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  1. dbunting

    R,I.P. Thread

    You know, I watched this a few weeks ago for the first time ever. Didn't like it, not one bit.
  2. dbunting

    NFL 2019 Preseason: Hard Knockin on Gruden's Door

    They came in the league together so why are you only talking last two years, lets compare all three. Wentz 70 pass td, 28 INT, 10,152 pass yards, 542 rush yards, 2 rush tds. Prescott 67 pass td, 25 INT, 10876 pass yards, 944 rush yards, 18 rush tds. IDK, but looks pretty damn comparable to me, about the same yardage, but Dak has accounted for 85 tds and Carson 72, pretty big difference there. And do not say, but if Wentz played all 16 games he could of, would of... nope. The fact that he has already missed 8 games due to injury is a bad sign. He could go the next 10 years and never miss another game, who knows. All we have is whats is in front of us. Dak puts up those comparable stats on a team that prioritizes the run, keep that in mind. Now do I want him making north of 32 mill a year, hell no, but the market says he deserves it. Wentz will put up better stats in the long run, but we are talking what we have in front of us right now.
  3. Michigan is as always a mystery. Should be really good based on offensive talent and defensive scheme, but can they ever win one that really counts? Starts season with two gimmes, Mid Tenn State and Army, if you can't beat these two then why worry about playoffs. First test, @Wisconsin is next, this one could get Michigan a ranking boost and confidence, or show us they are once again pretenders. Cupcake Rutgers follows before playing Iowa. Iowa at the big house is much different than Iowa at their house, should be a win. Follow up with Illinois, a should be win. To me Michigan should be undefeated at this point heading into Penn State, likely night game white out. Fortunately I don't think too highly of PSU so a win as long as they are not looking ahead to.... Notre Dame, at home under the lights. If nothing changes I am likely to go to this one. I am a Michigan slappy so of course I give Michigan a hard fought win here, followed by an easier one at Maryland the next week, although this is a possible trap game, hangover game what ever term we want to call it because the next opponent is Michigan State. I will just finish my kool aid drinking and say Michigan is undefeated going into the last weekend against oSU fuckeyes. That game I will not bother to predict since we can't seem to beat them no matter what we do. Michigan finishes 10-2, 11-1 or 12-0. Losses are Notre Dame and or oSU.
  4. I am 47 years old, no one is mistaking me for a student! A professor maybe.
  5. dbunting

    Best Sitcom Episodes Ever

    Something I forgot earlier was Silicon Valley, the one where they do the math to see the best way to jerk a whole room of people off. Then it turns out that the math they figured out in the episode was accurate per a team at Stanford.
  6. I was just looking at some Michigan games this year and damn OSU game is well over 200 for single tickets. I guess we are still convincing ourselves that THIS is the year we finally don't embarrass ourselves when playing them?
  7. dbunting

    Best Sitcom Episodes Ever

    This is so true. Even the opposite episode where he does the opposite of what he would normally do. There are so many Seinfeld ones to choose from, each one I see listed here makes me laugh a little when I remember it. SHRINKAGE, THERE WAS DEFINITE SHRINKAGE!!!
  8. dbunting

    The Boys (Amazon)

    Added to the popularity and corporate backing is the fact that this guy appears to be invincible and could kill thousands instantly. Kind of hard to punish him unless he agrees to it.
  9. dbunting

    NFL 2019 Preseason: Hard Knockin on Gruden's Door

    Ok, makes sense now. I was watching Hard knocks, only half paying attention and Gruden was talking to a coach about his feet, and at one point says, "take his helmut from him". I thought that was just a signal that he couldn't practice but now it makes sense.
  10. dbunting

    Best Sitcom Episodes Ever

    Here's mine off the top of my head and don't know ep titles. Big bang theory, the one where Amy fakes being sick and Sheldon spanks her. Seinfeld, The contest of course.... The one with the soup Nazi. The one entirely in the Chinese restaurant waiting for a table. Cheers, the one where the bar yells Norm! MASH, agree with poster, most were excellent but not purely comedy. Friends, one stands out for me is where the girls lose the nice apt and have to move to the guys apt. I'll stop here but I am sure others will pop in my head as posts come in here.
  11. dbunting

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Midsommar Night Blues

    Got bored and watched The Kitchen this weekend, whoops. The acting is poor, the plot makes little sense especially Maybe it's just me but this whole movie didn't work very well.
  12. dbunting

    Greatest Band Ever?

    I would have said Nickleback. I mean they are so great that they sang at a superb Owl
  13. I had completely forgotten about him in that whole mix. I was so stuck on her being her own grandmother(?) that I missed it. So he is married to his grand daughter and his daughter is her mother....? wtf.
  14. dbunting

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Midsommar Night Blues

    I was ok with that cameo at first but it dragged on way too long, it reminded me of
  15. dbunting


    I guess I will add this to my memory to watch. Will wait til S2 drops though.