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  1. Ser Not Appearing

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    Hi all, recently created an account for my son (age 5) after he took to being introduced to Indigo League recently. We took a walk in the neighborhood tonight and he caught 21 Pokemon and made it to level 5. He's convinced he's awesome. If anyone wants to friend to and exchange gifts, feel free to add. 8277 8370 1616 (I used to play when it first came out, then made it to 24 before I burned out... game is significantly better now but I'll probably just play his account to level it up)
  2. Ser Not Appearing

    Acrophobia 33 New experiences! Round 5

    I always disappear a round or two in...
  3. Ser Not Appearing

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: FINAL: SWMBO WINS!!!

    A man must have standards. Hahahaha Which have been met. I'll send the message.
  4. Ser Not Appearing

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: FINAL: SWMBO WINS!!!

    Only 4 reactions!
  5. Ser Not Appearing

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: FINAL: SWMBO WINS!!!

    You click the heart because you love me.
  6. Ser Not Appearing

    Coldhands is secretly...

    Coldhands is secretly... very warm.
  7. Ser Not Appearing

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: FINAL: SWMBO WINS!!!

    I'm in ... but only after this post receives at least 5 reputation points.
  8. Ser Not Appearing

    The Game

    Cookies only crumble if you don't eat them.
  9. Ser Not Appearing

    The Game

    Anyone who has been a host knows I prefer intentional obfuscation as long as it's not inherently mean... and if you object to a clue as obfuscation, I'll usually submit a softball in response. The challenge merits itself and word games are meant to be a challenge, imo. Using baby might as well be a clue saying 'Tyrion. The answer is Tyrion.' <--- answer to the big headed subject. That aside, I didn't figure out the clue but had no issue with it (bubba as baby) when I heard the answer. I don't know that I've heard babies called bubba before but it feels like a reasonable thing. Not sure why.
  10. Ser Not Appearing

    The Game

    So, Lyanna was honored by various men more than their own wives were? Ok, I guess. It makes whole a lot of sense that way. It reads differently and there's no way to tell wives is compared to the subject as opposed to the honors but... perhaps that's why it's a good clue. Unsolvable if read wrong but effective if read correctly.
  11. Ser Not Appearing

    The Game

    Hi everyone. Shadow asked me not to share but we scored 56 points this round, prior to favorite voting. Better luck next year.
  12. Ser Not Appearing

    The Game

    I am... incapable.
  13. Ser Not Appearing

    The Game

    Guys, I'm pretty sure 5 is Nissa Nissa...
  14. Ser Not Appearing

    The Game

    If it makes you feel better, I too have been accused of mistakes. They were wrong. But they accused. Moral to the story: Everyone thinks nobody is quite perfect.
  15. Ser Not Appearing

    The Game

    Two scoops has twice the raisins of most cereals, however. So it works out.