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  1. If he is potentially a love interest for Misty, his character would have to be completely batshit.
  2. Sauld didn’t take the rap though, nothing he said in his testimony helps Kim, Cheryl Hamlin will still wreck her life with the civil suit. I wonder if it is even possible that Jimmy’s referencing the missing lawyer in court could push the DA to actually seek some kind of charges against Jimmy and Kim. As it stands, Jimmy just made sure both of them suffer in different ways.
  3. The ending felt too out of character for me, Jimmy having regrets is one thing, him choosing to die in prison rather than taking the sweet deal simply as an unburdening was a leap. Had he managed to secure some protection for Kim, I could buy it, the idea that he wanted to do penance for his crimes is too neat and a bit of petty moralizing on the show’s part. Reuniting with Kim in some small way is supposed to be his ultimate end, I guess, but she has a bleak future ahead when the widow Hamlin eats her alive, so pointless self-sacrifice is pushing the redemption angle too hard.
  4. This Zaslav guy is a real turd. A corporate robot sent from the future to sling content, push the margins, expand profit shares, shift the paradigm, create crossbrand synergies…he makes Jack Donaghy look like a regular patron of the arts. By this time next year, dropping HBOMax will feel as good as dropping Netflix.
  5. How does a legal team accidentally send damning evidence to their opposition? Jones’s face when the lawyer drops the hammer indicates that he does, in fact know the truth from a lie and he knows that he is fucked. He is a scammer and liar, he knew exactly what he was doing. If there were a God, it shouldn’t mess about when handing out divine retribution, melt the fucker where he stands. No shocks, he is a monster not a lab rat.
  6. I never got the sense that Saul and Gus had many interactions if any beyond the botched spy misson at Los Pollos. I think Saul mostly knew about him by reputation, the only way Walt and Gus were similar is in their double lives. I think Saul describes his relationship with Gus to Walt as second hand- “I know a guy who knows a guy…” Saul is not the type of person Gus would directly associate with as a criminal or in a legal capacity.
  7. I don’t think Jimmy gets off the hook, jail or death, no happy ending, no ride into an uncertain future. But, I think there will be some opportunity for him to not be an entire piece of shit when the final credits roll. I don”t think the BBverse goes for entirely bleak endings. Even with Walt, he was a monster but he got to have a final triumph with a litte “just add Nazis” magic whereby he was not the worst person in the room.
  8. That is why I do think Jimmy will ultimately have a redemptive moment, as hard as that may be to envision after last night. I doubt the ultimate point of the show will be “Chuck and Howard were correct- Jimmy was just born bad. THE END.”
  9. Yes, the MAD gambit is not that strong. Nitwits who stole thousand in clothes in a non-violent crime versus America’s most wanted high ranking associate of a major drug ring built on a hill of bodies- I think they could cut a sweet deal for cooperating. Have to trust in them being dumb and scared, the threat swaying them whereas the reality would be a lot worse for Gene than Jeffy and other guy.
  10. I think Jimmy has a bad end coming. He has the taste for the grift again, so he will probably have a hard time keeping straight as a humble diabetes peddler. I think the pointed reference to Jeffy’s “bad crowd” in ABQ could mean trouble; Jeffy or his mother are probably not done with him at any rate. And, I think there has to be some closure with Kim, I am not sure she will be too happy to see him knowing what he became. All of this in addition to the general fear of discovery means the walls are closing in, hard to see a path toward Jesse-like hopefulness. He had his chance at another out with Robert Forster, he chose to do things his way.
  11. That was a slow one and structurally it feels oddly placed in the season. The big takeaway is that Gene has a taste for Saul antics again. Jeffy’s “bad crowd” back in Alburquerque will probably come into play somehow.
  12. Being a fash sympathizing, environment destroying dipshit with a “D” next his name lets him have the benefit of advancing the Republican agenda and keeping Democratic leadership on its knees. He won’t have nearly as sweet a deal as just another Republican. Ego is the only thing sustaining him at this point.
  13. It looks like a safe for work trailer for Not The Munsters: A XXX Parody.
  14. Boris Johnson being driven out of office for *check notes* ……becoming woke…….
  15. I thought that was underwhelming, a really weak finale to an excellent season which ended up making the entire thing feel lesser. A whole lot of exertion to take relatively few steps. I can’t buy anyone working with Butcher again, ultimately he had a changed of heart, but as usual it was out of self interest, he would have killed thousands, just not his wife’s son. The Havel The Rock sized plot armor on dem Boys boys is getting ridiculous.
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