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  1. The latter. He’s confused on why you’d ask something when the answer is so obvious. Hench the confused emoji. And to distract from the fuckery they’ll hype up or create some meaningless culture that doesn’t help anyone.
  2. Generally it’s good for society when workers or potential workers have an adequate safety net to fall back on to avoid getting exploited.
  3. .You literally advocated for the government to throw political power and hundreds of millions towards a family because they were born in the last opine pages of this thread
  4. remember this when they cry parental rights and grooming.
  5. Defend the policy change directly. Perhaps the job simply doesn’t pay enough given the demands of labor and rising costs of living and inflation. Easier to exploit individuals when they don’t have any/much safety net to fall back on Says the man crying about people declaring a need to sever the royal family from the government’s breast.
  6. Riches, wealth, are a product of one’s innate virtue If you are suffering you must be doing something to deserve it or cause it for yourself and thus change your lifestyle to be more virtuous to better in a system.
  7. Hey, can you actually make a case for why the policy would actually help more people than it’d potentially hurt or improve people’s lives. So far you’ve gave some vague useless proclamation on not being opposed to on principle because you’ve encountered people not actively seeking employment and who relied on government for succor. But the people impacted were already working You either naively believe in meritocracy or you’re a monarchist who believes it’s necessary for government to pay millions towards someone and give them the position of head of state just for being born. Pick one and stick to at least until the next thread.
  8. Sorry you don’t have the right linage so government can’t be expected to help you or those hard working people. So work harder peasant!/s
  9. It’s the only thing that really matters Wait I should whether or not a policy makes more people’s lives better is what ultimately matters.*
  10. He’s not deluded. he simply believes unless you have the right lineage/genetics, you shouldn’t be given any help from the government. Hypocritical perhaps yes. Deluded no.
  11. Except if they’re royalty. Then they get hundreds of millions of pounds just because they did the incredible feat of being born.
  12. Wait that’s worse. That’s Literally just compounding the elitism and sense of purity.
  13. But you see these idiots are extremely ergo god wants them in power. Have you learned nothing of ASOIAF?
  14. democracy allows idiots to run and even win. And the symbol could literally just be the current crown once it’s taken from Charles
  15. Listen They need at least thirty years to grieve and get accustomed to the new monarch before they can seriously even think about having a discussion on the weirdness of having an unelected head of state. /s Seriously though the person you’re talking to probably knows that right now/before the the funeral is the perfect time to talk about shunting the monarchy. Hench the concern trolling about republicans having bad optics by protesting when hospitals are canceling doctors appointments out of tribute to a woman whose biggest accomplishment was being born.
  16. You can Get a better symbol than a monarch. Hell you can boot the person wearing the crown and keep the crown. Ah you can just say imperialism instead of trying to couch things in more flowery language. Hey does it bother you at all theres a real possibility your monarch can literally be a child or thereabouts? Goddamn the way you speak it sounds like the only thing allowing that is the old inbred aristocracy. What a low opinion you have of your country. If you’re nationalism relies on a prerequisite of seeing a select group of people as best/entitled to positions to rule based on their blood well… Also what you’ve just said kinda repudiates the very weak financial justification for the monarchy That is certainly true. No one would be entitled to the position of head of state.
  17. You might want to be careful, people often see patterns when there isn’t one. Or ignore them. I’m of the opinion the Handshake controversy isn’t that big deal. Still the monarchy is still an abomination and Charles has a moral imperative to end it.
  18. This seems too generalized, plenty people buck their bigoted family traditions or views. But Honestly it’d be a bit if this man whose been taught he’s genetically superior and entitled to certain political power since birth isn’t more racist than the average person. I mean he’s literally a monarch. You know it looks like you’re proudly proclaiming to be one of those dudes. Which is unintentionally some honestly honest. Here’s an emoji
  19. What were the sandwiches? If it was PBJ and honey because I could see the reason.
  20. Would you take the lack of necessary volunteers before conscription was enact Or expanded? I don’t see this contradicting a need for conscription. Point to a post where I ever stated it did. That’s bad.
  21. Yep. Usually conscription isn’t justified. Eh, I think this is oddly naive, the belief the best or preferable outcomes come with a rejection of power. So are taxes and eminent domain. Yep, better watchful to be sure it’s used appropriately in times of crisis—
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