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  1. This may be unfair to introduce in the conversation but I still remember this gem from them whenever I seem them cited https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11212515/Putins-limousine-hit-loud-bang-possible-attack.html
  2. No harm in hoping. But my hope is small even if trump wasn’t meming for attention.
  3. those pics would be used as proof of torture or poisoning.
  4. Proposal: it wouldn’t be remiss for people to question if deep state is only doing this because they know their would be puppet Desantis won’t be able to beat the Don head to head.
  5. I’ll try to judge the people heaping praise on Rock over his Megan comments in the best of faith. I think most of her detractors—especially conservatives who’ve hate boner for Markle—who are heaping praise on him are actually listening to what he’s criticizing her for and just instinctively praised someone for speaking negatively of her. His claim here is that it’d be unreasonable for Markle expect the Royal family to not be extremely racist. Also I’m going to be a bit more generous. think most of her detractors—especially the conservatives—could spot the non-sequitor in someone saying x isn’t racist because black people do x. Even if you think a Royal asking how a brown Megan’s baby would be isn’t racist—it would be—the logic Rock used can still be dismissed as nonsensical. Truth isn’t as important as establishing a positive narrative around traditional cultural icons to many people unfortunately. anyone who can jeopardize that narrative generally will be type casted as devil incarnate. Andrew likely did have sex with sex slaves younger than the 17 year old sex slave we know was provided by the man whose sex trafficking hundreds minors. I don’t ultimately it’d make him less popular in the Uk. than Megan.
  6. Same way they cried the spill in East Palestine was due to North folk being woke. Honestly companies can rest easy knowing all they have to avoid substantive criticism and possible legal consequence for their actions is to have one thing conservatives can call woke to all the problems on. Like just having a black Person be in a position of authority.
  7. There was and never will be a sound economic argument for Brexit and even most idiots who pushed for it know it.
  8. Transphobes just want trans kids miserable enough to back in the closet or dead. It wouldn't matter if in thirty years studies found 99.9% of trans kids who transitioned just loved it.
  9. You posted an editorial draconian on measures against reproductive that are taking place in West Virginia.
  10. Not every thread needs to be turned around to how America is fucking up.
  11. This woman is an actual misogynist who will definitely women's reproductive rights, and station in the public and gay rights. Who will terfs in general say is an improvement on Sturgeon because she thinks women can't rape(have sex with someone without their consent) and trans women are predators. That doesn't contradict what I said though. they often framing their bigoted campaigns as concerned with things more liberal people are concerned with like Fairness(which conservatives on average do not care much about) to apeal to people who don’t like to see themselves as theocratic faschists like Matt Walsh but are at least uneasy towards LGbT people because different.
  12. Hell if you just want girls to show less skin trousers conceal a lot more than skirts and would require less policing. True, these rules are meant to reaffirm the difference between male and female students. It's not or at less proper for girls to wear pants because traditional gender roles. Eh there can be a nuanced conversation on where can Amabs should label put on sports team if they're trans. The reason why conservatives zero in this topic is because they can peel off support from people who aren't as terrible as them. true for most conservatives its just an intellectulization of their base disgust trans people. genuinely find women's sports either a joke, fap fodder, or outright disgusting(ex.female weight lifting). Like the face of transphobic movement is matt walsh a man who rages at the existence female sports casters and women weigh lifting at the gym.
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