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  1. And a complete whataboutism. apartheid South Africa could and on occasion did similar whining of persecution by the international community.
  2. Yeah I only see apartheid under a “one state” solution, or ethnic cleansing with the way Israel’s heading.
  3. Yes, feigned offense at supposed hypocrisy that can be rhetorically effective as a deflection for one own or another party’s misdeeds. Here’s the thing though—even if you and Israel were absolutely right and the UN is more apt to call out Israel’s crimes and immorality than other states, that doesn’t mean the criticism/condemnations are without basis.
  4. How do you know it wasn’t Hamas in disguise? Checkmate atheist.
  5. I’d like to think so. The un keeps being mean to Israel just for a bit of colonialism and war crimes>:(
  6. He’s also said election needs to happen after the war ends. I don’t think even during the -occupation/not occupation he’d say the war is over until he’s able rally support for himself.
  7. If I’m remembering correctly the coalition that kicked Netanyahu’ the last time fell apart because some left wing hardliners opposed an increase in settlements.
  8. No I haven’t. That’s such bizarre accusation. Is it so unreasonable to note a discrepancy? That being the claim Hamas being so incompetent to have their rockets and weapons misfire enough to cause the majority of Gazan deaths but are still an existential threat to Israel? I don’t see the logic I’m sorry.
  9. It’d be terrible if the west see Israel’s opposition within the region as peaceful and reasonable and intelligent, that makes all the savagery they’d like to get away a bit harder to excuse as just a tragic thing they forced to do. Though even their supposedly just trying to erase Hamas the steps they’re taking to procure such a goal seem so horrific that the consequences of it have to be minimized. Whose to say Israel killed 8000+ civilians in its bombing campaign? Whose to say when in the coming months those numbers go into the tens of thousands they’re not mostly due to Hamas misfires(though in such a case one has to wonder about the level of threat Israel is placing on the organization is a tad overblown)
  10. Well at least more officially occupy it. I don’t imagine there’ll be much attempt actually reconciling with the survivors and putting up the necessary public investment.
  11. There’s no polling or data to indicate a hard majority wants to be annexed by Russia. unless you’re playing devils advocate and trying to explain someone else’s reasoning You’re invoking blood and soil rhetoric.
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