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  1. Howland, thank you so much for resuscitating the game with such aplomb Castellan, a well deserved victory. You delivered the most consistently excellent entries Given how rusty we were I think the standard was high, so thanks and well done to all you wonderful acrophobes
  2. All are excellent and should attain votes. I will stick with my choices.
  3. Well played Castellan I left it too late to complete my signature comeback from the brink. These are all excellent. Nevertheless: 1st) 5 2nd) 4 3rd) 3
  4. Yeah I'm struggling with the choice in this one too.
  5. Thus, the dungeon of debauchery shall be mine at long last
  6. 1st) 3 2nd) 5 3rd) 2 This was a difficult choice. I could have chosen any except my own.
  7. How long before the deadline would you prefer to be nudged? 2 days(ish)?
  8. You will submit, even if I have to chase you across that vermin-infested hellhole I usually engage you in on Howland's behalf.
  9. I can testify to having preferred the idea of a nice comfortable 2-0 victory. Respect of course to Liverpool for creating a title race. Hope Klopp and Pep continue and maintain these crazy standards.
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