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  1. briantw

    Best Sitcom Episodes Ever

    Motherboy XXX from Arrested Development will always be a personal favorite. Buster's attempt to zipline is probably the hardest I have ever laughed at any sitcom. Although I could probably make compelling arguments for about half the episodes in season two of Arrested Development. Also that episode of Futurama with the dog. It's both funny and soul-crushing.
  2. briantw

    Westeros Football League A

    Any of those times should be fine for me.
  3. briantw

    NFL 2019 Preseason: Hard Knockin on Gruden's Door

    Is that code for impotence?
  4. briantw

    Fantasy Football 2019

    I'm doing an FFPC best ball slow draft right now. About to make my fifth pick (up in two picks). Thus far, my team: Alvin Kamara Melvin Gordon Antonio Brown Marlon Mack I have no idea how this team is going to pan out but it's gonna be a fun ride. Feel like I got great potential value on all of those picks outside of Kamara, who I took at 1.03 because McCaffrey and Barkley went one and two and I wasn't prepared to gamble on Zeke and the Cowboys getting a deal done before week one that high in the first. At 2.10, I'll take the Melvin Gordon gamble, though. Same with Brown in the early third. If everything comes up Milhouse, that's basically three first round picks. Of course, everything could go horribly wrong and probably will. But you take what the draft gives you, and this one gave me a dice roll.
  5. briantw

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    The third smartly leaned a lot heavier into the puzzling and exploration aspects of the game than the gunplay. There's still too much of it, but at least they toned it down a bit overall. The optional tombs are the highlight of the game, though, with basically zero combat and all puzzle-solving.
  6. That's all part of the cycle mentioned earlier. US dominates for a while. The stars get tired of showing up during the summer and decide to take some time off from Team USA. They get replaced by lesser players. Those lesser players fuck up and lose. The star players come back to Team USA to save the day. You can probably guess where in the cycle we're at right now.
  7. Eh...I've never found Team USA basketball to be particularly compelling unless it's one of those years like this one where none of the best players bothered to show up. Every other year it's like watching WWE. You know that, at the end of the day, Cena's going over.
  8. briantw

    NFL 2019 Preseason: Hard Knockin on Gruden's Door

    Brown has clearly taken a few too many hits to the head in his career. I feel like we're gonna find out a few years from now that he's dealing with massive CTE related issues.
  9. It's because our national basketball team is usually so much better than every other team that international play is boring. If we field our best team, we run the table without issue.
  10. briantw

    NFL 2019 Preseason: Hard Knockin on Gruden's Door

    Watching this preseason Browns game is strange. Our third team offense is better than our first team from two years ago.
  11. briantw

    NFL 2019 Preseason: Hard Knockin on Gruden's Door

    I knew this whole Gruden adventure was going to be awesome when they inexplicably signed him to a ten year contract, but it's paying dividends earlier than expected.
  12. briantw

    Fantasy Football 2019

    I'm in for Dynasty, Keeper, and then toss me into A, B, or C, dealer's choice.
  13. briantw

    Fantasy Football 2018

    I'm in for any and all leagues.