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  1. Excellent game, I think a collective pat on the back is warranted. Everyone contributed great entries. Congratulations to AssHat, you consistently come up with interesting perspectives. Many thanks to Fragile Bird for the game. Hosting isn't easy. There are times when I'd love to know the reasoning behind choices but that's the nature of the game.
  2. You did I thank you for that, ye of fine taste
  3. Let me answer this question you didn't ask No
  4. I wish... but thank you Life is life, don't worry about it
  5. No, it is Sunday 18th of August 2025 The question is, will there be a book to read by then?
  6. hahaha Hello, a hand awaits heralding answers Or Hello, have heart! An answer awaits, hearken heedfully: are all here agreeable? Against?
  7. 1) 5 - I relate to this too much 2) 6 3) 4 @L'oiseau fran├žais The idea that came into my head was that you could give us acronyms as normal but we can reuse each letter to alliterate as much as we like before moving onto the next letter. Then we have the choice to make it as long or as short as we like (plus alliteration is fun!). Just a thought anyway.
  8. I keep forgetting this law. You must continue to remind us.
  9. You're in charge, nobody can tell you how to run it. I don't know if I came up with the 5pt bonus concept. I don't recall who did. Being honest, I prefer to use it when I think the standard is so uniformly high that some good ones don't get enough love. And continuing the honesty I thought all the entries were very uninspired for Stannis These new ones are a massive improvement though. A genuinely great round.
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