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  1. Varysblackfyre321

    Popular shows you quit on

    Same. The formula is stale gang finds new place to stay. New place to stay is run by badman. New place to stay gets more dangerous. Gang fights bad man. Gang leaves after destroying new place. Truth be told I lost all interest in the show after half way through season 7. I hated their arc for Jon snow during it. Book Jon was a kind, a leader among men, a progressive-season 7 Jon I found to be a feel good idiot with delusions of importance. That and the fact Cersi being posed as real threat after having basically nuked KL along with who is basically the pope and thousands of citizens during a time where there clearly was a religious awakening in the south. The woman should have had been torn limb from limb by the time Daenerys got to Westeros.
  2. Varysblackfyre321

    US Politics: Make Thread Titles Great Again

    Can you elaborate? I’ve heard this sentiment before but I forget the reasoning behind it.
  3. Varysblackfyre321

    US Politics: Make Thread Titles Great Again

    Wow. Didn’t think this movie could get even more racist.
  4. Varysblackfyre321

    Is x character a psychopath?

    Let’s discuss which character you think is or isn’t a psychopath.
  5. Varysblackfyre321

    US Politics: Make Thread Titles Great Again

    This is true. One simply need to look at films such of “Birth of nation” the southern racists were the victims of those evil savage blacks. Or read an old southern textbook discussing slavery and the civil war. They’re the aggrieved party even though the confederacy mostly fought in the name of being legally able to own blacks.
  6. Varysblackfyre321

    Live-action remakes you’d like to see?

    I really don’t see making the fighting as fluid for the main cast as being possible. It’s hard enough to find talented child actors but good child actors with an aptitude towards martial arts, I just see as impossible.
  7. Varysblackfyre321

    Live-action remakes you’d like to see?

    We don’t. A ton of people will see these things because of nostalgia alone. Myself included. I will see the Lion King. And Aladdin. I can’t help myself.
  8. Varysblackfyre321

    Popular shows you quit on

    I guess Netflix’s the punisher and Ironfist. I could not get past the first few episodes. Prison break I’d tried one episode and gave up immediately. TWD after seasons 4 I think. I was into Black sails but kinda lost interest after the first season. I’ve never finished watching Breaking bad. Great show, but I’ve never struck through watching it for some reason. Mystery science theatre I tried it but I really couldn’t get into it. And if not live-action shows some cartoons and Anime I’ve tried and failed to get into are Code named kids next door, teen titans go, fairly odd parents Naruto, Gintama, one piece.
  9. Varysblackfyre321

    US Politics: Make Thread Titles Great Again

    Meh, I have mixed feelings about this statement. Yeah I totally understand that you know this isn’t really big deal. Like the abuse being reported isn’t from what I gather the criminal. Please correct me if I’m wrong here. Klocbucar being a dick as a boss, really won’t be the reason I won’t vote for her as a nominee. Still, I guess it shows the type of person she is. So it has that value.
  10. Varysblackfyre321

    US Politics: Make Thread Titles Great Again

    @DMC I’m not sure if you noticed but it appears the mods kinda fused our two US politics threads together. And this thread kinda has granted me credit for making it. I’m going to make sure my OP gives you credit for the thread’s title.
  11. I disagree. Separation of church and State is always a good thing in it of itself. It rapidly decreases the chance of religious minorities being persecuted. A flat-out monarchy still has it’s problems to be sure, and government persecution of minorities can still happen-but making the Ghurkish empire less subservient to one religion, would be a proper step in bettering the country. But my main point is that the Ghurkish far from being portrayed as all religious extremists were shown to have great variance in terms of their view of government and religion.
  12. Varysblackfyre321

    Do you think Victarion Greyjoy is a psycopath?

    No you haven’t. You’ve just pointed to him doing things you find immoral, Being a psychopath is more than just “doing x really bad thing”. Most of the violent behavior that Vic displays is accordance to what his society thinks is acceptable and even admirable. Killing off salt-wife after she’s been sullied by her husband’s own kin is expected in this extremely militaristic and misogynistic society.
  13. Varysblackfyre321

    US Politics: Make Thread Titles Great Again

    Meh. I would say the reaction is more bizarre than heinous. I could agree as a whole it wasn't reasonable. This really isn't something I find particularly interesting(because the woman herself isn't particularly interesting to me) so I'll just drop it. Though I will say if the story is fabricated I think the person who contrived it has little imagination. Klobuchar should have been said to have made the staffer eat the salad with a comb(probably a dirty one).
  14. Varysblackfyre321

    US Politics: Make Thread Titles Great Again

    So what would you think the appropriate reaction be? Total Indifference at this because it was small error seemingly done with no malicious intent?
  15. Varysblackfyre321

    US Politics: Make Thread Titles Great Again

    I don't think this story is particularly credible hence my use of saying "if this happened". It's really too bizarre to seem plausible. But if it is(it probably isn't) the worst thing that Klobucar has done(in this particular instance) is berate the forgetful aid for failing partially at a task and make said aid clean a comb.