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  1. I'll play until I forget or get too absorbed in the vagaries of life.
  2. I've been reading (listening to) the Greatcoats series by Sebastian De Castell. I'm on book 3 or 4. They're getting a bit repetitive without character growth (as far as I looked to see) in the main character. Pleasant enough overall, though.
  3. I don't trust the illegal e-vote process. I'll only cast my - very legal - vote in person.
  4. Like any good author, I'll neither confirm or deny your theories.
  5. I did say I'd regret my choice between the three but I picked the one that best represented someone dumb and maybe almost illiterate, as I imagined him to be. But it was perhaps too much on the nose. I probably preferred them in reverse order to how likely they were to score. I liked them in this order: 1. Yes, Victarion fly? Yes, babe will fly? (Extra dumb) 2. Yo voluptuous female, ya boi wants flyers. (Obnoxious in a jersey shore way) 3. You do wifey? Vic arrives. (Simple, to the point ... boring)
  6. I do miss my old cat knight avatar but it never looked right with the circle frame.
  7. Just started reading Traitors Blade. I've had trouble reading this year ... a hard year in many ways. But I'm feeling relieved and, somewhat oddly, reading a new book is one of my first desires.
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