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  1. dbunting

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    I think "vanish" appeared on her forearm in the very last scene closing Ep 1(?) in the bath.
  2. dbunting

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    Well I am hooked already. Too obvious to have the Sheriff using pliers to straighten a bent sign just after pliers are talked about. Then the woman in white and the mother seems obvious as well. As someone else said the story is more the town than the murders. Scary part is this town seems so much like any number of small towns I have lived in growing up.
  3. dbunting

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    Ok, watching Ep 1 and 2 right now and was seeing all the words and wondering if they are real or just for the viewer, wanted to see what people here thought. Got a little confused with the two girls, thought the littler one was Amy Adams, Back to the episode
  4. dbunting

    Ant-Man and the Wasp and the Spoilers

    Sad to day but about the only thing I found interesting or will think about again was the credits scene where the time vortex is mentioned and thinking how does a time vortex relate to Infinity War?
  5. So a question after watching Ant Man and The Wasp, putting in spoilers since I am not sure on rule here.
  6. dbunting

    Small things you hate

    Small things I hate 99% of conspiracy theories. People who are never happy; give them $5 and they wanted $10, buy them pizza as a reward and they wanted subs. Overly aggressive drivers, the ones who weave in and out, speed up and then slam on their brakes as if they didn't see that stop light from a mile away only to do it again and again and again.
  7. dbunting

    What was the last time you had your "mind blown"?

    Funny I see this today. Had a discussion at work a few weeks ago and a guy here, who has a degree... doesn't believe the world trade centers went down because of the planes, because steel melts at over 2000 deg and jet fuel only burns between 800 and 1500 degrees, therefor it's not possible..and "people" heard explosions in the lower levels that day. I couldn't hide the look on my face when he said it. I tried to explain to him that the heat from the fuel was only part of it, that the impact of the plane itself was a huge factor in weakening the structural steel but he wasn't having any of it, said you guys can be sheep and believe what you want! Now for the reason that it blew my mind...we work in a FUCKING steel mill! We know, or for fucks sake should know that you don't have to melt steel to weaken it! And we have metallurgists here who can explain just how easy it would be for it to happen like it did. I even pointed out that when bending steel bars you don't melt them you simply heat them until you can bend them, he just shook his head and called us sheep!
  8. dbunting

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    Gave you a trophy thingy, close enough to a medal
  9. dbunting

    Vacations Destinations

    I am stretching this thin... Kelly Island would be perfect for you especially in October, less crowded. It's an island, no snorkling, well I guess you could but Lake Erie isn't known for it's crystal waters, there is a state park on it so hiking is there and if you count walking from bar to bar as hiking then you are good! They do have an adult halloween contest in October (had to look that up)! Best part is you could take the jet express back to the main shore then a short drive for a Cleveland Browns game!
  10. dbunting

    Coldhands is secretly...

    CH is secretly making the north great again
  11. dbunting

    More Things Star Wars

    For me it's Darth Vaders Tie fighter or an X wing. Neither is the best or fastest but nostalgia probably wins out. Never was a huge fan of the Falcon like others are. Overall I's say AT AT's, Lukes' landspeeder, (hey who doesn't like a drop top in the summer!) and Mauls motorcycle are my top non space ships.
  12. dbunting

    Any shows like the Sicario films?

    I'd say The Bridge is pretty similar, as someone else mentioned. I was less than thrilled with both Sicario movies. I had huge expectations for the first one and it really let me down. The second one was pretty good but IMO fell apart at the end.
  13. dbunting

    More Things Star Wars

    Oh, count me in the minority who thought his ship wasn't that cool.
  14. dbunting

    More Things Star Wars

    So...Boba Fett = Chuck Norris?