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  1. Eh not really;https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-views-on-black-lives-matter-have-changed-and-why-that-makes-police-reform-so-hard/ White Americans trust in the police have reverted back to it was pre-Floyd. And personally I’ve the existence of whites being abused or unjustifiably killed at the hands of the police as tool to obfuscate racist trends treating the problem as individual incidents of failure.
  2. Well the officer probably couldn’t in the few seconds he arrived on the scene to a girl attacking someone else with a knife intricate history and model of said knife. Only that someone was attempting stab someone else. I think you’re overestimating what one even with the best training in the world can reasonably be expected to act in a scenario like this. Also multiple shots being fired just seem like something that would obviously increase the chance of an attacker being hit. I think many people are instinctively rushing to condemn the officer because of the premise without understanding the context. A white officer killed a black teenage girl. It doesn’t matter said girl was trying to stab someone else with a knife and the officer had a split second to react. A white police officer killed a black teenage girl.
  3. Why the quotation marks to communicate sarcasm? A person can be easily killed by getting stabbed with a knife.
  4. It should be noted not every police killing of a white person whose killed by police is justified. This is the problem with comparing individual high profile media cases. For example Tony Tampa died died from a similar amount police brutality as Floyd. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/aug/02/dallas-police-officers-video-bodycam-tony-timpa Racist Trends do exist in terms of the frequency of police abuse can’t safely be squared away by “black people commit more crime” Trends police being more likely to plant evidence on black people than white people. That doesn’t mean no police has ever planted evidence on white people. Just that they’re more significantly likely to do it against black people.
  5. I’m guessing the step-father wouldn’t have minded if the officer shot a teenager currently stabbing him. Like the scenario you’ve just laid out should be looked as justifying deadly force.
  6. Also, pretty sure the girl/woman under the risk of being stabbed is relieved she wasn’t in said body bag.
  7. The first 911 call has Bryant say multiple girls were trying her and her grandmother. A police here when a situation has escalated to that extent is reasonable. A 15 year old attempting to stab someone with said knife. I see no relevancy except to try frame the knife as somehow not a dangerous thing to use on another human being.
  8. It wasn’t just with a knife. The way you’re choosing to phrase things gives off the idea Bryant was just standing holding one when a cop shot with no attempt at deescalation. She was actively attacking someone else with said knife. With how fast things have played out the woman or girl Bryant was attacking could have been killed.
  9. You haven’t given a rational argument. She was 16. Doesn’t alter the fact she was attacking someone with a a knife. She was shot multiple times...whilst she attacking someone with a knife.
  10. Yes, in response to her actively attacking someone with a knife.
  11. Try to stop her with a significant greater risk of seeing himself or the person who that girl was lunging at with a knife seriously wounded or even killed. Who was actively attacking someone with a knife.
  12. Wait are referring to the girl attempting to stab someone? The shooting here wasn’t merely punishment. It served to potentially another human being’s life. The use of deadly force was justified.
  13. From the officer’s perspective it very well may be, even if the intent from the girl was merely to hurt the person she was attempting to stab or cut that could still lead to that person dying. The story you’ve just described seems horrific example of domestic abuse with a man staying with his abuser
  14. I think use of force here was proportional to what what was going on
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