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  1. I finished The Staircase docu series. It did get me hooked around episode 7-8ish. The post-verdict bits were an emotional punch in a way I didn’t expect it. It’s a far better production than the drama series.
  2. Not a lot, but still annoying. At the current ridiculous exchange rate around €20. Thanks I noticed that my legs are ghost white so I will have to get a bit of tan going this weekend. Nice that at least some part of your building stays cool. I’m on the 7th floor of a full glass office and it’s pretty much a greenhouse for half the day. The worse part is the artificial ventilation though. Class teacher, wow! I didn’t know you had your “own” class. That’s really cool! Are you enjoying it? I suppose it’ll be quite the accomplishment when they graduate in the next couple years.
  3. Did I say that I was fined for forgetting to validate my tram ticket on Friday? Anyway, today went on to be a hot mess, literally because it’s 30C in the city. But at least I have a bag of anti-ant chemicals. I did try to get rid of them the natural way but there’s only more of them in more places than two weeks ago, so I feel validated to play dirty. For the rest of the weekend, I’m going to watch tv and iron/steam laundry. Oh, I bought a hand steamer and it was even 20% off. That obviously happened in the lucky half of the week.
  4. How are you all? After 3 weeks of spring, we now have scorching summer to the point that I have to systematically open windows at 10pm and 6am to maintain a reasonable inside temperature. Once again, I’m a month late to have the AC fixed. I also still have ants. And some sort of unidentified allergy. And I screwed up everything I tried to bake or cook in the past 4 days. Is Friday 13th now a long weekend?
  5. I had an Aperol Spritz for €3. Even in this city, such hasn’t happened in 5 years. The first one was okay, the second and the third only moderately shitty. Then again, that’s still better than having a €6 moderately shitty cocktail.
  6. Earlier this week an external walked up to my stand at a work expo. He didn’t want ice cream because “that’s for girls” and not congruent with his goals, he didn’t play the game, he implied the game was lame, but refused to go to other stands to play other games, when he finally did play he debated me (whose job and expertise is to know and explain why the solution is the solution) over the solution for 10 minutes, which is just embarrassing, he didn’t want a gift for playing because he doesn’t litter, he didn’t want a feedback card because that’s a waste of paper. Pal, this is an expo, there are games, gifts, treats, if all that is so against your principals, don’t participate. And if you do because you are so desperate for a flirt, take your ice cream and offer it to me who’s been boiling in that stand for 3 hours (and you know, is a girl), take the bloody card and pen and write me a cutsie note and leave it on the stand and move on. Then come back with a colleague to generate me traffic and chat again because that’s actually helpful and thoughtful. Don’t just awkwardly trash my stand and annoy me for half an hour and then expect to slide into my dms on social media in the next couple days. Like, how old are you, mate?
  7. It’s the drama, I had no idea it was based on a doc, I’ve never seen that one. The drama is… interesting. Might give up and just watch the doc instead.
  8. I’m beginning to think that the problem is with me. The Staircase is boring, impossible to follow and blatantly unrealistic. It’s just… bewildering.
  9. it’s okay if the plot jumps around some, as long as there’s substance to make up for that. That’s why it’s worked in the beginning. And as soon as that substance and gumption and unique flare were gone, it crumbled like a house of cards. What kept surprising me is how impossibly boring it got. It’s understandable once you think about it but for the first couple episodes of both season 3 and 4, I was surprised how impossibly bored I was. season 4 was so unbearably bad that Jodie Comer, Sandra Oh AND Fiona Shaw combined couldn’t save it. And it showed so much that Jodie could no longer take it seriously, and barely a quarter of her heart went into this mockery of Villanelle. Much like poor GoT cast. And yes, eerily similar fates…
  10. What made people, well me at least, enjoy the first two seasons so much was the uniqueness and the extra mile. That characters were way more than their archetype, the plot was dynamic and action packed and subversive but also (more or less) sensible, the humor wasn’t just quirky, but well placed and it added to the story. And then all of that went out of the window and everything became one flat, boring and shallow dimension.
  11. Yeah, I remember that feeling. But I’m sure something cool will come along, just make sure to seize the opportunity when it does. What would the minor be? Or the entirely different subject for a post-grad? I’ve been toying with the idea of another degree as well. Probably another Bsc or BA, rather than another MSc as that’s a bit narrower range of choice with my existing degree. And much like you, I’d want something totally different too.
  12. I am so bewildered…. Just so absolutely bewildered and confused. And the ending is still so far away. finished it. Absolutely there on worst final seasons top list. In a lot of ways it was worse than the last season of GoT. That one only felt more of a betrayal because it was far longer running and more sensational than Killing Eve. Well… what a waste of money to produce this… sequence of scenes.
  13. Why doesn’t this show have at least 15 minutes of consistency and coherence? Just because you put together cOoL scenes in a linear order, they won’t yield a story. What the hell is the story? What the hell is the plot? 5 episodes in and I couldn’t construct one sensible sentence about what the hell is happening in this show. Who writes these things? (Killing Eve season 4) Oh goodness… Dear me, you think it can’t get more nonsensical and flat but it always does. With every damn scene. Where do I apply to get the 5.5 hours of my life back? Also, this show used to be so uniquely great. How can you screw up something so good so badly?
