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  1. Which is why long-term meaningful reforms aren’t likely to be implemented. Like you say the tendency of cities getting shafted isn’t some new development, it’s always been the norm and the people doing the shafting tend to walk out richer with no real negative consequences for them personally The people who launched Montreal Olympics in 1976 are mostly either retired and living comfortably or dead after living life in wealth. The people who launched Tokyo Olympics will share a similar fate to their predecessors. The amount of faith put in the idea that the IOC will reform meaningfully because it’s in their interest for long-term seems…I guess naive? Because it seems to rest on the idea of people who work for corporate entities not having the tendency to prioritize their own short term interests over the long term damage to the entity they work for the society they live in or even themselves when there’s a lot of money they can grab immediately. Like for example Climate change and fossil fuel companies. Or the 2008 housing and the predatory lending practices by the banks.
  2. I really do hope Newsom hangs until a democrat could replace him. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/gavin-newsom-has-reason-to-worry/
  3. Yeah not just anyone could host the Olympics, there’s a level of prestige attached to it. But ultimately the image prestige doesn’t translate into real-world benefits for the hosts besides having the bragging rights When the Tokyo Olympics are complete I’m fairly certain a familiar pattern will emerge. The Olympics will be proved to be a drain on the host city. Again The IOC will make some gesture to some lukewarm reforms that they say will adequately address the problems that have come with hosting the Olympics. Mainly it being a drain to the host city https://www.dw.com/en/the-40-planned-olympic-reforms-in-overview/a-18115897 There will insistence that the IOC would try to benefit the city hosting them after the documented history of the Olympics being a drain. Because for sure the people who run corporate entities are never short-sighted and engrossed in getting the most they can in the moment. And the Olympics will still prove a drain https://www.voanews.com/east-asia-pacific/over-budget-and-fraught-problems-tokyo-games-spark-calls-olympic-reforms
  4. Here’s some more nuance;https://www.npr.org/sections/tokyo-olympics-live-updates/2021/07/27/1021095005/with-all-eyes-on-tokyo-the-city-has-just-hit-a-new-high-in-covid-19-cases Many people may suffer and die in Japan. But can’t we just have fun in the meantime?
  5. Oh yeah we’re still in the midst of a pandemic so having the Olympics this year probably was a poor choice. It should be noted most Japanese people did not want Japan to host the Olympics in part because covid. This was forced on them despite its unpopularity. But hey let’s just ignore them and just feel nice about the heart-warming stories of athletes who’re competing and take enjoyment at the competition. Whose to say any of the covid infections that happen in Japan wouldn’t have happened any way without the Olympics./s
  6. Ah yes, provide evidence for why dumping money in a hole shouldn’t be done. Prove that money wouldn’t have been wasted elsewhere. That people should try to curb the influence or damage of totalitarian regimes, or at least see such regimes face a degree of punishment for their actions is possible? Yeah China isn’t going to crumble or stop it’s genocide of the Uyigurs if they’re not allowed to host or compete in the Olympics. But to me actively committing a genocide in your borders is enough good reason to bar them from a sporting event. China may be doing a genocide but what about the US’s prison industrial complex eh? I see it as an adequate description if you’re going whose to say whose say what is a totalitarian regime when we’re talking about China. Both sides bad. US isn’t innocent either. Why pick on China? Why not dump money in a hole? There may be a possibility that the money dumped could be used elsewhere for better purposes, but there’s no guarantee? The Olympics is parasitical on host cities in terms of driving up rent for tennants pushing them into debt trying to build facilities that they would never use again, and is a potential tool for dictatorships to propagandize. But some people find it fun so let’s just the moment eh? Listen dude there are like trillions of things online many advice contradicts others. I’m trying to gleam what are you specifically using as the basis for your argument so I’d be able to know what you’re going off of. 1) There is problem. 2) see addressing said problem may involve some inconvenience. 3) Points to the existence of other problems to demonstrate the futility in trying to address said problem. 4) Continue to enjoy life as it was previously. Sure. Banning the Olympics won’t create a utopia on earth to be sure. The world is complex. Saying it’s complex can be an easy way to sound practical when advocating against something that would see a reduction or cessation of a thing you personally enjoy. A step in the right direction to the very least IMO.
  7. So no counter argument to what exactly are the ever pressing benefits towards the Olympics that demands it’s continuation despite parasitical on cities and utility for dictatorships. Ah once more a retreat to the Nirvana fallacy. You’re actions won’t create a utopia so why even do em? People will inevitably die. So why not just allow kids to smoke? Barring them from smoking won’t keep them alive forever. Besides they may enjoy it. Totalitarian regimes will always exist. So why ever try to limit their influence or damage ever? Just let them host the Olympics it’s fun. And another retreat into the relative fallacy. Whose even to say if China is a totalitarian regime? Whose even to say that’s bad.Evil is in the eye of the beholder. To be clear my preference for liberal democracies to withdraw from the competition completely. If China and Russia wind up the only teams competing at the Olympics the world would not be worse off. Both sides aren’t pure innocents! Yeah less countries at certain sporting events. So? What meaningful harm to the world would it be if the only countries competing in the Olympics were Saudi Arabia, China , and Russia? I don’t see much. Ok You’re arguments thus far have reminded of this: It may seem a childish retort. It is. But exemplary of the logic you seem to be working under. Whose to say not dumping money in a big hole would fix the world’s problems? There’s surely other ways money is wasted and there’s no 100 percent guarantee that money wouldn’t have been wasted anyway. A stranger on the internet? Not particularly no. What reforms specifically are you talking about actually point to changes in policy. I understand those families have great pride with their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers being able to star in the Olympics. Not dissing that. They’re not bad people for this. Anyone who currently enjoys the Olympics is not a bad person just because they enjoy the Olympics. But now having acknowledged that; that doesn’t erase any of the legitimate criticisms to be had of the Olympics. Call me cynical but I find this to be a common trick in terms of deflection of a individual or group’s product Point to the fact there are some people, some good people, who’ve a genuine emotional pinvestment in their products or stand to gain from for why critism of said group or individual is wrong. I mean sure McDonald’s advertising towards children has helped formulate the obesity epidemic but how many smiles Has Ronald McDonald brought to kids in the make-a wish foundation? Can’t we all just shut up and feel nice about this thing that looks nice? Felt good about heartwarming stories about the Olympian competitors. Just turn your brain off and feel good.
