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  1. Sadly I'm really busy so I won't be playing this time but I hope no one objects when I vote. 1) 3 Wylla? Ashara? Shame! 2) 2 Yeah right. Chivalrous Starfall Appointment? 3) 4 Treasuring your tiny darling? Men are traitors!
  2. I'd thought I'd remembered that the band were extras on the show. I figured it would have been at that Wall since they're from Iceland. Just googling them now I found out they were a band that Arya saw in season 6 in Braavos. It was an even more layered entry than I'd intended.
  3. I know, I was pretty proud of it. But I'm not sure how many of the players are familiar with Of Monsters and Men. I tried to give a hint with Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir as the bard but the only way anyone who didn't already know who they were could catch would be if they googled it. Also not sure how many people knew where the Wall scenes were filmed in the show.
  4. Brienne is a descendant of Dunk. I think the crackpot theory generator is broken.
  5. Giving us flexibility on the songwriter gives us more options but it also means we have to burn 1-3 letters letting the other players know which songwriter we're using. Personally I'd rather have the extra letters while you dictate the songwriter.
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