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  1. The Deadwood equivalent of "forget about it", in mob movies. Donnie Brasco scene is of course the reference here. Means many things depending on how you say it.
  2. Yeah, I thought CT went a little over board and he recognized it too late. I also think he may decide to hang it up after this season. I think he sees that his time is up for this show and wants to go out a winner. Devin is like a middling challenge competitor, similar to Josh, Kyle and others. He is just good enough to win a challenge and a specific duel but not the whole thing. He really messed up and should have taken on Fessy. Those puzzle pieces were hanging in plain sight before he made his choice of Darrell. This challenge was made for Devin to get Fessy out, it wasn't physical and it had a puzzle, how much better could he ask for??? Plus had he taken out Fessy a gold skull would have been up for grabs and he wouldn't be as big of a target since there would be a free one out there. Had he won, him, Kyle and CT could have taken control. They seem to be foreshadowing a finale win by Leroy, or I am just buying into the editing?
  3. I did something similar recently! My future son in law just started watching Deadwood and they came over and I screamed out, you cocksucker!!!!! Everyone was like, wtf...then he realized it and started laughing, and said, cocksucker!!!
  4. Because despite what we see in social media most people aren't in fact sheeple?
  5. That's the fear around here. We all thought Beilein was going to stay, he didn't seem suited for the NBA (and wasn't), but Howard can likely make the change. Michigan is willing to pay big money for coaches so we are all holding out hope that he loves being back here and wants to stay.
  6. Pretty sure he is referring to Tiger, documentary about Tiger Woods...and what just happened to him with the car accident.
  7. Apparently when watching Survivor all these years I have missed a lot of things. No idea why but I have been re watching some old seasons recently and realized that some of the winners I didn't think deserved it really did and I just missed some of what they had done or were doing. I think I get so locked in on the one player I want to win it that I dismiss what other people have done.
  8. Good, I hit the on demand button and realized I would have to watch 88 min of it again to see the last 2 min I missed. Can't fwd through the on demand so fuck that!
  9. I agree. Even when they have an off night shooting three's they can dump it into Dickerson in the paint and then focus on the def. Will be interesting to see how they finish against #5 Illinois and then a surging hated rival in Sparty in back to back games.
  10. Starting to believe in Michigan. Us Michigan fans have been so full of hope in both football and basketball for a long time so we are like traumatized and don't wanna believe they are actually contenders. BB team has been legit under Beilein but never finished the job.
  11. Yeah I couldn't believe she thought wolves were vegetarian???? Funny how Devin antagonized Josh for what he did in the last challenge, then did the same thing himself.. At least he was able to laugh at himself. I would have gone to Josh and bowed at his feet. Interested to see what the twist is, my recording cut off right at the end and I have no idea what's going on.
  12. Are these re watches or new? If new I would say The Sopranos. Save Breaking bad and watch Better Caul Saul first when it's done, one more season or two at most. Then you can watch it sequentially, Better call Saul, Breaking Bad, El Camino... If re watch then flip a coin, can't go wrong either way.
  13. Watched The Flight Attendant over the weekend. It wasn't bad but it didn't draw me in either. I like what they did with a couple characters, traits that are generally saved for men were given to female characters and that felt fresh and new. Some of the twists were given away but all in all worth a watch if only because it's 8 episodes long and easy enough to get through.
  14. My go to was which ever one I could remember the finishing move on! Usually sub zero, scorpion or Raiden(?)
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