  8. https://www.kron4.com/news/politics/inside-california-politics/exclusive-poll-californians-split-on-newsom-as-recall-election-nears/ Well this is depressing but a welcome jolt for me to actually vote. I’ll admit to having thought it’d be in the bag for Newsom to the point where I could forgoe voting. But no. I really do dread the possibility of a Republican governor in California it will invigorate the right’s efforts if it’s not a solid defeat.
  9. Yeah it kinda follows you’re building a strawman for the by declaring stopping the Olympics would not stop the world problems as if that’s what’s the article claimed Forgive me but this statement doesn’t track with your posts so far in this thread. You’ve mocked any statement in regards to the continuation of the Olympics being wasteful. Whilst not really offered a benefit to them besides it being fun to watch. The amount mud attached to the Olympics perhaps. It is not a logical to infer that the article thinks if not for the Olympics we would would be sitting around in a drum circle going Kumbaya. Yes, Preferably in regards to the Olympics at least yes, and yes. Agreed on it being a simple approach in regards to here. I do not see it as a bad one. Please explain how going China bad(for being a totalitarian regime currently in the process of committing genocide ), China not allowed to host(for being a totalitarian currently in the process of committing genocide),or even complete, will make a world a worse place. At least to the perspective of liberal democracies. Exactly, Russia, Saudi Arabia, when it was a thing Nazi Germany are all countries that should have been barred What is the crucial reason for liberal deomocracies to perform a sporting event with them? Effected negatively? Alright explain in what ways exactly. I simply tried to get you to explain what justification there is to continue the Olympics. But I’ve given such. For example pointing to the level of infrastructure that must be built in order sustain it as parasitical on the host cities and allowances for totalitarian propagandize even more on the world stage. whether you think the costs are acceptable is another issue. This is a vague response. It implies a suitable reform has already been dealt but doesn’t explain in what way. It can be one of the way ways to do so yes. Will the regime instantly instantly collapse without it? No. But still preferable to take it away from them. Again this want for escapism through sporting events is understandable. But besides accomplishing that feat for the fans what are the real world benefits to the Olympics that demand it’s continued existence over the innumerate costs associated with them? Nope. Now explain why it’s critical for them to have the chance at some gold medals?
  10. Then why reply this; If not to push forth the idea that the article was arguing was supposed to do that. Sure. Preferably not be held at all, and if they do at least not in totalitarian regimes. Twitter didn’t decide China is a totalitarian regime. It is one though and I respect your intelligence too much to think you disagree with that fact. Retreating to relativism is not always effective. Why do you think it’s necessary or at least preferable to continue the Olympics? What benefits do you see it having that outweighs the costs attached to it? And please do not just reference personal enjoyment to see it as if sorely of of individual preference at issue. Please do not shrug your shoulders and pontificate on it’s discontinuance not being able stop other bad shit completely.
  11. Yeah it’s still preferable no one have to register at all. At best it’s needless chore, at worse it gives legitimacy to the idea of it being okay for government to force people to die for it. Yeah I have a little sister who expressed interest in joining the army. I didn’t feel comfortable with it knowing the higher chance of her getting sexually assaulted or harassed by her colleagues and dismissed as being divisive for complaining about her abuse(her abusers excused for just playing around.) I recently got into a conversation with a man who served in the military. Insisted Sexual harassment and assault was extremely rare and taken seriously in the military. He noted that none of his female colleagues had ever disclosed to him about being sexually assaulted or harassed whilst in service. When I brought up statistics on the rate of sexual assault and harassment he immediately brushed it off as just the result of women not reacting appropriately to military humor or hazing. He then went on to say such people who can’t take a joke are socially ostracized and rightfully so.
  12. Oh ok. The article didn’t posit every problem in the world would be fixed of virtue of discontinuing the Olympics. I think the costs throughout this thread in terms of giving the opportunity for totalitarian regimes to market themselves, and the lack of actual benefits to the cities that are made to host them in terms of getting back the money they used to build the infrastructure for the games. Yes, there are other bad things or worse things in the world. That doesn’t mean Olympics good. If the Olympics weren’t held anymore the world wouldn’t suddenly become a utopia, all the world’s problems won’t be fixed. Acknowledging that, I can say if the Olympics were discontinued it would at the very least remove one thing that is exasperating some really big problems. No, I think it’s more going to what about the other bad stuff in the world cudgel discussion about the negative consequences of one thing in particular.
  13. I don’t think any in this thread thought the Olympics should fix the world. But at the very least make it worse I’m some significant ways. They’re fun to watch. I get the want for escapism through sporting events. The world is taxing and it’s nice to be able to forget about the really bad stuff in it. But is the cost of facilitating such escapism too costly? With the Olympics it seems yes.
  14. Looking this up I hoped you’d be exaggerating. But it doesn’t appear you are. Its a travesty that a man like him has not been rendered politically obsolete from it.
  15. It’d be preferable that no one be forced to register for the draft.
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