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  1. https://www.theringer.com/nba/2023/3/29/23654150/evan-mobley-cleveland-cavaliers Great write up on Mobley.
  2. Skyrim is a bit different because it's so meandering and open ended and how you play can alter a run significantly. With Witcher 3, there's really only one way to play it, and the story is linear even if you can spend a lot of time dicking around. You're Geralt (and, occasionally, Ciri). You'll always be Geralt, the witcher. He'll always have two swords and the same five or so spells and a bunch of potions you always forget to use.
  3. Steam already addresses this to an extent by showing you how a game has fared for all reviews, but also showing you just the feedback from recent reviews.
  4. Sure, but how many people ever actually replay games that take 40+ hours to beat? I'd love to replay Witcher 3 with the graphics update, but I just don't have the fucking time if I want to play anything else for the next six months.
  5. Makes me so happy my team traded for Donovan Mitchell. He seems like a legitimately good dude, and unlike Kyrie he actually contributes on both ends of the floor.
  6. To be fair, only four games separate the fourth seed in the West and the twelfth seed. That being said, I don't think Irving plays a winning style of basketball. He's a me-first player. He doesn't try on defense. He's not a leader.
  7. I re-watched the show recently and totally forgot about that line. Just about spit out my drink. The other scene that cracks me up is when Misty busts into Nat's hotel room as she's about to do some lines, shoves her out of the way, and snorts all the cocaine herself.
  8. Doubt it impacts Rick and Morty at all. From everything that I’ve read or listened to, everyone who works on the show was glad to see him gone and believed it took too long to finally get rid of him.
  9. I was a big fan of Moore as a prospect two years ago. He's the guy I wanted the Browns to trade for, and I figured he'd come quite a bit cheaper than Jeudy would despite being a prospect I'd view on a similar tier. Jeudy was a little better but not absurdly so. Plus Moore is on a dirt cheap deal for the next two years.
  10. Yeah, it was just the response from the Cowboys blog account that made me laugh.
  11. Ten years ago, Sony wasn't releasing any of their exclusives on PC. Now, it seems like they're releasing most of them a few years after their console release. The second game is already a couple of years old, so I'm guessing next year for the PC release since Part One comes out later this month. And there's no chance they'll rebuild it from the ground up. There's no need with Part 2. It's still one of the best looking games out there and only two years old.
  12. I mean, that’s probably the cleanest room they’ve got. It’s the post-apocalypse. Shit’s fucked.
  13. So, like, are there going to be any quarterbacks in the NFC next year?
  14. I wouldn't say there's no urgency. They live in a highly dangerous world where life is cheap, and they're currently occupying a hospital with working power and, presumably, medicine. They'd be an obvious target, and that's not even getting into the constant threat that the infected pose, even to Ellie. She may not turn if they bite her, but as they said early on, that won't stop an infected from tearing her apart. Every day they hold off on doing what they feel they need to do in order to manufacture a cure is a day that their surgeon may be killed or Ellie may die. That, of course, doesn't mean they had to kill her the same day. I just think it's false to say there's no urgency here. They've likely been working on a cure for close to twenty years and this is the closest they've come.
  15. Yeah, that was just as good as the game. Honestly, I think it worked even better on the show because they could use the music and cinematography to portray the horror of what Joel was doing much better than when you're in control and have to gun everyone down yourself, which puts you in survival mode.
  16. I seem to remember it being a bit more enjoyable when I played the Legendary version, but it had been so long since I played the original that all I really remembered was that the gameplay was borderline unfun at times. It might just be that it wasn't as bad as I remembered it, though.
  17. I mean, the gameplay was never the highlight of KOTOR to begin with. If they made it better but kept the story mostly unchanged (I'd be fine with some minor re-writes to tighten the dialogue, same as I expect them to do for the remake of The Witcher, although that one needs it far more), I'd be on board. That being said, if you remove most of the RPG elements, it's not the same game. I would not be on board with that. If I recall, didn't they improve the gameplay from the original Mass Effect in the Legendary Edition to make it play more like the second game?
  18. While I agree that Lamar representing himself is likely annoying when it comes to negotiations, he’s by no means the only player who has ever represented himself, nor the only high profile or highly paid player. DeAndre Hopkins represented himself during his contract extension with the Cardinals. Jacoby Brissett represents himself. Richard Sherman, Russell Okung, Laremy Tunsil, Bobby Wagner…not a lot of players do it, but certainly enough that Lamar doing it isn’t the issue here.
  19. Who had the Panthers as a playoff team a year ago? Their roster was mediocre last offseason and it's gotten significantly worse with the absence of CMC and DJ Moore, their two best players offensively by a mile. Their best WR right now is Terrace Marshall. The only shot they had last year at making the postseason was the general weakness of the NFC and the fact that two of the teams in their division had even worse rosters and a lot of young, unproven skill players.
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