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  1. Cavs just stomped a healthy Bucks team. I'm not sure I was prepared to like Kevin Love again, but he has been ridiculous this year.
  2. I don't think anyone expected Culley to win four games with that shitty Texans roster. The fact that he got fired so quickly was a joke, and doubly so if they fired him to hire a guy with zero coaching experience.
  3. Vigilante has quickly become a favorite character of mine. This scene was absolute gold:
  4. It's both a reboot and a sequel. I think it definitely exists in the DCEU, but also what even does that mean at this point?
  5. I thought the movie would have been a little better if the main Deviant ended up helping them at the end once he realized that some of the Eternals were trying to stop the emergence instead of just existing so that Angelina Jolie could have a badass moment.
  6. I think they already put their M-rated stuff on Hulu.
  7. Thirty years also gives them ample time to reproduce and populate their military with younger talent.
  8. And as far as Clarissa goes, they could easily just say that she beat her projection and is somehow still alive. That's not unheard of.
  9. It's because if you end up in a hybrid role a team might try to pay you as a RB instead of a WR.
  10. I thought the general consensus on it was "good but not as good as part one." Which, to me, is fairly accurate.
  11. Plus the authors of the books are both fairly involved with the show, aren't they?
  12. Loving this show so far. Just give the DCEU to James Gunn and go hard-R.
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