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  1. Mudguard

    Westeros Football League B

    I'm ok with all these dates.
  2. Mudguard

    Westeros Football League C

    I'm ok with all those dates.
  3. Mudguard

    Fantasy Football 2019

    I'm good with being added to B.
  4. Mudguard

    Fantasy Football 2019

    I'm in for Survivor.
  5. Mudguard

    u.s. politics: sundowning on the american empire

    So you are doubling down on your racist views on Asians? The idea that many Asians at university have rich parents and are somehow adored by the university is based on what data? Just your anecdotal experience and assumptions? What percentage of Asians have rich parents and are paying full fare as you claim? Please cite some data, otherwise this is just more racism. You are implying that these rich Asian students are getting in not on merit, but because they are rich. Otherwise, what point are you trying to make? As for failing, it's simple to avoid failing at university. Go to class and do the reading and homework. At any decent university, the vast majority of students do this more or less and will graduate. There's no reason to be terrified of failing. This was not my experience at all at university, nor any of my brothers. Your views on university and Asians, particularly in the science and engineering fields, is idiotic and racist.
  6. Mudguard

    u.s. politics: sundowning on the american empire

    This is racist and offensive. It also has nothing to do with your argument that universities are not a hot bed of radical left indoctrination. Why even include this statement? What do you have against Asians?
  7. Mudguard

    Fantasy Football 2019

    I'm in for C, and if you need bodies for B, I'd be happy to fill in.
  8. Mudguard

    U.S. Politics: Trump of the Will

    It's a pretty depressing situation. You know where all that money from the recently pass border appropriations bill is going? Straight into the pockets of private prison corporations like Geo Group and other federal contractors. Democrats initially wanted to include minimum standard requirements in that bill, but they caved and passed a version with the requirements stripped out. The rationale was that something was better than nothing. I'd bet a substantial amount of money that companies like Geo Group lobbied for the removal of those requirements. The House passed the border appropriation bill on June 25th, and the Geo Group job posting for the doctor with 2 years experience was posted on June 28th. Ka-ching!
  9. Mudguard

    U.S. Politics: Trump of the Will

    So I looked into this and found the job posting on JAMA. Apparently, the job posting is by a company called Geo Group, which is a billion dollar for profit company that primarily runs prisons. They've tweaked their posting since yesterday by removing the oath requirement (which I was still there yesterday when I first looked, but is gone now). Must have started hearing about the bad press. Now the 400K salary makes a little more sense. You can't get that type of money if you were a government employee, but as a federal contractor, it's possible. Geo clearly is just looking for any warm body that meets minimum standards. The sooner they can hire someone, the sooner they can start billing the US government. If they are paying that doctor with 2 years experience 400K, they might be billing the US government around $1 million, assuming a standard multiplier, for that position. I'm sure that part of the job, probably the main part, will be to perform services, whether needed or not, that generate Geo Group the most profits. There were lots of stories earlier in the year about detained children being prescribed and forced to take all sorts of psychotropic medications even though there didn't appear any need.
  10. Mudguard

    U.S. Politics: Trump of the Will

    Thanks for the link. I will listen later. It sounds really bizarre.
  11. Mudguard

    U.S. Politics: Trump of the Will

    Yeah, I'm going to need to see a link for this. The $400,000 salary is way out of step for a physician with only 2 years of experience. 400K would make sense as an upper cap for a physician in a high level supervisory position in the federal government. The loyalty oath to ICE's agenda is bizarre. To practice medicine, all physicians must be licensed to practice in the state in which they are practicing in, which means all doctors have to have at least graduated from medical school, completed their residency requirements, and be approved by the state medical board. So I wouldn't call that no qualifications. You don't need a board certification though to practice medicine, and many doctors that are board certified in a specialty also practice outside their specialty.
  12. Mudguard

    US Politics: Wondering the Acosta

    Right now, based mainly on performance in the first debate, I'd vote for Harris, but I'd be OK voting for any of the top 6 or so contenders for the Democratic nomination. Harris' perceived weaknesses, lack of detail on policy and some of her work as a prosecutor, won't be things that Trump can easily attack. I don't think that most voters, Democrats and Republicans, care that much about detailed policy positions. And I view her work as a prosecutor as an overall positive. I think she'll be able to counter and/or dodge any criticisms she receives for her prosecution work. I like Warren and I wish she ran against Clinton, but I think she missed her chance. Trump will also have an easier time attacking Warren. She is my next choice though. Sanders and Biden are very different, but unfair or not, both are old white men, and it's time for a change. That said, if either of them won the nomination, I wouldn't hesitate to vote for either. Since I mainly just want Trump out of office, my bar is set really, really low for this upcoming election. As long as the Dem nominee has a pulse, he or she will be getting my vote.
  13. No, the settlement had nothing to do Ocasio-Cortez. I wrote my "long" post because I was giving you the benefit of the doubt of making a incorrect assumption in good faith, so I provided an explanation of how the pharma and generic industry worked, and then provided you with a citation to a news article that shows that Gilead and Teva settled the Truvada litigation in 2014. Again, the NBCNews article I cited said the following: How clearer can it be that Ocasio-Cortez wasn't responsible for this settlement? At this point, it's clear that my assumption that your initial post was made in good faith was incorrect. You obviously have no interest in the truth, and even tried to imply that I'm anti-woman. I guess you're the far left version of Trump.
  14. Ocasio-Cortez did not have anything to do with the settlement agreement between Gilead and Teva that allows a single generic from Teva to be allowed on the market a year ahead of schedule. Teva will have a period of exclusivity, 6 months, where it will be the only generic on the market. Generally, in this situation, the price drop is modest, maybe around 20%. After this period is up though, other generics can enter and their should be a substantial drop in price. The period of exclusivity awarded to Teva is to encourage generics to challenge big pharma patents. The settlement agreement between Gilead and Teva was entered into in 2014, well before Ocasio-Cortez began her career. The reason these settlements happen between big pharma and generics is because of the risk to big pharma that they will lose a challenge to their patents, which can cost them many years of patent term and tens of billions in profits. To reduce or eliminate that risk, they instead come to a settlement agreement with the generic, who also eliminates the risk of losing their challenge and getting nothing. This type of litigation and settlement with generics is standard in the pharma industry. At one point, big pharma was paying generics tens of millions to hundreds of millions just to stay off the market. Due to antitrust enforcement actions over the past several years, they've scaled it back a bit and are instead entering these types of agreements to shorten patent term by the minimal amount they can get away with, where they can argue that consumers are better off than before (but potentially not as much if the case actually went to trial). Drug pricing in the US is broken, so I'm glad she is bringing it up. But she had nothing to do with Gilead giving up a year of the patent.
  15. He won't admit fault because it would expose the company to massive legal liability for the huge number of civil lawsuits (or class action lawsuit) that are sure to come. This is standard corporate procedure.