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  1. Platypus Rex

    "characters who are perfectly nice"

    Catelyn is an obvious possibility, as Ran noted. Sansa does not get along with Arya, and her choices threaten the Starks, though that was not her intent. Any character who does not get along with Tyrion may be judged more harshly than he should be. Many fans have yet to forgive Sweetrobin for his perfectly understandable desire to make the bad man fly. But he was only 6. And Tyrion is, indeed, a bad man, as every subsequent book makes more clear.
  2. Platypus Rex

    Euron Greyjoy "Ice or Fire"

    The God of Death has many faces: Rh'llor, the Great Other, and Euron's "Storm God" are just 3. The Ice Demon, the Fire Demon and the Storm Demon are all on the same team, and their goal is the destruction of humanity.
  3. Platypus Rex

    Did Ramsay actually geld Theon?

    It's the eternal question we all must ponder forever. In maximum clinical detail. And we must discuss it at the dinner table.
  4. Platypus Rex

    TWOW in July 2020 seems ever more likely

    Wishful thinking. We will get it when we get it, and I guess it will be after 2020.
  5. Platypus Rex

    What exactly is the point of Quentyn?

    Quentyn's role in the Battle of Meereen will be to fly Viserion wearing a tattered cloak, and signal the Windblown to switch sides. We see some of the setup for this in the Barristan chapter where he tries to recruit Archie and Gerris to go on a mission to the Tattered Prince. Gerris is hesitant. He knows what Barristan does not, that Tatters has just died on Dany's bed, and if they go to the Windblown, the Windblown are likely to be curious and vindictive about their missing leader. He cannot explain his problem in front of Barristan, and so wants a word alone with Archie. Barristan refuses to allow this. But Archie has a plan ...
  6. Platypus Rex

    What exactly is the point of Quentyn?

    Sure. It's only a theory. I only gave it because the OP asks for theories. I was only arguing with your claim to offer definite disproof.
  7. Platypus Rex

    What exactly is the point of Quentyn?

    That's not Quentyn. That's someone who Barristan thinks is Quentyn. It's the Pentoshi prince, not the Dornish prince. We have not seen the real Quentyn (that is, the real Aegon) since he started to scream. Archie and Gerris saw what happened, but they also clearly know more than they are saying to Barristan. The text says it's the Dornish prince, but the text reflects the POV of the chapter. Barristan's POV. Barristan believes it is the Dornish prince, so the text says that. Just as we were told that Jon was Ned's bastard, sired on campaign. Maybe it is not true. But it is what Catelyn believes.
  8. Platypus Rex

    What exactly is the point of Quentyn?

    I managed to read that one, but I don't agree with it. The author/reader projects all kinds of meanings on the word "Oh" which have little if any basis in the text or the logic of the story. "Oh" signifies the realization that he is on fire, which is naturally followed by panic or pain, or both. The author of your link seems to think "oh" signifies all kinds realizations such as (1) that he will die slowly and painfully over the course of the next 3 days; (2) that he is not "the hero"; (3) that he is in not invincible or immune from death; (3) that Cletus and his other friends also suffered and died; (4) that dragons are deadly monsters. From the above, one would imagine that Quentyn was some cocky arrogant narcissist, who was basically in it for his own glory, who thought he was immune from death, who persevered in his mission because he had no empathy for his dead friends and thought he was better than his dead friends; and who thought that dragons were cute cuddle bunnies who could not possibly hurt him. None of which is even remotely true.
  9. Platypus Rex

    Pate in Citadel is not dead yet

    Looks like the Alchemist has had some practice impersonating dead fat people. And now he's about to put Sam to bed.
  10. Platypus Rex

    What exactly is the point of Quentyn?

    Well, you don't explain how you deduce that from your quotes, so I must guess. But I have I never understood how people can cite the "all of him was burning" line as proof of instant death, when their position, presumably, is that he lived on for 3 days. Obviously the argument proves too much. To suggest these words allow survival for 3 days, but no more than that, is as arbitrary as arguing it allows survival for 3 hours, but no more than that. Also, I don't see how one who is even remotely familiar with the series can ignore the POV format of the books. Obviously, Barristan THINKS that the dying man is "the Dornish prince", and your Barristan chapter quote reflects that. To me, Quentyn's death is a rather obvious fake out. And while this is certainly easy to miss on first read, or even second read, it is more of a mystery that so many are unable to recognize all the elements of a fake-out, even after they are pointed out.
  11. Platypus Rex

    What exactly is the point of Quentyn?

    I stopped reading after it referenced Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead. We once had Shakespeare. Now we have Tom Stoppard.
  12. Platypus Rex

    What exactly is the point of Quentyn?

    He's not necessarily uninteresting. But he comes at a point where the reader is looking for resolution for old characters, and may be experiencing burnout on new ones.
  13. Platypus Rex

    What exactly is the point of Quentyn?

    This obviously does not require the buildup GRRM gave Quentyn. It can be accomplished in a paragraph.
  14. Platypus Rex

    What exactly is the point of Quentyn?

    One reason why Frog's chapters are not called simply "Quentyn", is perhaps because Frog's real name is not Quentyn, but rather Aegon. He's the frog that became a PTWP. Possibly, the reason his last chapter is called "The Dragontamer" is because that is the chapter in which he tames a dragon. Viserion actually seemed cowed by his whip. And as for his demise, I don't think that occurred.
  15. Platypus Rex

    What exactly is the point of Quentyn?

    The significance of Quentyn is that he is the real Aegon VI, rightful king of the Seven Kingdoms, son of Rhaegar and Elia. His significance is that when Dany and Jon quarrel about who is the rightful ruler, both will be wrong. People say he takes after his father. In fact, he takes after his mother. As a small child, he seemed to take after his father, but children change, as did his cousin Arianne, who in her childhood seemed to take after her father, but now resembles her mother. Young Griff, now styling himself as Aegon VI, is a fake, and more specifically, that he is the real Quentyn Martell. "Septa Lemore", who accompanies him, is in fact his mother, Mellario of Norvos, Doran's wife. Quentyn has dreams of fire and blood, as befits his Targaryen heritage. He survived his fiery encounter with Rhaegal, just as Dany has survived her fiery encounter with Drogon. He now hangs out with his new buddy Viserion in an abandoned but fully stocked Pyramid. The burnt-beyond-recognition man who died on Dany's bed is one of the identically-dressed windblown who accompanied Quentyn to the dragon pit. More specifically, he is the Tattered Prince, who likes to remove his cloak and maneuver incognito. Archie and Gerris obviously know more than what they are saying.