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  1. Yeah many Covid-denialists are taking the waning effectiveness of the vaccines to omicron as impromptu to drop all safety precautions to stunt the spread of Covid Drop the mask mandates. Drop the expectations for social distancing. Just let it run amuck. There’s no point in worrying about it. Also gorsuc really is am asshole. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/neil-gorsuch-face-mask-supreme-court_n_61e6e090e4b0a864b0783a16
  2. It should be noted Beck is able to safely experiment like this because he’s incredibly rich. A much poorer person trying these treatments probably wouldn’t have a certified crack team of doctors to insure he wouldn’t accidentally killhimself.
  3. And the far right will then cry the mandates were ineffective due to a lack of upticks in vaccinations. Their obstruction will never be worth commenting on nor any study showing mandates generally working when properly enforced. And then will whine that it’s ridiculous to try to stop the sprea d of Covid at this point. The far-right is despicable willingly to sacrifice the welfare of their nations for their culture wars.
  4. I do wonder how people would react if the genders were reversed. I can't help but feel but there's a bit of sexism here. Like if a female politician remarked on her male nurse husband shoves snow after work people would stick to praising the husband than being outraged.
  5. @Rippounet If there is a test for the novel what would be the utilitarian purpose? I'll admit to having not read Lolita. Also some books that may meet the op’s criteria Iron gold and Dark age by Pierce Brown. I see the central protagonist to be the fasict warlord who's pov we get to follow.
  6. possibly. Thr far right often uses the defense “just joking” to invalidate any criticism to be had of their rhetoric and the reason they're making their jokes. Honestly I think it Depends on the discussion and person I'm interacting with. And I don't necessarily see the intrinsic problem with the utilization of any of that. Possibly. I'm not particularly original in most of beliefs. Hell even my criticism of Zorral has been made in a UK thread where the topic was on an incel mass shooting months ago. Possibly and boredom. Interesting is in the eye of the beholder lol. Though I promise to stop here as to continue would needlessly derail the thread. If this post gets deleted I completely understand.
  7. I find this reasoning unsatisfactory and needlessly defective. For example any Canadian critical of China’s current genocide of the Uyigurs doesn’t need to always include a condemnation of Canada for its poor treatment of the indigenous population. And if they include the condemnation in every discussion about other countries it comes off as trying to turn every discussion about Canada I understand you made a joke. I simply disagree with the point of it.
  8. it’s arrogant for US citizens to suppose everything around the world good or bad has to trace back how America is doing. Ha. Sarcastic pedantry.
  9. You don’t have to throw in a dig towards the USA in every political discussion. It reeks of American exceptionalism.
  10. Trolling would imply he’s not serious. He’s serious in conflating nazism as being perfectly American. Eh. It’s a symbol for their ideas: white men beating non-white people. Obviously this is just part of the conspiracy of the deep state. They can’t hand over evidence because that would just be burned up by George Soros’s lasers/s
  11. Where did I say he was wrong? You can’t prove I’m lying. To be clear I only brought up my personal experience after he declared everything so far in thread was dismissed as anecdotal. I got a data is a plural for anecdote vibes. Am I only allowed to specifically cite studies in regards to the particular part of the world is from? And if the person in response cries the data presented is just anecdotal…I think that’s just anti-intellectualism. I’m open to a person just going hey this survey shouldn’t be used to extrapolate trends in other countries. He didn’t just do that. He called everything in the thread just anecdotal. So I shared an anecdote. Eh. People do use personal anecdotes to hint at the idea of a broader trend happening even if they don’t explicitly say there’s a broader trend.
  12. No that sounds about right. He could eat a baby in public in 35+ of voters would back him.
  13. True. You don't have to be a conservative and be anti-democracy.
  14. I would agree radical anti-vaxxers like that are considerably rarer. It’s in part why I think mandates and passports are good whips to get anti-vaxxers to do the right thing. Most will fall in line rather than lose their job for instance or suffer continuous tests indefinitely to access certain privileges in the public.
  15. Oh dear god are you one of those “data is a plural of anecdote” people who thinks them telling stories no one can coborate should be treated seriously as actual surveys, studies, to which at least gives people the chance to dissect and demonstrate the validity of? I can’t prove if you’re completely lying about your anecdotes anymore than you could mine. Alright. I’ll let you in on my personal experience with anti-vaxxers. All anti-Vaxers I’ve known have kicked puppies. I don’t know if there was a cause and effect between being unvaccinated and kicking puppies. This is just my personal experience. I’ve known hundreds. Each one has kicked a puppy. Every. Single. One.
  16. No, I have. Some are not terrible. I’d still see it as a public good to see their shamed and generate a degryof repercussions. in your personal experience. To which we should take as lesser than to any surveys or studies around the heavy correlation between anti-all measures and anti-vaxers. Supposedly.
  17. In terms of the crazy anti-vaxxer sentiments I suspect there’s not much difference. How many personal anecdotes would you care for me to list? Anecdotes that you cannot verify.
  18. Also: https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/unvaccinated-americans-not-changing-their-behavior-report-finds-n1275815 This is just America but I imagine similar trends play across the world
  19. Deliberately chooses to get vaccinated when they are capable of safely doing so. Eh. People who’ve been anti-mask mandates or see masks as pointless or social distancing as effective tend to be anti-vax. These sentiments tend to blend into each other.
  20. Significantly more on the anti-Vaxxers to be sure. When they bother to do such things.
  21. Glokta is interesting in a way I don’t think many people have caught on. He’s actually pretty similar to how Jezal was in his passivity to acquiring power. At the start of the series he was mostly content with his station in life. Glockta never had an over arching ambition to being the second most powerful man in the union. He was more obsessed with doing his job proficiently. Its Adree who pushed both Jezal and glockta to reach for new heights usually through the appeal of in part bettering the station of a family member. In the first trilogy it was her brother. This trilogy it’s her daughter. It was her plan to seat Savine on the throne. Jezal would forgone competing in the tourney that launched him to stardom It’s Ardree who actually pushed him to fighting. In a way I always felt really manipulative and mean I have to say. Collem was a nice guy but Jezal isn’t obliged to keep on doing a sport he genuinely had no interest in pursuing. Yeah it should be noted most of the people who’ve actively gone against Bayaz have committed the same sins to acquire their power.
  22. Possibly strengthen their beliefs—the alternative is that they may actively helped contribute to their loved ones dying. Which is a tough pill to swallow.
  23. I agree to an extent. I understand not all people who’ve chosen to remain unvaccinated are getting excited out of killing people with covid. Though I contend many—usually apart of the far right—have treated it as nothing more than another battle for their culture war. And that many cant be compelled to do the right thing without a good metaphorical whipping Hell many laugh at any stated intent of reducing suffering as foolish. The threat of Ostracism and the suspension of certain privileges does help curate a standard of conduct for members of a group. Its important to establish what types of people are degenerates whose existence is endangering the type of culture we should try to cultivate. I hope genuinely being willingly(not capable of taking it safely) unvaccinated and going around public becomes seen as a perversion in line with flashing people on the street. Some not so terrible people may be caught in the cross fire but ultimately I think it’d be for the public good and good for the individual to make the unvaccinated life a bit more difficult to get through.
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