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  1. Oh, GRRM is definitely writing. . . . . ... blog posts!
  2. I do worry about the point that was made towards the end of the last thread. The fact that there has been nothing said by Rothfuss regarding the editor's comments is concerning. I don't know what to make of it, really, but I would say ominous is the right word for me. I would just expect ... something.
  3. I can't speak for anyone else, but I feel powerful and enlightened after participating. . . . . ... of course, I always feel powerful and enlightened.
  4. I got about 5 books into WoT before I gave it up. I got about 3 books into Sword of Truth before I gave it up. I loved the Belgariad in highschool and Shannara was the first series of the kind that I ever read (in middle school). I'm not certain I ever read Riftwars and I only ever read one Discworld. I'd mostly given up read fantasy until I read ASOIAF, which soarked me back into love with fantasy ... but set a high bar that none of the former series can meet. KKC has through two books and a few side stories, though. But, anyway, as I am the only one of us who I can be certain truly exists, my experiences must be paramount and ASOIAF redefined the genre. Sidenote: Series with a billion books having high sales totals makes sense. I'll pretend this point is super insightful and dismiss sales totals out of hand.
  5. I would say that ASOIAF did redefine the genre but I would have trouble articulating exactly how. It's fair to note that his killing of Ned and Robb and even Catelyn is a good fundamental shift away from the standard of "main character overcomes and accomplishes what he set out to do by defeating the big bad." At the same time, some of that is simple misdirection and hiding how Jon and Dany are the true heroes (theoretically). Certainly, the intrigue and the level of detail (depth and breadth) he puts into things are a factor. Even the early focus on politics before a stronger shift towards more standard fantasy elements is a style shift. Some of the struggle I have here is that much of this has been done in one form or another by others. But they didn't succeed in the same way and so it didn't really serve to redefine things. Overall, I would say that popularity is a factor here but it's more than mere popularity. ASOIAF has a very different feel and focus than many alternatives in the genre. It's not just quality of working either. Without adding it up (and fully admitting that I may just be wrong were I to add it up) I'll say that where he spends his time and his word count is different than most popular series.
  6. That would certainly align with being called a KingKiller and being in hiding. It's been too long since I read the series - is Kvothe specifically mentioned in frame beyond the time that someone recognizes him? How do people react?
  7. I certainly didn't feel that way in terms of degree and frequency but perhaps it was consistently inconsistent and it took a few books of track for me to finally start feeling it. It stands to reason that the longer the track record for a character, the firmer one's expectation for their reaction and the more betrayed one would feel when it doesn't happen.
  8. I stopped after book 3. Seemed he took a turn for the inconsistent and plot-forced worse Does it get better again?
  9. Beyond a cultivation of nuance, I encourage you to steer more towards discussion and understanding perspectives of others, as opposed to just chek chek chek chek chek on the internet all day. I expressed a viewpoint, offered an explanation of why I felt that way and then attempted to help you understand (because you expressed confusion) why I see a distinction between two descriptors. You simply don't have to agree and I don't really care to argue about it ... certainly not when the basis of the argument is an example that you admit runs counter to the book, as written.
  10. Considering you don't actually have any examples but would like to argue it anyway, I'm going to step aside and note that, perhaps, you could benefit from cultivating a stronger sense of nuance to your worldview. With that said, this is the internet and communication isn't always clear here and I've been known to be wrong besides.
  11. Do we have examples of Ambrose doing anything selflessly? I can't think of a single one.
  12. I guess I would say that part of the distinction lies in opportunity. Given the opportunity, Kvothe takes actions that benefit others and he goes out of his way to sacrifice on their behalf. His vanity and his self-absorption serve to remove opportunity. He's often blind to the opportunity for selfless, caring action. The vanity and self-absorption are faults but they're different fault than someone who, given opportunity and awareness, is malicious, a jerk, a dick or anything of that nature. ... in my mind.
  13. I wouldn't say Kvothe is a dick. I'd say he's vain and belligerently blind to any concerns but his own. But, when forced to see other concerns, he's willing to sacrifice for others.
  14. Well, dang, Chicago is just a day trip from me. Maybe I'll try and make that one.
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