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  1. Was he stroking a cat as he said this or being loaded into a nuclear powered mech?
  2. You can say a lot of crazy, racist, violence inciting shit as a Republican, it is almost required, but mention the coke and orgies one time, and they will absolutely destroy you.
  3. The final scene was a bit of a mess because of the fact that we don’t have a clear picture of the plan. It has been dragged out a little too long. The fake pictures with the actor don’t have the cast…okay, seems bad...if we had context it would have made more of an impact. These two sure are upset about a thing, wish we knew what exactly or how Kim could possibly salvage the thing at the risk of losing a legitimate job opportunity.
  4. Joe Manchin is just a vile little man, big cheerleader for fascism that one
  5. Happy Supplier of Domestic Infants Day to all who celebrate.
  6. RIP to one of the thatest guys to ever “That Guy”. I think Curb way back was the last time I saw him.
  7. From the apocryphal post-resurrection adventures: “Jesus Christ? You think he could be related to that crazy old hermit, Jay Christ?”
  8. Not interested in vindicating Sarandon. Admittedly, not the best pick for an example of what I was talking about. As usual, Pelosi whiffed on an important issue and is feigning outrage today while currenly supporting an anti-choice Democrat.
  9. Pelosi’s daughter tried to stir up some shit and has been getting dragged because of her shitbird mother’s less than consistent stance on choice.
  10. Anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric has violently exploded the past few months, they are literally painting all non cis, straight people as groomers and pedos. Florida is the new model for Republicans. Gay marriage is without a shred of doubt the next to go, these people never give up old battles.
  11. Who better embodies modern Conservative jurisprudence than a literal killer of women?
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