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  1. dbunting

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    I'm not seeing it as boring, I am seeing it as a slow burn? I think knowing that there are only a few episodes left is why I don't mind the pacing. I would rather that than have it be six episodes and a lot of the character build up gets lost. Now, if it was a 16 or 24 episode show, yeah I'd be worried.
  2. dbunting

    The Outsider HBO

    I believe once a formal arrest has been made the persons name is made public, as long as they are not a minor. He was formally arrested at the baseball field so from that point on it would be a matter of public record. Most small town newspapers has a section covering this and weekly list all arrests made and what the charges were, from murder to drunk driving.
  3. dbunting

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    Finished S1 and S2 of Sex Education this weekend, really well done show with pretty good acting.
  4. Yeah, I am not saying the Lions will trade Stafford, but it seems like they are leaking that they might, just to get people who want a QB uncomfortable enough to make offers for the picks in question. They said trading Stafford would be a 37mill cap hit vs like 23mill to have him.
  5. I don't see Tua going past #3 if he gets a clean bill of health. Going into the season he was the clear #1 overall so if the hip is good to go then I can't see him dropping very far. If he didn't have the hip issue this year he would likely have gone #1 overall despite what Burrow did this year since there is so much more tape on Tua than Burrow. The Lions are in a great spot if Tua is healthy. Either someone pays a ransom to get Washingtons pick and Young falls to Detroit or Detroit gets paid a ransom and they slide to 5th or 6th and still get Okudah. The rumor mill has already started here in Detroit that Stafford may be on the trading block. The insinuation being, you better trade up to #2 to get Tua or Detroit will take him at #3 for themselves.
  6. dbunting

    Bosch... Amazon Original

    Glad to see there is more to come as I generally enjoy the show. You didn't think S5 was bad? Maybe it was me, I just couldn't see how they thought having a cop who is all over the news every season be an undercover operator, it just didn't make sense.
  7. dbunting

    The Outsider HBO

    That is my take on why it wouldn't do that. The current bubble minion has been resisting doing most things for the GE(grief eater so I don't have to keep typing that) so I can imagine he definitely would fight kidnapping a child. Isn't the bouncer the next killer? I thought the Terry clone scratched his wrist when they were in the club. My guess is the GE is currently changing into the bouncer. I liked the last episode more than any since the first two. I actually like Hollys' character. I also like that this is as long as it is. One of the mistakes made with big novels being made into shows is they get reduced too much and you lose a lot of the feel/vibe of the books. That said, the mom thing was typical. I think it would have been creepier if nothing was there. But they have been showing us dead people the entire series so it was consistent. Holly saw the dead guy on the bus, the cop saw his dead son and now this cop saw his dead mom. I still think the cop is being shown to be inept. No idea how he didn't connect the dots sooner on the sketches. And once he realized that he saw his dead son, and Holly got it into his head that it was the GE projection he saw, why didn't he simply look for the dead skin cells or whatever she saw with her home made black light? His son appeared to him in the corner of that room, he could have checked pretty easily. Of course, mentally he doesn't want to check because it could confirm something he doesn't want to believe.
  8. dbunting

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    1917 was a visually stunning movie, but the rest of it fell a bit short., just MO though.
  9. dbunting

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    Started watching S1 of Sex education last night, only two episodes in and it seems pretty good. Watched Birds of Prey this weekend. I had talked myself out of going but then talked myself into some popcorn and went anyway. The popcorn was good, the movie was eh? The movie has a strange pacing to it, which I assume is to make it feel like you are a part of Harley, kind of all over the place. The main villain sucked. One thing I noticed after a while was every song in the movie was sang by a female, enjoyed some Barracuda! There was one sequence that was the silliest but at the same time the most enjoyable?
  10. dbunting

    Rank your 2020 TV shows throughout the year

    The Outsider - first two episodes were great, since then, above average. And that's it so far
  11. dbunting

    The Outsider HBO

    I assumed the shape shifter was the only supernatural thing we were dealing with. The boils on the neck people are his minions and who ever is selected by the blood scratch is who it is shape shifting into next?
  12. dbunting

    The Outsider HBO

    I'll stick with spoiler to be safe. Hate to do this but I think I missed something. Who was the guy in the last episode that killed himself via the cops? Was he the previous "dark uncle" or human helper guy? I thought that sequence was being done to keep the investigator around or interfere with her some how but that didn't play out.
  13. dbunting

    1917 film (spoilers)

    Kinda had to so the film style of not cutting away from the main characters could continue. The camera would have to follow him out and then pivot out of the way to show him closing a door. As to the Cumberbach character, I thought it played out pretty much like the guy warned him. Cumberbatch was ready and eager to fight and it took some convincing to get him to hold off even after seeing the orders. IMO had he been alone he would have waved off the guy with the orders and the attack would have continued.
  14. dbunting

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    So I had some time to waste yesterday and decided to watch Midsommer. Wow, wtf was that? You could see a lot of what happened coming as far as the plot goes, other than the shared almost "Sense8" emotions is maybe the best way of saying it? Have to say the beginning of the movie felt really genuine, the relationship between the couple, seemed pretty true and raw.
  15. Very rude of her! We were having a civilized discussion about crotch grabbing, twerking and pole dancing!