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  1. One could list all Cersei's plans in AFFC and we couldn't get an agreement which one was the worst. Do you remember the convoluted plot to kill Jon Snow?
  2. @Luzifer's right hand WTF are those blackout rumors in your country? Is that an excuse to have a real lockdown?
  3. Vargo Hoat slobbery language question: When Jaime sets to rescue Brienne, there is a line I don't understand thee-mooth.... What the heck is that. I'm not a native speaker and I've pronouncing that sentences in all possible forms like an idiot and still cannot make sense of this. thee-mooth. thee-mooth. thee-mooth Please help!
  4. Of course. Surely there might be some nazi iron eagle on front of the Nuremberg rally. Dany is now Westeros Hitler. It is known.
  5. I fully agree. It would be very out of character to have Rattleshirt in his councils, even he spared his life. Who is Rattleshirt? he is not only scum, but a nobody scum. He is not highly regarded even among the Free Folk. There is another piece of evidence that more people knew about the switch. When we start ADWD we learn that Val tried to escape, attempted to kill his guardians and finally begged Stannis to spare Mance's life, even promising to wed a "kneeler". When Stannis burns "Mance", she stays besides him quietly and acts meekly afterwards, never attempting to escape again and she keeps faith overall. The implications are obvious. Val was in the known. She may have even told Tormund that Mance is alive, explaining his lack of surprise during the reading of the Pink Letter. Of course, Mel may have convinced Val and still keep the thing out of Stannis knowledge, but with so many people knowing stuff, things get dangerous. It is possible that Stannis approved and Mel did the dirty work, so "Mance" didn't know anything, which is actually implied in the scene.
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