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  1. Morpheus

    Happy Hogswatch, other seasonal greetings, and where to post them

    The War on Christmas is still going strong I see
  2. How long until Trump attacks this judge?
  3. Flynn sentencing delayed until March 13
  4. Trump named a sad muppet to CoS. Thick and Mulvaney should make a disastrous pairing
  5. The Trump inauguration committee is now under investigation for misspending, materials seized from Cohen are part of the probe. https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-inauguration-spending-under-criminal-investigation-by-federal-prosecutors-11544736455
  6. Republicans in congress are saying those same things essentially. It is good to know that so many of our representatives are wiser than prosecutors and leading legal experts (the majority of whom say that in a sane world, Trump would be super fucked at this point)
  7. AMI (National Enquirer) reached a non-prosecution agreement and have corroborated that the payment was made to influence the election
  8. ^ “Criminals and people that have lots of problems”- The Trump family?
  9. Despite conservative efforts to paint PP as slaughterhouses, I think they are aware that it provides many necessary medical services and if they were to kill it, there would be a backlash. Especially at this time when GOP is hemorrhaging female voters.
  10. No sane person should want the job, the writing is on the wall, Trump is a criminal, and the only thing protecting him is being president (“safe” from indictment, which I think this SC would support) and a congress which will not hold him accountable for crimes.
  11. He wants Mark Meadows, Freedom Caucus douchepizzle and all around Trump chode.
  12. John Kelly out at the end of the year. but teh aaaaddduuuulllts.. Let’s hear it for Johnny K., here’s to kiddie camps, here’s to muslim bans, here’s to using refugees as a political punching bag during election season, to using one’s status a a veteran to attack the families of other veterans and to gain unearned status as anything other than a ghoul. I hope he was as anguished as he looked during some of those a Trump meltdowns, I hope the fucker is riddled with ulcers. Garbage out, garbage in, next soulles asshole to the plate.
  13. I buy Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist more than Nauert as a diplomat.
  14. All the best people ended up being crooks, losers, and idiots. And here is poor Donnie, just a victim as usual.