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  1. Ok, a fair and honest answer. I personally really liked Rogue One. To me if they styled the main series more like Rogue One I would be happy as hell because it really felt more like ANH and ESB. Less CGI, and less cute little creatures to sell toys. I also liked Solo, less than RO but not much.
  2. dbunting

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    The article I read said it bombed in China but is close to records for Memorial day weekend, 120+/-million. Not bad to me, plus most word of mouth has been positive, per the same article. To me what hurt it the most was over saturation/build up of expectations not to mention opening right after The Avengers and Deadpool 2. Very similar audiences to fight for limited cinema dollars, hell Black Panther was still playing when I saw Solo Thursday. Next weekend should tell the true story, does it drop off more than expected, does word of mouth help it or kill it.
  3. On Deadpool I agree, the "new" things brought in this one were great. Old ones felt well, old. Have a question because I don't quite understand your statement on Solo. Are you saying that you aren't going to see it this weekend because you don't want it to have a good weekend? So are you already set up to hate it and no matter what when you see it you plan to say it's no good, actor sucked, story sucked..money grab etc.? Maybe I am tired and just not understanding.
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    Peaky Blinders Season 3 - Spoilers

    I agree. I only came to this the last year and binged all the seasons and the last one felt kind of forced. Let it die young and beautiful.
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    All things Star Wars

    Have to agree that Solo is not a bad movie. Rogue One was better IMO though. I am going to keep stating this, the lack of overwhelming CGI helps give these movies a soul. I was one of the ones confused when... As to that Gaurdian list, it's crap. Anyone who places those Ewok shows ahead of anything but Attack of Clones is crazy. My list of the ones I have seen Star Wars ANH - I know ESB is a better movie overall but I remember being a kid at the drive in laying on top of our van on a blanket with a pillow and when the Death Star blew up it seemed like the sparks went off the screen and mixed with the stars in real life and just absolutely stuck in my head forever. The Empire Strikes Back - if it wasn't for the magic of ANH this would be #1 for me Return of the Jedi - remember waiting in line around the block with my little sister to watch this. Had to wait for an entire screening because we missed the full theatre mark by like 10 people Rogue One - To me this is the most like the originals. It wasn't so reliant on CGI and cute little creatures to sell to kids. The good guys won, and lost, and not just red shirts. The Force Awakens - Really liked this despite the continued focus on droids being a main part. Revenge of the Sith - The only prequel I have seen more than once at home. Solo - This was a solid movie IMO, and will likely move ahead of RotS when I see it again. The Last Jedi - Not a bad movie to me but felt too much like they were trying to be a Marvel movie and not a Star Wars movie The Phantom Menace - eh...jar jar and that flying elephant slave owner and a plucky kid ruined it for me. Way way down an exhaust shaft Attack of the Clones - barf Ewok crap that I vaguely remember seeing on tv in the 80's
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    Unpopular opinions

    Based on what I've seen in here, these are unpopular opinions. I like the Top Gear crew, especially Clarkston! It did get a bit stale after a while. Beatles over Rolling Stones for me every time. Madonna kills Lady Gaga in every way possible, but I do not hate Lady Gaga, though I sometimes wouldn't admit it? I also like Episode III, to me it's the most grown up friendly movie of the prequels. Didn't mind the Ewoks, I saw ROTJ when I was like 11-12 so they weren't distracting at all. Looking back on it though they signaled the onslaught of pandering to little kids in the prequels. ANH and TESB didn't seem to have obvious young kid (4-8 yr olds) tie ins.
  7. Also just watched Solo and had a more enjoyable experience as it was pretty much what I expected it to be, a Solo origin story. I did get the feeling that it was going a little long which is a bad sign. Part I loved was the minimal CGI, this was mostly real actors working off each other and not a green screen or puppet. Also, to me it felt like Rogue One and didn't seem to be aimed at little kids. I would absolutely go see a sequel.
  8. dbunting

    Unpopular opinions

    Just digging for responses IMO..which may be an unpopular one
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    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    I thought it was a pretty good movie but it felt a little long. Like Rogue One this one didn't seem to pander to little kids like the main series does. I thought the acting was good enough, nothing stood out as being great or bad to me. I loved the fact that it wasn't full of CGI. To me that is what helped ruin the prequels. They have no "soul" because 90% of what you see isn't real. There were a few surprises like who I assume was Darth Maul showing up at the end as Crimson whatever his name was, the turning on of his light saber was just pandering, everyone knew immediately who he was. Him appearing sets the time frame for this movie too, if that was in fact Darth Maul. Didn't expect Qira (?) to be in with Crimson guy so that was also a surprise. Loved the obvious nod to "did Solo shoot first"...yes, yes he did.
  10. dbunting

