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  1. Ser Not Appearing

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    I think the reality is that I was frustrated with this show for a number of years, and then was ready to end someone around episode 3, and so I'm onto a different stage of grief than some. I'm disappointed but not raging. It's been evident they can't write for years. It's been evident that they are shrinking the cast of characters and the way the characters interact for years. They haven't been building organically or interweaving intricate plot for years. They choose a destination and provide crappy rationale to get there. Tyrion has been a prop used to put Dany in tough situations or to give Cersei and upper hand and he hasn't had his own true plot line for years - and he was the most popular, fascinating character ... and he even stayed central to the plot and had a large role in the finale ... and they still gave up his storyline. And it's been evident since they announced the shortened seasons, which was a few years ago, that they are moving on no matter what anyone says and no matter the wisdom of trying to wrap it up that quickly. So, for all of those complications and problems, I thought they executed what it is pretty well the last three episodes, overall. With some really ugly crap happening that was hard to believe they found acceptable. One thing not discussed much but it's of no to me, is how they added to Dany's madness / mental snap a layer of world domination and abuse in the name of ending abuse and it was, I think, a major save of that storyline. It made the turn against her completely believable. But they never really sold Jon loving her or why he would love her. So him struggling with it so much didn't land despite that you knew that what they were trying to show you was he loved her and it was crushing him. Instead he just looked like stupid Jon walking into another bad idea with his heart on his sleeve. Heck, I think the idea of Greyworm becoming a problem and trying to address the question of what happens to an army when its leader is assassinated is a fascinating subject that could have used an entire episode to develop. Hell, you could turn that into an entire season if you wanted to explore all of the complexity there and the possible negotiations and war craft that could develop. But instead we got him giving up on minutes for no reason. It's just all part of the same issue of time and development. Almost nothing that they ended up accomplishing was problematic by itself. It's all about how they got there and the fact that it didn't land. And the fact that it was different from the nature of the show before. I think they probably should have done more seasons but even if they want to end after 8 seasons ... fine. You can spend an episode on hellos and another episode on goodbyes in a 10-episode run but not when you only have 6 episodes. You can have the Night King defeated in a single battle if you have that stretch somehow across multiple episodes and have a cliffhanger and true sense of peril in the middle ... and not the crap that they put on screen where people survive despite how they're presented in impossible situations and TV magic saves the day with plot armor. And you can develop Dany and Jon and develop Greyworm turning cold after the death of Missandei and all the other stuff so much better with extra episodes. You can show us many of the scenes that they just skipped because it was easier. We should have seen Jamie talk to Bran when he arrived at Einterfell. We should have seen Sansa and Arya react to the news of Jon's heritage. We should have seen Sansa and Tyrion truly talking about the merits of Jon versus Dany. We should have seen the aftermath of Dany dying, at least the immediate aftermath. There are so many things they could have done and the timeline did not allow for it. And that is just unforced and it was a choice and it was wrong and it was so substantial and meaningful that in many ways it is just simple and clear that these two producers, personally, ruined the show ... to the degree it was ruined.
  2. Ser Not Appearing

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    I voted an 8. Up until Dany's death, the episode was amazing television. Some of the scenes were brilliant and the tense nature of it felt right. After that, they were largely checking boxes and paying fan service. The Lord's Council was wonky from attendance to outcome. Greyworm went from resolute and defiant to rolling over for no good reason. Sansa backs the north out of the 7 kingdoms and nobody cares? Bronn getting what he wanted and becoming Master of Coin was awkward but they wanted a jokey jokey council scene, so there he was. Arya going sailing seems random for her character. Why is there a NW, really, and is Jon the commander or did he just pass through or what? He did change to black, so ... maybe in the watch but exploring north? But what's the night watch doing? So many things about this episode and season would feel better and deserved and organic if they'd given themselves time. That's my lasting critique and my sadness. It's the largest unforced error in television history.
  3. Ser Not Appearing

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    Every main character and half the side characters live. Why? Because they somehow can fight off hundreds over a long period of time while earlier the dead just walked on everyone. Your battle plan was to have Dothraki charge off into the black night to attack an army they couldn't see? That's the battle plan? &$#@ off. Dany flies around aimlessly over the course the whole battle? Why? What are you doing? That's essentially hours of time. Jon even landed at the castle and sat there on the dragon staring at everyone dying while Mel walked out in slow motion to light the trench. You have a dragon, &$#@ face. Light the trench. Good thing Dany not only landed for no reason after predictably saving Jon but then she stayed on the ground and even once a hundred dead bodies jumped on the dragon she still didn't take off. She just looked around in horrified confusion until she rolled off the dragon. By the way, she was super glued to the dragon through how many seasons and THAT'S what knocks her off. Where the &$#@ did Jon's dragon even go? The half-a-face dragon came back. And good thing Drogon lived so that we still have a dragon. Nice of him to land right after Jorah died. It's classic tv trope after tv trope with forced peril through illogical events and then the inevitable save. That actively upset me. They spent HALF the time destroying the great threat (that was hyped for 7+ seasons as they did on hellos and goodbyes. Great cinematography, though.
  4. Ser Not Appearing

    Acrophobia 35B: Death Comes As The End, Final Round Voting!!

