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  1. Lost is getting a bit weird, but some character journeys are so relatable and close to my heart that I don’t mind the plot problems and the general issues with the development of the story. At this point I just want to hug half the characters and rock them in my arms till they feel better. Sayid, Hurley, Locke, Sawyer, Jack in this particular order. And I want Eko to hug me and rock me till I feel better. He was probably my most favorite character of season 2.
  2. @Toth best of luck with that application! Get out, walk away and don’t look back. Not sure why I’m falling apart today, but I’m falling apart today. This is one of those days when I would knock on my neighbor’s door with a bottle of booze and sleep with him - if I were in a Netflix show. But I’m not in a Netflix show - sadly. I asked some friends to drink with me this weekend as the next best thing. In fact I know perfectly well why I’m falling apart I just don’t know how to react and proceed so I’m standing in one place and falling apart. I will try to journal this out which may help how I feel about it, but it sure won’t help with the reality and facts of my problems. And I’m even procrastinating work. I did a load of laundry, I sorted some clothes for donation, I had lunch, I made tea, I watched YouTube, I picked a new hairstyle on Pinterest, I worked on my needlepoint stitching project, I journaled half my problem, I’m posting here and then I’m going to clean my makeup brushes. maybe it would solve a lot of my problems if I acted more like I’m in a Netflix show.
  3. I don’t drink a lot or very often, but when I do, it’s a shot of rum in my tea at 11:30am on a Monday. And that’s how you ignore life problems rather than jump in headfirst and tackle them. Cheers.
  4. Not 1 g but different proportions do screw up baking. Looking at it the wrong way screws up baking. Or fine, let’s admit it, I’m a shit baker Anyway, I’m physically incapable of admitting defeat so I bought more ginger to have another more educated go at this.
  5. I have a couple issues with Lost at this point. But when Sawyer tells Jack what a golden moment.
  6. Didn’t we use to have a baking thread or something along the lines? I’m just dumping my baking failure here. Well… I tried to make candied ginger today because it’s an ingredient in the pie I want to make. Yes I cut the slices too thick, yes overheated the leftover syrup so it became hard candy rather than syrup, no I wasn’t patient enough to wait for it dry to properly before coating it in sugar. Seriously… It absorbed the sugar then it started to sweat it off, the thing wouldn’t dry out for its life. Then again, I threw it out after 4 hours and probably should have waited at least overnight. Stupid bloody ginger… I might go to the mall tomorrow and see if there’s a store bought version available, but honestly, I won’t be mad if there isn’t, because I always make pies entirely from scratch and that’s how I like it. Anyway, I need to sleep on this highly traumatic experience and decide if I even want candied ginger in my pie after all. I could just do a spice mix… stupid ginger. I’m upset.
  7. Hi!!!!!! So nice to see you around and lovely to read your news! I do feel like I’m missing a link or two, did you move to Texas recently? To be closer to family or some other reason? Anyway, I’m glad that the grandkids and your daughter make up for not loving the place itself. And Alex is… is he at college in Texas?That’s a vague memory I have from a previous update of yours but I might be wrong or he might have graduated already and hence the move down. I feel you about the workload imbalance. Tends to be the same in my field as well, there’s barely anything to fill day in summer and in January-February, while spring and autumn is a madhouse. Any special plans in the upcoming months? I don’t know how old the grandkids are, do they still do Halloween?
  8. Oh shit, I just remembered this game and thought the deadline was today. Phew. Okay. Getting it done over the weekend.
  9. they 100% did. This is apparent from every still, teaser, trailer and clip I have seen in the past several months. The costumes look ghastly.
  10. This is actually a real storyline that’s actually in the show for real?
  11. I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?! again, very much agree. Dragons at this point are a random checkbox to throw into every episode for a random minute. They aren’t tradition, they aren’t a status symbol, they aren’t pets, they aren’t a mean of traveling. Doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t enrich the world in any way.
  12. More Lost. I really enjoyed Hurley’s backstory about his body image and relationship to food and the time in psychiatric care. It was done with consciousness and courage, they approached the subject with firm loving care. Lovely stuff. The Lock storyline… it’s the kind of good writing, when you know things couldn’t happen any other way than they way the do, yet it’s painful to watch. I have a lot of respect for Helen and sympathy for Locke. But I really want the captive plot line to wrap up, it’s just tedious at this point. I really don’t like this style of unreliable narration, it feels like a deliberate dragging of the story to fill time.
  13. Honestly I don’t have a lot of memories about seasons 3-4, maybe it was a bit flat. I just know things started going downhill during season 5. Let me know how you like it if you keep watching!
  14. Huh, there’s no high-five emoji…. Oh well, high five anyway.
  15. I’ve been meaning to post this here for weeks. I finally finished The overstory. it’s as cathartic and life changing as the cover and the awards suggest. I absolutely recommend it to anybody and everybody. Pure, undiluted literary magic. I started Jane Eyre but I’m making very little progress because it’s too heart breaking. Cried four times already and haven’t even got through the first quarter.
