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  1. dbunting

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

    Yeah, it's kind of at a point where it's not really a debate anymore. He is the best ever at the most important position. Hell I thought the debate was over last year when they made the Superb Owl again, and much like Bill Murray in Ground Hog day we are all waking up to Sonny and Cher on the radio, different year, same AFC team wins AFC title.
  2. dbunting

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    Unfortunately I went opposite figuring it would be the only way for me to make a jump, and I did make a jump, right off a cliff!
  3. dbunting

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

    Wow, two amazing games to get us ready for the Owl. Lots of questionable calls in the AFC game and a WTF lined up offsides on a play that would have sealed the win for KC. The head honchos at the NFL have to be having orgasms right now, the top four seeds all made it to the champ round, then both games are great and go to O.T. Old man Brady still has it.
  4. dbunting

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    Damn it! I was looking pretty good for a while then the training wheels fell off. Damn Aints!
  5. Started watching S3 of Travelers, pretty good for a scifi show, I like most of the characters and actors so it's a good watching experience for me, couple episodes left. Also started S1 of Jack Ryan. You can see that there was a high dollar amount spent making this right from the get go. Only 2 episodes in so can't speak to it too much yet.
  6. There is a thread here about it and I believe it's called, cutting the cord (not that one) It has a lot of good info in it.
  7. Apocolypse Now song of course! That image was my screen saver for a long time
  8. dbunting

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

    Only because he is fat and hasn't been linked to Mcvay. If he had known Mcvays cousins sisters nieces brother in law then he definitely would have been interviewed for every open job, especially Arizonas.
  9. Whenever I think of Apocalypse now I think of the helicopter and the horizon scene, which immediately now is switched to the Tie fighters scene from The Force Awakens....cuz I am a Star Wars nerd.
  10. dbunting

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    As with anything else successful it must live on. Would have to be new issue since this was wrapped up.
  11. dbunting

    True Detective Season 3 (SPOILERS)

    Had the exact same feeling when I was watching it. Waiting for my wife to watch it because she is all about the West Memphis 3 stuff so she will pick it up fast. So far so good, feels a lot better than the S2 abomination. Did everyone get the feel that the commissioner guy(?) gave the map and doll info to the media to help keep someone from getting caught, or do they just want us to think that? It kind of felt like some tie ins to S1 with the kids, and dolls and "larger group" involved. The one thing I am not liking after just suffering through Westworld S2 is another show with multiple timelines.
  12. Bored and hadn't been to the movies in a while so I watched Escape Room today. Not a horrible movie. Pretty predictable but still entertaining enough to see it on the cheap.
  13. dbunting

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

    Coaching hires are basically the same as draft picks. If you get the right combination of talent together it will work, if you have some wrong pieces it won't. Two years from now when Cleveland wins the SB and Green Bay is looking for another coach we will be second guessing that hire also (anything is possible). (it felt kinda dirty and unnatural typing Cleveland and Super Bowl in same sentence so I changed it to SB!)
  14. dbunting

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    My blinding hatred for the eggles made me choose the Bears and lose 16... I hate it when Dallas and the Eggles are involved, it screws with my logic. 2-2 but lost my 16 and 12 point picks so another week of sucking ass!