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  1. Why would that drive you crazy? If you don't want to play, don't play. Not everything is subjective. Some day, The Winds of Winter may be released, and at least some predictions will be definitely true, and others will be definitely false. And if I have to admit my predictions were all wrong, why would that be an enormous tragedy for me? Funny. I haven't seen anyone doing that in this thread. They just seem to be getting in the spirit of things and going on record with their predictions. That's fine too.
  2. Well, yeah. It's a game. If you did have "enough evidence" it would be in the form of GRRM's completed draft, intercepted en route to his publisher. But if you had such information, to play would be cheating. This is not an argument thread. It is a "go on record with your predictions" thread. And all you gain is bragging rights, for whatever that is worth.
  3. False, except for the "hopefully" part. True. A3. Someone else. I have no strong opinions here, and there seem to be many possibilities. B1 Ramsay Bolton. I have no strong opinions here, so will just go with the surface truth. C2. No. There are too many moving parts here, and at least one of them is wrong. D3 Other, is safest because least specific. I expect no such revelations. Does that count as "E2 No"? F2. No. Just a guess. G3 Other outcome. Brienne has already failed to survive her meeting with Stoneheart. Her zombie's current mission is to "take the sword and kill the kingslayer"; and not to bring Jaime before Stoneheart. Jaime has already died offscreen, slain by Brienne's zombie, and now his zombie is returning to King's Landing, to bring about Cersei's doom. Brienne's zombie will next appear in the Vale, where she will appear in the guise of "the Hound" and sew much confusion in the eyes of poor Sansa. H2 False. Baby Aegon survived, but he was baby-swapped at age 3 with his cousin Quentyn, and was then sent to the Yronwoods to be fostered. Thus Young Griff is the real Quentyn; and Frog is the real Aegon. However, it is unclear that all this will be revealed in The Winds of Winter. I1 R+L=J. I am tempted to be original here, but will reluctantly go with the standard theory (which, however, I think is by no means certain). J2. Yes. If will be JonCon and not Shireen, though. Shireen's case is no longer contageous, and it is merely a clue that some of the dragon statues on Dragonstone are not really statues at all, but dragons with advanced greyscale. K1 Stannis wins & survives, is probably closest to the truth, I guess. But I'm not sure there will be a clear victor. G2, the Green Grace. I have no strong opinions here. M2. No, Robb's will will not by its terms disinherit Sansa. No, Victarion himself will not gain control of any dragon.
  4. Jojen Paste was one of my first "unpopular theory" polls. It was more popular than most I polled, but still unpopular. At least 2/3rds of voters on this forum were against it.
  5. Never said it was great. I have many unpopular theories of my own.
  6. Thank you for your answers. You've certainly gone out on a limb. I don't agree with any of them, though. I will owe you props if any o the above come true. I note now 2 different contradictory Ashara theories associated with the Heresy thread. Does "Heresy" therefore stand for any unpopular theory?
  7. Thanks. I'm familiar with that theory, but did not know it was associated with "Heresy" threads. My own belief is that Septa Lemore is Mellario of Norvos, the wife of Doran. Dunno if that theory is more "heretical" than the Ashara theory.
  8. With ADWD, he was making plentiful happy noises after reaching the 1000 page mark. He ultimately reached 1700, before edits and cuts, after maybe another 2 years or so. Maybe he'll play it more close to the vest this time. But I still expect him to start making happy noises before he reaches 1500 pages. And I never assumed that 1500 pages meant he was done.
  9. Not I. If he had 1500 manuscript pages, we would be seeing a lot more happy noises by now. And don't tell me he's got a new policy. He would be unable to stop himself.
  10. I tend to avoid Heresy threads, because, from my ignorant perspective, they sound like a lot of smoke and noise signifying nothing. That's what I get from the OP's summary here. "Heresy" signifies everything and nothing. That said, I think it is a lot of fun to go out on a limb with unpopular theories … to go out on a limb with a prediction that actually has a chance of being proven right or wrong in coming volumes (if they are ever released). Can any of the participants in these heresy threads venture one or more simple, definable, and FALSIFIABLE heresy-related propositions that have some reasonable chance of being definitely provable as right or wrong in coming books? Sorry that I lack the patience for reading through a billion heresy posts. And thanks in advance for any answers.
  11. Quentyn's role in the Battle of Meereen will be to fly Viserion wearing a tattered cloak, and signal the Windblown to switch sides. We see some of the setup for this in the Barristan chapter where he tries to recruit Archie and Gerris to go on a mission to the Tattered Prince. Gerris is hesitant. He knows what Barristan does not, that Tatters has just died on Dany's bed, and if they go to the Windblown, the Windblown are likely to be curious and vindictive about their missing leader. He cannot explain his problem in front of Barristan, and so wants a word alone with Archie. Barristan refuses to allow this. But Archie has a plan ...
  12. Sure. It's only a theory. I only gave it because the OP asks for theories. I was only arguing with your claim to offer definite disproof.
  13. That's not Quentyn. That's someone who Barristan thinks is Quentyn. It's the Pentoshi prince, not the Dornish prince. We have not seen the real Quentyn (that is, the real Aegon) since he started to scream. Archie and Gerris saw what happened, but they also clearly know more than they are saying to Barristan. The text says it's the Dornish prince, but the text reflects the POV of the chapter. Barristan's POV. Barristan believes it is the Dornish prince, so the text says that. Just as we were told that Jon was Ned's bastard, sired on campaign. Maybe it is not true. But it is what Catelyn believes.
  14. I managed to read that one, but I don't agree with it. The author/reader projects all kinds of meanings on the word "Oh" which have little if any basis in the text or the logic of the story. "Oh" signifies the realization that he is on fire, which is naturally followed by panic or pain, or both. The author of your link seems to think "oh" signifies all kinds realizations such as (1) that he will die slowly and painfully over the course of the next 3 days; (2) that he is not "the hero"; (3) that he is in not invincible or immune from death; (3) that Cletus and his other friends also suffered and died; (4) that dragons are deadly monsters. From the above, one would imagine that Quentyn was some cocky arrogant narcissist, who was basically in it for his own glory, who thought he was immune from death, who persevered in his mission because he had no empathy for his dead friends and thought he was better than his dead friends; and who thought that dragons were cute cuddle bunnies who could not possibly hurt him. None of which is even remotely true.
  15. Looks like the Alchemist has had some practice impersonating dead fat people. And now he's about to put Sam to bed.
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