  16. We know that daemon is not a very nice guy and an arriving letter or just the cousin’s report at the wedding would have been perfectly enough in my opinion. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or discredit any opinions based on reading the book, I can’t speak for how this plays out there. I just know that I watched a gratuitous and overdone scene that did nothing for me other than check the plot point box of Daemon’s being free to marry. And while I understand and accept the problems you guys mention, (be it the returning issue of vilifying a grey character for impact or the problematic downplaying of morally black actions into pardonable bad boy quirk), I personally don’t feel strongly about these complaints. On the one hand because I’m pretty indifferent about daemon and mostly find him tiresome, and on the other because I didn’t read the books. But I get it. @DMC yes, it does and it probably is. In my defense, I don’t really have an alternative, when you introduce a character with a first line that’s already rude, give me 2 minutes of trading insults, then kill her right off without backstory. I’m going on what I have. (And sure I could read the books, I accept that, but no, sorry, I won’t) The show could have introduced her being actually amiable to her cousin or have a tender/skillful moment with an animal. I can relate to that and I will see her going off on Daemon on a different light - not because I give a shit about Daemon’s feelings, but because I’ve seen our person be something other than a hardass. Some people can relate to and like that type of character, l just feel they make my skin crawl.
  17. Doesn’t mean he couldn’t have arranged it. I don’t know, I didn’t read the book and I don’t care for this Rhea character at all (though let’s be fair, ugly or pretty, nice or insufferably rude, none of that makes her deserve whatever end she met in either version). I just wish I could understand what the show hoped to accomplish with this scene.
  18. I disliked her within the one sentence she spoke to her cousin, and I wouldn’t watch anything she’s the main character in. And that goes to why we need versatile characters in shows and why every character shouldn’t be full of sass and piss and vinegar. Some enjoy this type of protagonist and some don’t. Didn’t say he was an idiot, but he sure isn’t the wisest or most calculated person in the world. well Laena… it would be nice to see something, anything about what kind of person she grew up to be. Her running after Daemon felt rather bizarre, especially after the cringe fest of baby Laena’s proposing to Viserys. When did Daemon care what Viserys ordered him to do? I don’t think this was the first time he was told to go back to his wife.
  19. I haven’t seen that idea mentioned or implied, I may have missed it. I would say Alicent understands their world far better than to ever want to be Rhaenyra and I also think she is okay enough with herself that she doesn’t want to be like Rhaenyra. Even if she were as unwise as to wish to be Rhaenyra, she doesn’t have it in her to be like her, because she’s a different personality. Yeah, yeah, I see your point… I’m just not sure why he thinks he’s got a shot at Rhaenyra, who’s being married to Laenor. This may be an attempt at one of those tragic situations of information just passing by a character when they most need it, the ones GRRM likes to write and asoiaf is riddled with, but the show doesn’t exactly make a point of it because it’s too busy getting Joffrey butchered on the dance floor. Maybe a better way to burst that tension bubble would have been Daemon’s realization that he finally went all the way but did so too late and Rhaenyra slipped out of his hands again?
  20. @DMC #daemon I don’t think it was surprising at all. What I found odd is why he waited so long to kill his wife, and not get rid of this “problem” much sooner. That and the idiotic manner he chose, but I can see the arguments you guys have made about his not being a planner and the murder reflects the chaotic mess he is in any situation. The most absurd thing about the scene is the choreography to me. It is sooooo unlikely for the horse to flip back like that. I have seen spooked horses throw riders, I’ve been thrown by spooked horses. The horse could have thrown her in any other far more likely manner and she could still have broken her back.
  21. Right, I didn’t think of that! I quite forgot that bedding ceremony was a thing in the ASOIAF world. If they had a bedding ceremony, she could absolutely know indeed.
  22. I thought she meant I knew you didn’t even have it in you to look me in the eye and finish me. But saying “you couldn’t finish” without an object (“you couldn’t finish me”) is a clumsy and contrived way to call back to episode one when Daemon failed to perform in the brothel and have one last double-dig at his masculinity. This is not something Rhea would or could know of course, so it’s just comes off as poor dialogue. Maybe I’m wrong, but this was my first assosiciton when she used that particular word.
