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  1. Mudguard

    U.S. Politics: Impoverished In Squalor

    Beto is running because it's not like he's got anything else going on right now. He's out of Congress and doesn't appear to have a real job at the moment, so why not? Probably will help with his name recognition for his next campaign. I hadn't looked into Beto's background until now, and his resume looks really thin to me. It's really hard for me to imagine voting for him in the primaries, given his relative lack of experience, regardless of how likable and well spoken he is. If he loses, I don't think it'll be because he entered too late.
  2. Mudguard

    U.S. politics. thread

    The DOJ looked into this in 2000 during Clinton's presidency and concluded that the legal analysis done in 1973 was still sound. Regardless, there's no point for Maddow to talk about the possibility of the DOJ indicting Trump. Bill Barr is not going to indict Trump. These memos provide Barr with plenty of cover for not indicting Trump. The only way Trump leaves office early is if he's impeached and convicted by Congress, which isn't happening unless Mueller drops a huge bombshell in his report, which seems unlikely, and we get enough details in Barr's summary of Mueller's report. There seems to be plenty of evidence to support a charge of obstruction of justice, if Mueller wanted to go that way, but I'm skeptical that he found direct evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. I think we would have heard something by now if that was the case.
  3. I'm pretty sure he's arguing that environmentalists and the not in my backyard people have prevented us from adopting nuclear energy, which could have reduced our dependence on fossil fuels. The US hasn't built a new nuclear power plant in many decades.
  4. Mudguard

    Careerchat III

    It's a bad idea to allow the prospective employer to interview your current employer before you've received at least a conditional offer. If your boss thinks that you might be leaving in 2-3 months, he/she is probably going to be pissed that he just hired you and not another candidate, and may also start looking for a replacement for you right away. Even if you end up staying, seems like it's a really bad way to start your career there. Satisfying your curiosity isn't a good enough reason to let them contact your currently employer. You have to really, really want that other job a lot more than your current job in order to make taking a risk like this rational. I'm assuming that the contact with your current employer is just part of a standard background check to verify that you are in fact employed by your current employer for the dates listed on your resume. If this is just a background check, you probably can have them delay the background check until after you accept a conditional offer that is contingent on passing a background check. That would be pretty standard, and assuming that there are no big red flags in your background, should pose little risk to you at that point. It's not like this new company is in such a hurry to complete the hiring process that they need to do the background check in parallel.
  5. Mudguard

    US Politics: Make Thread Titles Great Again

    To help establish a relationship between that brother and Smollett that would explain why Smollett would feel comfortable planning an unlawful activity with him?
  6. Mudguard

    US Politics: Make Thread Titles Great Again

    The police chief was definitely pissed. I read some of his statements condemning Smollett, and he was absolutely disgusted by Smollett's actions.
  7. Mudguard

    US Politics: Make Thread Titles Great Again

    It's a very high profile case, with a really bizarre set of facts. A lot of people came out in support of Smollett when he went public with his allegations, and he fanned the flames himself by doing an interview with ABC where he vehemently maintained his story and criticized the doubters. A lot of people probably feed betrayed and/or let down by him. I'm not surprised a lot of people are angry and disgusted by him. I didn't see the court hearing, but if the evidence presented was as damning as you are implying, then he has been flat out lying to everyone's face for the last several weeks, and he's still lying. Maybe the police laid out so much evidence in an effort to persuade Smollett to accept a plea bargain deal as quick as possible so that people can move on from this. Assuming Smollett is guilty and there aren't anymore twists, the quicker he pleads guilty and issues an apology, the better for him and everyone else. It's very possible that he's done some damage to other victims (past, present, and future) of hate crimes. Some people are going to wonder whether the victim is telling the truth if there isn't any corroborating evidence, and consequently, some victims may feel that it's not worth the trouble filing a police report if they are just going to be subjected to doubt and ridicule. ETA: And for the record, if Smollett is indeed guilty of planning this whole thing and filing a false police report, I hope he loses his job and goes to jail. I really have no sympathy for this type of behavior. Trying to personally gain off the pain and suffering of real victims of hate crimes? That's really low.
  8. Mudguard

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

    They do! Website is www.mofo.com. MoFo is all over their website, and in recruiting materials, they acknowledge the obvious double meaning. They are proud of it!
  9. Mudguard

