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  1. I agree, currently they are an after thought. Northwestern has more credibility as a football school than Nebraska does.
  2. They pulled a Nebraska to an extent. Left what they knew for something different and it hasn't worked out so well. They have a losing conference record since joining, and they are in the easier west division. Be careful what you ask for.
  3. I just hope they both beat the ever living crap out of each other.
  4. Frank Reich fired at Carolina already. Has to be related to Young, he was either dead set on getting him or against him?
  5. WTF was Buffalo thinking blitzing and leaving entire middle of field open for Hurts to run?
  6. G-damn Elliot made it. 60 yards in the rain to tie it, ugh
  7. So, do we have to start talking about Denver and the playoffs and Payton as in the running coach of the year?
  8. Pretty much agree. It wasn't bad but seemed like it was missing something.
  9. That sucked. Watched a lot of the game and to lose it like that, hitting the cross bar from 58 just sucks.
  10. Loved that scene for a specific and very different reason. Playstation games Army Men, Sarge's Heroes etc. That scene immediately reminded me of the feel of that game and brought back memories of playing w my daughter and nephews.
  11. And yet when Tony Romo calls the play out people give him shit for it. They just don't like him is all. Really though, the NFL is a big sorority and they protect each other even when they move to broadcasting. Not normal to call someone out like Payton did in Denver this year about last years coaching job.
  12. Casting has as much to do with success as anything else. Anyone else as Iron Man and I don't think this whole craze ever happens. The X-men movie had several strong actors in it that carried the story. The FF casts have always left something to be desired and really, the heroes are too goody two shoes, for me anyway. Very vanilla powers and story. The original Ant Man was fun, the sequels not so much. The original focused more on Rudd and his criminal friends and for me that made the movie. Once they pivoted to Wasp and his daughter it lost me.
  13. Try one more thing then. I watched a lot of those shows every day, but as an adult, I don't watch any animated stuff. Watched some Simpsons, Toy Story movies but that's really it. Keep trying to watch The Clone Wars or Rebels but just can't do it.
  14. There are a couple of supposed can't miss LT's in the top of the draft, one would help Burrow immensely.
  15. I am a casual superhero fan. Never into the comics, my older brother was, my intro was the afternoon cartoon shows. The shows I liked were X-men, Spiderman, then Batman, Fantastic Four... and who cares after that. Not counting Thunder Cats, He Man, Transformers in this supe group So when a movie w Spiderman comes out, I am automatically interested, X-men, count me in. Even FF as weak as the movies have been, I still watched and somewhat enjoyed them because I know them, grew up w them. These characters movies have to make me not want to see it, looking at you Dark Pheonix, otherwise they always get the benefit of the doubt. I had never heard of Blue Beatle or Capt Marvel growing up... These other heroes have to earn me wanting to see them, tell others about them, or watch again streaming. So those movies have to be better than Spiderman for me to like it as much as Spiderman, if that makes sense. Iron Man fits this bill. I knew next to nothing about him until the movie came out. It was a great movie, IMO, and I was in, was going to see everything he was in after that. Fans like me are built into certain super hero movies and not others.
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