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  1. Varysblackfyre321

    Is Jon to blame? #NotMyKing

    They know he held the wall against Styr and Mance. They know that Bowen left CB very poorly defended chasing after Mance's feints and managed to lose a hundred men, Bowen is always saying, the men won't like this or that.. yet when men (as a group) actually want to ask Jon something, it isn't Bowen who speaks for them... They know Jon helped with defending Castle Black. Jon could have very well abandoned them knowing(as he did), the force Mance would be crushed or because he got into some fight a wildling. He didn’t, but his story of Half-hand having Jon literally kill him does not really seem that more believeble story if you don’t know Jon that well. But even in the immediate aftermath of his securing Castle Black when Slynt came along to imprison talk of him being some wildling loving traitor was taking root. They witnessed Jon mercy kill a mance who murdered their brothers and whose followers tortured many of their brothers and friends-as if he deserves better. They know Jon is allowing the very “savages” free entry into the realm. Even scum such as the Weeper who plucked the eyes out of 3 brothers took off their heads and displayed it all it for the brothers at the wall to see-Jon is really unlikely to have a significant portion of the watch doing what he’s doing without really trying to convince them of the necessity of his actions. Seriously, what do you think gives any hint there is or likely a significant portion of the watch who actually approved of Jon’s tenure as lord commander? That a lot them supported his “progressive” reign? Ah let me rephrase-they will not hang themselves with the line to get back at House Bolton. I mean hatred for the Boltons and House Lannister was enough to get back lords to stay united to fight in the immediate aftermath of the RW-most lords were in fact scrambling to bend the knee. The lords we see supporting Stannis, do so out of a calculated risk-he’s a proven battle-commander with a claim to the Ironthrone. Jon is a bastard oath-breaker whose barely 17 whose military experience they would not know with a horde of wildlings(men who’ve been pillaging and raping their people for years and who are viewed near subhuman), they fear the Boltons, they will comply until/if there is a time to rebel.
  2. Varysblackfyre321

    Catelyn the Hypocrite Bastard

    Can you please edit this, it’s hard to make sense out of you’re saying. Interesting theory though. You do a good job to make a case of Blackfish having probably cucked his brother. Question if Edmure is a bastard what would be the last of his son? Frey?
  3. Varysblackfyre321

    Joffrey Was Justified in Beheading Ned Stark.

    You are spot on. Hell scum like Slynt could very well say all the bad he did as commander of the city watch is for his family, Qyburn would probably say his research reveals knowledge that has import to humanity as a whole.
  4. Varysblackfyre321

    Joffrey Was Justified in Beheading Ned Stark.

    Renly Baratheon the faithful’s defender has a nice name to it. Seriously though I always thought Renly could justify to the public skipping Stannis in the line of succession through the point to the fact his elder brother is a heathen. Though Renly is already trying to usurp his nephews already so that may be a little unnecessary.
  5. Varysblackfyre321

    Is Jon to blame? #NotMyKing

    I’ll wait until you’ve replied to the rest of my post before I respond. Not ignoring this but I feel I will needlessly repeat myself by mistake. I’ll just say I wasn’t being sarcastic in my question; I’ll admit to have missed The explicitly stated things in the text from time to time.
  6. Varysblackfyre321

    Is Jon to blame? #NotMyKing

    Jon was not wrong. A king beyond getting past the NW has happened before, when the NW watch had plenty more members and far more supplies, but whenever an invading force actually got into South of the powers of the feudal society of the north crushed them.
  7. Varysblackfyre321

    Is Jon to blame? #NotMyKing

    Jon himself thinks Mormont would not go for allowing the tens of thousands through the wall when Mance was threatening to bring the wall down with the horn. It’s not really an unfa assumption on Jon part truly. It’s relatively common knowledge that Bear island has had plenty of its’ women kidnapped and raped by the ironborn and wildlings to the point there women must take up swords.There are not a lot of rangers left who’ve seen wights. I don’t any character alive that we’ve been introduced has been for sure seen one of the others. Jon himself has not actually seen an other. Only ei wights. Stewards made up the majority before Mormont’s great ranging. Like I said there’s no reason to think the majority of Black brothers approve of lord Jon after radical policies-he does not convince or truly try to convince his brothers of the necessity of having an opening door policy. Which is a mistake because the second he dies or goes away his reforms and projects would likely be discontinued by his successor. The Watch’s hierarchy have actually gazed upon the hand of a brother to which was still, hell Alister himself delivered the hand to KL and he clearly is not in support of Jon. Jon may not have be expecting a lot visible support after he reads the letter but any would likely stick out in his mind-instead the only reaction he really noted is Marsh and his followers walking away after listing the names of various wildling warriors applauding his declaration to war with House Bolton. If his leadership had produced a significant portion of the watch to like or respect him, one might think there would have been at least a few brothers to which would cheer on Jon’s decision.
  8. Varysblackfyre321

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    I agree completely. His family is largely made-up of hot-headed idiots. I honestly found him to be the only mildly interesting thing of the Dornish storyline. The sand snakes and Arriane to come across as spoiled brats, with flights of fantasy, and no concept of honor yet ready to preach how honor demands revenge or whatever.
  9. Varysblackfyre321

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    Largely true. Whether it’d be Daenerys,Robb, or Eddard, most rulers we see put their personal grievances ahead of the lives that would be lost for the quest for vengeance. Robb was so dead set on his vengeance he would drag down his family(even his beloved brother Jon) with him and continue his lost war that has cost so many lives out of pure want for revenge. Doran is really the only one who seems to care that if he goes about getting vengeance, thousands, hell tens of thousands of people would die and not just because it might inconvenience his plans. It’s kind of funny however Doran is despised by his people while his brother and nieces are beloved even though Doran clearly puts more stock in their wellbeing.
  10. Varysblackfyre321