  23. I didn’t. Hence “or” rather than “and”. I agree with the rest.
  24. Allow me to indulge in a defending Alicent spree. (Not to say that anybody is wrong to perceive and interpret her differently, or to dislike the archetype. Each to their own, everybody is perfectly free to dislike something that I happen to find likable. I also didn’t read any of the source material, but if you did and that affects your interpretation and perception and reception of the character, that’s 100% valid as well because this is an adaptation after all. That’s all the disclaimers I can think of.) So what I understand is that Alicent was a different character from Rhaenyra from day 1. She is the good girl, who does her studying, cares about her friend and complies with whatever her shitty father tells her because A. she has that kind of personality B. she grew up with those values C. she doesn’t seem to have any immediate family aside from her father and is entirely dependent on him. when she is told to comfort the king, she is visibly uncomfortable with the idea and why wouldn’t she be. It’s so soon after the queen’s death who we have seen to be kind to her, she’s very young and Viserys could be her father, and she’s best friends with his daughter. But she does it because her father says so and she is actually comfortable around Viserys, more so than around her own father, as seen via the cuticle scratching (which was a nice touch). She didn’t try to seduce the king, she was just herself, a caring, warm, dutiful and compliant young woman, which happens to be Viserys’s type as Aemma was depicted in much the same light based on what little we saw of her. She had no say in the king’s choice and unfortunately we skipped through just how much she must have struggled with the new identity of queen and how it alienated her from people. This is hinted at later, but a huge missed opportunity. Rhaenyra is (understandably) a brat about the situation, but Alicent doesn’t get to be a brat because she suddenly had to grow up, mature even more and she became a mother and assumed a new set of duties, expectations and a shitload of pressure of her own - nearly alone aside from her father who was only using her to build his own sand castle, and entirely without moral support for what we know, because I doubt that off screen Otto held her hand while she cried because she felt overwhelmed. That is strength. Not the watch-me-daddy-because-I-won’t-won’t-won’t type of strength, but unthinkable resilience and steadfastness. And while she was coveted and celebrated for giving a son to Viserys, that came with more bad blood with her friend, who was suddenly her child, not only in a legal sense but in terms of behavior as well. Alicent didn’t get to stride off and huff and puff when she didn’t like something. And she tolerated all this because that’s the kind of personality she has and that’s the kind of care and trust she had for Rhaenyra. She trusted that under the childishness Rhaenyra was still her friend, that’s why she didn’t want Aegon to be named heir. To keep her friend, so she could count on Rhaenyra the way she could count on her not pushing Aegon. As someone not well versed in politics, it’s forgivable and understandable that Alicent wouldn’t (want to) see how the rest of the realm would feel (and act) about the matters she saw it as an interpersonal conflict to resolve for which she did her part. From the same sense of care and duty she tended to Viserys in his sickness even though it probably repelled her, as she was never in love with, least of all attracted to him. But there seemed to be mutual care, understanding and regard between them if nothing else. The fact that this isn’t enough for happiness for 16-20 year old Alicent is understandable. Yet she is not complaining and she’s not wavering, which is again, strengths. I really would (have) like(d) to see if there was any joy for her in all this, either in the children or anything else, because it is realistic that there would be a flower or two to smell even in a meadow flooded with shit. It appeared that she found no particular joy in motherhood or that the screaming baby was only adding to the stress of political pressure of inheritance, sick husband and general sense of loss over her youth and dreams (which she sure had). When suspicion arose that Rhaenyra slept with someone, Alicent understandable felt that this friend she cared for and stuck up for (in the business of inheritance), just shit all over everything she stood for and represented as a value. She felt jealous that Rhaenyra may have had a choice she never did or would. And she felt worried about this person who she still regarded and trusted as a friend. Then Rhaenyra lied to her face when she wanted that trust returned and would have offered genuine help. When you sacrifice your entire life for duty, it gets really difficult to see that some people refuse to do even the one job they have and still get away unscathed. It makes you angry and resentful and humiliated. Especially if it all goes behind your back when you offered only help and honesty to both Rhaenyra and Viserys, who both withheld truth from you. What more could you have done to get more than nothing? Especially if it costs your father’s position, who is shitty and stupid but still your father and only blood relation in the entire city with some semblance of concern for your future. Because clearly your friend doesn’t care and your husband will pick his daughter over you and yours any day and not even give you the respect of an honest discussion about it. At this point Alicent is wronged, resentful, hurt, angry and more alone tHan ever before. And her cup that’s been filling for years with Rhaenyra’s shit and Viserys’s lacking as a husband just spilled and she no longer cares. If at this point she says I can play dirty too, that’s understandable. If she takes the high ground, I will salute her all the more for it. She could have told on Cole and projected her rage onto him and nobody would have batted an eye. But she knew full well that Cole was as naive and compliant as she was (until he became a psychopath and minced that guy’s face at the wedding), and Rhaenyra took advantage of his trust in her as she did of Alicent’s trust in her and so she handled him with grace. I hope she will continue to take the high ground, though I don’t think the show will go that way. Alicent is the archetype we no longer see on tv because every female character must be physically capable and skilled, full of sass piss and vinegar, political prowess and drive to achieve their end no matter the means. This is unrealistic, boring, exclusive and reduces strength to a very narrow definition. Alicent has been a breath of fresh air and I find her far easier to like, respect and relate to than Rhaenyra. I will shut up now, even though I’m sure I forgot to even touch on half the points I wanted to make. Never mind.
  25. Well that’s the whole point, she’s not Cersei and the fact that this didn’t even occur to her (or so the show would have us believe) is what separates her from Cersei. And yes, she is the non-sassy and non-rebellious young female character who is passive and trapped but doesn’t have the badassness and immorality to do something about it. And bless her for that and the writer who wrote her that way (even if that strays from the source material). It’s not realistic or necessary that everybody is a Cersei or a Rhaenyra and I dearly hope that Alicent won’t turn into either of them.
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