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  1. JaneSnow

    Baby swap

    I wonder if he could have just said that the babe died, Mance's babe, since infants dying is something that happens all the time, especially in medieval times. Then he could have had Gilly smuggled both babes out, one of course hidden beneath her cloak or even better in Sam's since he's already a big guy it would be easier.
  2. JaneSnow

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    This song totally makes me think of when Jon, Satin, Deaf Dick, Donal Noyce, Grenn, Pyp and all the others were fighting during the battle of Castle Black on the wall.
  3. JaneSnow

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Kinda obvious given the title, but the part about every word being a lie really brings me to being reminded about asoiaf because a lot of lying and scheming goes on in it.
  4. JaneSnow

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Oh god, I just listened it that and I think that is the first time I've ever cried over something asoiaf related.
  5. JaneSnow

    Jon Snow and Sexuality

    Oh, gosh I didn't mean for it to sound like that. What I meant was its kinda of odd that aside from those two chapters that's the only time we've seen Jon really show any sort of sexual reaction to anything(I agree it was coercion and not okay at all, didn't mean for it to come out like that, I'm not always the best at expressing myself) which is a tad odd for a guy his age
  6. JaneSnow

    Jon Snow and Sexuality

    So if Jon just does only some of the Night's watch its fine
  7. JaneSnow

    Jon Snow and Sexuality

    I could possibly see a situation similar to Irri and Dany going out with Satin and Jon, especially since the boy is so stressed and Satin probably has experience. But yeah it is kind interesting his lack of drive. I mean, he's no maid as of Storm and while he did enjoy his time with Ygritte(I agree that it wasn't consensual but his body certainly responded the way any boy his age would) but as soon as he's back Castle Black he's done with all of that and doesn't really even think about it. Kinda odd at his age.
  8. JaneSnow

    Would you rather?

    One of the free folk, because I think life would be a little less violent and also they tend to treat women a bit better so that's always a plus. WYR be in the Kingsguard or a sellsword?
  9. Obviously I like Jaime a lot more. I like Davos a lot more too, before he kinda bored me but he's really growing on me. Dany, idk how to feel. I feel like she needs to get her priorities straight and instead of making it her mission to save every slave in Essos actually work towards her original goal of conquering Westeros(oddly enough I find myself rooting for most characters even when they are going against each other because I love them all so much its confusing) Jon, I've always loved him but even more so this book. His chapter during the battle at the wall against the wildlings I absolutely loved! I love action scenes like that in general. They get me hella pumped. Also idk if I'd even met Oberyn before but I loved him this book. His "you raped her, you murdered her, you killed her children" and "Elia Martell, say her name" thing was so powerful I loved it. Also the part about how he used to make fun of his sisters suitors and how he called one of them "Baelor Breakwind" after he farted in front of them amused me quite a bit not just because it was funny but also because having siblings myself, this is totally something I could see my brother, sister, and I doing to each other. The Hound, I have no words. He's a very confusing, very grey character. He's obviously very broken in a way that I don't think can ever be fixed. As for Robb, I don't hate him too much for the whole Jeyne thing even though it was stupid of him I have to remind myself that he's just a horny teenage boy.
  10. JaneSnow

    Why did Gendry...

    Oh, I've used that before. I was just feeling too lazy to even do that.
  11. JaneSnow

    Did Tyrion have feelings for Sansa?

    What I meant was, yes, I guess he does technically have the right under law but he realizes that just because the law says that she's a woman and beddable because she's bled doesn't make it right. I think he says something to her like "You're a child" at one point during their wedding night
  12. JaneSnow


    I guess that's where whores go
  13. JaneSnow

    Did Tyrion have feelings for Sansa?

    I think he respects her and cares for her well-being. He is also physically attracted to her but is a good enough person to respect her boundaries and remember that she is only a little girl and that just because she's flowered doesn't give him the clear to fuck her as he pleases, that she is still very much a little girl emotionally even if she is a woman physically. He spares her the pain of the details about her brother and mother's death, defends her against Joffrey(the line where he is all "you can't hurt her anymore, she isn't yours to hurt anymore" thing really cemented it), is always trying to talk to her and cheer her up.
  14. JaneSnow

    Anyone else not interested in Jon's chapters?

    I like them. It's interesting to be because while most of the other pov characters are caught up with fighting to be king/queen meanwhile Jon's story is focused on things like wights and wildlings so it's a bit of a refreshing change I guess. Won't spoil anything but his chapters are a lot better in A Storm of Swords so don't give up on him just yet.
  15. JaneSnow

    Why did Gendry...

    In ASTOS, after they get to this one village that appeared to have been burned awhile ago, which Notch claims was done by Hoster Tully, Gendry gave Arya "a queer look." Why? I'm not very good at understanding stuff like that sometimes thanks to my autism.