your opinion that I am a bad person, please carry on. And have a nice day.
  7. "CCP" = "Chinese Communist Party"; the ruling party of China.
  8. It did not take long for this outbreak to turn into a negative commentary on Trump. Nobody has yet said a word about the CCP. A reminder of where I am, I guess.
  9. Wuhan Coronavirus: +45 new deaths brings the count to 258, out of 11,000 infections in Mainland China. This update is based on added numbers from Hubei province alone (the epicenter). I think we have yet to hear from the rest of Mainland China. Edit: 259 dead; 11,337 infections.
  10. Yeah, but I was serious. There really is a risk.
  11. This article is nonsense. Sounds like someone's trying to reassure investors. You can't compare the current case-count to the total deaths, in a rapidly-spreading infection, and assume the resulting so-called "death rate" is comparable to other epidemics that have run their course. The vast majority of the infected are the more-recently infected. They may still die; they just have not been sick long enough to have the chance. Until recently, the death count outnumbered the cure count. Did that mean the mortality rate was over 50%? Again, no, because the data is preliminary. Just as most patients haven't had time to die, most have not had time to get well either (which tends to take a little longer). Recently though, as the disease progressed, the cure count has picked up and outstripped the death count. I imagine the final data will be significantly lower than 40%, and significantly higher than 2% Yeah. That too. So even if this were less deadly, per case, than the others, it could still end up killing more people.
  12. The risk does not come from the people in quarantine. And particularly not from those who were quarantined the instant they got off the plane.
  13. I'm not sure I'd trust you to use the baked beans responsibly.
  14. Wuhan Coronavirus: Death toll now stands at 213, due to an additional 43 deaths since China's last daily update. Total number of confirmed infection cases are 9,692.
  15. The numbers seem high when you consider how recently this strain emerged, and the speed that it is spreading and killing people. And they still seem high, even after you consider more mundane things. Your comparison is silly. Period. That's why people are concerned. Even if it becomes one tenth as widespread, that would be a major public health disaster. We've gotten lucky and dodged a few bullets in the past, sure. We may do so again. It is only a little over a month since this strain was first identified, and only 3 weeks since the first death. And you think it is meaningful to compare that to a time span of 2 or 3 years??? We had 36 new deaths reported yesterday. Multiply that by 2-3 years and see what you get. Of course it won't stay stable. It will probably either start to get stamped out, or continue to accelerate. And as for "confirmed and suspected infections", there are already more than 28,000. Only 8,000 people have been tested and diagnosed ("confirmed"), but virtually everyone understands that that is only the top of a large unknown iceberg ("suspected"). Some experts are saying that 100,000 infections is not an unreasonable estimate. And that's not a forecast; it is an estimate of what we have currently. Certainly. Ebola is still a concern. It has not been eradicated, and there is still a possibility that it could go pandemic. Panic is rarely a good idea. I don't know why you are accusing me of recommending panic. In such situation, a responsible citizen should remain calm and cooperate with public health authorities. This is one of those problems that the People need a Government for. But I am a democrat. I disagree with any commie/fascist notion (take your pick) that we lowly plebs should mind our own business, stick our heads in the sand, and let the Daddy State take care of our frightened asses. At the very least, we are allowed to talk about it. But if you want to defer to the authorities, you might be interested that the WHO just met today, and declared this an international public health emergency.
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