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  1. Tank divisions are a late-game luxury if you're playing as a minor nation, requiring a lot of industry and oil as well as following a dedicated research branch, so planes are often a better investment to improve your offense. Motorized is good for capturing (plains, high-infrastructure) territory quickly but doesn't actually improve your attack, while cavalry is a waste of material that could be spent on leg infantry instead. HOI4 generally doesn't explain its mechanics to new players very well, and it took me more than 200 hours of play time and multiple online guides to figure out what I'm supposed do with my navy. Couple of tips that you might find helpful: - Your divisions should have width of 5, 10, 20 or 40, and bigger is better unless you're stretched thin. Due to the way combat width works, anything else will result in a waste of efficiency. There are online guides which explain this in detail. - Try to combine as many positive modifiers for your units before attacking. Some of them you get through research (doctrines, improved weapons, encryption/decryption), some through training (army exercises can make your divisions 25% better, and also provide experience you'll need to redesign your divisions), some through air superiority, some through tactics (attacking from multiple directions, using proper troops on proper terrain), and some from your general's stats. Make sure your troops are at maximum strength and organization, and check the supply map from time to time. - Planning bonus modifier can be nice, but I generally avoid giving troops to AI generals since they're awfully stupid. Micromanaging your divisions is more stressful, but way more efficient. - If nothing else works, try weakening (or even abandoning) some of your frontline provinces to lure the enemy AI out of their entrenched positions, and then smashing them on the counterattack.
  2. What's your attacking force composition like? In HoI4, most of the time you need either air force (with both fighters for air superiority and CAS for damage) or armored units to break through an entrenched defensive line, preferably both. Unless the enemy is very weak, throwing waves of infantry at them will only result in a bunch of wasted manpower and material. Also, check the supply area map. If your forces in the area cannot be supplied, they're basically worthless. Infrastructure investment is often the smartest thing you can do with your civilian industry capacity.
  3. I hope you're not talking about the Maginot Line. Although pagan sex rituals would somewhat explain the French Army's performance.
  4. https://www.loudersound.com/news/two-members-of-iced-earth-quit-in-wake-of-jon-schaffers-capitol-riot-arrest Well, there goes Iced Earth. I didn't even know Jon Schaffer was a fascist until I read the news today. This will probably retroactively ruin their music for me, especially The Glorious Burden album.
  5. I mostly used boats and silt striders, which also helped with the immersion. There was a time when I knew the transport connections on Vvardenfell better than the public transport lines in my own city.
  6. Right now, there are practically no games that you can play on PS5 that you couldn't also play on a PS4 or a gaming PC, and I'm betting that more than 95% of early adopters own one of those. The only value they get right now in return for paying the insane PS5 scalper price are the bragging rights. Which is the very definition of a luxury item.
  7. Re: scalping, the only reason what they do works is the need to have the latest and the fanciest stuff now! If the shoppers hold firm and refuse to buy from them, they'll end up stuck with goods they'll have to sell below price, and shops will have them back in stock again. It's not like there are any good games exclusive to the PS5 so far anyway.
  8. When me and my wife had Covid, our two kids didn't get tested because they didn't show any symptoms. I'm 100% sure they were positive and asymptomatic, since they spent two weeks in closed space with two Covid patients. A simple change in testing protocols would have lead to a 100% difference in the number of reported cases in my household.
  9. Would you support ending freedom of movement between London and the rest of UK? After all, there is a clear difference in wages and standards of living, immigration to London is causing brain drain in other areas, and travel is mostly in one direction.
  10. I remember the N64 controller as the worst-designed and least-practical game accessory I ever used. My palms and thumb still feel pain at the memory.
  11. Horseback combat is difficult to get right. The only two games where I actually enjoyed it are Mount and Blade (obviously) and Assassin's Creed: Origins. Still haven't played the last two AC games, I'm guessing that they copied what worked in Origins.
  12. Serbia in particular was caught actively hiding their Covid deaths and "reassigning" them to other causes last summer during their election campaign, to create the appearance that they handled the crisis successfully. There are a lot of countries whose Covid statistics I don't trust one bit, with China as the largest culprit.
  13. They already do. I believe the technical term is "underwear".
  14. Well, when you pay a manufacturer 336 million euros half a year in advance for a product, it is reasonable to expect that they, you know, deliver the product. Especially when they doesn't seem to have problems delivering it to others.
  15. It's not exactly an unprecedented situation. The Baltic countries decided they would much rather be part of the EU than of USSR, despite the fact that they had much stronger trade ties with Russia in '91. And in the long run, the change was to their benefit. Same goes for Slovenia and Croatia, which picked EU over Yugoslavia. I know that it's hard for you to accept that you're the USSR in this analogy
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