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  1. This is why if there is a college football playoff expansion I hope that teams get home games in one round. Make some of those teams travel to the north for a December game and see the speed get equalized. Granted it would be Columbus every year since Michigan can't win a damn game that matters...sigh
  2. Stafford looks pretty much the same as he did in Detroit. When he had legit receivers, playing against the mediocre and bad teams he tore it up, 5000 yards etc. But against good teams he came back to earth. Now that I have said this he will play great the rest of the season against top teams.
  3. Looks like maybe the Tigers are gonna make some noise this off season. Signed a good def catcher, decent starting pitcher, he is not great but solid for a young staff. Now if the rumors come true and they sign SS Correa from the Astros then could be a really good off season.
  4. No but this is looking like a bad loss as discussed upthread. Down 20+ to a 3-5 team when you are the either 1 or 2 fav to win SB.
  5. Yep. I was happy for Verlander and I will be happy for Stafford if he wins it, unless he knocks out the Cowboys in the process. Stafford is a good guy, met him for a meet and greet bowling thing for Pepsi one time. Spent about an hour at our lane just talking about general stuff. Not the most outgoing guy, the reps had to pull him away from us and make him mingle with other people. Seems like me in that way!
  6. I agree with the premise but this is bad example. There were really good players on those Tigers teams.
  7. I think I've heard it before. It takes away the "home team" clock operator slow fingers.
  8. Can Michigan claim a covid breakout to avoid playing osu in two weeks?
  9. Just watched Promising Young Woman. Very dark, not feel good movie. I did like the ending though, tied things up in a way that stayed true to the character.
  10. Breaking news, Dallas has cut Zeke Elliot and he has signed with the Rams. Also, Lawrence Taylor and Deacon Jones have come out of retirement to also join the Rams. I am getting close to actively root against the Rams.
  11. Loved Quantom Leap as a kid. Didn't see him in a lot of things but always remember QL!
  12. How do you explain Dallas this week? Well their defensive warts that have been hidden by turnovers all year finally showed up. Too many big plays given up every damn week and when Diggs isn't getting an int he is mediocre. I really thought that after halftime they were gonna pull it out but then that damn punt block / turnover just deflated the entire team. In the end it's a loss, they were bound to have a flat game, now lets see how they respond. Oh and man, Parsons looks really good.
  13. Entirely predictable. Now to hope Michigan doesn't do the same thing
  14. Well in line with the thread name I folded on a few shows. I had like 9+ episodes of Fear the Walking dead and however many ep of the other spin off have been released this season recorded and I deleted them all. Felt good to cut bait and run. I will finish up The Walking Dead because it's almost done but just have no reason to watch the others. Finally finished Ray Donavon. Some seasons I really liked and others dragged me down. I mean I know it's a show that requires a certain amount of disbelief and body tolls have to go up but it was the character things that killed me. Overall I did enjoy the show though.
  15. The problem isn't money or fame it's the person or their mental make up. Some people refuse to believe they are impaired and ask for help. They can be stumbling blind drunk and still in their mind be ok to drive. No amount of resources short of a babysitter can change that.
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