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  1. I thought malcom mcdowel had some thing to say about kubrick to.
  2. Thats allready happening. We have been eating sea animals with microplastics for some time now. I think almost everyone has consumed food with microplastics on it and we have it in our bodies.
  3. Where are the links with the scientific info to support your claims. And Ritalin didnt work FOR ME,it does work for others. Its like is the 90s all over again
  4. Ok but where are your sources, pls.with links so is not just your opinion. I have adhd and depression i took ritalin for like 2 years it didnt really worked for me,but at no time i felt like i needed to kill somebody, i didnt go shoot up a school. Now im on adderall,and no hallucinations,no homicidal tendencies,but a lot of fucking help to try and live a "normal" life.
  5. In chile there are many norwegian companies that work on the salmon industry, you can check Mowi, for just one example, but if you reaaly want to look for more examples pls feel free to google scandinavian companies that operate on our countries that dont have the strong laws that prohibite than kind of explotation on their own scandinavian countries, they are so morally superior with their "humane" capitalism. Forgot to add, i would nationalize industries or at the very least prohibit those companies from opperating in our countries. Avoid signing free trade agreements, where multi nationas can avoid lawsuits, or legal repercussions. And allot more.
  6. Well, we do have the concept of wage slavery. And maybe is not necessary, but it sure as hell happens allot. Specially left on its own with now regulation. And scandinavian countries exploite the global south 100% with no care for our human rights.
  7. Is this whataboutism? He killed someone in self defense, right? Like is the point that people critizicing dababy are hypocrites or something?
  8. Meh, he lliterally said he is a terf, defended j.K rowling, defended dababy, defended kevin hart, missgendered trans people, etc. Hey but i guess all of taht are just jokes, man. He has a trans friend!
  9. No, sorry, english is not my first language. I do think something horrible is happening with the uygurs. But i find it difficult to find information that i trust. I cant trust the information that china gives and i cant trust "western" information, manufacturing consent and all that. It wouldnt be the first time the media lies or omits information, and im not talking about the uygurs, but every day you have news of something terrible or dystopian form china, and, i dont know, is difficult for me to trust some of the reporting. And i think many times human rights are used to further imperialist goals. Without looking to the problems of human rights in our own countries. For example, the way the usa treats inmigrants, or indeginous peoples with the reservations, and this happens in eurpean countries to, like france and the roma. I do think china violates human rights, is just that im worried and uncomfortable with the narrative that china is the worst thing ever, when i see how the usa (or france or italy) treat people that are inmigrant or not white in their own country. not to speak on how they treat the rest of the world, cuz then i think china is not nearly as destructive as allot of european countries or the usa. Im from latin america, and im sure that colors the way i think about this things.
  10. Im not herw to defend china, i know about some things, at least i think i know, my information about the chinese situation comes from sources that many times have an agenda. They fabricate or exagerate, and it wouldnt be the first time. Some times they report thing about china that when you look past the sensationalism, its nothing like they say it was. I belive its true that china doesnt respext han rights within it borders i just dont think the west is necessarily superior on that front.
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