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  1. Thanks for hosting, Buck! Another "interesting" game of telephone pictionary. I think the theme was inspired and lead in a lot of unexpected directions. The other good thing about this theme is that it could be used again and again with little fear of repetition in the chains.
  2. Wait, what? I've been waiting for days for the final pic to describe and it never arrived in my in box. How is the game done? Mystery . . . I guess I better go see what happened and what the art works were.
  3. Slither, board games arena, life . . .
  4. "Clattering" sounds like "Rattleshirt" - which it clearly is not. "Loud" made me think of Patchface - again, no. Nor Moon Boy nor Ser Dontos - since the word "fool" is makeable there . . . left hand Lew is not someone I would have remembered, so perhaps this another obscure madam or fellow?
  5. Research is fine, it's just not something I think of with anagrams. Looking up mercs would have been smart. eta: Rocksniffer #2 looks like Shagga son of Dolf #3 has me baffled at present
  6. I still have no clue. "Ragged Standard"? "Stormbreakers"? I've read all five books 7 times and I don't recall either of those. Admittedly I didn't break out pencil and paper to work on them - and I'm glad I didn't. I could have had those words sitting in front of me and would have said to myself - "this ain't it" and gotten frustrated. It's clear why you do so well at acrophilia and I struggle. eta: I enjoy watching you people go at it.
  7. Dang! That was my best drawing ever (not saying much) and it's not going to get used?
  8. 12 days later, no one has solved them, so clearly they are tough and we need a better hint . . . They're not the Unsullied or the Night's Watch or the Gold Cloaks or Brotherhood Without Banners or the Iron Born. How many groups of fighting men are there? Are these even from GOT?
  9. I have one becuz my wife sez I must - my spousal locator as it were. I should post a picture of it someday - it's quite the troglodyte's phone. Speaking of pictures and my wife, I described this color to her as "dragon's breath". A westerosi would get it, but she didn't.
  10. Drawing done and submitted. I won't be the hold up this time. Sorry to hear the job is so bad, Buck. Hope it gets easier soon.
  11. Good luck in your new job, Buck! I know you'll do well.
  12. I did. I spent 3 or 4 hours on it, and an equivalent amount of time on the theme and clue #2 but came up with the wrong answers. At that point it was time to give up & move on.
  13. Getting 1 out of 10? Not really, but life goes on and you set your sights on other things, like getting the tomatoes planted before all the hot weather goes by.
  14. Thanks! I'll set aside some time in the morning to "get artistic." eta: mine's sent.
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