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  1. You haven't lost all of those who already signed up. I sent in an entry.
  2. I'm pretty sure that I'm in last place and I would love to abandon the last game. I'm up for a new game unless Castellan comes back to continue this one.
  3. The Quack and the Dead (a horror movie about a psychotic duck)
  4. I'd like to play a game of Acrophobia.
  5. The Bards (a horror movie about a troop of bards terrorizing a California town)
  6. Foodfellas (a movie about a culinary school)
  7. Raging Bell The true story of how Blue Oyster Cult's song Don't Fear the Reaper was made, here's a clip
  8. Pig Trouble in Little China (feral hogs attack china town)
  9. Bride and Prejudice (a novel about an interracial marriage in the Jim Crow south)
  10. Moonies (members of the Unification Church search for a pirate's treasure)
  11. Fuck Tales (a spinoff of Showtime's Red Shoe Diaries)
  12. A Fist Full Of Collars (the story of Dany's conquest of Meereen)
  13. The Green Mime (Michael Clarke Duncan plays a mime on death row)
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