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  1. After my trade last night: https://twitter.com/GreenbaumBen/status/1435982374370697227?s=19
  2. Apologies for the issue. I was talking when I did it and I think my brain was accepting the message I typed.
  3. Whoa, hold on. I just typed up a long message saying why I was rejecting a trade and then hit accept instead. I do not want that trade to go through.
  4. Bright side: I'm now projected to win. Dark side: Yahoo projections are laughable.
  5. My two trades netted out as giving up $88 worth of players for $80 worth of players ... one of which was mystery-injured when I took him and another who got hurt and lowered his chances of taking over as starter. Given my position over the barrel, I guess that's not entirely terrible at face value. RB -Christian McCaffrey -James Robinson +Austin Ekeler +Kareem Hunt WR -Cooper Kupp +Davante Adams QB +Sam Darnold +Tua Tagovailoa +Trey Lance Big sad but at least my starters are filled with real players.
  6. I had ceased negotiating with basically everyone, including you. Then you offered Davante with Ekeler (inspired by the injury, I imagine) and I decided that I can either do as I had planned, which was to either wait for an injury or a certain team to get tired of holding so many quarterbacks or get lucky and have Lance actually truly take over despite the fact that he's injured right now (low odds of success overall) ... or I could make a move that got me the premier wide receiver and exchange for the premier running back (not a good enough trade) but take the two (bad) quarterbacks on the side and just hope that the Ekeler injury was a rest day (also low odds of true success but with a higher floor). I'm tired, screw it. Worst case scenario, I have to start Kareem Hunt. That's far from ideal but not the worst thing in the world.
  7. Interesting. That's a good example of how, like I mentioned in the B league, I seem an outlier on RBs values this year. I don't see Harris as worth a whole lot.
  8. QB: Rodgers, Stafford, Wilson, Minshew (yolo?) WR: Robinson II, Higgins, Aiyuk, Sutton, Callaway, Matt Jones Jr, Riggs III, Hilton (IR), Thomas (IR) RB: Henry, James Robinson, Mixon, Singletary, Ingram II, Coleman, Ahmed TE: Waller, Jonnu K: Gould DST: Denver Haven't done enough drafts to really know how I feel about this one yet but I've (always) got thoughts. I like my quarterbacks. I like having quarterbacks at all ... but I like this group of quarterbacks. There were a couple who I wanted that almost made it back to me (I actually had Herbert and Tanny targeted at various times but ... alas) but Rogers can take a step back and still score well & I think Stafford will do an almost career year while Wilson could truly surprise. While I have roster space, I decided to throw out Minshew just in the hopes that them trading for him is a sign that Philly's QB position isn't actually settled and maybe I can steal one while Michael Thomas heals up. My starters at RB are fine. Henry should do great and I think Robinson is probably a little undervalued while Mixon is a guy I hate and never draft but somehow he was the only guy with a pretty sure role when it came time to take my other starter. Allegedly, this group will be just fine. Injuries might be a problem, though, because the drop off is steep. That's pretty expected in a 3 RB league, though. I find that my backups are a place where I'm significantly out of touch with other people's values. There's a lot of guys in uncertain or committee roles and just based on ADP and having tried to trade some in the C league, my opinion on which ones have a more certain year is very different from most people's. Ingram might be the early down back in Houston but nobody seems to value him that way. I think he could get goal line as well. A lot of mouths in a bad team but he seems a decent chance for points. Tevin Coleman has familiarity with the coaching and I'm hoping that matters. Jets are a mystery at RB. I don't think the Bills will favor one guy or the other but Singletary is supposedly looked great and driven all year so far. Each of these guys has a decent chance at an inside track to lead their committee. Ahmed is a guy that I can't decide how to feel about, so I took him since I have him in the other league. Looking at his team, I wanted a few guys that Blu-Ray got. The Jerk. I don't know what to think about my wide receivers. There's only one that I truly like and then the others are all potential. I think I've got a good package of them & it should allow someone or three to emerge and score well enough but I'm lukewarm on most of these guys. Pretty ecstatic to get Calloway and then Michael Thomas to stash. I was going to take them coming into the corner and then I felt I needed to take a different position, so I only took Calloway ... and it worked out well for me with Thomas making it back. Waller is solid at TE and I was happy to get him but both of the guys I wanted at backup TE went in the 4 picks between mine, which happened a few times this draft ... which is somewhat odd. Bummed not to have a better #2 but Jonnu is highly rated. Higher than my own opinion. Kicker? Who cares? I took one on an offense that's probably potent. Denver's D looks stacked. I also don't care about DST much.
  9. I imagine you're in it if you got an alert.
  10. I just tried looking up how to insult a navy-man and the best Google gave me was "How's your wife and my kids?" While something of a good dig in the right context, I suppose it doesn't follow here.
  11. While you wait, type up those old notes for me!
  12. Jimmy G needs to fall into a mysterious 6 month coma.
  13. Covid could be nasty this year. It seems like the NFL rules are based on the idea that vaccines prevent infection but the reality is that breakthrough infections aren't entirely uncommon with newer variants. The best impact of the vaccine is that you're less likely to get truly ill and or die. Since they aren't shutting things down with vaccinated players, there's a sizable risk that breakthrough infections end up being common enough that infections just slowly seep through teams and stretch the impact out for weeks. They should go back to last year's protocol, imo.
  14. Oh, I've got thoughts but I'll keep them mostly to myself. Either way, I'm not trading players at a position of actual shortage straight up for players at a position of artificial shortage that only I truly suffer from. My fortunes in this league, this year may not survive the principle of the matter but I'm rather firm on that.
  15. I've had a few offers come in that approached reasonable, even if the specifics players weren't right for me. But I'm gonna take a deep breath or 500 before I do anything rash.
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