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  1. Yeah, I was confused by that. Especially based on something said in the episode.
  2. Finally finished (yay, now I can unhife spoilers and see what people were talking about). Way more even and enjoyable than I had feared. Less of a clean ending than I expected.
  3. I rewatched episode 1 with my wife and then we watched episode 2 today. Episode 2 is much better. More genuine laughs for me, though "that didn't work" in episode 1 was pretty funny on the second watch. Very dumb, very low-key.
  4. I love Abercrombie's work but I agree on the audio books. I feel like it's an unnaturally good pairing and makes the books even better. I think Red Country might be my personal favorite. I won't discuss why because of spoilers but I do enjoy more of a pioneer / wild west feel to things. It's just a different lens and feels more unique. Some of my favorite characters also appear in that one and I feel like it subtly sets the stage for a lot of the upheaval in the second trilogy.
  5. This show really breaks my video game emersion when the characters walk through rooms and spaces without taking the time to pick up literally everything and bring it back to base to stash in a single drawer.
  6. I just realized I had followed the song title too closely and messed up my thread title. I've fixed it but I'm now sad.
  7. I would simply say that general disdain is an accurate descriptor for how I've heard it discussed.
  8. It very much is. But it's interesting how, for me, it plays slightly differently when I'm in control and finding the humor and choosing the violence vs when it's all being presented to me.
  9. It has either the best or the worst description I've ever seen. Just a bizarre, inherently humorous mashup: "In a magic-riddled Europe under constant threat of elf invasion, the ten year old Pope occasionally needs services that cannot be performed by the righteous. And so, sealed deep beneath the catacombs, cathedrals and relic stalls of the Sacred City lies the secret Chapel of the Holy Expediency. For its highly disposable congregation—including a self-serving magician, a self-satisfied vampire, an oversexed werewolf, and a knight cursed with immortality—there is no mission that cannot be turned into a calamitous bloodbath…"
  10. First episode ... good but I hope it gets better from here.
  11. Didn't work for me on Amazon but worked on Google, thanks! (I love Joe Abercrombie's work)
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