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  1. Disturber of Peace

    HBO's Westworld V - These violent delights... [Spoilers]

    Maybe it was being spooky. I wouldnt put it past Ford to want to spook William a bit. If the kid spoke in just the Hopkins voice it would look kinda silly. Also, if he talked in that codified manner with just a kid's voice it would not be such a powerful and personal message to William. He would know whats up but it would carry less weight. I expect Ford to have more presence like that but not in a double voice perhaps since it was already established to both William and the viewers like this.
  2. Disturber of Peace

    Football - Stolen Taxi for Pardew

    Zlatan would not be able to backheel it better.
  3. Disturber of Peace

    Football: CL is back

    The best thing about this video is that it was made and posted before yesterday's match
  4. Disturber of Peace

    Football: Just Slaven Away

    Italy had their own Wally with Brolly?
  5. Disturber of Peace

    Mr. Robot (spoilers).... 'cause I suck at this stuff

    I agree. I was just playing into the earlier theory a bit.
  6. Disturber of Peace

    Mr. Robot (spoilers).... 'cause I suck at this stuff

    Maybe that was Angela's special second personality finally being triggered by the ones who created it.
  7. Disturber of Peace

    The Last Man on Earth (spoiler thread)

    I like the show. I was excited about it ever since i heard a show with that premise is coming soon. The mostly goofy, easy going tone in a realistically grim situation bodes well with me. I feel good and every episode has one or two moments that crack me up. I very much agree that all the configurations (solo, duo, trio) should have been more explored before bringing a fourth person. But the premise of the show allows for a great deal of untapped stuff so i hope it does not get cancelled soon. It shouldnt. But if it does, hopefully not enough people will know about it so i can copy that outdoor bed, fireworks and voice-record routine. Also, they should bring some more animals into action. Not so much for the sake of realism as for more comical possibilities.