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  1. Honor. A horse as mean as Stranger would get on my nerves. Wyr be a brother of the Quiet Isle or a silent sister?
  2. Dying in fire strikes me as a horrible way to go - but quick. Theon's life as Reek was torture to read about, let alone live - so MMD. And to revisit Castellan's question above: Bolton or Stark at the RW? Stark for me - to live under Bolton's rule would take transforming into a person I wouldn't want to be. Easy to say sitting here warm and comfortable, but that's the choice I would hope to make. Time for a painless one: Wyr be Marwyn the Mage exploring the mysteries of obsidian candles, or Melisandre probing the flames for hints of the future?
  3. Easy for me to say, but I'd rather be Tyrion and have a sharp real world mind and a whole (though very small) body. The visions Bran is subject to would be tough to deal with. To close your eyes and be bombarded by visions and images from outside yourself? Horrors. Wyr be Rickon Stark or Tommen Baratheon?
  4. Vassal. harder to kill a family member caught betraying you. Would you rather be like Stoneheart - a reanimated dead person whose corruption is there for all to see, but seems to have her own free will, or Robert Strong, another reanimated dead person whose physical deformities are hidden, but seems to be under Qyburn's sway?
  5. The easy real world answer is enslavement - from which escape is possible. On the other hand, if I hatched dragons - there would be dragons in the world - and magic! Awful choice, but I think I take the dragons. Wyr be a gold cloak or a brother of the Night's Watch?
  6. Cersei - no risk of flying out the moon door - in other words, there's a chance of survivng. Wyr rather be a three eyed raven, like Bloodraven or a priest/priestess of the Red God like Melisandre ?
  7. I'd rather see them talk about something (the two-hour long "Inside the Episode" with them talking about GoT) they've already screwed up, than deal with them sullying a once proud franchise. In the same vein, would rather Martin publish another volume of Fire & Blood or produce more Dunk & Egg stories?
  8. "Evil Dany" sounds kinda fun . . . from a distance. Would you rather try to ride a dragon who doesn't know you (who might do to you what Rhaegal did to Quentyn Martell) or fight a wight (yes, you may use fire).
  9. Welcome! And congrats on your willpower. It never occurred to me to stop at season 4 of GOT because of book spoilers - and I frankly, don't mind spoilers. If I did have a problem with spoilers I'd be in trouble. So you're here to work on the wiki? Thanks! I really enjoy having it - thank you to all who have labored to make it.
  10. I got dumped out of this league (I think it was this one) for some reason in the middle of the season last year, but I'm interested. For me, the problem is remembering I have a Yahoo team, as ESPN is my daily sports site and where all my non-Westeros fantasy teams are (well I have one through a friend that is email based, but that's in my email, so I can't forget it like I did with this league last year). Anyway, I'm available if you need a tenth or whatever, and I don't miss draft dates. I'd be happy to be in a dynasty league.
  11. I'll go look again. Boy, that's a tough one. Well, there's always Jaime Lannister's way out. I'd pick Aerys and put up with being called "Kingslayer" for the rest of my life. Might even get a chance to do some good as Jaime did. Would rather live as the High Sparrow and spend your cleaning and serving, or as Melisandre whose power came at such a cost through the ruby she wears.
  12. Hey you! I need an Acro entry from you for CR. Yes, I hound my players to the ends of the earth - or at least to the would you rather thread. Maegor in a heartbeat, or am I missing something? Now for something completely different: would you rather be in charge of Roose Bolton's leeches or responsible for changing the dressing on Jaime Lannister's right arm stump every day?
  13. OOF! Definitely not Qyburn - eegads! But that leaves Euron . . . that's a good/tough would you rather. I'm sticking with Euron, but not comfortably. Here's my next one: Would you rather try to poison Melisandre or fight the Hound?
  14. Not a technicality I'd care to hang my hat (and life on).
  15. C'mon!!! That's not a serious would you rather question! The Dothraki wedding, of course - there's a chance you might survive that one. If you had said Purple Wedding v. Dothraki Wedding, then you have a debate. Seeing Joffrey choke to death? Mighty tempting. Here's mine: Which Lannister would you rather have as your consigliere, your war time adviser: Tywin or Tyrion.
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