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  1. one HUGE difference in this "war" is that the police have the state apparatus behind them, the monopoly of force of violence, so your comparison doesnt work and is incredibly shallow. more than war is a one sided massacre. like this is just some centrist bs, what is the solution you would like and how could that solution be implemented? the police is the fully radicalized group, people protesting just want to stop the abuse and murder, and for cops to have SOME accountability.
  2. yeah, i dont think it would be wise if you where a cop to get out of the car in that situation, but, how did they ended up in that situation again? from the video it just look like they waited for the protest to arrive, maybe read the room? and know that you are literally the trigger for this protests.
  3. Or laugh about it, cuz this is all soooo funny /s ( and those emojis are some passive/agressive bs).
  4. yeah i had to "move" to spotify for the LPOTL content, but i hope this doesnt become the norm with other podcasts. i dont really trust spotify, although i do like that i dont have to download the episode to listen to it, i have so much space on my phone occupied with podcasts that im gratefull that i have one less podcast to download xd.
  5. ummm arent you the one that is "outraged" about the "woke warriors" and those damn privileged sjw and their fucking internet. like , what did "they" ever do to you, that you belive yourself to be censored and shit.
  6. I mean, thats clearly the way YOU characterise the term sjw or "woke warrior" (havent heard that before, so thank you, i really like the term). But most people that are not reactionary dont view the term sjw the way, you and others like you view it. I And iternet outrage, censorship, middle class people?? Did you just read the anti sjw manual or something? At least be more original with your "criticism".
  7. Man this is soo like what we have seen in chile, they did the same thing, kidnapping people on umarked cars, and everybody knew it cuz it was on video.
  8. Black by Buddy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYUdQPBFpsc
  9. Or maybe all "they" are doing, is talking and discussing the very real problematic politics and views of churchill. Cuz it is clearly still an issue. So what is rrqlly the problem? That the people talking about it have a political ideology? Or an "agenda".?
  10. I would say that both me and zorral know this, and are against it, so i dont know why you say it like we are somehow in favor of that or something. I really dont understand why are you so mad at me? A think we share very similar views on this topic at least.
  11. But i thin we share similar views I thought you where saying that history is going to get vanished because people are removing missionary statues or monuments, and i just dont think that is true. Specially cuz that "history" is allready so whitewashed, and the monuments, i imagine, are part of that erasing or whitewashing of that history.
  12. How does removing statues erases or eliminates history?, how do people know about the missions in california?, through the statues? How does it change history to remove some statues or monuments? Do you really think that people will forget about slavery or about the missionaries who forcibly converted the native people, becouse there are fewer statues?
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