    Unpopular opinions

    1. I am excited to see Solo, going tonight. 2. I think The Last Jedi wasn't a bad movie, it just tried to be something it isn't and never should be, a Marvel movie.
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    Unpopular opinions

    You only turn old when you forget what it's like to be a child. Next you'll be shouting "get off my lawn"!
  12. Exactly. Tell me I can't do something that I wasn't even doing and watch me do it even better than those before me.
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    Unpopular opinions

    Unpopular opinions 1. I like my steak medium well and the hell with you bloody still moving medium rare and rare m'fers! 2. Peanut butter and pickles do go together 3. I'd rather have Emmitt Smith on my team than Barry Sanders 4. I like several MTV shows so I don't want it to go anywhere. The Challenge, Jersey Shore, and Ridiculousness... 5. I actually like this thread
  14. Well at least they didn't try to include the 15 yard penalties like first reported. IDK, if I am a player I may try to rally the entire team to kneel for the opening game without anyone knowing ahead of time, not that fake shit Jerry Jones did last year. That would draw way more attention than anything else. Do it once and move on. Or worse, both teams stay in the locker room and don't come out on time for one game. Nothing ridiculous, just like 5 min. Enough to make a statement but not alienate fans who at the time wouldn't know what was going on.
  15. So I just read an article on this, very non committal language. If they did adopt it as discussed in the article it just opens them up for more ridicule and attention. 15 yard penalty for kneeling...simple, players on both sides kneel. Refs throw flags during the national anthem instead of focusing on the flag like you are supposed to...then all that happens is off setting 15 yarders announced and nothing actually happens except the NFL looks stupid and petty.
  16. I originally typed "white America" and edited it to not turn this into something else.
  17. All political shit aside, isn't what these players did exactly what America supposedly wants? Peaceful quiet meaningful protest to injustice instead of violence and disruption?
  18. Well so another episode in and still no solid answers to hardly anything. So Naomi/Laura screwed up and caused her daughters death, which may have led to the deaths of the entire place. Ok, I get it she would crack and leave, makes sense. But then she goes back and they bring the truck of supplies back to the stadium, she has set them up for success, and yet they still end the episode on a wth moment. So after setting them up to succeed she switches to the other side? There is no way she was a vulture all along because if she was she wouldn't have given them the supplies. Also, was the three stooges entire plan to stand out in the open and take on 30 armed people? I mean they saw them coming, why not take cover, hell shoot Al and use her machine gun truck if needed. Do anything but stand side by side out in the open.
  19. But the real question there was, is Ford a host in that scene, are they showing us Maeve doing this as a clue? How else could he tap into the hosts without speaking, looking at them or moving?
  20. dbunting

    Unpopular opinions

    Ok so what the hell brought this thread to life?? Unpopular opinion. Couldn't care less about Harry Potter, never read a book or saw a single movie. Thought Lord of the Rings was way over rated. Did see the three main movies and thought the first one was one of the most boring movies I had ever seen. The only one I actually liked was the third one. I don't like Mt. Dew in a can.
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    Deadpool 2 (SpoilyourbreechesstupidautofillAway)

    Saw this today and wasn't disappointed at all. As I said in a different thread, May will have been an amazing month of movies for me as long as Solo doesn't bomb, and I have heard it's pretty good. I was a little surprised when they killed Vanessa off right at the start, though I should have known better since DP can't be happy. The killing off of the X force was fantastic. And I was like, man, was that Brad Pitt as vanishing man or what ever his name was. Domino obviously held her own and has to be in any future movies in this franchise. And yes, DP called Cable Thanos at one point, only reference I caught. I missed Stan Lee but thought a bust looked familiar.
  22. Loved Shogun world but the episode seemed a little off to me. So Delores has no reprogrammed Teddy, likely moving up all of his killing instincts and removing his compassion. The obvious question is will he remember this. Also, when they showed that pile of hosts in the lab I could swear one was Teddy, the Trojan horse theory? So the Shogun cut off the ears of only his lieutenants? Doesn't make any sense to do this because Maeve could have "spoken" to all the other hosts there and still have won. I ask this because they show the LT's ears cut, but the Shogun still barks orders out loud and they are carried out, so the rest still had their hearing..? Bit of a plot hole for me And I had same thought as @The BlackBear, that Maeve was able to tap into the Neo ability when her life was on the line. The first time was when she was being choked out, second time was with sword to her throat. Assuming she will figure it out soon enough. Does Delores also have this ability? And more importantly does this go back to Ford, who we assumed was human in that meeting with William when he controlled the hosts without speaking??????? Was he a host in that meeting? I like the Trojan horse theory for the water deaths makes sense. In my head I was tying in the story Delores was telling Teddy about the flies and the fire. That her dad killed some of the weakest cows (like she is doing with hosts) and burned their bodies to get the flies to leave (like it could be with the hosts in the water, a diversion from her true intent and keep the humans busy).