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  1. it just seems to me that you are the one that doesnt engage in good faith, but you mask it very well i guess, it would be interesting to me to see you respond to dmc's pushback, but you dont want to, and your reasons for not doing so,to me, are week sauce.
  2. I guess you would need something better than twitter handles to prpve that antifa is similar to the proud boys in terms of organization, etc.
  3. thank you! like wtf, and this person in supposed to be a lefty? although i supposed if secretary is a liberal it shouldnt surprise me to much. i guess im making the point of the op, but damn.
  4. i guess it doesnt matter but one is not like the other tho, fascist kill anyone that isnt white, antifa "kill" fascists. antifa dogma is dont be a fascist, thats an ok dogma in my book. edited to add, if beliving all woman is an example of leftist dogma i think we are ok and in the right track
  5. the mai lai and abu ghraib stories where controversial, and denied (mai lai) on their time too.
  6. yeah, its ridiculous, so much good faith discussion jfc
  7. new cotrapoints video essay about the witch trials of j.k rowling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmT0i0xG6zg
  8. it seems to me that you are playin right into what the right wing whants, to scare you into thinking that the woke mob is out to get you, that they are religious fanatics, and as raja and others have said that doesnt seem to be true. sure on twiter and some online spaces there are some people like that but dont you think that focusing so much on them is doing exactly what right wingers want? is so crazy to me, if woke means to be awake of the inherent injustices that many people are subjected to in our society, are you against that? being that you are a part of the left, you would be and should be, woke.
  9. its an important discussion, like even people who identify as leftist don understand what woke is and worse, they adopt right wing talking points and dont question it
  10. so strange, should we listen to racists if we want to know the perspective of a black person? like what?
  11. well i think if the british or the netherlands or every other country that has a monarchy want to keep them...fine, but they should stay in their respective countries, and get out of other countries that dont have a choice in being part of a monarchy, this monarchies should also return what they stole and pay reparations.
  12. For chile, left wing it is not, its a liberal goverment, center left
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