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  1. I also have a tendency to disagree more with whichever company I am in at a moment. As a liberal, I do agree that on average liberals still value critical thinking more. But that percentage is dropping a bit because it is more about thought-trend following than dissecting things at the moment.
  2. So when they say 90% of the vote is in, they mean 90% arrived to be counted while not all of them are counted yet?
  3. Politico has Trump leading by double digits in MI and PA with 42% counted in each. The majority of urban vote comes late?
  4. EC sucks but what you need more is preferential voting.
  5. Gotta go with someone who is more than just an empty suit who licks his finger and puts it in the air. And don't go for Obama wannabes like Beto or Buttigeg. I even saw enthusiasm for Castro here who is as insencere as Harris. In March you fortunately realized that you can't go with a socialist. Dont go for someone with AOC type ideas but rather for someone with Yang type ideas even tho he isn't perfect either ofc. Then you will get the republican douchebags out and you won't be picked on by eurodouchebags like me
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.actionnetwork.com/politics/election-odds-predictions-trump-biden-betting-presidential-race-2020 2020 Election Day Odds Updates 9:15 p.m. ET Donald Trump is the odds-on favorite to win the election for the first time since May 5, according to the betting odds at Betfair.
  7. Yep. I definately am not a victim. Not being sarcastic now. I did not really come to troll. I just kept linking projections and facts. I did say I find it funny reading a hard left subforum in moments of panic which is also objectively true.
  8. Sir, you seem to have influence over these people so make them a little bit stronger. Do not make them into caricatures that they seem to be at the moment. I may have used a bit of a strong language when I said "broke the needles" when the Times started projecting Trump to win those 3 states each with over 80% certainty. But I didn't call anything. Yet people all of a sudden started calling me a conservative and a loser. I do not mind. Throw any insult you want. But Sir, make the community a bit stronger than it is for their sake.
  9. Oh no, I shall immediately start tending to my lawn to fit into your neighborhood better. Dont worry guys, Biden is still the favourite, probably.
  10. So it seems like Trump broke those needles in FL, GA and NC. Anyone got some sort of site that tracks OH, PA and WI in a similar way as those NYT needles?
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