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  1. I'm on board for that. Kind of a dick move for the Predator to use a cloaking device in Prey, though. I get it to some extent in the original movie where all the guys he was hunting were ripped badasses with giant guns, but it seems like it makes it a little too easy when he's fighting Native Americans with bows and spears and French dudes with a death wish.
  2. Checked out the first two/four episodes of the new Beavis & Butt-Head series and it's more or less what you'd expect. The main change in format is that now they comment on internet videos and music videos. These segments were generally the weakest. I found the episode where they are paired up with two girls to do an escape room and end up locking themselves in the bathroom to be particularly inspired. "Um...Butt-Head, it won't open. We're trapped!" "Of course we are, dumbass. That's why they call it an escape room." Also watched Prey and very much enjoyed it. Definitely the best Predator movie since the original.
  3. I'm definitely in for Keeper and Dynasty, and down to do one of the redraft leagues as well if it's a snake draft.
  4. I mean, sure, there are plenty of reasons to be critical of the Browns, but I think evidence shows that they would have given that same sort of contract structure to Watson had he not been accused of anything, as they would have with any QB they signed or traded for. If Baker had been extended, the contract certainly would have looked similar (albeit probably for a lot less money). The same is true if they had been able to trade for Russ like they tried to, or if Rodgers had become available and they had landed him. That's basically exactly the structure of the extension that Rodgers actually got.
  5. That little detail is also nonsense, as the Browns structure literally every contract that way. Look at every big deal Andrew Berry has given out since he became GM in 2020 and you’ll notice that every single one has a year one base salary of one to two million. Here are the players he has done it with off the top of my head: Garrett, Chubb, Bitonio, Ward, Cooper via restructure, Teller, Watson, and Njoku. And I may have forgotten some. I doubt the Browns care whether or not Watson loses money via suspension. They structure contracts that way because cap space carries over. There’s a reason why they have the most cap space in the NFL right now and it’s because they structured all their contracts the same as Watson’s. Further, if you look around the NFL, this is the same way most other teams now structure big extensions. It’s designed to maximize your financial flexibility in year one of a huge contract extension.
  6. Kind of embarrassing to lose all that by tampering with two guys you didn't even end up getting.
  7. The NFL only presented four of the cases before the arbiter. Well, five technically, but one was thrown out. Twenty of the women settled with Watson prior to the hearing, though, and likely part of that settlement was refusing to cooperate with the NFL investigation.
  8. Biggest winner is Kyler. Now he can go back to not watching tape and playing Call of Duty.
  9. Curb Your Enthusiasm did a pretty hilarious play on the Seinfeld ending too.
  10. To be fair, at this point I feel like enough crazy shit has happened to the Earth that the giant dude sticking out of the Earth is just a normal MCU Tuesday.
  11. I think he's counting on them being too dumb to realize that.
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