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  1. Varysblackfyre321

    What villains would you have wanted to see a POV from?

    The weeper. I’m curious if he legitimately believes his war to be the best thing for the wildlings, and genuinely sees most of his actions to be acceptable in his culture or if he simply is a power hungry dog who cares nothing for any sort of ideal. Or perhaps one of his followers. What fears they may have, in terms of renouncing key things in their culture just to get safety. And perhaps Ramsey. It’d be interesting to see him recount his childhood. Like I’m curious if his mother and Reek steered him to be their warped perception of what a Bolton must be and if Ramsey got worse and worse to fill those expectations or if he’s always been this extreme. And perhaps Val given she’s made clear she would get the wildlings to rebel if Stannis pushes them to abandon their gods and adopt Rh’lor.
  2. Varysblackfyre321

    Does Nettles prove the Valaryians weren’t exceptional?

    Am I wrong? Nettle’s looks, skin, upbringing and the fact she is the daughter of a prostitute makes her unlikely to be seen as a a threat if she were recognized as the illegitimate daughter of Daemon. Bastards like her don’t typically pose a threat to their trueborn siblings. Y
  3. Varysblackfyre321

    Why do we not hear of Targyen parents marrying their offspring?

    Meh, there is a clear mutual attraction that seems to develop most of the time even with the possibility their kids having the ability to tame dragons as not being there. And I wonder if the brother-sister truly entails being able to ride dragons or merely being able to ride “specific dragons. Like dragons are like to outlive their master it would do well if that dragon could sense its deceased master’s presence in that of his or family, rather than run the risk of being co-opted by some random Valaryian. If all Valaryians have the proper blood that grants them the ability to ride dragons, it seems Brother-sister marriages wouldn’t be needed for that purpose alone-Valaryians should be able to in effect marry Valaryians outside their family and not run the risk of losing the “purity” they have to ride dragons.
  4. Varysblackfyre321

    Why do we not hear of Targyen parents marrying their offspring?

    I just thought thought it a little odd given they purport to not actually having any sort of boundaries in these sort of things. And I could see where father-daughter marriages could be seen by a Valaryian family in a certian context as being logical. For instance if the father is not privy to any other female relatives to enlope with or the daughter has no close male kin. Reasonable answer. How did Craster marry his daughters anyway? He lays claim to be a godly man, yet I always interpreted that to mean to worship the others; did he marry his daughters in front of the hearth tree?
  5. Like correct me if I’m wrong(that wouldn’t be new), but we don’t really hear of Targyen fathers or mothers expressing a sexual/romantic interest in their son or daughter. Why do you think that is?
  6. Varysblackfyre321

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    How about Edric Storm? The boy is charming, the son of Robert and a noblewoman so although a bastard, he is still completely of noble lineage. I don’t believe she’s likely to show anymore animosity towards him than she did Joffery(who she wanted to pay to go away rather than just having to fight).
  7. Varysblackfyre321

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Not if she doesn't plan to die. It would be good to have a regent at hand, but you cannot necessarily plan for that unless you know you will die. All men die. It’s just a question of when and how. Daenerys could plan not to die until she’s accomplished everyone of her ambitions. She could still fail. It’d be irresponsible to have no back up plan available for when that happens. Hell plenty of normal parents whose survival who don’t have an entire country to look after designate one of their friends or relatives to look after their child in case they die.
  8. Varysblackfyre321

    Problematic aspects of Sansa`s education

    It really does show Mordane isn’t really a bad woman. She’s just a by product of her culture and a relatively inconsequential cog in the system. It’s nice Martin seemingly wanted to give this character some nuance instead of just being some nagging old shrew, who oppresses free thinking, girls like Arya because she’s just awful. To which he could have perfectly encomplized by never having her shown genuine care for the Stark girls.
  9. Varysblackfyre321

    Which Freys deserve to die for what House Frey did to House Stark?

    I would qualify Cregan’s action here in this specific instance, as slightly worse given he sort of waited until literally the woman he actually promised to support was dead before actually doing anything. After Lord Walder struck an agreement with Catelyn he at least didn’t procrastinate in giving his aid when he declared he would do just that. Truth be told I rolled my eyes when Cregan went “The north remembers.” As if he should be praised for just now intervening in a civil war that was basically over. God I hope, when the Boltons lose the north, we won’t see some northern house come at the last possible second, when the Boltons are already finally kicked out of of power proclaiming “The north remembers” when they haven’t actually done anything to help dispose of the Boltons.
  10. Varysblackfyre321

    Which Freys deserve to die for what House Frey did to House Stark?

    This notion of inaction not being the neural thing to do is odd. The only way to actually be neutral in this instance would be to do absolutely nothing to aid either side. If Robb and his rebellion can’t proceed as smoothly as they want because the Freys won’t let the rebels use their bridge to cross, the Freys still aren’t violating their claim at being neutral. Actually giving any sort of aid to either side would. Or attacking one of the sides(when not attacked first) would.
  11. Varysblackfyre321

    Dany’s Shivers

    I’m curious on why Viserys never told Daenerys about the Shivers. Is it because his education was abruptly stopped, or did the Targyens decide to gloss over this little incident when teaching their children as to reaffirm the belief that it’s ok for Targyens to commit inchest.
  12. Varysblackfyre321

    Problematic aspects of Sansa`s education

    So she’s a drunk who steals liquor from children? Jk. But seriously, probably best to keep Sansa from drinking too much alcohol.
  13. Varysblackfyre321

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    You keep confusing “well known” with trusted. Simply being known by the public is not the same thing as being trusted by the public. Most of the people you’ve listed as being sure to vouch for his supposed identity haven’t a grand reputation in Westeros. And one of the person you’ve cited isn’t even likely really well known to the people of Westeros all together-Illaryio is a powerful magister in penthos-it would seem odd if the average nobleman would know of the man. The golden company is a company founded by people to usurp house Targyren. Varys is a foreign eunuch, whose an oath breaker. The only person whose possibly going to be seen as possibly credible that you’ve listed is Jon Connington. Rheagar’s old friend. But he too has reason to lie and go with a charade given he succeeds he would no longer be an exile. The Valaryian look of purple eyes and white was never exclusive to the Targyens. Thanks to Valaryian imperialism. You could point to a random boy from Lys and odds are he’d look just as “Targyen” as Aegon. And so far we’ve seen he acts like a the typical nobleman whose also teenager. There’s nothing in his behavior that screams “Targyen”.
  14. Varysblackfyre321

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    It's debatable whether or not if Rheagar Rheagar did have a second marriage with Lyanna if it even counts. If it was done in front of a Hearth tree I'd say yes. If they got a septon, not really. Young griff may also be real(though I personally don’t see it likely to be true), which in the end places him to be the heir. And, Jon's oaths removed him from the line succession. He is no more the heir to the Ironthrone now than Samwel Tarley is the heir to House Tarly or Aemon was the heir to the iron throne when he was alive. His plans work best if he's at the head of the watch with the support of a king. No one at the wall whose likely to succeed really is a fan of ideas. I think his decision to refuse Stannis will be looked back on him as more right as time progresses.