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  1. Platypus Rex

    Why did Jorah push Dany to go to Asshai?

    In exchange for a pardon from the Throne. Not a pardon from Ned. There was never any prospect of a pardon from Ned. Maybe, he did not merely sell smugglers into slavery. Maybe, there was also this little girl, valued by Essos slavers because of her violet eyes and golden blonde hair. Maybe he got a real good price for her. Only Ned, for some mysterious reason, took it REAL personally.
  2. Platypus Rex

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    Arianne and Doran are reconciled ... at least for now. The Quentyn we know is not dead (in my opinion), but whether he is or not, that Quentyn was never really Doran's son. He was rather a baby-swapped impostor he sent to the Yronwoods to appease a blood price, and later sent to Essos on a wild goose chase, in order to get him out of the way. Doran's real son -- the real Quentyn -- was sent to Essos with his mother Mellario of Norvos, who we know as Septa Lemore. Doran and Mellario are plotting to put him on the Iron Throne as Aegon VI. Of course, that plan WILL ultimately fail. But that's in the future.
  3. Platypus Rex

    Lollys Stokeworth appreciation post

    She's really Varys in disguise. Either that, or Varys is Lollys in disguise.
  4. Platypus Rex


    I've never seen the theory, and don't support it (because eww). But I think I can vaguely explain. There a number of "clues" or comments in the series that suggest that Dany takes after Rhaegar more than she takes after Viserys or Aerys. It is (I think) this, and not merely some private pervy fantasy, that inspired the theory. Other fans, noticing the same clues, also concluded that Dany was not Aerys' daughter. This inspired the Rhaegar+Lyanna =Dany theory. Also the Rhaella + Bonifer = Dany theory. It is reasonable to suspect that something has gone awry. If Rhaegar, Viserys and Dany are all three the children of Aerys and Rhaella, then they are the products of 2 generations of full-sibling incest. They ought to be the next best thing to twins; and they also ought to all 3 be sickly and mad. Viserys fits this pattern. Rhaegar does not. Dany, at the very least, is not sickly (fans debate how mad she is). Why then does Rhaegar not fit the pattern? Maybe because Ser Bonifer Hasty, the young knight who loved Rhaella, and not Aerys, is the real father. But if that is so, how could Dany resemble Rhaegar more than Viserys? She ought to resemble Viserys to a tee. The infusion of new blood from Bonifer Hasty, breaking the sickly cycle of progressive incest, would have no way of reaching her.
  5. No. It is implied that Arianne, who initially was thought to take after her father, grew to resembles Mellario, apparently in the sense of being busty and beautiful. This might imply that Mellario also has dark hair, like Arianne, except for what we've learned about Norvosi noblewomen.
  6. Platypus Rex

    Name the Parents

    None of the above. The father of Young Griff (the "Aegon" you seem to have in mind) is Doran Martell. "2. Daenerys: (a) Aerys II; (b) Bonifer Hasty; (c) Rhaegar Targaryen; (d) An unknown man." (c) Rhaegar. "3. Tyrion: (a) Tywin Lannister; (b) Aerys II; (c) An unknown man" (b) Aerys II. "4. Jon: (a) Mance Rayder; (b) Rhaegar Targaryen; (c) Eddard Stark; (d) Brandon Stark; (e) Howland Reed" (b) Rhaegar. I'm tempted to be original, but ... "5. Darkstar: (a) Doran Martell; (b) Oberyn Martell; (c) Aerys II; (d) An unknown Dayne. " (d) An unknown Dayne. I'm tempted by (c), though. MOTHERS "1. Aegon: (a) Elia Martell; (b) Serra; (c) Ashara Dayne; (d) Lyanna Stark; (e) Septa Lemore" (e) Septa Lemore. And the Septa is Mellario of Norvos. And again, by "Aegon" you apparently mean "Young Griff". The real Aegon, who we know as Quentyn Martell, is still the son of Rhaegar and Elia. "2. Daenerys: (a) Rhaella Targaryen; (b) Lyanna Stark; (c) Ashara Dayne; (d) An unknown woman" (b) Lyanna Stark. "3. Tyrion: (a) Joanna Lannister; (c) Rhaella Targaryen; (d) Genna Lannister; (e) An unknown woman" (a) Joanna. "4. Jon: (a) Lyanna Stark; (b) Ashara Dayne; (c) Wylla the fisherwoman; (d) Wylla the maid" (a) Lyanna Stark
  7. That might include Norvos, whose current theocracy was founded by Valyrian schismatics. A curious detail is that their noblewomen shave their heads and wear wigs. What can we guess, then, about Mellario of Norvos? "While in Lys even the smallfolk is said to be of Valyrian stock. How could Steffon not find a bride for Rhaegar there?" Probably, commoners were ruled out. Noble blood, and noble upbringing, tends to matter, to other nobles. "Are Valyrian noble Houses reluctant to let their female members depart?" Well, the Norovisi practices would tend to the Valyrian traits of their women ... assuming there were any to hide. "Dragonstone is also said to be populated by dragonseeds could they qualify as Rhaegars bride?" Only if bastards would be considered suitable. I am guessing, no.
  8. Platypus Rex

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    Those over-ripe blood oranges are not there for nothing.
  9. Platypus Rex

    Why did Jorah push Dany to go to Asshai?

    I don't think so. He's got a history, and it is not merely recent. It goes back to a period shortly after Robert's Rebellion. And it is connected to Ned Stark. He has not told us that whole story.
  10. Platypus Rex

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    The Viserys pact was through Darry. Isn't that the story? Isn't that one of the things Dany pointed out to Quentyn? That everyone involved in this pact is dead? I see no particular need to involve Varys. How would Doran know? Doran is Aegon's uncle, nearest surviving relative, and a powerful prince capable of protecting him. Who do you think Aegon's protectors would smuggle him to, if not to Doran? As for your hidden question, it basically boils down to: Why isn't Doran super-obvious about what he knows and does not know? Arianne is more-or-less working with Doran now, but she is still the last person he is going to reveal all his secrets and plans. If we allow for the fact that he is being cagey about his secrets and plans, there is nothing inconsistent about his trying to bring his various minions together.
  11. God bless him, he intends to keep tinkering at this. Wants to do it himself. But when he finally finishes Winds, at age 80, and Dany still has not reached Westeros, perhaps he will consider hiring a younger writer to churn out the next 6 volumes under his supervision.
  12. Platypus Rex

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    It's Varys' business to know secrets. That Varys is aware of, and supports, Young Griff's claim, hardly implies that Varys and Doran are actual co-conspirators. But they might be, sure. "However, if they were then I would think Doran would tell Varys about the pact." I wouldn't think that. "But I guess Doran may have kept that to himself." Why on earth would he do otherwise? Secrets are made to be kept, not told to random people for no particular reason merely because that person is in some sense on your side.
  13. Platypus Rex

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    I don't know if it was forged or not. I don't know if Varys knew about it or not. I don't understand the logic behind your question. There is nothing about the pact with Viserys, whether real or fake, that implies that Doran does not know about Aegon. Princes that make pacts don't necessarily intend to keep them.
  14. Platypus Rex

    Why did Jorah push Dany to go to Asshai?

    Do you think he has told all? There is more to come.
  15. Platypus Rex

    Why did Jorah push Dany to go to Asshai?

    Because he has secrets he wants to hide, and he knows that the truth lies in Westeros.