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  1. I see your Jurrasic Park movie and raise you, The Predator, all in. Your entire post could have been about either movie and would have applied perfectly!
  2. I don't buy that the Jets were any more tired because of the schedule than the Browns were. There was only one day difference between their schedules and the Browns had to play a full o.t. period in their first game, seems like a wash to me but what do I know.
  3. Every addict is different so you can't lump them or their addictive behaviors together. IIRC Gordon said he was either high or drunk for every game he played in, that is an addict.
  4. dbunting

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    Maybe it's something the head German says to the rogue German when he knows his time has ended, until we "meet again"? I don't think Kim will die because it seems like that would truly change Jimmy to a much darker person. He wouldn't be the Saul we know from BB.
  5. dbunting

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    I have liked this season as much as the others, I am one that likes seeing more of Gus and Mike though. Seems pretty clear that something is going to happen to Kim and that will be what sends Jimmy to the dark side for good. Not saying she dies but he will lose her from his life entirely because of some crap he pulls and that will be all it takes. My only question is do we see Saul Goodman the lawyer this season or beginning of next season?
  6. So what is everyones take on Josh Gordon in NE? Will he be 2013 Josh or what we have seen since then? It has been 4 seasons since he has truly been a player in the NFL on a regular basis. Can he have enough self discipline to fit in with Belechik and Brady, two guys who demand it, or will it drive him off the deep end?
  7. dbunting

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    Nice opening sequence, nothing happened or was spoken and yet everything was shown and advanced the show forward 6 months. Seems pretty clear that Kim is done this season based on how she is separating herself from Jimmy. It was great to see Kim catch Jimmy in his b.s. She tells him to back her and not let Huell leave and he is like, yeah ok sure. She knew right then he wasn't going to back her and this is the kind of thing that ends the two of them, she knows his tell. Also liked her reaction to finding out he was selling phones on the streets instead of the store where he is suppose to be, she is seeing that he will never change no matter what's at stake.
  8. So I was pretty accurate when I said enjoy the team talking with each other and then deal with the rest of the crap?
  9. Not an entirely fair comparison considering the talent level around them. The Bears offensive talent is non existent, meanwhile the Chiefs have multiple stars on offense. That said, I'd take Mahommie over Mitch any day!
  10. You are confusing her husband with "polar bear". We saw Polar Bear die last week with Luciana(sp?) after she gave him the beer. This ladys' husband died while she was with him, similar style of death but two different people. Not sure how much I like this season. To contrived on how they are all meeting back up again after that major storm scattered them everywhere. I like the turnover in cast though, strange as that may be, for this type of show I think you need it to lend credibility to the danger they are facing.
  11. So Gurley has 3 td's and 3 2pt conversions! Rams trying to run up the score? If true that's just amazing
  12. How does that stacked Minnesota team tie a Green Bay team with a one legged QB??? Because my dumb ass picked them to win.
  13. Of course not. Just like normal magic, it's all smoke and mirrors, the curtain will be pulled back to reveal the trick. Mahommie! I was not a believer but gotdam he is killing it.
  14. And Fitzmagic is happening again, 4 td passes already today.
  15. What would anyone trade for him though? I mean, the reports of him "not being himself" at the facility Saturday screams of them wanting to say he was on something but they aren't 100% certain. Dallas could use him desperately but can they really take on another high talent but likely to fail another drug test player?