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  1. Chris Christie is starting his 2024 bid by kissing Trump’s ass and defending Giuliani. I don’t kinkshame, but I feel violated that this dipshit makes us all a party to his humiliation fetish.
  2. Conservatives have tended to denounce Chauvin (while of course, still harping on about Floyd’s past) as the one rare example of police misdeed by which they can deny any others and the overall systemic problems Big yikes
  3. Gym Jordan, never not defending pedos.
  4. Snyder fanboyism really is like low stakes QAnon. This man who sees the world though turd-tinted glasses is going to save Cin-eh-MA!
  5. Ted Cruz, he of the ugly wife and spoiled daughters, son of an assassin- if we are to believe his own words and those of others he leaves unchallenged
  6. I would simply burn the governor’s mansion for warmth.
  7. Hey, I know the genetic lottery seems to favor assholes, I want to throw a party (meaning: get drunk alone, but in a happy way)when Dick Cheney finally fucks off, but sometimes we get lucky, think of the horror in store for Rush Limbaugh.
  8. He is never going to jail and he has always had financial problems, his wealth is largely smoke and mirrors based on loans and ripping off contractors. He has a lot of wealthy supporters, and some who are not so wealthy but will still part with what they can to donate to his legal funds or directly to his pockets. Maybe I am a pessimist but I don’t anticipate justice, I only look forward to his death, hopefull following protracted and miserable illness and suffering.
  9. Is anyone actually present for this bullshit? Drop dead for real, Mitch, thx.
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