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  1. Well hello there I hope Castellan is okay. I will make an attempt at playing whilst I act like a hermit in preparation for my hernia operation in December.
  2. If Pep had gone to United or Chelsea instead of City he'd had have won just as many trophies for those clubs. Football hasn't been played on anything resembling a fair playing field in multiple decades.
  3. Only Pep is responsible for this and that ends as soon as he leaves in 2025. It'll be wide open after that.
  4. It's simply an observation that Arsenal dealt better with losing Jesus, Tierney and Partey for a part of the season than City did losing Dias, Stones and Walker for part of the season. That is evident by Arsenal continuously being on top. There was a sense that opponents could smell blood when our back line had Akanji and Ake at centre back and Rico Lewis involved. I'm not criticising them, they did well when needed. But it would be foolish to deny that you'd rather attack those three than Dias, Stones and Walker. All I'm trying to say is that it seems premature for people on here to be dismissing Arsenal now given how well they've dealt with injuries throughout this season. They've risen to every challenge.
  5. Jeez, you completely misread the intent of my comment. It was meant to compliment Arsenal on handling their injuries better.
  6. I give Arsenal more chance than you guys do. They've handled some big injuries throughout the season and although the West Ham comeback was alarming, I think the Liverpool comeback is little to be concerned about. It was Anfield and a big game. The fact you went two goals up shows what a good side you have even accounting for Liverpool's difficulties this season. It's City that didn't handle injuries well. It's no coincidence that we are looking stronger now that Dias and Stones are fit. Stones has been consistently amazing for years now but he doesn't get enough credit because he spends so much time injured. Pep will need them both IMO and history suggests if they play every game as fixtures build up at least one of them will pick up another injury. For this reason I suspect either of them could be rested at times. I see more twists and turns yet to come.
  7. To be honest I just haven't signed in since the last game ended. Although I can add to the list of medical situations some of us seem to have been having. I have a hernia and a heart condition, so that's fun! Two bad episodes of SVT (which I'm aware sounds like I'm talking about some kind of Law & Order spinoff TV series) a couple months ago, during which I had a heart rate consistently around 220bpm for about 4-5 hours each time. They had to forcibly slow it down with a fun drug called adenosine, which they have to warn you could cause a momentary "sense of impending doom"
  8. Hello Acrophobes Looks like a super game you're having here. Hope you're all well.
  9. Thank you, this was wonderful A comment on the video made me laugh out loud: "the night is dark and full of terr... ible writing" "the episode is dark and full or errors" is also hilarious
  10. "it was hopeless" is not an excuse for the moronic suicide charge. If there were no flanks, please do let me know where Jon and Dany were watching from! For there to be no flanks the undead would have to be charging from every direction, not just the north. Coming into the wight army from the east and the west would be coming into the battle from the flanks. Then at least you've got the Unsullied and the Dothraki fighting them together and they can retreat into WF if/when necessary.
  11. Well obviously. But the timing of the charge and the choice of what they charge at is what's important. Why sacrifice the entire horde on a kamikaze charge when you could have the Dothraki charge into the flanks of the undead as they attack the Unsullied? At least they're in the vicinity of the castle so can more easily retreat when that becomes the sensible move. I don't think anyone with any sense sends off a cavalry charge without a plan to support the attack, undead or otherwise. At the very least it has to be a decoy for something.
  12. We can agree there on the bolded. That's why I think it would have made sense for Jon to suggest such a tactic (since he has already seen it work in battle) in that scene had they properly written it. A failed plan that was at least a decent idea would not have been seen as moronic. The Dothraki charge was never close to a decent idea.
  13. We've already seen the value of trapping the opposition forces in the BotB, so it would have made complete sense for Jon to suggest letting the Unsullied do their thing first to halt the Undead charge and then having the Dothraki attack from each side of the undead forces. Would that have succeeded? Probably not. Would it have been smarter than what they did? Without a shadow of a doubt. The charge idea they went with was moronic however many bad alternatives you offer.
  14. Someone remembered how to write half decent dialogue! Probably because it wasn't being used to tell the story due to the fact that there was none being told. The show has used dialogue too often to cheaply tell the story and for exposition when these should mostly be told visually. The dialogue in this episode felt much more organic, less forced. Still a myriad issues but the dialogue was such a pleasant surprise that I feel quite positive about it. 7/10 My best rating in a very long time
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