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  1. I saw the cyberpunk video yestrday, it didnt 100% wow me, but being that CDPD are behind it, i am 100% confident that it will deliver.
  2. Conflicting Thought

    U.S. Politics: Death and Tax Cuts

    Yes every one is afraid, but sometimes there are spikes in that fear, like germany in the 30s and 40s or america, and some european countries right now. It is very interesting to see how some of you seem to need to justify or internalize in some ways, the things america has done. If you go to other countries (specially countries victims of US interventionism) youll see that the things James has said are non controversial, but maybe you dont care about that. There is something i am curious about, i've seen it in a few of your posts. Why do you feel the need to point out that james arryn is from canada? What's that have to do with anything?
  3. Conflicting Thought

    U.S. Politics: Death and Tax Cuts

    Wow, suddenly some americans became very defensive, wonder why?
  4. Is nobody watching the venture bros?? 3 episodes so far and its incredible.
  5. Conflicting Thought

    August '18 Reading- (Insert Clever Subtitle)

    i´m a bit pass the middle of In Cold Blod by Truman Capote, its really very good. And i´m beggining Dostoievski´s Crime and Punishment, enjoying it so far.
  6. new season of the Venture Bros. whoooooo!!
  7. Conflicting Thought

    Joss Whedon - SF Epic for HBO -The Nevers

    It seems like you are getting a little to defensive of jw. is it that hard to belive that he used feminism to appear to be somthing he is not?. And you belive women or you dont, its kinda sketchy when you choose not to belive certain women because you like the person being acussed of faux feminism.
  8. Conflicting Thought

    Just Like His Hands - More Small Things To Talk About

    I've been listening to The Las Podcast On The Left and man, am i paranoid right now, i mean i laugh a lot, but the paranoia is real. Even though i live in Chile and is not remotley close to the serial killers problems that the US or South Africa have. But is the people man, the fucking people.
  9. Conflicting Thought

    Do Dolphins Really Protect People from Sharks?

    Well if the simpsons taught me anything is that the dophins will como for us.
  10. Conflicting Thought

    Freedom: What's it worth?

    i agree up to a point, but, is the US to immpart the justice?, in my humble Chilean opinnion i think not. (sorry for the short answer but i got a lot i wanna say but dont have time right now)
  11. Conflicting Thought

    Reading in 2018: January Reads

    Im reading guns, germs and steel by jared diamond, im a 100 pages in, and its ok so far. Im also re reading the epic of gilgamesh. Wish it was complete.
  12. Conflicting Thought

    Soundtracks for Movies/TV Shows/Video Games

    i love OST´s, video games in particular. Some examples; Bastion and Transistor Soundtracks are so good Shadow of the colossus And one for tv shows
  13. Conflicting Thought

    Another thread about hiphop...

    The new shit from Aesop Rock....OH MY GLOB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQF6x_FgnJ0