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  1. What a brutal week for injuries.
  2. Chubb and Hunt on the same team is just unfair.
  3. Burrow and Mayfield are both playing really well tonight. Of course, both opposing defenses are shit, so that probably helps.
  4. Nick Chubb is a hell of a lot of fun to watch. I hope the Browns pay him. Him and Hunt are an insane one-two punch.
  5. Yeah, nothing really has changed between last night and tonight regarding his players anyway so I don't see why anyone would care.
  6. Had the high score in Keeper this week despite Golladay and Sanders on the bench. Not too shabby.
  7. New Contracts: Matt Ryan - $12 - 1 yearD'Andre Swift - $9 - 4 yearsMiles Sanders - $26 - 3 yearsTyler Higbee - $2 - 1 yearKeenan Allen - $10 - 1 yearLeonard Fournette - $5 - 2 yearsHayden Hurst - $4 - 1 yearDiontae Johnson - $5 - 4 yearsJalen Reagor - $5 - 3 yearsBrian Edwards - $1 - 4 yearsJoshua Kelley - $2 - 4 years Made a few changes so just gonna repost this.
  8. My favorite part of the show is how great all the kids are. Heather is the best,
  9. I traded Mike Williams for Teddy Bridgewater in my main dynasty league. This trade feels like the meme of the two Spider-Mans pointing at each other.
  10. The third season of AP Bio has been fantastic so far. The third episode is amazing. "I didn't wanna kill him because he's a student." "I wish more of our teachers had your restraint."
  11. Yeah it sounded like less than half to me based on how loud the crowd got during the game. Not excusing the ones who did, of course. Fuck those racist fucks.
  12. I will say that it definitely didn't sound like every fan in attendance was booing. Enough to be heard but I'm not even sure it was the majority.
  13. QB Russell Wilson QB Josh Allen QB Dwayne Haskins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick RB Saquon Barkley RB Miles Sanders RB JK Dobbins RB James White RB Joshua Kelley WR Kenny Golladay WR Adam Thielen WR Tyler Lockett WR Marquise Brown WR Christian Kirk WR Parris Campbell WR Brandon Aiyuk WR Bryan Edwards TE Noah Fant TE Chris Herndon TE Austin Hooper K Jake Elliott D/ST Eagle I think the decision to not keep Ridley with my fourth paid off, because Dobbins might be worth keeping next year at a second round price tag, but there was absolutely no chance that Ridley would have been.
  14. Pretty sure Chiefs fans just booed during the call for unity and equality.
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