    Is Jon to blame? #NotMyKing

    What you refer to as "the watch" is a handful of watchmen, that we know of.. Thorne, Bowen, Wick, Alf, Mully and my bet is, based on hints in the text, that it won't even include Yarwick and the rest of the builders. (But throw in Septon Cellador.) I see no reason why the majority of men in the watch would have much approval of Jon than the men you listed. Jon is allowing in the very people to which only a sort while ago were trying to kill them and are in fact responsible for the murder and torture of many of their brothers. In Jon’s defense he legitimately believes he’s doing will help lead to a better outcome. It seems readers to project the majority of readers feelings in regards to Jon onto the black brothers-that there is a significant part who actually like approve of him and most of his radical ideas or even like Jon. He during his tenure as LC has given them no real reason to think his leadership adequate or convince any that his ideas are good. Like I think it says something he fails to note anyone of his brothers showing any real approval of his plan to war with House Bolton. Literally all the people he listed having shown support for his venture were warriors from Tormund’s band. The only reaction he does cite any of them having is Marsh and his followers leaving clearly dissatisfied with Jon’s proclamations. Where does he say he plans to ambush the Bolton forces? This is logical assumption given actually going to winterfel would be far more suicidal but I don’t remember it being explicitly stated that is what he planned to do. I think you are severely overestimating the wildlings. Jon says flat-out to Ygritte that he believes Mance’s invasion is doomed, even though most of the skilled leadership is south and a lot of the fighting age males are to the south and had way more men than Tormund’s few. Because the wildlings do not get displined drilled into them, they’re weapons generally are of low quality of anything made south. Even if everyone desired to attack the Boltons, not everyone will actually go through with putting their neck on the line over it. Hell, Hother Whorsebane would be the undisputed leader of his house now and he’s shown alliegance House Bolton(the Umbers really don’t get enough credit for their craftyness), and likely would continue to give aid to House Bolton now and report the movements of the wildlings horde that Jon has. All the allies of Stannis would have little choice but to capitulate to the Boltons. And the north has largely viewed the wildlings unfavorably-understable since the wildlings come south to kidnapp and rape their women, murder them, and pillage their villages. I’ll freely admit many would be satisfied with the fall with House Bolton, but I imagine the wildlings having been shown to do isn’t going to be seen as the best way it could have happened. If Jon somehow wins his radical policies would be a point of contention; like House Mormont has many of their women kidnapped and presumably raped to the point the women on Bear Island had to become fighters-the wildlings being allowed south of the wall. And ship her far away to some place no king could their hands on her. Bad idea. She should be delivered to Stannis if Jon is going to allow Mance to keep his head-he could actually put the girl to good use, as a trophy and use bargaining chip or a reward to someone’s loyalty. Jon wouldn’t be acting neutral but hey that shipped sailed away the first time he advised Stannis on how he should treat with men he wanted to recruit for his cause-to which I could forgive given anyone in the room who would hear him doing so would likely be dead should Stannis lose. Stannis is the only king to actually believe(and has been given any real reason to believe quite frankly), the threat of the others-it makes sense to give Stannis some advice with such little risk.
  11. Varysblackfyre321

    Joffrey Was Justified in Beheading Ned Stark.

    True. Even the Brackens and Blackwoods(mortal enemies), were in agreement in wanting to continue warring with the iron-throne. Ned’s release to the wall would likely pacify the North(Robb’s main reason for fighting after all was to avenge Ned), but there aren’t really guarantees that Edmure won’t align himself with either Stannis or Renly or whoever for the appeal of glory, and revenge on house Lannister for butchering and raping his people(to which he genuinely cares for).
  12. Varysblackfyre321

    Craster: Sacrificing his sons to the WW

    I will not be surprised if in the next book, Daenerys deals with some form betrayal in her 13th chapter.
  13. Varysblackfyre321

    Craster: Sacrificing his sons to the WW

    I wonder how the wives of Craster’s view each other; like what’s the social hierarchy there, and how they would see each other(mothers? Sisters?)
  14. Varysblackfyre321

    Craster: Sacrificing his sons to the WW

    yeah, I've wondered about that - but then I also thought that many stud animals can be aggressive or highly strung. Then again it wouldn't be the first household where the guy only thought he was the one in charge Still doesn’t really explain why the others would pick Caster(an exceptionally violent) with their truly valuable females. He poses a threat to them as well because he has no problem throwing his weight around(he if enraged could probably seriously hurt or even kill one of his wives with a few smacks of his fist). and leave it to him to be the only male around; like once he died, the females could have very easily been slaughtered before Craster’s sons showed up. It doesn’t just appear it’s only Craster’s who thinks he’s in charge-Gilly doesn’t make any reference to some sort matriarchal to which she truly obeys and fears.
  15. Varysblackfyre321

    Who do you think is Mance’s father?

    I don’t really see Mance handling the forging of such a letter to anyone else’s besides himself. There really isn’t anyone he can reasonably be sure to be literate and agreeable to such a plan-Stannis and his noblemen are not going to give an ultimatum to where Jon either has to give up Stannis’ heir, wife and favored witch, Jon for all they know could very well try just that(although yes very unlikely). If he was taken south side of the wall I imagine he would be more an active participant, which means less reason to take him in. A fair fear-the Watch would have just butchered his family, it’s going to take time for him to get over that.