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  1. I did. I spent 3 or 4 hours on it, and an equivalent amount of time on the theme and clue #2 but came up with the wrong answers. At that point it was time to give up & move on.
  2. Getting 1 out of 10? Not really, but life goes on and you set your sights on other things, like getting the tomatoes planted before all the hot weather goes by.
  3. Prelims are almost entirely useless to me. I think my best was I went from 3/10 to 4/10. I was even thinking that if I hosted I would give players the choice: I'll either have no prelims, or I'll tell you which guesses are right. The game is tough enough without that uncertainty, imo. eta: Thanks to Julia H. for a well hosted game! Congrats to Castellan for the win!!!
  4. Believe me, my friend, overthinking is not my problem these days (maybe when I was young . . . ). I used a search oiaf and what I found was a Cersei quote that said she and Jaime came into the world together. Seeing the answer above I now remember that some other place in the text it says he was holding her foot. I said Ned for #3 because he delayed leaving (exiting) KL so he could go see one of Robert's bastards then left the whorehouse accompanied by his foot soldiers. I knew it was probably wrong, but had spent so much time solving number one I couldn't do anymore.
  5. Maybe so, but given the number of "grizzly" deaths in these books not involving bears???
  6. Crazy idea (a specialty of mine ): All star acrophobia. There isn't currently (I do not believe) a thread for an Acrophobia archive like there is for pictionary or used to be for the elimination game, but one could track down the old games with some effort. The host picks out the highest vote getting entry from a round in each of ten old acros and lists them without the author's name and without the game number. We vote on them, and since there's no writing to be done, hold a vote every other day. Instead of posting results on a round by round basis, the host reveals a winner at the end.
  7. WOW! That's all I can say. I got exactly one of these right and wasn't close on the theme (as usual), BUT all the clues make sense - can't quibble with a single one. Well done clue writers! Julia H. you have a genius for picking themes. This one made forehead smacking sense when I read it - even though I only solved the one clue. I got Shadrich, the Mad Mouse, and of course, I had my character that I wrote the clue for - Davos Seaworth, the Onion Knight. There's the answer sitting right there. Well done, you! Thanks for hosting, Julia H. well done!!!! As for "the next game of acrophilia", I'm guessing all our brains are a little overheated from this one and may need a few weeks to cool down?
  8. Congrats to Fragile Bird and Julia H. for the wins!!! Thanks to Gabe for hosting!!!
  9. 1st) 1 - Oh lovely Daenerys, Venerable ally lingers. Your return is anticipated! 2nd) 5 - Forever, I repined. And now, dragons! Bright looms our old dreams! 3rd) 6 - Occupying lands, dragons, victories aplenty!?! Lady, your return is assured.
  10. And I'm positive the answer to #6 is Morticia from the Addams Family. But enough of being serious and clue-centric. I'd offer to read what you've written as well . . . but you see, I have this habit. Somewhere in my documents hidden away in a corner of my GOT folder is part of a book sent me by a spammer on TTTNE some years ago. He first sent me a few pages. I read them and sent back some comments. He sent me a few more and I read & commented on those as well. Then he sent me a couple of chapters . . .and they're sitting in a folder untouched and unread. Did the same thing with my sis-in-law's partner, Sue - got a half a book in storage somewhere. Oth, my brother wrote a book about our childhood in Vermont and I read and commented at length on that. You can see the book here He's also written a book on punk bands if you're into that kind of thing. I've read parts of it (doesn't seem to be available online yet -though i have a copy). So . . . you may not want to send me your writings, though it sounds good. And keep it up. GRRM isn't writing - so someone must.
  11. Ooops! Sorry. So busy making no progress with acrophilia (several hours in I have literally not come up with a single answer - good job clue writers!) I let this game slide. I'll get on it.
  12. I like that! Maybe I'll use "Casper, the Friendly Ghost" for the ones I can't get.
  13. And don't leave your fans hanging for final books that are "not appearing"? eta: You had to do it Julia. Just when I thought I had a clue who #11. is, you change the clue and make me realize I don't . Have a clue, that is.
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