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  1. Unless some ill befell Maegor and his family. We still need to explain Varys motivations during Aerys reign, but of course other possibilities exist. True. Thing is Brightflame starts to be mentioned at the same time that the Blackfyres which gives an structural argument that the former should play an important role too. But where are they? There is also Moqorro prophecy that Tyrion has met/going to meet six dragons. He has met three we know of. Jon, Aemon and Aegon. But who is the "bright" dragon? Tyrion has met Varys, so it's a possibility. Tyrion is likely going to meet Marwyn, so it's another. Some have suggested Daario too, maybe a grandson?, but I don't find him significant enough yet. Yeah, I don't think we need anything of that sort to explain Littlefinger
  2. rotting sea cow

    Is House Blackfyre really extinct on the male line?

    That's why I said it depends on political considerations. If the last Gardener king and his sons had been hit by a truck instead by dragonfire, any hypothetical daughter would have continued with the name. But Aegon the Conqueror was not about to allow that. You can think on similar scenarios for your examples, but I don't think that a female line can claim the name after a few generations. Which of course has implications for any Blackfyre conspiracy in the series. Again, Serra had the right age to be daughter of Maelys.
  3. rotting sea cow

    George's writing schedule.

    Interesting. Do you have a link? I've been re reading D&E after a long time and I love them. They are both simple and profound stories. I wondered why GRRM hasn't finished them because they are relatively short and don't have the complex plot of the main series. They are more straightforward. Think on the "she wolves of Wintwrfell". It should be almost done! I guess it has to do with details that affect the main series and our writer is still undecided about them.
  4. rotting sea cow

    Is House Blackfyre really extinct on the male line?

    That's not true House Targaryen lives trough the female line and any eventual son of Dany would bear that name If the tales about Bael are true, House Stark was dead in the male line Unless Jorah is restored, House Mormont continues through the female line. Asha will probably continue the Greyjoy name. Etc. It seems to me that the adoption of the mother name depends more on political considerations rather than some strict rules. I always liked that idea which would explain his influence over the GC, but didn't GRRM shut it down for good?
  5. He is Varys father, maybe Or Marwyn's.
  6. rotting sea cow

    Is House Blackfyre really extinct on the male line?

    Indeed. It's not only then. It's actually GRRM telling us that we should look at the female line. Not necessarily. The first captain general wa Bittersteel, not a Blackfyre. In fact, becoming captain general would be an extra burden for any claimant who should be more preoccupied with making political alliances that help him to gain the throne instead fighting against Myr or Volantis. Like a certain boy who goes by the name of young Griff?
  7. rotting sea cow

    By what right did Lysa/Robin judge Tyrion?

    None indeed. It is a case for the King to jugde. That's why Tywin had a casus belli on this issue.
  8. rotting sea cow

    Illyrio's Motives

    We also cannot rule out that Pentos as society hasn't evolved from an aristocratic one to a semi republic during that time frame. It seems that many of the Free Cities only keep the valyrian social structure more as a tradition, with the rich merchants holding the actual power.
  9. rotting sea cow

    Targaryen Illness

    Well thw shivers, greyscale and spring sickness may well having magical origins.
  10. rotting sea cow

    What will happen to Ser Tallad the Tall?

    No idea. And he is not the only one. We also have the Redwyne twins, Jalabhar Xho and maybe others who have been hanging since book one and hardly getting some characterization or speak on screen.
  11. rotting sea cow

    Need Help!!!

    Welcome to the forum 1.- Please make the title more descriptive. I really thought you were in some kind of emergency. 2.- There is a thread for small questions https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/153070-small-questions-v-10106/ 3.- I've no idea. Tyrion learns in ACOK that Theon took Winterfell and later that he "killed" Bran and Rickon. It is possible that the news started to spread. Otherwise, maybe Tyrion told her after their weeding or the Tyrells before that or Littlefinger after her escape.
  12. Jorah was the hero of the day during that time. Not only he wasvery distinguished during the Greyjoy Rebellion but also had a stellar performance at the Tourney of Lannisport, where even the World's Champion Jaime Lannister couldn't defeat him. He was knighted by Robert himself on front of everybody. The Hightowers on the other hand were supporters of Aerys. I wouldn't be surprised if they had to pay a hefty sum to the the crown as part of getting their pardon. Probably Jorah didn't ask for much a dowry and Jorah was a lord in his own from a old and noble house, with supposedly good contact to the new political powers in Westeros. I don't find the match unbelievable.
  13. rotting sea cow

    Lord Tywin Frequented Brothels (Theory)

    Indeed. Even one of the prostitutes (Marie?) working at Alayaya might be Tywin's bastard.
  14. rotting sea cow

    What are the most rare and valuable ASOIAF books?

    The Winds of Winter
  15. All of above, but it also might be that the Children as a culture are not easily willing to fight. Look at this quote I found recently. "Men would not be sad. Men would be wroth. Men would hate and swear a bloody vengeance. The singers sing sad songs, where men would fight and kill. " Bran III, ADWD.