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  1. I am truly hoping for a 5-11 team winning the division.
  2. Age old criticism, Dallas paid the refs, never call penalties on them. Your team blew it plain and simple. In doing so they screwed up Dallas draft pick next year!
  3. Loved the episode start to finish. Nice to see the child use the force again.
  4. Felt the same way. My wife and I loved the first couple of seasons but then it seemed to get caught up in it's own, "style or hype" if that makes sense. We both stopped watching it.
  5. I am in S2 of Justified and loved a scene. I found it funny as hell myself.
  6. I think this was more of a port restriction thing than physics unless I remember it wrong.
  7. Umm yeah no. Every year Lions fans actually believe this will be their year...and that isn't rational.
  8. I'd consider Josh Allen as well. People here have been trashing Allen since he was drafted and he has done nothing but get better every year. The addition of Diggs has made a world of difference because people are now worried about the wr's where before they really weren't. Lamar looks avg as a passer and it's being exposed this year. He has a hell of an arm but struggles with consistency and the tape shows it. That said, if I had him I wouldn't trade him because I think this is his team and it would destroy them. I'd have to find a way to use him better. This is a coaching thing that they need to review his tape as if they were scouting him and see what he is doing poorly and take those plays right out of the book. Draft him another OL and WR
  9. I think that the 80's movies just had a fun feel to them, not sure how else to describe it. I got the same feel from Stranger Things S1. Also it's funny you mention Footloose because people were chatting it up on my facebook feed today.
  10. Watched The Hurt Locker, saw it a long time ago also. I'm not sure how I feel about the movie. I want to like it but just can't think of it as more than just ok. Started Justified, two episodes in. Seems like a typical cop show so far. Good enough to get me to watch more.
  11. Man that rain really picked up, i missed most of the 2nd half.
  12. Funny that The Departed comes up, I just watched it again about 2 weeks ago and had a few of the same thoughts. Vera's character is pretty bad. Much better film that the irishman
  13. Lot of wild finishes today. Detroit looks like a typical Patricia team and is absolute garbage after having a big lead, then gets the ball with 18 seconds left and ends up winning on a last second 59 yard fg. Even that is typical Lions, win a meaningless game in a miracle and get a worse draft pick! Buffalo, who I have adopted this season...drives it down for a winning td! Except they left time on the clock and Murray throws a hail mary to that WR the Texans didn't want and he pulls it in while surrounded by three defenders.
  14. Umm, I'm gonna be that guy. They have insides and outsides....
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