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  1. Eastern European countries are also Europe. Holy Roman Empire had feudalism as its core system of society, primogeniture is not really a key component of the feudal system. And southern Italy was very much feudal and non-urban, all the way into the 19th century.
  2. Stealth fighters are hardly the only Russian military technology that doesn't work as advertised. From what we've seen so far, they have: - "Hypersonic" missiles which "cannot be intercepted", which weren't actually hypersonic, and which were intercepted. - "The best AA system in the world" which failed to intercept and was ultimately destroyed by a slow-moving US missile developed in 1980s, on multiple occasions. - AA missile cruisers which were sunk by a single rocket. - AWACS which was brought down by a modified Soviet AA system from 1960s. - Aircraft carrier which isn't seaworthy. - Anti-drone systems which are routinely destroyed by drones. - "The best tank in the world" which breaks down during parades and which isn't participating in the war.
  3. The latest Fox News poll of Florida voters shows an overwhelming support for the abortion rights ballot initiative (69%) and marijuana legalization (66%). The exact same poll however also shows Trump leading Biden 50-46, which grows to 47-40 in a multi-candidate race. I don't get it, I simply don't. Who are these pro-choice Trump voters? Why?
  4. Isn't there a third option, "stay in France"?
  5. Tibetans, Vietnamese, Filipinos, and Indians would probably disagree about China being essentially defensive. And China's actions in the South China Sea are hardly defensive and non-expansionary. China is presently dangerous to citizens of Taiwan, Vietnam and Philippines. And considering its recent increases in force projection capabilities, one can easily envision a future where say, they decide that Treaty of Aigun, as a 19th century "unequal treaty", is now void, and they would like to have Haishenwai (Vladivostok) back pretty please. Or that Japan owes it reparations for WWII damages, which they will take by any means necessary. Or that Australia's raw materials are crucial to Chinese economy and need to be directly controlled. All of these scenarios are more likely, based on Xi Jinping's current actual stances and foreign policy, than your fever dream of US deciding to invade China.
  6. I mean, if you've lived 10 years somewhere, you're a local and should have a vote in your local community. French citizenship can be obtained in just 5 years of living and working there.
  7. So you're more concerned about an unlikely hypothetical authoritarian US, than about an actually-existing authoritarian China? Which currently, at this moment, runs actually existing "re-education" camps and population control for its minorities? An interesting perspective, which tells a lot about your biases.
  8. Putin has access to the best health care money can buy, and he had a relatively healthy lifestyle (sports, outdoors, limited alcohol intake, nonsmoker, has a reputation as a "health nut"), so comparing him to an average Russian male (or his hard-drinking, chain-smoking predecessors) is pointless.
  9. This is the part the worries me. If Biden has a surprise win after Trump's lead in the polls, there is a high risk of post-election trouble.
  10. What specific years are you considering? My last car was a 2021 Accord, and I was happy with it. CVT transmission makes it a bit boring to drive compared to VW that I'm driving now, but it had some features that I really loved for the long drives, such as adaptive cruise control.
  11. I also got the itch to return to the Fallout world, but I decided to play Old World Blues, Fallout mod for Hearts of Iron 4. It is simply amazing, one of the best mods out there, with more content in it than the actual Hearts of Iron 4. All the units, technologies, doctrines, and even the user interface have been completely changed to make them fit with the Fallout universe, the new countries invented by the mod developers are well-written and balanced, and every update keeps adding more stuff and making it better.
  12. And it's normal human behavior for family members to support other family members who are accused (or even convicted) of a crime.
  13. Isn't that pretty much the same thing as what Hillary Clinton did for Bill? In situations like these, wives tend to publicly side with their husbands (see also Melania Trump), sometimes out of calculation, sometimes out of genuine emotion.
  14. "Intifada" has a very clear and specific meaning when used in an English-speaking society in the context of Israel and Palestine.
  15. I mean, they're calling for "intifada" (meaning, a terrorist suicide bombing campaign against Israeli civilians) and for Palestine "from the river to the sea" (meaning, destruction of Israel). Maybe some protestors don't understand what those terms actually mean, but the most charitable interpretation is that they are idiots and not actively malicious. You might call that a minority of radicals, but I didn't see anyone from the protest movement calling them out or distancing themselves from such stances. In fact, doing that will get you shouted down as a "zionist". Which somehow became a dirty term despite actually meaning "someone who thinks Israel should continue to exist".
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