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  1. Curious on what event’s you’re referencing. I know Churchill got booted from the prime minister post after ww2.
  2. The Tories really turned into the workers’s party lol. If you can’t find a better paid job just move to another country
  3. HARD MEN. I’m joking, I’m poking fun at people who insist advancements on technology, equipment, all that stuff needed to keep people alive is ultimately meaningless in comparison to the toughness of the soldiers themselves.
  4. I think Beto’s stringent stance on gun control during his campaign was a massive mistake.
  5. Wouldn’t the best time be on the day of the election? Since republicans have started to vote in person more.
  6. She was an excellent mascot. Like as good a mascot as Mickey Mouse is to Disney. She did hundreds of millions of pounds and the acceptance of a person being above the law(in some instancess) because of their blood.
  7. Also yes and plenty of time to lean into nonsense culture war issues to distract from their incompetence, corruption, and cruelty.
  8. I wonder if this would even help at this juncture. If they’re rapidly ousting pms it can appear as if they don’t have competent candidates to offer.
  9. She’s the most deadly Republican in the history of the UK.
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