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  1. What? All of latin america would like a word with you, and africa, what about asia?.
  2. She's had her redemption arc, it has been fun watching sargon of akaad lose his mind over it.
  3. I watched the one where they are incredibly transphobic, i think its the first one?. It did not age well.
  4. Bro, you just draw an equivalence between the far right and the far left. And you have being arguing in favor of tear gasing people.
  5. Lol i reeeally dont think you are on the left of me. Like im a 100% sure that you are not to the left of me or even most people on the leftist spectrum.
  6. lol tear gas is fucking toxic, specially when you are being gased every day. i mean the geneva convention banned it for warfare use, i guess gassing civilians is not the same? maybe civilians have inmunity or something .
  7. Can you give some examples of some of the dogmas that can never be questioned that the left (or some on the left) has?.
  8. the statues are there illegitimatelly, put there by undemocratic means. you dont need full public consent (what do you mean by "full"). Do you agree that the statues (the slavers and colonizers statues) are there by undemocratic means?
  9. if we agree, then i dont understand why are you against taking down statues that where put in place by a very small minority, whitout any consent from the people. shouldn't you be in favor of taking down statues that where erected in an undemocratic way?
  10. Was it a collective decision to erect the statues in the first place? And if it was, who was a part of that collective, becouse, at least, in my country i dont think they asked the indigenous peoples if they wanted statues of Colón, or when they put up statues of generals that tortured, raped, and killed men, women and children during the 1973-90 dictatirship, i dont think the victims of these horros where included in that "collective" decision.
  11. You are right, the video i posted was a rsponse to his first video, but i think the video by bad empanada is much better than both knowing better videos, i mens he did the second one becouse of the criticism that he got from many people and specially becouse of the bad empanada take down of his bs. I will say that colombus its a hatefull figure al over the Americas not just the US. The consequences of colombus "discovery" affected millions of peoples across all of the american continent. Every one in south america knows that Colon was a PoS, a rapist, racista and a slaver, who is andrew jackson outside of the US?
  12. That video is... Not good. Here's a good video on why it is not good. Knowing better lies. And colombus didnt just "happened" to start a genocide, he was an active part on it, an active part on raping and murdering.
  13. one HUGE difference in this "war" is that the police have the state apparatus behind them, the monopoly of force of violence, so your comparison doesnt work and is incredibly shallow. more than war is a one sided massacre. like this is just some centrist bs, what is the solution you would like and how could that solution be implemented? the police is the fully radicalized group, people protesting just want to stop the abuse and murder, and for cops to have SOME accountability.
  14. yeah, i dont think it would be wise if you where a cop to get out of the car in that situation, but, how did they ended up in that situation again? from the video it just look like they waited for the protest to arrive, maybe read the room? and know that you are literally the trigger for this protests.
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