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  1. I have an idea for an Acrophobia game. Character autobiography titles: if X wrote an autobiography, what would X call it? Alternatively, what do you think would make a great title for X's autobiography? I'll give 2 or maybe even 3 acronym options to choose from. Sorry for clogging this thread, I'll shift this discussion to the Acrophobia thread. But if anyone playing this game fancies a crack at Acrophobia, you're all more than welcome to join us when I get it running.
  2. If you want to host an Acrophilia game by all means go for it. I still have too many scars from my last hosting. I am more than happy to host Acrophobia though, unless you already have a topic in mind. I think it'd be best to do a brand new game and just keep hoping Castellan's problem is temporary (I am very much concerned now though).
  3. 1st) Vanessa Redgrave 2nd) Helen Mirren 3rd) Judi Dench
  4. An honest response to this: I found that round difficult to choose and I could see most of the nominations working in some way so it came down to very little things when voting. I love Black Sails and he is great in that role. He is very intense though and I wasn't personally sure he could pull off the eccentricity of book-Daario. I kinda felt he would be a more intense and physical version of Ed Skrein's Daario. I could be wrong but that was my reasoning. I plumped for Hardy in 3rd just because I felt he could pull off more of book-Daario's personality. Yeah @honeyed chicken might be worth rechecking the scores as Vincent Cassel had a second 2nd place vote not included. All I'll add on the previous round is this: I realise Vincent Cassel is in his 50s now but as soon as I thought of him I couldn't imagine anyone else pulling off every facet of Daario's character anywhere near so well as he could. He can commit wholly to anything and everything.
  5. 1st) Travis Fimmel 2nd) Ben Barnes 3rd) Tom Hardy
  6. Dolorous Gabe

    Johnnie Walker Readies Game of Thrones Whisky

    It's a pretty gimmicky marketing ploy. Diageo are anathema to many whisky enthusiasts because they mostly tend to adhere strictly to chill filtration, which can seem to diminish the body and mouthfeel of the whisky. I'm not sure taste is affected but I do often feel chill filtered whiskies lack body and/or mouthfeel; it's like you lose something in that middle point after the first taste and before the aftertaste. That said, I may try them (apart from the JW blend) depending on the price. I do love a Lagavulin 16, a Clynelish 14, or a Talisker 10 but these GoT releases are likely to consist predominantly of much younger whisky.
  7. I don't think there's anything wrong with choosing someone we think would be closer to the book character. That is what I've been trying to do. The show's recasting of Daario reveals just how different a casting choice can be. It would be boring if we just tried to think of like-for-like nominations. 1st: Lily Allen 2nd: Natalie Dormer 3rd: Rebecca Hall Don't really see any of these working that well though to be honest. I've thought of another option just now. Even though I personally think mine was the best nomination of the bunch, if I could pick again I'd go for Josefin Asplund.
  8. Yeah I've been thinking this one through. I've been choosing my own actors as if in the shoes of 'the showrunners that will not be named' ten years ago but when looking through the nominations I've been trying to imagine them in the role at the right age for it.
  9. My dear Lady of Tarth, late is the hour to deliver my points that will not count yet I treasure the revelation of your stated preference.
  10. 1st: Graham McTavish 2nd: Mark Strong 3rd: Jonathan Banks
  11. Dolorous Gabe

    New Elimination Game, #2: Best TV Show with a Female Lead

    Guess I better find a way to watch Sharp Objects. Still, out of my love for Orphan Black I will make a small contribution to its cause. Heal Orphan Black Hurt Sharp Objects
  12. 1. Catherine McCormack 2. Rebecca Mader 3. Keri Russell Well done on the entry drive.
  13. HC, if not all the acrophobiacs are interested I'm sure you can advertise this game to other forum gamers. It is very different after all and might appeal to a wider range of forummers.
  14. BoJack Horseman S5 I think that although it's perhaps less immediately impressive than S4, its core exploration of the question of art and life imitating one-another is extremely strong and was very powerfully correlated to modern real world life. The opening scene on the Philbert set sets this chain off extremely cleverly. There's a very dark irony that runs through this whole season and the ending is perfect. I thought INT. SUB was the standout episode. I loved its framing device and I love how the series often has you in stitches and then hits you with profound character observations and developments. The Diane-centric episode was especially brilliant too, The Dog Days Are Over. I admire the daring episode concept behind Free Churro but I felt the interesting elements of it were arguably too few to stand a whole episode. But honestly, I can hardly express in words that do justice to how much I love this show. I can't imagine that there's a more thought-provoking series being made.