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  1. JaneSnow

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    My answer to all of them is simple.
  2. JaneSnow

    Out of Context Quotes

  3. JaneSnow

    Daenerys and the number 3

    She had three handmaids. Irri, Jhiqui, and Doreah. Of course, Doreah died in ACOK
  4. JaneSnow

    Me and my tinfoil half helm

    Wonder if it could be that Theon wasn't totally un-penised so much as just have it very mutilated to the point where sex would be difficult or painful.
  5. I'm like that with all fandoms pretty much. I'm autistic so obsessing is kind of a talent of mine. I'll forget to eat, sleep, anything if I'm immersed in something.
  6. Right now yes. When it comes to books series, shows, anything really I'm never a casual fan. I go all in full-on obsessed. Like losing sleep kind of obsession.
  7. JaneSnow

    Snow Symbolism

    Could we discuss the symbolism in the repeating motifs of snow. Snow seems to be used to describe change, new beginnings(both negative and positive). It is snowing when Jon and the girls leave Winterfell. It is snowing when Sam leaves Castle Black. There is also the snow the morning that Sansa makes a snow version of Winterfell and LF kisses her, leading to her aunt trying to kill her and her aunt herself being killed. Another example is in Jaime's final chapter in AFFC, when he wakes up after dreaming about his mother to find it had snowed. This so far I've found the most symbolism in. He'd just dreamt of his mum, and it was the first time he'd dreamt of himself with only one hand, showing that he'd begun to accept the way he his deep down. When he wakes however, Jaime unhappily acknowledges that he cannot make a snowball without both his hands. He then reads the letter from Cersei and takes a big step in breaking away from her toxicity by burning the letter and not responding to it.
  8. JaneSnow

    Decline in gravitas among major characters as series progresses

    To be fair, life expectancy in that time isn't very high so you have to grow up pretty fast. I mean, Barristen Selmy is considered old and he's only sixty(no spring chicken, but by no means elderly) so not a lot of characters would be what he'd consider old
  9. Blows from a Morningstar Tyrion is hit by a Morningstar and falls off his horse when fighting at Green Fork. Brienne unhorses Red Ronnet with a Morningstar during the melee at Bitterbridge. At the same melee, Brienne smacks Ser Loras with her Morningstar a bit but her blows are blocked by his shield. Ser Dontos smacks Sansa with the melon Morningstar in an attempt to satisfy Joff Shagwell hits Nimble Dick in the knee with a triple Morningstar Ser Loras fought with a Morningstar at Dragonstone, 'slaying left and right' Dorea Sand of the Sand Snakes knocks oranges off of trees with her Morningstar (Perhaps I could do head injuries in general?)
  10. Cracked/Broken Helms List When Renly is unhorsed by the Hound in the tourney in AGOT, one of the antlers is snapped on his helm The giant's skull that Rattleshirt uses as a helm is broken Sandor hits an unnamed knight at the Twins when outside of the red wedding in the head with an axe, 'crashing through his helm and the skull beneath' In the fight that gave him a head injury that lead to the end of his fighting days, Merrett Frey's helm was broken In the melee at Bitterbridge, Brienne broke Robin Potter's helm While traveling together Ser Hyle Hunt finds a broken helm and offers it to Pod, who declines. Sam's helm is shattered when Thorne makes Halter beat him up During Joff's wedding, one of the dwarves that is fighting has his helm shattered (Haven't read the Dunk and Egg stories yet so I can't give context, but if someone could add it that would be nice)
  11. JaneSnow

    Out of Context Quotes

  12. Red/Bloody Lips List Bronn's lips are smashed and bloody after his fight with Ser Vardis Egan when he represented Tyrion in trial by combat to prove he was innocent of trying to kill Bran. Ser Loras has a split and bloody lip after his fight with Brienne. Arya mentions not wanting to interrupt Chiswyck in fear of receiving a bloody lip. Alayaya has bloody, broken lips after being beaten via Cersei's orders At the beginning of AFFC, shortly after his mother's death when Sansa goes to get Sweetrobin ready, he's been crying. His lip is bloody where he has beaten it. When Cersei protests Tommen being trained by Loras in fear of him being injured, Loras counters by saying that "Bruises and bloody lips are part of being a knight." Masha Heddle, the innkeep, has stained red teeth from always chewing sourleaf. Melisandre has red lips Joffrey's lips are described as being as red and soft as worms Yoren mentions a Night's Watch recruit that tried to kill him and got a 'red smile for his trouble' Sweet Donnel Hill, one of the boys that was planning on deserting with Chett, is described as having red lips as well as claiming to be a Lannister bastard When Littlefinger and Sansa talk and eat fruit together before they take off for the Vale, Littlefinger's lips are red from the pomegranate seeds. Just before Catelyn dies, she can taste the blood on her lips Maggy the Frog is described as having 'glistening red lips' Daeron sang of 'red, red lips.' Nymeria, on of the Sand Snake, has 'wine-red' lips Melisandre claims to have seen Patchface in her fires, surrounded by skulls, with lips red with blood.
  13. Maybe I could include the context as well in future lists? Also do you have a complete list for red/bloodstained lips yet?
  14. JaneSnow

    Be as unhelpful as possible, v. 3 (No)

    Make him king, sounds like he'd be a good one How do you make the paste Bran is eating?
  15. JaneSnow

    Smell things you hate

    I can't stand the smell of cloves. I also can't stand my brother, and he smells pretty bad too.