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  1. This was killing me, I knew I heard the line before but actually had to google it.
  2. This is where I stand and why saving her was the right thing to do. Her infection stopped while in her arm, meaning that her blood stopped it, therefor her blood likely carries the antibodies or whatever the correct term is for it, of course this is just my opinion and I am no doctor.
  3. I liked the episode, it felt like Andor to me. Seems like we get Gideon back at some point. Maybe he defeats Din and takes the Dark Saber back then later Bo kills Gideon and reclaims the Saber and her right as ruler, and takes them back to rebuild Mandalore?
  4. That and a RB and legit #2 WR. They cannot go into next season relying on Pollard to carry even 65% of the load, he isn't that guy and the Dallas offense has worked best when the running game is working. Maybe with McCarthy at the helm that will change but I am not happy with the RB's right now.
  5. Something is brewing in Dallas. They have cut Zeke and restructured a lot of players contracts to free up more money than it appears they need. A big FA or trade for a big name WR? Getting the Diggs new contract done? Not sure but it really seems like they are gearing up for something.
  6. IMO it was the trauma. Last we saw her she was genuinely terrified and screamed when Joel got to her. This episode we see her and it appeared her spirit was broken. It wasn't until Joel told her about trying to kill himself and the giraffes until she came out of it a little bit.
  7. Dallas made a small ripple, which for them is huge. Traded a 5th round comp pick for Stephon Gillmore. Having him opposite Diggs should improve the def. It really suffered when we lost two starting DB's for the season. They also resigned Safety Wilson and LB Vander Esch at reasonable deals so I am pretty happy.
  8. Lets not forget Ellie just went through a very traumatic experience as was clearly evident in her behavior this episode. Another pretty damn big thing is that Ellie is only 14 years old. In the real world she would not be able to give consent for just about anything let alone dying for a possible, maybe, hopefully, but we have no evidence cure.
  9. Watched Creed and Creed II this weekend. I liked both well enough, thought they did some things very well and some other things too much like the originals. I don't put these on par with Rocky and Rocky II but maybe ahead of the other Rocky sequels. Thought about seeing Creed III in theaters but didn't do it, same with Cocaine bear. Just can't get motivated to see either one. Also watched Outlast on Netflix. Best way I can describe it is a cross between Survivor and Alone. 16 players dropped off in remote Alaska with minimal supplies forced to create teams with no notice or discussion. Not very many rules, basically you have to be on a team to be there and you can't get voted off, that's about it. No host, no narrator. It gets pretty insane and really ugly and hopefully someone else watches it because to me.. I want to make sure I'm not the only one who thinks that. I thought it was going to get even worse than it did.
  10. Agree here. I was shocked that the final episode was so short, like 45 min at most?
  11. 100% agree with you. To call her a Nepo baby is just lazy. At first I thought the comment was about someone else, I was like JLC has been in movies forever. Her parents who were last relevant in the 60's somehow got her this award 50+ years later??
  12. I am a fan of the franchise and Rocky is IMO the best by far. It introduces us to the characters, shows us their flaws and builds them up. The fact that (spoiler alert) Rocky loses the fight IMO is what makes it a great movie. The hero lost and succeeded.
  13. Totally disagree here. Had he let Marlene live the Fireflies would have been hunting them forever, he even told her that right before killing her. Marlene knows about his brother in Wyoming and that is their safe harbor. Ellie would never be safe if Marlene was left alive. Also, going forward they would simply use a long distance shot to kill Joel and just take Ellie instead of trying to be nice about it. There would never be a discussion and choice for Ellie to make, Marlene was just saying this to try to stop Joel.
  14. Got tired of reading the 50 posts since it aired so I'm just gonna type instead and read more later. I would've done what Joel did. I have a daughter and no way I'm letting them kill her under those circumstances, or maybe any. They do not know for a fact that the procedure is the answer to the cure. They only have a guess that it will. Sorry but her life is worth more than a guess. Check blood, etc.. Hell I'd rather they said we need to get her pregnant to see if her kid is immune also, anything but kill her and hope that the one doctor there guessed correctly. This episode showed us that Marlene knew how Ellie became immune, that fact alone provides hope. They know a mother about to give birth, who gets bitten likely equals an immune child. Doing horrific experiments with this knowledge is no worse than killing Ellie. However, I do not like that Joel lied to her about it. Had he explained to her that they were going to kill her without knowing if it would have worked, she may not like what he did but at least she would respect him for not lying to her. Which brings me to what I didn't like about this episode. That was a whole new Joel we saw in this episode. I know he was trying to get her out of her funk from the previous attack but turning Joel into a blithering chatterbox who then lies to her was totally out of character. Side note about The Walking Dead. How Ellie became immune is somewhat how I thought TWD would show a cure, if it ever did. I thought that children born after it all happened would be immune to it, something about having been exposed to it in utero etc... I thought Judith would get bit and wouldn't turn and that would be the aha moment.
  15. I remember the same thing. They had CMC, DJ Moore and the hope of Sam Darnold and playing in a weak division. I don't think Vegas had them in the playoffs but some talking heads did.
  16. Also Grim... she is pregnant and in the future we don't see a child that age in their lives so....?
  17. Well it is a story that likely involves cannibalism so grim, yeah, that's gonna happen.
  18. I don't think it seems like too much. If you believe THE guy is there in this draft and you can get him, go for it. But you better be right or you screwed the franchise for years. The curious part is giving up Moore, who you think your new QB would like to have as a target.
  19. Bodies are different but he was ripped, like everywhere there is a muscle, it could be seen, if that makes sense, maybe lean and muscular is a better description.
  20. I saw this too. There was footage shot before last weeks UFC fight that Gyllenhall was there for, he did a mock weigh in and was ripped. Assume the UFC part is his backstory for the movie, why Dalton is such a badass?
  21. Yeah I saw he passed yesterday and thought about posting but got tied up. I do remember seeing Baretta reruns as a kid and enjoying them somewhat. The latter story of his life is how I remember him though.
  22. This I totally agree with, and the funny thing is, where would IG-11 sit on the new ship?
  23. I keep waiting for a clear bubble dome to come up and cover him. It could make sense to protect it since I assume that thing is made for babies?
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