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  1. Dark, haven't watched S3 yet. Current moods won't let me watch something that I need to pay that much attention to. Alone, I binged seasons 1-6 this year so now watching S7 weekly just feels strange. I can't get myself to let a few episodes build up and binge them, I keep watching it even though I tell myself not to.
  2. MY buddy and I were watching the Tigers games and it was pretty cool watching him fan 9 in a row, then have two 7 inning games was a little weird because it changed bullpen strategy and starter length. And of course Detroit lost both games...sigh
  3. To this I would say so did the Marlins, until they didn't. That's probably a snippy sounding reply and it is not meant to be, just not sure on a better way to word it.
  4. I have zero vibes that the season will be played. The idiots are not making smart decisions. Why the hell are any schools allowing spring/summer practices? Keep them all away until like two weeks before the season is to begin. Gives them time to monitor the situation before putting kids in harms way. Have to protect the kids from themselves.
  5. I am holding out hope that the NFL is watching MLB and NBA as guinea pigs and will take lessons from both to make their season work. yeah...desperate hope...
  6. Not bad, but doesn't match the first half. Of course it would be hard to do that.
  7. While I was off last week I finally got around to watching X men Dark Phoenix. Wish I hadn't. Sorry to say this again but Sophie Turner can't carry a movie. Also watched Hunter Killer again, ok movie at best. Your typical submarine stuff Russia-US stuff with some little variations. Gary Oldmans character sucked. Anyone with that high of ranking wouldn't be storming around and shouting and overreacting like he does.
  8. I saw Thin Red Line when it came out and I don't remember liking it, maybe I'll watch it again to see what I missed. Same with Munich... I was going to mention Full metal jacket but no I see I am not alone in thinking the 2nd half wasn't very good. I have seen Bridge over river Kwai and I liked it. Apocalypse now...ehh. I never thought it was a great movie.
  9. For me it's the best war movie I have seen since Platoon and Glory. This was the only movie where I actually cried in a theater, hell maybe only time I cried that entire year. That damn scene where he is old in the cemetery and is crying on his knees asking his wife if he has been a good man...gets me every damn time.
  10. No, did you miss the, tend to blow their money part? How's Minnesota btw? I'm planning a road trip and will be driving through northern part in a few weeks.
  11. They have extremely short careers and tend to blow their money so...better get those checks while you can.
  12. I am happy as hell that Dallas didn't get into that deal. They have enough of their own players to pay without giving up high future picks with low salaries to take on a guy who will demand top dollars.
  13. I take small victories with the Tigers these days. I just like the fact that they can't lose 100 games this season!
  14. I watched S3 of Westworld recently (HBO GO). It wasn't the time hopping mess that S2 was but I just didn't get into the story line at any point. I did like I also watched Palm Springs. I liked it enough for what it was, a take on Groundhog day but with it's own new twists. Going to have to go back and watch the credits now that I hear there was a scene in it.
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