    I'll claim to partake this round, though I know me. We'll see!
  5. Ser Not Appearing

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Rereading book 2 and I note that Varys tells Tyrion that the tunnel in Chataya's establishment was made for another hand whose honor wouldn't allow him to be known visiting such a place. Are there any textual references, clues or indications who that hand would be? Specifically, I'm considering Tywin.
  6. Ser Not Appearing

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    Hi all, recently created an account for my son (age 5) after he took to being introduced to Indigo League recently. We took a walk in the neighborhood tonight and he caught 21 Pokemon and made it to level 5. He's convinced he's awesome. If anyone wants to friend to and exchange gifts, feel free to add. 8277 8370 1616 (I used to play when it first came out, then made it to 24 before I burned out... game is significantly better now but I'll probably just play his account to level it up)
  7. Ser Not Appearing

    Acrophobia 33 New experiences! Round 5

    I always disappear a round or two in...
  8. Ser Not Appearing

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Though he obeys Doran, not Arriane. Either way, not explicitly addressed seems to be the answer.
  9. Ser Not Appearing

    Small Questions v. 10105

    It's it explicitly explained why Areo stayed in Dorne and is devoted to Doran instead of returning with Mellario and being devoted to her? Background thoughts: Even entering the service of House Martel, it strikes me as odd that he wouldn't be a default assumption to go with her "on behalf" of the Martels but also just because he was hers and why would that change? Especially given that there wasn't peace in that marriage and psychology suggests he'd side with her (yes, serve & obey ... protect... but who?) and that would be a barrier. I'm thinking there should... or would be, if it was explicitly addressed... a stray thought or two of his that would indicate a rift or - ... something.
  10. Ser Not Appearing

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    Uuuuuuuggggghhhh. This whole season is like getting a really nice sandwich and finding Benioff and Weiss' pubes on it. So much good but the writing is so bad at times. Painfully bad. Goodness gracious. There is no more clear evidence of GRRM's greatness than watching someone else try to finish writing this thing without him. That said, it's fun. Probably not great anymore. But fun. The bad writing cuts this score in half for me. To the extent I enjoy it, I hate it. It's a 5.
  11. A very pretty and satisfying disappointment. The battle scenes (cinematography) were great. The plot holes were blah. At one point in time I thought this season was maybe their finest in terms of no terrible stuff and plenty of good. It was and still is an even season (apart from No One), but... This episode would get a stand alone 9, maybe. But coupled with the rest of the season, the plot holes stand out... the character choices that aren't organic stand out... the nonsense stuff like Davos finding the stag (as I predicted) stand out... the overall predictability and inevitability of events (no depth or creativity) stands out. I rated it a 7. This is a really expensive show with a great base from GRRM through the first bunch of seasons, but their solutions to books 4 & 5 and their off-the-grid navigation are just ugh. That bar still renders it a great show but it's now trending towards just your cliche, plot driven, inconsistent blah TV. D&D really are nothing special. It becomes more and more apparent that GRRM is the master and the rest rode his coattails. I've never been more satisfied and disappointed at the same time. And I've never missed GRRM more.
  12. Ser Not Appearing

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    My goodness... that was a really pretty, well acted and expensive looking sort of terrible. Thank God for GRRM because without his books to adapt, these guys write on the level of everyone else in the world, which isn't at all adequate. Generic plotlines, no ingenuity, stretching of plausibility and just stupid, non in-character decisions all around. Dany just let her dragon fly away? Makes perfect sense. Blackfish committed suicide instead of helping Sansa? OK. Arya got miracle healing? Yep. They couldn't even get us a plausible end to that setup so they just skipped it? Sure. All that in a single episode? El. Oh. El. Get. The -uck. Out of here. The entire plotline for Arya is this: Kinda thought she wanted to learn to fight and be a badass, never really managed it, went rogue against the baddest assassin guild, developed most moronic escape plan ever, was mortally wounded but survived, tricked someone into a dark room because blindness, add some salt - she's no one! Good God. That plotline alone was so bad that it failed the entire episode and soured much of the season (that I've rated well enough until now). Forget it - 1.
  13. Ser Not Appearing

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 607?

    Apart from the montage, zero evidence.
  14. Ser Not Appearing

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 607?

    Since it takes forever to get a topic approved: Seriously - What has Arya demonstrated she is good at? Sarcastic answers of staying alive and being stubborn or stubborn and stupid don't count... and the more I think about it, the less I'm certain there are good answers. Really thinking this through makes me question much about the show writing and quality.
  15. Ser Not Appearing

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 607?

    Others disagree, but imo they're in a very dark place in the books. It's obscured somewhat because readers want vengeance and celebrate Lady Stoneheart for bringing it... but it's very dark. That said, this was a step far, imo.