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  1. Cavs got the best player in the Harden trade.
  2. Ironically, inciting an erection is probably the one thing Trump isn't guilty of.
  3. You're forgetting that Ted Cruz is speaking to people who don't live in reality.
  4. I'm curious if he has any value around the league. He's obviously a talented scorer, but he's impossible to count on and could just disappear from the team for a week without explanation.
  5. Considering the guy who was in the office before him, my first executive order would be a thorough decontamination. Decontamination first, then bone zone on the resolute desk.
  6. Baker Mayfied may not be the best quarterback in the NFL, be he indisputably makes the best commercials. Mahomes may be better on the field, but he can't act for shit.
  7. I guess the United States, like the Cavs and Browns, may have finally hired a competent front office.
  8. This Cavs team is scrappy. Even if they lose, this was a fun game. And they somehow went from the overall worst defense last year to one of the best defenses this year. I honestly don't even know how that's possible.
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