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  1. 1st) 1 2nd) 3 3rd) 5 All three rounds have been very high quality so far.
  2. Speaking as someone who would have been in agreement with you before debating on this forum, I can absolutely see both sides of the argument. I'm not saying your perspective is wrong, I am however saying that those on the other side can absolutely display a valid interpretation of words and actions between Sandor and Sansa that supports their position.
  3. If he'd actually tried to rape her we wouldn't be referring to a failed attempt. I'm not getting drawn into this. Sansa fans with far greater depth of knowledge of her story nuances than either you or I have pointed out how their story can be considered romantic. Are they likely to end happily ever after? Hell no! But this ain't that kind of story. No, all musicians are just characters trying to survive in their own way. If you honestly think GRRM is making some kind of statement about musicians, I have no smarter way to respond than to say that such a position is ludicrous!
  4. 1. Sandor and Sansa seem to actually have feelings for one another according to the text. You seem to prefer coupling characters that haven't been remotely hinted at in the text. By all means write yourself some fan fiction if that's what you want but it will only ever be fan fiction. 2. Sandor is complex. He has done terrible things in service to causes and people which appears to have made him cynical and depressed. One might see him as a lost soul trying to find a better path. Littlefinger by contrast is a sociopath. You're really taking offense to the portrayal of musicians? Really? The author names his series by a song, fills it with songs because he's always wanted to be officially referred to as a songwriter... And you take offense to the fact he hasn't treated musician characters like they're special or different from the rest of the characters in his world?
  5. A nice riff on the raven messages concept.
  6. River by Joni Mitchell? Fairytale Of New York by The Pogues And Kirsty MacColl? Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis by Tom Waits? Thankful Heart (feat. Michael Caine) or It Feels Like Christmas by The Muppets?
  7. I will have a think. If only Winds would arrive we'd have loads more material to create theme ideas from. Maybe I could find something from outside the box, something a little radical. We shall see!
  8. Crikey! Rhaenys, you played the game brilliantly , I'm just lucky our dear host ran out of steam at this point. A draw would have been a fitting end. H'H, great final round entry. A standout in a strong round And of course thanks to Castellan , hosting is getting harder I think as activity in this place has waned and your hosting is great as ever. I feel closer to being back in a place where I'd be happy to host again, so I'm willing to put myself forward to host in the new year. And to all partakers and voters
  9. Excellent round, this. Great entries! My first place is decided but the rest needs further consideration.
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