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  1. Unruly Librarians! Truly the greatest threat to our generation and our nation's freedom! We should definitely spend the limited available time of government focusing on this important issue. Screw fixing the roads or tax collections or infrastructure maintenance, it is imperative that we attack the local libraries.
  2. Vogel is a good coach. But Monty Williams was also a very good coach. Changing horses like that isn't great.
  3. Exactly this. If the Ukrainians want to assemble a large heap of captured Russian gear and tell the Russian Rebels to help themselves and go nuts in the border region, very few people in America are going to shed any tears. Equipping them with a full Patriot array or handing them HIMARS might be more of an issue.
  4. Ben and co. agree with you. I would add that both teams played a well-rounded game, and there was no "doughnut" shot chart like the Celtics were creating in the ECF against the Heat. It is good to see a player like Aaron Gordon finally get to play with a serious, team-oriented group after all those years wasted in the basketball wilderness of Florida. And similar sentiments are probably appropriate for most of the players on both teams.
  5. In this respect, the EL is analogous to the old European Cup, where the actual league champions were the only participants, and the lack of familiarity and wildly differing styles of play added some real spice to the competition.
  6. I am looking forward to this Finals matchup, as both Denver and the Heat play some attractive basketball, with off-ball movement and motion on offense, and good team defense within the skill sets of their respective players. And in fact, several other teams in the playoffs this year did a nice job of playing team basketball that made their games good to watch (Sacramento, GS of course, the Lakers in some games they won, the Celtics in the early rounds). I feel that the Celtics stopped playing with good motion and movement on offense in the ECF, and that is why the Heat were able to defeat them - too many possessions spent standing around to watch iso stuff on offense. The championship will likely go to the team who can continue to play a higher percentage of possessions of that sort of high-caliber team offense that incorporates good ball movement and active player participation (and whichever team can avoid key injuries, of course).
  7. This single forum post contains all the sensible content necessary to summarize 3/4ths of an entire semester's worth of an undergraduate Macroeconomics class.
  8. Why is the US Marshall in the Justified trailer wearing his hat indoors?
  9. Ukraine buys up the world supply of first person drones (between 50 and 100k units). Russia Braces For Attack By 50,000 Ukrainian Kamikaze Drones, Seeks Shotguns (forbes.com) This is a good example of supply chain interdiction, and it has Russia worried about where it will be able to source drones of their own. The Art of Supply Chain Interdiction: To Win Without Fighting - War on the Rocks Sun-Tzu would be proud.
  10. I can't wait to see the Auralnauts take on this one.
  11. Trumpkins calling long-standing Republicans with decades of service and actual experience "RINOs" is just SOP for them. Our local district is relatively newly-formed given the population growth here in Arizona, and our GOP board is similarly new. We have a weird mix of long-standing folks who run for / support local municipalities and government functions and these Trumpkins who just started "doing politics" in the last six years. The Trumpkins will come up with some bizarre idea ("Stop accepting Federal dollars for road work!") and the old Republicans will point out that this isn't how government functions operate. "You are just RINOs! You are secretly Democrats and Communists and Antifa!" is the immediate response. Last year one of them said that a sitting member of the Goldwater Institute was a RINO, and my eyeballs just about fell out of my skull. I haven't attended the last couple local board meetings, as the utter ignorance of the Trumpkins on subjects like basic parliamentary procedure, how the Constitution allocates powers, the difference between state and Federal powers and authority makes the meetings a huge waste of time. Life is too short to associate with the @#$% who won't bother to peruse Robert's Rules of Order prior to a session.
  12. That is some horse$hit right there. Who gives a good goddam what I plan to do with the money? It is my money, hand it over now. This happened to me a couple decades ago with Wells Fargo, and I closed all my accounts with them.
  13. An interesting editorial on the Russian incursion: Opinion: The Brilliance of Belgorod (kyivpost.com)
  14. The Suns get rid of banker-boy Sarver, and they have a coach who has finally gotten the team playing consistently well in Monty Williams, so local fans start to think, "Maybe the organization has turned the corner?" But being the Suns, they fired both barrels into their feet, trading away the wrong players (Bridges, should have rid themselves of Ayton), firing the quality coach, and now considering Doc Rivers. Herp a derp.
  15. Hopefully it will turn out better for W than it did for Zion, the Prince That Was Promised.
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