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  1. I cannot fucking phantom what Trudeau was trying to achieve here. Getting a handful of truckers vaccinated in an epidemiologically irrelevant move and create the worst self-inflicted crisis in Canada in decades amid rampant inflation and supply chain problems. Declare "state of emergency", ruthlessly clear the protesters and now it's over, because it needs to be over. Because there was absolutely no way he couldn't foresee that one of the worst international crisis was about to explode in our faces. I'm sorry Canadians but your PM is an imbecile. If that is the quality of the western leadership, it becomes quite clear why Putin doesn't respect you.
  2. I believe that problem is still common in many socialized health care systems, which leads to behaviors like the one I described in my post where the doctor gives you 30 seconds to describe your health issues. The same doctor might behave differently with private patients.
  3. I rarely go to the doctor as I'm quite healthy individual (there is something that it's bothering me right now, so I'd need to go soon). Usually I go for minor things and regular controls, I find that a mechanic would put more attention to a car than the doctors to me. Usually they write some recipes and order some exams and GTFO. I had a good experience however with a dermatologist some years ago so I try to go annually for a regular checking and talk about general health. The only doctor I've seen in years who listens to you.
  4. I want to be honest. Kast was very well behaved during the whole elections and was probably one of the reasons why he was successful. Trumpism doesn't go well in Chile. When Boric got COVID few weeks before the first round, Kast was the only one to wish him good recovery and didn't complain that he had to go into preventive quarantine as he was exposed during a televised debate. On the other hand, the centrist candidate Provoste was very upset that she couldn't continue with the campaign and was quite nasty to Boric. The elections was just a remake of the referendum to end Pinochet's rule. Almost the same percentages. But other things are very different. Both left and right winds coalitions are in shambles and there is need of new ideas and faces. Boric is a good boi, but he's not that well prepared for the upcoming challenges. A lot of old politicians are circling around like vultures offering their support in exchange of nothing.
  5. to be honest. The rumor comes from a nice Armenian lady I know, well immersed in Eastern European immigrant subculture. She was right when she said that Russian troops where in Armenia several days before the news broke. Things there are hot as well and Russia has been threatening Azerbaijan with invasion if they don't stop the BS. Now, she is a bit on the conspiracy theory side and she claims she had COVID in Summer 2019 when visiting her family. Antibodies are positive, she tells me, but that doesn't tell much at this stage.
  6. I've been told today that Russia is evacuating as many civilians as possible from the Donbas area and Ukraine and US are pissed about it. Shit may hit the fan soon there.
  7. One could list all Cersei's plans in AFFC and we couldn't get an agreement which one was the worst. Do you remember the convoluted plot to kill Jon Snow?
  8. @Luzifer's right hand WTF are those blackout rumors in your country? Is that an excuse to have a real lockdown?
  9. I think that with the energy crisis in Europe and elsewhere, it has became clear that the decarbonization will be slower and more painful than some optimistic projections. Regarding the quality of life, we need to remember that a big fraction of the world does not have yet access to an acceptable level of life quality and even in developed countries you still have people living in crowded conditions. So, there is still a lot of work to do at that front. Certainly you are right, that a lot of the privileged people are less than willing to make any sacrifices or extra expenses to reduce their climate footprint.
  10. Is America experiencing an unofficial general strike? https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/oct/13/american-workers-general-strike-robert-reich
  11. I will shot first Hacker steals government ID database for Argentina’s entire population
  12. I suppose it is time for a thread like this. Over almost two years we have dedicated our attention to a sole big problem: The COVID-19 pandemic This has obscured other problems that are becoming more evident as the pandemic lags on: Supply chains, inflation, energy crisis, climate change, chip shortages, geopolitical problems, internet. etc. The idea of this thread is post and discuss news of things that are causing trouble around the World for which there aren't obvious solutions.
  13. As many of you probably have read. The FT has reported that China tested an hypersonic vehicle that circled the Earth before hitting (actually missing) the target. The implications is that China tested some Fractional Orbit Bombardment system to make their nuclear arsenal more survivable. Here is the paywalled link. https://www.ft.com/content/ba0a3cde-719b-4040-93cb-a486e1f843fb Here is a good write-up about this event. Unfortunately only in Spanish. I haven't found any blog comparable to Daniel Marin's in the anglosphere. https://danielmarin.naukas.com/2021/10/19/el-extrano-caso-del-lanzamiento-espacial-chino-que-oficialmente-nunca-existio/ TL;DR: He believes that the FT report is inaccurate about what actually happened. Basically, there was no rocket launch on that date (it's hard to hide one) and it's probably they tested something different in a different launch.
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