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  1. Are you a PS+ subscriber? If so, I think your saves are automatically backed to the cloud.
  2. Been trying to get the challenge in Red Dead that tasks you with killing ten enemies with crafted shotgun ammo. I came upon a group of Lemoyne Raiders harassing a stagecoach driver and decided to intervene, equipping my incendiary shells. I quickly blasted the Raiders, but got a Wanted notification, because apparently the stagecoach driver was okay with being robbed by them but less than okay with me setting them ablaze. I decided to high tail it out of there. In the process, I guided my horse through a small fire (that I admittedly set) and, seconds later, my horse randomly erupted into flame and died in the span of moments. That was not how I saw that encounter playing out.
  3. I wouldn't be at all surprised if game fixing still goes on. It's easy for refs to hide under the guise of incompetence. It also says everything you need to know about Stern's commissioner reign that he let all of Donaughy's friends keep their jobs instead of cleaning house like they should have after that scandal.
  4. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/25980368/how-former-ref-tim-donaghy-conspired-fix-nba-games Interesting article on what we all already knew...that the NBA saying Donaughy never fixed games was a crock of shit.
  5. The crossover we all deserved:
  6. briantw

    THE PUNISHER now a Netflix series

    Really wish they'd make a sort of MAX brand for their movies/shows that are tailored more for an adult audience. Worked for the comics, and quite a few of their characters clearly work better when given a longer leash.
  7. I'd say Witcher 3 is a better game. Red Dead 2 is a better experience. There's just so much depth and so much shit to do in Red Dead 2, but Witcher 3 doesn't make it feel like you're fighting the controls half the time. It just tells a really tight story with great writing and acting. Red Dead has that too, but it feels more spread out. There are lots of good side stories in Red Dead 2, but none of them feel as significant as the best Witcher 3 side quests, which I think really sold how terrifying and perilous the Witcher 3 world can be.
  8. briantw

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    By the way, re-watching The Wire and I still find it so weird that Aidan Gillen is a much better actor with a fake American accent than he is with his native Irish one. Doesn't constantly seem like he's twirling his mustache with the American accent, I guess.
  9. briantw

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    Show has some absolutely masterful profanity.
  10. If Boston trades for him and makes the Finals, hard to see him going elsewhere. Especially if Golden State no longer has Durant. He leaves and the season is no longer a formality.
  11. Had dinner with a nice couple in Red Dead 2 who drugged me, robbed me, and left me for dead in a mass grave near their property. I came to, staggered back to their house, killed the man with a hatchet, then hog-tied the wife and carried her to the mass grave and dumped her there. The most impressive part was that she even had dialogue recorded for players who did that, saying, "No, anywhere but here" or something to that effect, and muttering about her mother, who the couple definitely killed at some earlier point and whose bones were presumably also in that mass grave. I've found myself putting off pushing further in the main story (still in act two) while I wander around, hunt, fish, work on challenges, rob people, steal stage coaches, and other random tasks. Game has a lot going on. Spent an hour earlier just fishing trying to catch three fucking bluegills for a challenge. Pickerels can fuck right off.
  12. Unless it's so serious that it would carry over well into next year, I wouldn't be too worried if I were them. Lot of time between now and the tipoff of the 19/20 season.
  13. Because if you add Anthony Davis to the Lakers that team wins a lot more games to close out the season than they probably will without him, and thus their pick, for the purposes of trade, will be better. Yeah, they probably won't win the lottery, but they'd almost certainly have no chance of being in the lottery at all if Davis was there. Maybe the pick is only four or five spots better than it might have been with Davis on the Lakers, but that's not insignificant.
  14. Lakers pick will also be a lot better this summer without Davis on the team the rest of the season. There's a good chance they miss the playoffs. That absolutely would not have been the case with AD on the team. At best, they're looking at the seven or eight seed as currently constructed.
  15. Well, the former is obviously a risk. As for the latter, we've seen multiple times now that teams will take a chance on changing a guy's mind. Not only that, but we've seen it pay off with Paul George.