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  1. Thirty years also gives them ample time to reproduce and populate their military with younger talent.
  2. And as far as Clarissa goes, they could easily just say that she beat her projection and is somehow still alive. That's not unheard of.
  3. It's because if you end up in a hybrid role a team might try to pay you as a RB instead of a WR.
  4. I thought the general consensus on it was "good but not as good as part one." Which, to me, is fairly accurate.
  5. Plus the authors of the books are both fairly involved with the show, aren't they?
  6. Loving this show so far. Just give the DCEU to James Gunn and go hard-R.
  7. Flores getting fired before Joe Judge is fucking laughable.
  8. Yeah, if I recall he wasn't terribly good in college either, but it turns out that was because he had shit receivers. Give him Keenan Allen and Mike Williams and apparently he is pretty fucking good.
  9. The general consensus on Herbert seemed to be that he was going to be a bust heading into that draft.
  10. The season wrapped up tonight. It was...fine? Certainly better than the pile of shit ending of the original series, but still a little disappointing and underwhelming overall. The end of the season felt really rushed too. The first half moved too slow with not a whole lot happening, which left them cramming everything into the last couple of episodes and ending way too abruptly. They definitely redeemed themselves for the original ending, which pretty much everyone agrees was a horrendous piece of shit, but even with like a decade to contemplate how to properly end it, they still went out with more whimper than bang.
  11. They might work differently if you're unknowingly dosed with them while you're starving and in a traumatic situation. The only times I've done them, it's been with friends and I very much knew what I was doing.
  12. They've had it coming for a while.
  13. It works, I think, because you understand why they're all terrible people, and it's because Logan was a terrible parent who constantly pitted them against each other, so there's no trust among siblings. Tom, on the other hand, is impotent and constantly belittled, which is why he lashes out at his own underlings like Greg, as they're the only people he has any power over and, as he learned from the family he married into, he abuses it. Greg is probably the only decent person in the bunch.
  14. Had to pause the episode after that line because I was laughing so hard.
  15. I think I've decided to do an online order instead and pass on the Springbank, as I've since found I can order from a UK site and get about three to four really good bottles of Scotch (Ledaig 18, Bunnahabhain 12 Cask Strength, Caol Ila 18, etc.) for about the same price even with the shipping. Seems to be the way to go, especially since I can't find any of those bottles around here, and even if I could, it wouldn't be for anywhere close to what they sell for in the UK. Hell, Ledaig and Caol Ila 18 online are only about ten bucks more than their 10 and 12 year counterparts here. More like thirty when you factor in shipping, but that's still way cheaper than they'd be in a liquor store near me if they were actually carried. Pretty sure that Ledaig would be well north of $150 here.
  16. Feel like it was the same with Ashford. He was a pretty one-note villain in the books if I recall correctly, but he was one of the absolute best characters on the show.
  17. Brady won a ring last year, so I doubt he cares.
  18. No doubt they had the talent to win another title, but that 2016 loss was such a gut punch that I have to think it hurt them mentally. Hell, if I recall correctly Draymond was calling up Durant that night and trying to talk him into coming there.
  19. Well, I have officially won my money dynasty league (well, one of them...I'm in three now). I went two out of three in the finals I made, including a dominant 120 point victory in a fourteen team keeper league where Chase had seventy points and Penny and St. Brown added forty each for me. The dynasty win was by a mere .85 points, but they all count the same and I'll be buying myself an expensive bottle of Scotch with a chunk of the winnings. I'm thinking Springbank 18, which I believe runs around $250 in these parts.
  20. Him (well, his lawyer, as we all know that AB didn't write that) saying how badly his ankle hurt doesn't really jive with how he jogged off the field and did jumping jacks in the end zone. If I had to guess, he's totally full of shit. Not that it matters, because his NFL career is effectively over. The Bucs and Brady were his Last Chance U.
  21. The real question is, if Durant doesn't go there, do they win more than one title?
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