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  1. That sweet spot is proposed by archivo cuba... An anti castro organization, known for lying, and making up numbers as they did and do with che guevara. If brasil comited under the dictatorship comitted genocide against 8000 indiginous people doest that make the death toll 8400?.
  2. Really? Could you provide us with sources of that? Specifically that the cuban dictatorship killed far more people tham most latin american dictatorship. And sources that they killed more than the brasilian dictatroship, if you could.
  3. For sure, but i dont think anyone on this thread is under that impression.
  4. Idk, at least when you are being preyed upon, you have a chance of scaping.
  5. I mean, you think a pig, for example, is having a better live living in factory farm conditions than in the wild or "free range" because they might have a brutal death? I think you are missunderstanding why life in a factory is horrible in totaly different ways that what is natural. I mean sure being eaten alive by wild dogs must be horrible, but, common, there are so many different reasons for why its no even close to being the same than LIVING and DYING in a factory, where the animal cant even move, their bodies attrofy, the dont walk, they dont know what earth or grass is, i mean, cant you see the myriad of ways that factory farming is much worse than living in the wild?. I dont know man, i dont know if i was able to translate my thoughts on here(damn you adhd) , but i just think there are so many ways that the argument that, animals suffer in the wild so factory farming, is sooo wrong.
  6. Or their extremely important role in colonization. Missionaries, etc.
  7. A threat to thwñe west means the european union, canada and the us, right?. Its kind of weird to me, reading this discusions, about threats and dangers to the west, as a latino i doubt it would be much different if china where the dominant force, they would rape, steal, and interfere the same as the US or european countries, so all this "threats" that everyone keeps talking about (except for climate change) sound more like fear of not being the one controlling the world instead of some real danger to the world at large. If china is the super power what changes for countries like mine? Is just another tyrant that doesnt give a fuck about anything but profit and control, just like the USA and europe.
  8. Its just, "funny" or shocking or i dont know, its SOMETHING, when you (someone who lives in south america), hear americans (people and goverment) complain about another country's interference with democracies around the world, where do you get the fucking spine to do that, AND you say it like its a threat to the world stability or something, you are just worried that it will not be the US using its power. And im sorry if a dont give a fuck if rusia or china are meddling with your country, when the USA is doing that RIGHT NOW around the globe.
  9. Ok, but if we just have your word, we realy dont have nothing, dont we. Maybe produce just ONE video or evidence, just one, and we can start to belive you. Cuz if not, why would we belive you?
  10. Cocain addicts absolutley do comit crimes to fund their addiction, they steal money, they sell things that arent theirs to get more, etc.
  11. Ive tried DMT, and it was awesome, a ihad a very good expirience with it, i just laid back closed my eyes and enjoyed the trip, and in real time its a reaaly short one, like 5 to 10 minutes. I read somewhere that crack is the same as cocaine, that it has a different name cuz of a marketing thing, and a racism thing.
  12. And even if that was possible, it wouldnt help them, cuz thats not what they want. Maybe if we could mandate that they attend therapy...
  13. So you belive all the people coming forward against joss whedeon are just vindictive, ungratefull underlings trying to destroy him? Becouse you are had or have people working under you?. I dont know, sounds like you are projecting. Or maybe its a case of miss placed class solidarity? I dont think is that strange for a person that has power over other people, to become authoritative and abuse his power. Isn't that, like, a very common thing?
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