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  1. Yeah, I'm guessing that Putin (having no military background) has no idea what the damage to bridges over Dnipro means, and that no one felt inclined to explain to him that it's not as simple as sending in more troops. The recent failed Russian frontal attack on Avdiivka, the best-fortified Ukrainian stronghold in the Donbas, also looks like Putin's micromanagement to me ("why don't you just bomb it and charge at it?"). I doubt any Russian generals are stupid enough to order such an attack.
  2. There is also a disparity in ratio between mechanized/armored troops and leg infantry on the Russian side which I believe was previously unseen in warfare. Armor protects soldiers from indirect hits, but on the other hand a direct hit will likely leave no survivors in the vehicle, wounded or otherwise.
  3. There is a strong argument to be made that targeting civilians is a waste of ammo from a purely pragmatic standpoint. With the major exception of atomic bombs on Japan, it never actually produced the desired effect in history. To quote Tom Cooper (who is a great source of analysis on this war btw): https://medium.com/@x_TomCooper_x/ukraine-war-14-15-july-2022-bfea868cb7f8
  4. Watched Love and Thunder last night. I kinda liked it, but it crossed the line into being cringy too many times for my taste. Maybe it's just me - I probably would have loved it if I watched it at 15 or 20.
  5. Russian priest used the Holy Cleaning Bucket item from his inventory to cast the Armor spell on the bridge. However, HIMARS is a +5 weapon.
  6. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die; and it shall be well with us.
  7. It can still be done, but it requires speed and getting off the island quickly. So far, Russian over-centralized decision-making process has been pretty slow. I'm guessing that Ukrainians would have at least a day or two to operate freely between Russian satellites spotting activity on the island, and cruise missiles hitting it. I don't know how long it takes to set up Neptunes to operate, but there should be plenty of time to "shoot and scoot".
  8. I always thought of Paragon Shepard as Captain Picard, and Renegade Shepard as Dirty Harry In Space. Renegade Shepard does have some moments of bad writing (particularly in ME1) which are of the "Space Hitler" category, but most of the paragon/renegade choices come down to where you stand on the idealist/cynical scale, or alternatively "by-the-book military professional" / "loose cannon".
  9. Putin promised to Lukashenko that Russia would "modernize" the Belarusian fleet of Su-25 CAS bombers. I have a funny feeling that not a single one of those planes will be returned to Belarus.
  10. Bayraktars are too expensive to be used as kamikaze. Instead, it seems to be a $8k commercial drone from Aliexpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3256803952269914.html?gatewayAdapt=4itemAdapt Since it's highly unlikely that such a drone successfully flew all the way from Ukraine, making the "special forces infiltration" the most likely theory.
  11. Daggerfall Unity is free on GOG now. It's an unofficial version of Daggerfall which integrates all the major mods. I've never actually played it, so it's a welcome addition to my library.
  12. I'd say that Albania and Montenegro are the next most likely countries to enter EU, although not very soon. Montenegro is being held back by a large pro-Russian minority of population, and Albania is unofficially held back by being a majority-Muslim country (despite being about as secular as say, Sweden).
  13. As someone from ex-Yugoslavia, I would happily see Ukraine accepted into EU. If we're screwed, it doesn't mean others need to be too. Let's look at ex-Yu countries one by one: - Bosnia is never getting in. I wouldn't even accept us if it was entirely my decision to make. - Serbia and Kosovo are not getting in until they permanently settle their conflict, which, let's be real, also means never. - That leaves Montenegro and North Macedonia, and of the two, North Macedonia is the one that really got shafted. They even committed the ultimate self-humiliation of forced name change, all for nothing. Now they're being blackmailed by Bulgaria that they need to change the phrase "Bulgarian fascist occupiers" on WWII monuments into "Bulgarian administrators", in addition to denying them their language and national identity.
  14. All of that stopped being relevant when Russia, Ukraine and Belarus signed the Belovezh accords in 1991, promising to respect each other's territorial integrity in the present Soviet Republic borders. This was confirmed by a bunch of other agreements that Russia and Ukraine signed in the 90's (CIS founding agreement, Black Sea Fleet partition agreement, Russian-Ukrainian Friendship agreement, etc.).
  15. Ukrainian Kherson offensive is interesting, since according to reports, it is mostly done by nighttime infantry infiltrations. Ukrainians are playing to their advantages in night vision equipment and night combat training. However, it means that new territory is captured very slowly.
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