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  1. Howlin' Howland

    Acrophobia 33 New experiences! Round 1

    I'm in.
  2. Howlin' Howland

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: FINAL: SWMBO WINS!!!

    Well done SWMBO
  3. Howlin' Howland

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: FINAL: SWMBO WINS!!!

    1) 1. Career Change? Hiring inside. Lordling yearns underling/attendant 2) 2. Chaos creeps. Hell's incoming. Look! Your underlings's amercement. 3) 5. ***CENTRAL CITY HIGHLIGHTS*** INSIDIOUS LITTLEFINGER YIELDS! UNDENIABLE ALLEGATIONS!
  4. Howlin' Howland

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: FINAL: SWMBO WINS!!!

    1) 2. Task: bravely trounce outlaws. Arthur's swordsman - You? 2) 4. Teaching begins: trainer of amazing swordplay - yield! 3) 5. Torentine Bluegills- Today Only! Artie's Seafood Yummies.
  5. Howlin' Howland

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: FINAL: SWMBO WINS!!!

    1) 6. My illtracy cunteracts job task, classeks 2) 1. Major Inflammatory Constipation? Just Try Chetts! 3) 5. Men Incorporated: Come join this crusade!
  6. Howlin' Howland

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: FINAL: SWMBO WINS!!!

    1) 3. Humble manservant wants position - Lasting loyalty, tight-lipped, adaptable. 2) 5. Humungous manhood! Will please lonely ladies! Totes affordable! 3) 1. Heed my words, people: live life to addendum. 
  7. The fifth season was supposed to cover the events from Feast and Dance, I don't remember any TWOW spoilers from that season. I'd recommend that you watch season 5 and decide whether to watch 6-8 after you've seen 5. Two things you'll probably notice if you watch season 5: First, while the first four seasons follow the books fairly closely the fifth season diverges radically from the books; Second, the quality of the writing drops off dramatically between the fourth and fifth season (the acting, special effects, and action sequences are still very good but the writing is sometimes horrible). After you watch season 5 I think you won't be too worried about TWOW spoilers in seasons 6-8 but you also might be a lot less interested in watching those seasons after you see the drop in the quality of the show.
  8. Howlin' Howland

    Acrophobia 31 The End

    It's not Howard it's Howland.
  9. Howlin' Howland

    Acrophobia 31 The End

    I seem to live in second place. Well done Gabe it was a fun game.
  10. Howlin' Howland

    Acrophobia 31 The End

    1) 6. Stranger awaits “priest”, granting – ultimately – Elysium. 2) 5. Seeking anonymous penance, gravely underestimates enemies. 3) 4. Begins walkies northward, rescues Gated songbird. 4) 3. Saves another princess, gets unwanted elevation.
  11. Howlin' Howland

    Things you found oddly amusing

    When Arya tells Elmar Frey "I hope your princess dies." I missed it the first time I read the books but laughed out loud when I realized who the princess was on my second read.
  12. Howlin' Howland

    Acrophobia 31 The End

    1) 2. Brain preservation duty obstructs play: finding sticks, nosing, going digging. 2) 3. Bipedal patron's demise opens possibility for some nasty, gory deaths. 3) 8. Guardian guts Marsh, silently crying: “Jon’s killed???!!!” Blissfully, discovers vitality. 4) 7. By-passing death: obvious purpose for Snow's noble Ghost 'dog'.
  13. Bran had a vision of the sea rising over the walls of Winterfell and drowning several men. That vision was a metaphor for the Ironborn climbing the walls of Winterfell and killing those men. Melisandre has a vision: "Then the towers by the sea, crumbling as the dark tide came sweeping over them, rising from the depths. " Stannis asks her if it was Eastwatch, she thought the tower in her vision was different. A rising tide in a vision has already been used to represent the Ironborn, and the High Tower and House Hightower are both located in Old Town, and the Ironborn are attacking ships near Old Town. From that it's not unreasonable to suspect that the Ironborn will either raid Old Town or kill some important Hightowers.
  14. Howlin' Howland

    Word Association Game Vol. VI

  15. Howlin' Howland

    Lady Stoneheart-looking ahead.

    The last time Cat had Jaime as a prisoner she was prepared to exchange him for her family members even after learning that he had thrown Bran out the window. As far as LSH knows she only has two remaining living family members and one of them, Edmure, is a prisoner at Casterly Rock. If Cat's still more human than vengeance zombie I think there's a very good chance she'd be interested in trading Jaime for her brother and his pregnant wife.