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  1. Same here, waiting until all episodes have dropped, then plan to binge in a few sittings.
  2. Dallas is just good enough to get a crappy pick and maybe win the East by default. The secondary is putrid and the O-line is so wrecked from injuries that they are moving all pro players out of position in game due to benching a rookie. Had rookies starting at both left and right tackle, kind of important positions.
  3. I almost changed my pick yesterday just in case so I could win the week but figured the points are more important. Knew that the favorites wouldn't win every game.
  4. Damn man I hope I didn't jinx you by talking about this! Right now every favorite has won this week. Yeah I only have 2 wrong and they were my 1 and 2 point picks, both under dogs.. your damn Vikes!
  5. Have we ever had a full slate of games where someone got every game correct? Favorites won damn near every game this week.
  6. I was able to see the last 4 minutes of the Dallas game. I didn't actually cheer until after the FG went through and even then it was an angry cheer. I was hoping we were tanking for Lawrence
  7. And thats the end of that. Saw three Atl plays, one td to Ridley after the Dak fumble. Then did some stuff, saw Zeke fumble and three plays later a 42 yard td w no Cowboy in the same time zone.
  8. I've watched two plays from the Dallas offense, both lost fumbles! WTF. Maybe I gotta turn it off
  9. Finished S2 of the Umbrella Academy and liked it just about as much as S1, pretty close anyway. Not committing to a new series right now just watching some Grand Tour when I have time. It's not as good as when they were on Top Gear but still enjoyable if you like car shows. At some point i need to watch the last season of Dark. Just can't get myself to do it because I know I have to really focus on everything that happens, not the type of show you can watch on cruise control.
  10. I watched The Umbrella Academy S1 this week. I didn't watch it sooner because I remember hearing some bad reviews plus the commercials had the talking monkey and that put me off for some reason. I am glad I watched it because it's much better than I expected. Plenty of issues with it but I really enjoyed S1. A couple questions Also love a lot of the music and action sequences.
  11. Dallas once again looks good enough to win, but still lose. Looked like they would lose big for a while.
  12. I watched this too! No idea why because it's pretty preposterous but damn it I still like it, and I knew I recognized Bowman but couldn't place his name. Well, Cersei finally got her wish, Lady Olena has passed
  13. I watched Apocalypse now recently after seeing it talked about so much. Still had the same feeling as before. Decent movie, seems like it tries really hard to be edgy? Not sure if that is the right word for what I am feeling, maybe artsy is closer? Also watched Flags of our fathers, story about the people who raised the American flag over Iwo Jima. Also a decent movie but not one I will watch again.
  14. Can you send me a link to the pick em page, I haven't gotten an email invite yet.  [email protected]    I tried an old link from thread but had no luck

  15. I think that was the point, to show that both sides are equally being ass hats.
  16. Finished S2 of Cobra Kai. Not quite as 80's good feel as S1 but it was good enough.
  17. Except he went with the former Patriot in Tampa Bay
  18. But if you keep trying to land that QB and keep missing you are doing your team a disservice. Yeah you didn't spend as much but your team sucks and fans aren't spending cash for tickets and merchandise so the $ saved in salary cap but what is lost in merchandising, ticket sales and in game spending on food drinks etc.?
  19. Unfortunately so far S2 doesn't seem to have that same charm that S1 had. I'm halfway through it and it seems to be more drama and taking itself more seriously than S1 did. Still entertaining enough that I plan to have it finished in the next day or two.
  20. Personally I don't see a problem with drafting almost any position where ever you want. It's not where you pick them it's who you pick that matters. Tons of QB's, OL and WR's go high in 1st round, bust, and don't get mentioned like RB's do. The durability is of course a factor but would you rather have a top 3 RB in his prime, say 5 elite years or an average RB who last 10 years? I'll take the elite guy because I can find avg backs anywhere. I think it's all in picking the right player and having the system that makes sense for the pick.
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