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  1. Do you think that’s a good thing or that 40 b can’t be used to help prevent Putin from taking more?
  2. In regards to Ukraine he definitely definitely is.
  3. True. Also often there’s a fear emasculation. They don’t want to see a girl or women from their society who they feel entitlement to go out with a foreigner.
  4. The economy is less important than fighting the ever important culture war you silly goose/s.
  5. You act like there’s the hard of a distinction between the two. A person can honestly both be a refugee and be pressed to get somewhere that offers them the best economic prospects—especially if they have family back in their home country.
  6. If this conversation is anything to go by it seems unless children are ready to write a PhD paper on a given topic they shouldn’t be given any instruction on a given topic. Which is silly as it demand schools never teach kids anything ever up till high school, and just have be basic daycare service. Tell me when you’d actually comfortable with schools giving any instructions on the civil rights movement whether in regards to race or the lgbt community? You say five is too young. I disagree. I don’t think kids who learned about MLk at that age were traumatized. But, at least give age where you think it’s okay to even reference the man around kids? When is it okay for them to learn about the us military’s very recent policy of kicking out gay people from their ranks? 7? 8? 15?
  7. They’re unlikely to be kidnapped comparatively—we still teach them to not get in cars with strangers In America often with the instruction of a police officer to give a further air of seriousness. Wouldn’t b still count as training kids? Repetition breeds instinct even among lower animals. Even if it’s just for the teacher to be adjusted to give out such instructions I can see a value in it.
  8. Is anyone happy we need to teach kids about kidnappers or the threat of sexual abusers. The trauma of being kidnapped or abused is far greater learning about how to avoid/respond to either. utopia isn’t in are grasp, so we have to contend at some point we’d have to teach kids about some bad stuff that exists in the world that could hurt them.
  9. So can you actually give a specific age range for when instruction in regards to sexuality should be allowed allowed? Whether that be why in regards to historical systemic abuses or just explaining why certain bullying is wrong(ex.kid gets picked on for having two dads). You seem to think five is too young for the former at least. Okay. But where is the actual starting point you’d be comfortable with?
  10. Even if that all comes to pass, remember all the suffering is worth it because vague nationalist culture war talking point. Like how are you supposed to enjoy tea from your favorite shop when there’s a polish migrant just there on his lunch break? Brexit had to happen.
  11. Yeah that can be a bit more ugly, but such comebacks are alway bad Not everyone has the luxury of just hopping over to another country with no significant cost whether that be monetary or personal. Besides instead leaving, people can stay and try to improve the place they’d like to call home.
  12. Lol what? Is this a “If you don’t like how my side is running the country leave!” Type proclamation? Sorry a bit drowsy from lack of sleep may not be following the conversation right.
  13. I think most five year olds could tell you what the title of the main leader of the nation is without knowing what exactly they can do or the complex history that lead them there in the first place. Such introductions help. I’m fine with the idea of first normalizing tolerance before going into how awful a particular type of bigotry is. There needs to be a sense of a connection to the groups discriminated against. So when bigotry is shown there’s a appropriate level of horror and disgust at it.
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