  14. I will once again attest to the fact that stepping out of your comfort zone does wonders for your mental health. Apparently air travel and a weekend abroad become something quite out of my comfort zone over the past two years. But I went, and it was marvelous, even the annoying/frustrating/not-how-I-planned-or-envisioned moments were marvelous. I was so zen. I stepped into the market hall and thought, crowd, stuffy air, narrow space, oh my. But then that thought turned into, well I didn’t come here to get anxious about this amazing market and the kind and polite people having fun, so let’s just rise above that and have fun because I can’t control this and the best I can do is just lean into it in good faith. And I did. And no tragedy happened at home, the flights went as smoothly as physically possible, nobody got covid or other illness, nobody lost anything, everything that happened was either great or completely safe and regular and it was amazing. I am still so zen. So much calmer about the grand tragedies of the world and the small annoyances of life and other people’s quirks. And I try to keep that thought with me, about control and rising above and letting go and apply it to everything. And it feels very different to hope for good and average, than to prepare for bad and worst. It’s so much easier and lighter. Well fingers crossed for keeping this positive mindset up.
  15. It appears I didn’t get covid in Spain. Ironic indeed. Well I completely fell off the band wagon and I’m unsure if covid is still a thing in the global hive mind. It was definitely wiped from existence and memory in late February here, and it appears that even global news decided to let go of this topic as nobody really seems to care anymore. I suppose the ancient wisdom did work after. If you have a headache, slam your finger with a hammer, you will no longer have a headache. Does this exist in English? If so, I apologize for butchering a mirror translation. I’ll stop posting irrelevant shit to procrastinate and do some work now. Sorry and carry on.
  16. Is this Spartacus:Blood and Sand 2010-2013 by Starz? I had watched that twice back in the day. One of the most under-appreciated gems out there. Maybe another rewatch is timely. in the meanwhile I completely abandoned Killing Eve season 4 because it bored the life out of me. I’m watching the Depp Heard trial. Far superior stuff.
  17. Indeed that is how it should be on paper. Practice and reality rarely ever reach up to the textbook version on either side though. I’m the kind of person who is never satisfied enough with the amount of reassurance they get, because I’m a perfectionist with self-esteem issues. So I will overthink everything anybody says to me and then overthink the overthinking. Which is what happened here. We did discuss the plans for me and the feedback he did say was clear enough (I can’t claim that upping my grade is a mixed message). I’m dissatisfied only with the amount of time we spent talking about it and unsure of myself because of the above. I’m not going to press that more because it’s something I need to settle in my own head. I said and asked what I wanted to, and there were two topics we both agreed to take to a next conversation which is his intention for me to get bigger responsibilities and my being dissatisfied with the workload. Not even the workload, just the split focus. If any actual question comes to mind other than generic overthinking, I will bring it up. As for his manner of conducting these conversations, there’s room for improvement but he’s relatively new to people management and he’s clearly trying. And like you said I’m certainly a bad professional in the sense that I’m guilty of quickly and easily falling into work talk too, we are similar that way and that’s just the right context for losing focus and structure. Even if I also like talking about myself and having my ego fed. But my own feedback session isn’t the right time or place to make him feel that he isn’t yet doing the best job he can. If and when he asks for my feedback I will give him my “notes” on the conversation. anyway, thanks for your response and insight and just caring enough to share them!
  18. Oh I’m sorry. I think. I don’t understand the first sentence but based on the rest, I’m sorry about the problem and I hope you can tackle it easily.
  19. Oh… I don’t remember the last time I had one big task to focus on. Oh the joy of not splitting your brain in 10 parts every minute of every day enjoy your thesis! no really, enjoy it, it’s so nice to immerse oneself in a topic to the depth and standard that one chooses. And if you finish it, do still have some course or exam left in your program? Oh, and do you plan to do a post grad?
  20. Oh and happy Star Wars day! May the fourth be with you all!
  21. Yeah, that seems to be how far most designers and stylists were willing to take the theme. Silhouette and accessories could have been a huge playground if anybody bothered. As for the Look at me I’m naked and covered only in diamonds/crystals/chains/beads/etc look, it kinda got tired and boring ten years ago. Oh well, there are always a couple great gowns and I equally enjoy making fun of the rest too.
  22. I had a… well we don’t call it performance appraisal, so I had a bi-annual feedback session the other day. Approximately 3 minutes if it were about actual feedback and maybe another 10 about career/development prospects. Another 5 about my manager trying for methods to facilitate this discussion. The other 50% was hard core work and strategic plans for my field. What does that tell you about me? That he doesn’t give a shit and wants to talk work? That he was exhausted because he’s been pretending to have a people focus for some 4 hours that day already? Or that he is generally pretty satisfied with me and values my professional thoughts? Or that he dislikes me as a person but appreciates me as a professional? Other people had pretty detailed and hard pressing sessions and someone even cried. Anyway… I can’t decide if I feel under appreciated or it’s all in my head and I should just chill out and grow a self-esteem. I’m a weird weird person. But yes, I’m half convinced to stick around and have him give me the project management of the thing we discussed, because the fact that he is considering and suggesting it warms my ego. Maybe I do care about this job after all? Maybe I do have some drop of ambition in me and want to be recognized? Maybe I’m a narcissist. (Sorry about the rambling, I haven’t even drunk, I’m just tired)
  23. We learn from every experience. That’s how we are wired. You are no exception. You may not have learned anything life changing or anything noticeable or anything you hoped or wanted to learn, but I’m certain you did learn something.
  24. It won’t. But it may not end up being the global inquisition at least.
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