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  1. Mayfield looked great yesterday. Only two incomplete passes. One was a pick, but it was the result of his rookie receiver giving up on a route because he didn’t want to get hit, and Stefanski tore into Schwartz on the sideline after the play.
  2. Also, this Demetric Felton touchdown for the Browns today was wild: Kid made the defense look foolish.
  3. As a Browns fan, anyone who whines about their QB play can fuck the fuck off. Baker Mayfield is the best QB we've had in forty years and we still don't know if he's good.
  4. Updating Barkley to 3 years. All else unchanged.
  5. My team: QB - Josh Allen QB - Jalen Hurts RB - Saquon Barkley RB - Najee Harris RB - Jamaal Williams WR - Keenan Allen WR - Tyler Lockett WR - Brandon Aiyuk WR - DJ Moore TE - Noah Fant K - Matt Gay D/ST - Saints BN - Mac Jones BN - DeVonta Smith BN - Dallas Goedert BN - Bryan Edwards BN - Travis Etienne BN - Cole Beasley BN - Elijah Moore BN - Rondale Moore BN - Phillip Lindsay BN - Adam Trautman --- Also, I'll be starting Barkley this week.
  6. I've found my favorite old fashioned recipe. 2oz Early Times Bottled in Bond .5oz demerara simple syrup 2 dashes 18.21 Havana & Hide Barrel Aged Bitters Add it all to a pint glass, add a handful of ice, stir for about twenty seconds, then strain into a rocks glass with a giant ice cube. Garnish with an orange peel that you express over the glass and run around the rim of the glass and a cocktail cherry. I prefer Luxardo. Early Times is a truly great purchase. A liter of pretty good bourbon for around twenty-five bucks. It's perfectly drinkable neat. Not spectacular, but nothing is at that price point. It stacks up nicely against similarly priced bottles, though, and meshes nicely in a cocktail. I highly recommend the 18.21 bitters if you like Wild Turkey / Russell's Reserve bourbons. It adds some nice leather and tobacco notes to the cocktail that I really enjoy. I've tried using Wild Turkey 101 in my old fashioneds, but for whatever reason I just don't like it as much as the Early Times version, even with different types of bitters.
  7. I'm making a bet that Wilson is going to be worth more than $12 next year. Maybe I'm right. Maybe not. Either way, he's young and looks to be talented, even if his mom is a piece of shit. And, if he pans out, I don't have to worry about QB for the next two seasons, outside of grabbing a third bargain bin guy to spell my bye weeks. It's the same way I've built my entire team. Take chances on solid four year deals. Some work out. Some don't. But as long as you hit with some players like Chubb, Jones, Metcalf, Lockett, Godwin, Murray, etc, that compensates for the misses like Guice, Royce Freeman, Jalen Reagor, and such. Because even if I add up the dead cap I've got from Guice and Freeman to Chubb's number, it's still cheaper than Chubb would have gone in the draft this year. Just like Murray plus the four bucks I'd pay next year for cutting Wilson is still a hell of a lot cheaper than Murray would go if he were in the draft.
  8. Fair. Maybe the plan all along was to bring back another version of him, as I imagine Feige knew the multiverse stuff was coming by the time Black Panther was made. I just think it was a waste of a great actor to cast him in a one-off performance like that, even if it was a great performance.
  9. I really hope they use the multiverse as a way to bring back the character into the main MCU. He's one of the villains they really should have kept alive. Killing off villains is fine when you are just making a trilogy, but when you're constructing a cinematic universe that spans dozens of movies and now TV series as well, you should really consider leaving a lot of them alive so you can utilize them later. Just look at the second life Baron Zemo has gotten after being a very forgettable villain in Civil War. He was the part of that film most people forgot, but now he's become a fan favorite because they kept him alive, brought him back in Falcon/WS, retconned the character a bit, and made him fun.
  10. Cool. My other keepers remain unchanged.
  11. I would also like to keep Fant with my 10th if it's not too late to make adjustments.
  12. Eh, Kyler at 15 ended up being a steal. He’d go for at least twice that now. Worst case I’m out four bucks the next three drafts.
  13. New contracts: QB - Ryan Tannehill - $11 - 1 year QB - Zach Wilson - $12 - 4 years RB - Saquon Barkley - $31 - 2 years RB - Cam Akers - $9 - 3 years WR - Julio Jones - $6 - 1 year WR - Ja'Marr Chase - $12 - 4 years WR - Terrace Marshall - $1 - 4 years WR - Elijah Moore - $4 - 4 years WR - Sterling Shepard - $1 - 1 year One year deals for kicker and defense too, obviously. --- Entire team roster: QB - Kyler Murray QB - Ryan Tannehill QB - Zach Wilson RB - Nick Chubb RB - Aaron Jones RB - D'Andre Swift RB - Saquon Barkley RB - Miles Sanders RB - Cam Akers WR - DK Metcalf WR - Chris Godwin WR - Tyler Lockett WR - Diontae Johnson WR - Julio Jones WR - Ja'Marr Chase WR - Bryan Edwards WR - Elijah Moore WR - Sterling Shepard WR - Terrace Marshall TE - TJ Hockenson K - Greg Zuerlein D/ST - Browns As mentioned, that team fucks.
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