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  1. rotting sea cow

    Can Aegon I conquer Europe in the 15th century?

    Probably. I read quite a lot about that period during a time of my life and some spanish friends told me more stuff from more obscure sources, but I've forgotten a lot. Unlike many people believe, memory is quite limited. Nevertheless, I think the 15 century is quite late and a lot of technological advanced were ramping up. Probably, the best time for such an invasion would me just after the end of the Black Death, when most of Europe was weakened.
  2. rotting sea cow

    Poll: Will Brienne Be A New Hound?

    I never considered something like that. It looks like a plan. I always assumed that Strongboar will be the next Hound after RW 2.0 I would say no for now, but I'm willing to change my mind
  3. rotting sea cow

    Can Aegon I conquer Europe in the 15th century?

    Pretty much what @Ran said. On the other hand, demons are hard to fight. Ask the Aztecs. Aegon would need first to find a place to build up a coalition safely and make alliances. Spain in 15 century is not a bad bet, as long as it is before the reconquest and Aegon and his sisters help to through back the Catholics out of the peninsula and start to build up a rich kingdom. Then I'd pull a Harrenhal with Rome.
  4. rotting sea cow

    Stannis Baratheon Predictions

    Pretty much agree. What happens in the middle is also unclear to me.
  5. rotting sea cow

    Stannis Baratheon Predictions

    Here, pretty much everybody agrees. He wins the Battle of Ice, takes Winterfell and starts reorganizing the North. But... I also have problems to see beyond that. How the Stark restoration plays with Stannis holding Winterfell. How does he react to the problems of the Night's Watch (including Jon's assassination). How does he react to Aegon's campaign? What does he do about the persistent rumors of Daenerys dragons? Where is he when the Wall falls?
  6. rotting sea cow

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    I wonder now if Dragonbone bows give some magical properties to the arrow they fire
  7. rotting sea cow

    The Shivers

    I agree overall, however the Others are not necessarily the only power opposing the Dragonlords as the legend of the Greyscale (aka Garin's curse) tell us. Of course, there are Other-ish overtones on that legend too.
  8. rotting sea cow

    The Shivers

    Don't the Faceless Men have some poison that causes heart failure? Arya used on that insurer and "Jaqen H'gar" on poor Pate.
  9. rotting sea cow

    The Shivers

    So, say the maesters
  10. rotting sea cow

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    Sansa is Alayne (Littlefinger's daughter) Rhaegar+Lyanna = Jon + Meera (aka the Trident theory) I had good laughs reading those
  11. rotting sea cow

    Stannis, the first lie and the false light

    I don't mean that Euron will see the "light" but if he manage to become a dragonrider, he may pose as the last hope of Westeros in exchange of power and adoration. Indeed. He is one of the few who take the threat seriously. That's why I'm started this thread. Stannis already "saved" the world (because the wildings were just Where is foreshadowed that Aegon will fight the Others? I think the foreshadowing is stronger in the other direction, ignoring or becoming paralyzed in the face of greater odds, as happened against the stone men. I don't necessarily think that the three visions are related to the fight against the Others, more like people who want to "supplant" Daenerys destiny. I don't think there will be a Targaryien restoration, tbh. It doesn't mean that Jon and Dany won't hook up together. They will. Not for nothing there is a third fire to light and a third mount to ride. And yes, getting Jon at her side is fundamental to achieve her destiny.
  12. rotting sea cow

    Small Questions v. 10106

    I fully agree. It would be very out of character to have Rattleshirt in his councils, even he spared his life. Who is Rattleshirt? he is not only scum, but a nobody scum. He is not highly regarded even among the Free Folk. There is another piece of evidence that more people knew about the switch. When we start ADWD we learn that Val tried to escape, attempted to kill his guardians and finally begged Stannis to spare Mance's life, even promising to wed a "kneeler". When Stannis burns "Mance", she stays besides him quietly and acts meekly afterwards, never attempting to escape again and she keeps faith overall. The implications are obvious. Val was in the known. She may have even told Tormund that Mance is alive, explaining his lack of surprise during the reading of the Pink Letter. Of course, Mel may have convinced Val and still keep the thing out of Stannis knowledge, but with so many people knowing stuff, things get dangerous. It is possible that Stannis approved and Mel did the dirty work, so "Mance" didn't know anything, which is actually implied in the scene.
  13. rotting sea cow

    Playtime with Foreshadowing: Bran's Vision in AGOT

    My interpretation of this passage is that foreshadows Jon's death, which has been a long term build-up. It is very probably that Jon's corpse will be stored for a while in the Ice cells and thus quite will be in quite good shape once he is back. On the other hand his soul will live in Ghost for a while and becoming mingled with the wolf's. We have learned through Beric and LSH that one doesn't come back from death unchanged. Jon has (had?) the memory of the warmth of Winterfell and he has also found warmth in the NW, even from someone as cold as Stannis. I think he will forget all of this and he will be quite indifferent to the needs of humanity, maybe focusing only in his own concern, until someone will light his inner fire.
  14. rotting sea cow

    The Others "inside" man

    Varys? Hell no. Varys is playing a very human game. Of course it is possible that once Aegon takes the IT, they will ignore the threat in the North, because they have their hands full in other conflicts. If you want to look for an "insider" you need to look for someone who would sell humanity for power. There is only one character that fits and even that is contentious.
  15. rotting sea cow

    Stannis, the first lie and the false light

    You are misunderstanding here, imho. Melisandre is a tragic character. She has firm convictions but fails to understand she is also a tool for powers beyond her understanding. She is where she must be and does what she has to do. I think it is a very difficult position to be in a place where even your mistakes are necessary.