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  1. So you belive all the people coming forward against joss whedeon are just vindictive, ungratefull underlings trying to destroy him? Becouse you are had or have people working under you?. I dont know, sounds like you are projecting. Or maybe its a case of miss placed class solidarity? I dont think is that strange for a person that has power over other people, to become authoritative and abuse his power. Isn't that, like, a very common thing?
  2. How is that the natural result of intersectionality?
  3. We also saw in south america for example, allot of countries "go" authoritarian to implement a certain economic system
  4. the incel ideology moves through the internet, so for example we have them here to, in Chile, but of course they dont manifest in the same way that in the U.S, we dont have that culture of violence and guns but they do exist, they just express their hate and sorrow in other ways. I think Toth is right, its not a mental illnes, even though i think some or maybe many of them have some type of mental illnes, but its a separate issue. like some other posters, i to was/am a cis, "white", hetero, introverted with little experience with romantic relationships but i was never close to being an incel type, and i have ADHD and depression. what im trying to sy is that mental illnes doesnt come close to explain it.
  5. Umm that is the way i see it. You can try to change my opinnion if you want, im open to hearing arguments against that.
  6. yeah, i agree with this, and although i find it very difficult to feel empathy with incel types, being compassionate and believing that everyone or almost everyone has the capacity of changing and rehabilitate is a core aspect of being leftist or "progressive". we have to fight these feelings of exclussion, even when i recognize its incredibly hard (at least to me)
  7. What? All of latin america would like a word with you, and africa, what about asia?.
  8. She's had her redemption arc, it has been fun watching sargon of akaad lose his mind over it.
  9. I watched the one where they are incredibly transphobic, i think its the first one?. It did not age well.
  10. Bro, you just draw an equivalence between the far right and the far left. And you have being arguing in favor of tear gasing people.
  11. Lol i reeeally dont think you are on the left of me. Like im a 100% sure that you are not to the left of me or even most people on the leftist spectrum.
  12. lol tear gas is fucking toxic, specially when you are being gased every day. i mean the geneva convention banned it for warfare use, i guess gassing civilians is not the same? maybe civilians have inmunity or something .
  13. Can you give some examples of some of the dogmas that can never be questioned that the left (or some on the left) has?.
  14. the statues are there illegitimatelly, put there by undemocratic means. you dont need full public consent (what do you mean by "full"). Do you agree that the statues (the slavers and colonizers statues) are there by undemocratic means?
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