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  1. They’d push for monarchy and give the perspective that it’s okay for one former president to be king. You know just for debate.
  2. But if we don’t debate whether or not the Holocaust happened or was bad wed ostracize genocide-lovers? And then are we really better? I’m being sarcastic.
  3. How serious do you truly want to take someone who’d argue someone wanting to keep Britian white isn’t racist? At a certain point of absurdity you should Trust they’re not speaking purely from ignorance or genuine convictions to the statements being made. It’s a performance worth a bit of mockery perhaps but nothing more. Edit: Thank you for helping illuminate this American boy’s point. @Heartofice @Heartofice
  4. Listen, Brexit will turn out to be good actually in some vague non-measurable way. Eventually. You just have to have proper faith. But if it doesn’t it was still worth it because something something soverignty.
  5. Hmm, yes I do recognize and appreciate your performance for what it is. I will give you two laughing emojis as a tribute. You’re welcome.
  6. @Spockydog Hmm you almost did what I was about to recommend which was to follow its advice. Yes, actually serious statements should actually get a serious response. But don’t treat a clown as a serious actor especially whilst they’re performing. Brexit good because Nationalistic fee fees. Immigration bad because nationalistic fee fees. Checkmate lib.
  7. If you’re explaining, you’re losing. Trying to provide an consistent argument based around studies, reason and evidence can be harder to do when arguing for something that doesn’t rely on such. So why bother? Act like the opposition is wrong—no need to explain how—and have them scramble to prove you wrong as if they’re an entity whose vapidness needs be countered. Again, dude facts, and logic will not penetrate the mind of the common Brexiteer. Especially at this point.
  8. But you see Brexit isn’t literally entirely responsible for everything bad that has happened in the UK ever. Therefore it’s not bad actually. Ain’t nobody got time for complexity. You are not going to win any argument in regards to Brexit talking about economics with the common brexiter. Because their primary reasons for supporting it have nothing to do with improving the material-well-being for anyone and many free,y admitted they’d suffer economically to have(which in opinion is extremely unpatriotic). Immigration, globalism disgusts them.Did the levels of immigration pre-Brexit actually hurt anyone in some actual tangible measurable way? Who cares? It’s disgusting. It hurts their feelings. Even utilizing the controls within the EU for member states to control immigration wouldn’t be enough to communicate their disgust. This is the best defense for Brexit I have seen anywhere. The second tweet I mean.
  9. Perception can be more important than reality. He’s not solely responsible for handling it, but being the leader of the country he’s going get praise for its triumphs and condemnations for its problems even if he’s not solely responsible for any of it. By the time you wrote this they’ve climbed from its lowest point to less than a point.
  10. Not really no. I’m sorry what exactly is your reasoning for thinking lifting an embargo would do more to help Biden’s approval? Please do not just communicate you’re disgust with it.
  11. No. it would probably cost a few votes which can be the difference in a tight race in Florida. I can see the attack ads now in Spanish running in Florida: Biden cozies up to the communist dictator that victimized you and/or your family. Some positions on certain topics you like may not be the most popular to you. True. To keep Biden’s approval up probably yes, don’t touch the embargo. At the very least I don’t see how this would improve his popularity.
  12. Mostly yeah, but by how much even if just 20, 15 percent can be significant in getting Florida even by the most narrow margins.
  13. And electorally an unpopular thing especially with Cuban-americans
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