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  1. Morpheus

    US Politics: Nancy's Knock on the Senate Door

    I would say this is not unlikely at all, well, there may not be an actual quid pro quo, that may be a stretch, but I imagine whatever beef Bolton had with Trump could put aside for the sexual thrill he must be feeling over the prospect of a war with Iran finally looking like a reality. He was resistant to talking to the Democrat lead House, and he contacted The Turtle before announcing that he was open to testifying before the Republican Senate. I don’t think Bolton has any intention of telling the truth no matter what the cost, honesty has never been his strong suit, and his warboner may make him want to get impeachment out of the way quickly.
  2. Morpheus

    U.S. Politics: Gar Nicht Trump's Traumschiff!

    I sincerely hope Gym Jordan has cancer festering somewhere in him at this very moment.
  3. They are uncensored when they air, not sure exactly when fuck became okay, I think FXX is the only basic cable channel where I have noticed it so far. I remember not too long ago on AMC, Breaking Bad only got one fuck per season and that was censored during the initial airings.
  4. It is not that a squid is more sensical, more important than the actual attack is where it came from. A nuclear attack by Manhattan would still fall on the shoulders of the U.S, it would not exactly foster cooperation between the Soviets and America and put an end to the cold war (and impending nuclear hot war), which was Veidt ‘s purpose. America fucking up and failing to control a weapon which they lorded over their enemies is less likely to lead to diplomacy than an attack from somewhere bearing no allegiance to either side. That it is a big squid monster works on the meta level of playing with the idea of a massive, ludicrous supervillain plan that the heroes just happen to fail to prevent on this instance.
  5. The cavalry thinks the squid attack is fake because Rorschach sent his journal to a far right publication before heading to Veidt’s base. So the truth made it out there through a lunatic fringe paper. I don’t think the film ending works at all, Manhattan was a US asset, even if he went rogue and attacked America too, the Soviets would still blame them . An attack from an outside source that no had any stake in make’s way more sense.
  6. The squid rains in the show are a big mystery, the one from the comic was a massive fake out, it was genetically engineered to create the illusion of alien contact. There was no dimensional rift through which babies could fall. It could possibly be something designed to maintain the illusion of the original squid attack.
  7. I don’t have anything good to say about the Watchmen movie, but I don’t think there was anything especially wrong with Ackerman. Matthew Goode as Ozymandias was by far the worst performance.
  8. At the end of the comic, Manhattan tells Veidt that he is leaving the galaxy entirely, I’m wondering if there is a reason he is back on Mars or if they just ignored that bit.
  9. Morpheus

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    Nah, man, pure hilarity, the pain of Derp Führer is a ray of sunshine in trying times.
  10. Morpheus

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    Trump’s face as he suddenly realizes they are not, in fact, saying “Boo-urns” is priceless
  11. Morpheus

    Succession Season 2 - Full Spoilers

    I don’t know if Logan and Kendall were in cahoots, but I think this is what he wanted to happen, Kendall became the killer Logan dared him to be and proved himself worthy to take over.
  12. I think it was a nice little dip into that world for fans, not necessarily essential and certainly not something which stands on its own. Lots of references and cameos from BB (and BCS, I think, the dude with the hookers looks like the chickenshit giant who ran away when Mike throat punched that dude). Todd did put on a lot of weight and Aaron Paul couldn’t quite pull off the young Jesse flashbacks; time’s a bitch, yo.
  13. Morpheus

    US Politics - I'm not orange I'mpeach

    He doesn’t know what to do with his tiny widdle baby hands.
  14. Morpheus

    US Politics. Trump Crossing the Dnieper. Alea Iacta Est.

    The usual course of Trump scandals - Deny - Admit it but say it is not illegal or unethical - Wildly throw accusations at others which in no way mitigate the original charges - Repeat the transgression on national TV
  15. Morpheus

    US Politics. Trump Crossing the Dnieper. Alea Iacta Est.

    It was a really dumb move by Schiff to open the hearing with a parody rendition of Trump’s call. With so much evidence against them all they have to lean on is Schiff “lied”. Save your SNL spec skits for the appropriate time.