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

    Fairfax is finished. Can't see how he can survive this. Technically, Tyson's allegation is not past the statute of limitations, so theoretically Fairfax could be charged, though Tyson has gone on the record that she doesn't want to file charges. Fairfax is also a partner at a top law firm, Morrison and Foerster (MoFo). I could see him getting pushed out of MoFo and getting disbarred over this.
  10. Mudguard

    US Politics: Ready, Set, Announce! Bookering the Odds

    Have you had a chance to read Vanessa Tyson's statement against Fairfax? I think it might have come out after your post. Her statement seem extremely credible. At least as credible as Ford's statement against Kavanaugh. So Viginia's government is headed by two racists and a rapist. If you want to be charitable, you can insert the word "former" before racist and rapist, but I don't think that makes it much better. For the good of the party, I think they have to resign. Them sticking around makes it harder for Democrats to maintain the moral high ground over Trump and the Republicans. If they are still around in 2020, Trump and Republicans are going to hammer Democrats on this.
  11. Mudguard

    US Politics: Ready, Set, Announce! Bookering the Odds

    It's very unlikely that Warren got any benefit from putting American Indian on her bar application paperwork, if her state bar is run like other states. Generally, membership into the state bar requires passing the bar exam and a background check. Race doesn't come into the evaluation. If she applied to jobs, such as a government job, where being a disadvantaged race can provide an advantage through affirmative action, then that would be really bad. She put Native American on her state bar paperwork and her Harvard paperwork, which spans almost 20 years. It's not unreasonable to assume that she put Native American on her other paperwork, including job applications during that time. The optics of this looks pretty bad, and I can't see Warren winning the nomination. She missed her chance. The results of Warren's DNA test estimates that Warren likely had a Native American ancestor 6 to 10 generations ago. That would put the percentage of Native American DNA between about 0.1 to 1.5%. To put that into perspective, Europeans and Asians have about 1 to 2% of neanderthal DNA, and neanderthals went extinct about 40,000 years ago. I think Warren has about an average amount of Native American DNA for a European American born in Oklahoma, which isn't saying much.
  12. Mudguard

    Careerchat III

    How long have you been working? The longer you've been working, the less important your degree. If you are applying to a more experienced position, the degree is probably something they just look to check off, but the focus will be on your work experience. Is your resume drafted to match your experience with what the job posting is looking for? Ideally, the person screening the resume should be able to tell by skimming your resume that you have the right experience. Might be a good idea to use similar language that is in the job posting to describe your past work experience.
  13. Mudguard

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    This reasoning seems like desperate grasping of straws. Mueller's statement was extraordinary and I find it extremely unlikely that he issued such a statement, which on its face appears to clearly dispute the main and most explosive allegations of the Buzzfeed story, only to try and bizarrely split hairs as you are suggesting. I'd be very surprised if Democrats continue to cite the allegations in the Buzzfeed story as grounds for impeachment, which were flying all around earlier today. We need some independent corroboration of the allegations in the Buzzfeed story, from another reputable news organization or from Mueller, before it can be relied on. Relying on the Buzzfeed story without further confirmation after Mueller's statement would be highly irresponsible. I think most Democrats will walk back their calls for further investigations and impeachment, although I could see a few ignoring Mueller's statement to push their agenda despite the lack of credible facts.
  14. Mudguard

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    The Buzzfeed story is as good as dead (worse than dead really), unless another reputable news organization can independently confirm their findings. Cohen is due to testify to Congress in February, so I'm sure he'll get asked about the portions that relate to him. If he answers, we might get some confirmation (true or false) about portions of the report then. Or we wait until Mueller is finished and hope most of the report is made public, and I'm sure all the portions that exculpate Trump, if any, will be made public.
  15. Mudguard

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    Mueller isn't going to provide any additional clarity to Buzzfeed, and I really doubt that Mueller is lying. On the other hand, one of the authors on the buzzfeed article has a checkered past, which was pointed out by other news organizations earlier today, and so far zero other news organizations have been able to corroborate the allegations in the article. So, it seems very likely that Buzzfeed's article contains multiple material errors. No way to tell what the errors are until Mueller submits his report, and even then, it will depend on what portions of Mueller's report are made public. Trump and his supporters are going to have a field day with this. It bolsters his claims of fake news.