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  1. B1G school get around 31 mill annually, under the current deal, it's going to jump since they just added the LA market and CBS will join in the bidding after losing the SEC. Only the new SEC deal is better. They can compete with $$ with anyone, unfortunately we cannot compete on the football field consistently!
  2. Why? It's still B1G vs Pac. Takes what little luster there was left off of it but it can still be the Rose bowl.
  3. https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/finances 3 of the top 4 from 2021 were Oregon, ohio state, Texas, Michigan..... and thats without the new tv deal that is coming for the B1G soon. Talent, yeah it's behind but revenue, no.
  4. Agree. This show without Homelander might not work, at least for me.
  5. I just wish they had the balls to break away from the NCAA and form their own league. B1G Ten will now have 2 east coast teams, 12 mid west and 2 west coast teams. I get the draw from recruiting and financial terms, that new tv deal will be ridiculous.
  6. Started Bosch Legacy today, accessing it through Amazon Prime, freevee? It feels a little different but still the same as Bosch when Amazon made it. Two things I noticed, they seem obsessed with F bombs, drop em like crazy. And the opening, who knew you could miss the opening to a show? The old series had a familiar song that I liked.
  7. It has been pretty entertaining so far, beaver being the new thing to hunt. Bear seems to always be the talk of the contestants because it's the one thing that can eat them and that they could survive on for a long time due to the high fat content. Green hair was smart. The fishing dock was done before and the guy even put a gill net out off the end of it. What kills me is the people who build log cabins that would last a lifetime and burn all their energy doing it and tap out after it's built! That said, my fat ass would tap out before the boat was even out of sight!
  8. I'd be happy with never seeing Obi-Wan again, he did his thing and we saw a little bridge between the movies. I've never watched any of the animated shows nor read any of the books so I'm looking forward to Ashoka because I know nothing about her and have no expectations other than what I've seen in these tv shows.
  9. Actually you may be right, but don't disrespect Ali from The Karate Kid like that!
  10. Yeah but she doesn't need to pop his head fully, just brain dead would work. She could do it from another room, no evidence yet that he can see through walls is there? Have her do that the next time Butcher and co. attack him. Then have her immediately pop Soldier Boy right after. OF course the show wouldn't be as good without Homelander so this isn't what I want.
  11. Eh, ok. It seems like she is able to pop instantly but I can see where he could be invulnerable to it.
  12. I'd say ego as much as anything else. He was Homelander before Homelander existed and as an Alpha he wants to be the alpha again. The scary version would be him and Homelander teaming up. I have a question about the head popping lady, why can't she just pop Homelander? She has shown she can do it to supes this week with Starlight so what's the deal, did I miss something? Plot armor I assume?
  13. You should read the post by GRRM. He specifically says that there is a team of great writers working on this. I have to trust his word. It's not like Kit is going to be a one man show.
  14. Actually we get it free due to a phone package and everything you said applies to every streaming service and cable outlet in the world so...
  15. You are aware there is more than just Kenobi on Disney plus right?
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