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  1. I think it's just society functioning as it always has, and always will. An individual is not insular in society, judgements will be made of them, by others and those judgements will/can garner social repercussions.
  2. You've posited that someone getting canceled is being treated in humanely. David Duke was ”canceled” from various media platforms. Was he treated in humanely? I think you'd agree ”canceling” someone by itself is not worthy of condemnation. I have to say so long as individual exists in a society public sentiment will affect how an individual is treated. There's nothing wrong in it of itself with business choosing to dissociate with x. I know you recognize this not to be a new thing. Twitter, social media in general simply allow people to do what people have always done in society big and small. Pass judgements on individuals. I don't see ”Twitter mobs” as some existential threat to freedom of speech, and democracy. You haven't given a rate. You say it's success rate isn't good, but you're just giving a personal impression of it being like that off a few examples. I can easily say it's largely successful if I desire to cite a few examples. Molineux, Duke, Spencher, Jones they're all less dangerous by virtue of being kicked off various social media platforms. We’re talking about a public perception of an individual effecting how they get along in society. I think CC is a useful boogeyman for sexists, and racists to blame for whenever there's a social consequence for their speech.
  3. To the bolded, I think treating someone as a human doesn't demand other human beings associate with you despite any of your statements or actions. ”Canceling” someone by itself is not treating someone in humanely. For example; Twitter deciding to give David Duke a platform to spread ideas that have literally lead to genocide. He says he's not anti-Semitic. I don't think having a nice debate will change his mind. To 3) people in public expressing discontent with someone’s political stances and businesses taking stock in their perception public sentiment will always be a thing. To try to make ”Twitter mobs” not thing would be trying to silence them. To number I sure that's a good thing.
  4. Not really. Like in the 50s in America being an outspoken socialist probably could you jailed and lose everything. I have to ask what do you want to see actually happen? Because I can see things that would entail the silencing of others. The people on Twitter are usually just exercising their freedom of speech. Should they be pushed to practice self-censorship? Should government step in? Like what do you want exactly to see happen?
  5. It should be noted leftism isn’t really synonymous with liberal, and conservative isn’t synonymous with Right-wing.
  6. To the bolded, I think you understand the public has never not been judgemental of an individual’s conduct. Employers firing someone, or businesses choosing to dissociate from an unpopular ideas isn't new. You've acknowledged the Dixie Chick fiasco happened before Twitter so I think you realize cancel culture isn't an advent of modern social media. I have to say, I don't see quelling of it as being something that can happen unless there's a willingness to suppress even more speech. People presenting x individual who shouldn't get money, are using their freedom of speech.
  7. I kinda think the rest of my post makes my position clear. Their(white supremacists, and white woke people) stances-at least in this video’s view- on issues are the same. The reasons for supporting the stance are different. That white-woke people are racists for minorities and against whites while white-supremachists are racist against minorities, for whites.
  8. Not really. The stances are presented as the same. But the reasons for having are different in wanting to defend/protect none-whites vs helping secure white-supremacy. I think many of the stances he's laid out probably lie closer to the mainstream conservative apparatus. White-supremachists tend to deny the existence of white privilege for instance. They hate affirmative action typically because it’d rob qualified people out positions that should be there's. It just so happens those qualified people are white men. Also, it's not ”woke” just to not buy the black friend argument.
  9. Again comedy isn't something that makes any idea or argument presented in it unable to be criticized. He's pushing ideas. Hell you cited him because you thought he presumably made a compelling case for Woke being racist. If it's just a skit and does not worth any consideration, why post it in this discussion board? If it's just a skit shouldn't one automatically brush off anything said in it as not worth consideration off the same justification of Its just a skit?
  10. Ok bro, do you actually disagree with anything I said in the post? If so in what way? And why? Please just don't cry ”Its comedy!” Give an actual defense. Or just say he's wrong. That the only difference between white-supremachists and being ”woke” not seeing ALL whites as pure good or evil? I don't think that's a compelling conclusion and many of the examples of similarities he's laid out to arrive at are misleading at best, flat-out lies at worse.
  11. Yes you agree with it! The political statements are true to you. A lot of it is wrong. I've given my examples and given my case for why. You can try actually showing why I'm wrong, or admitting the guy who made the video was wrong on these points. Instead of just crying ”Its just comedy bro, stop trying to dissect and seriously critize his ideas. He's just joking!” while simultaneously mushing ”He’s right about the ideas he's pushing and worth serious consideration!” It can't be both.
  12. Its comedy bro! I do laugh at this defense when used in place an actual defense of someone pushing an idea. I have to ask; do you think think the the person who made the video does not seriously think there's an overlap between the racists and the woke? Comedy isn't some thing that makes any political statement made while doing it barred from criticism. If you're wrong something, you're still wrong if you tell it while laughing.
  13. Oh is that the only possible thing that matters to you? So long as it's funny it doesn't matter if the ideas in the video trying to be pushed are wrong? Interesting.
  14. I have to make some comments on the video; Affirmative Action was the type thing touted by MLK. Acknowledging white-privilege is something most white supremacists would not do. At all. They're the sad underdogs like white people in general. You might as well literally cry the civil rights movement in general was racist because it contended none whites weren't being treated as equals to whites. A white man can have black friends, and still be racist. The idea you must literally hate everyone whose not apart of your race is ridiculous. Literally Hitler had Jews he personally liked as individuals; https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/history/2018/11/13/the-fuhrers-child-how-hitler-came-adore-girl-with-jewish-roots/%3foutputType=amp I cannot believe this idea of personal connections to some members of particular race is still touted as some get of racism free card.
  15. Yeah, things should be included in discussions of Cancel Culture. But often the left, and liberals follies in terms pushing social justice are presented as the issue. And yes there are follies. But conservative internet mobs that advocates boycotts and harassment are absent in much of the discussion. Like it’s not hard to find such groups fuming and calling for boycotts of media that dare show an lgbt character for instance. Hell a lot the James Gunn scandal was pushed by right-wing but who worked for Infowars.
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