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  1. Watched Mare of East town this weekend. I enjoyed it but it didn't grab me. I liked the two different story lines and how the told them. However I watched an older movie, Layer Cake, sort of gangster movie with pretty decent case before they were stars. I liked this but don't have a desire to ever see it again. Also watched a movie called Wander. Strange movie that makes you question what you are watching
  2. Yeppers hyped for it, especially since my daughter is hooked now too.
  3. Maybe it's time to pull the band aid off and just realign the power football schools entirely, similar to NFL and leave them set? A football only grouping.
  4. Watched Black Widow at the theatre over the weekend, decent turn out, most I've seen post Covid. The movie itself was lacking something, just not sure what. For an action movie it felt slow and I found myself bored. Had a few things that stood out as errors can only remember two right now
  5. Watched S7 of Bosch on Amazon, a good farewell season that touches on some timely subjects.
  6. Binged the season over the weekend as a pleasant surprise, clicked on Amazon and saw it had new episodes, hurray for me. I liked this season even though it felt rushed or a little short. Definitely happy to hear there will be a spin off series, just have to figure out how to watch it.\ The good thing is the new series will have plenty of well drawn out characters to draw on.
  7. I have to say not all Star Wars films have been garbage since the OT. Rogue One was a very good movie IMO. As far as I know they are done with the Skywalkers so hopefully the next movies are completely fresh. I do not want to see any characters we already know from the movies anymore.
  8. So Carl Nassib from the LV Raiders came out yesterday. I guess it's a good thing that this wasn't huge program interrupting news, maybe it means we are a little more understanding as a culture?
  9. Watched The Hitmans Wifes Bodyguard, this weekend, good cast. And yes it's as much of a dumb shoot em up action comedy popcorn movie as it sounds like. It was mildly entertaining but strangely for a 90 min movie it felt long... Probably could have cut 10 min of motherf%cking and been a better movie, but not much better. Also watched Infinite on Paramount+ Mark Walberg action movie based around being reincarnated forever and remembering your past lives. Premise seems pretty interesting but it never seems to gain traction.
  10. Agree on this. I stopped watching after 3-4 seasons. My wife and daughter loved it though. Daughter would walk around and randomly say, clear eyes, something heart cant be stopped??? Whatever the quote is.
  11. It shouldn't devalue the regular season because if you aren't ranked high enough when it ends then you are left out. They other bigger issue is SEC bias. Yes the top 2-3 teams are really strong every year but the 4-8 teams in SEC get more credit sometimes than they deserve, so it will be champs plus 3 or 4 SEC teams every year. SEC vs everyone else. 12 teams SEC 4-5 teams B1G 10, champs and OSU if they didn't win it ACC just Clemson and a random every 7 years Big 12, I could see avg 2 per year, Ok, Tex, Ok state, some combination PAC, champ only, basically same as ACC That's almost 12 spots already. Will see if the rankings stay consistent or if leap frogging happens at the end of the year.
  12. Watched an older movie last night, Road to Perdition. Pretty good movie, good cast, really well done visually. I was in the mood for a crime flick and this filled the bill really well. My take on this movie was John Wick if his wife never died and he became a soccer dad.
  13. Saw this over the weekend also. Same feel as the original with a few differences. I like how the handled the opening.
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