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  1. Ah okay, that's interesting. I wonder what the thing in my head is from then
  2. Didn't someone named Patrick basically win a competition to be put into the story specifically to die horrifically? Or am I getting mixed up with something else? Also, oh crap, deadline. I've done nothing on this.
  3. It was a tricky assignment. I agree the quality is impressive.
  4. 1st) 4 2nd) 6 3rd) 2 Tough choices here. Excellent stuff from all.
  5. Thank you Castellan I may need some nudges occasionally as I'm not in a routine of visiting this place. I'll get onto this assignment today
  6. You're unreliable Although you did beat me to this tagging session I'm an unwilling moth to an unignorable (not a word, DG!) flame Hello acrophobes and acrophiles I haven't been following developments. Is TWOW on the way yet? (Dare I ask)
  7. Okay, now tag a bunch of past players and those who already expressed interest. It's been a while since the last acro games so they won't be logging in very often. Ask if they are interested in playing the game under those rules. @Dolorous Gabe for example
  8. Also, you literally just copied and pasted Julia's rules. You didn't modify it for this game so still nobody knows how this game is going to work.
  9. 5 hours you gave it after copying and pasting Julia's set of rules. I bet nobody who was interested in playing even looked at this in those 5 hours. If you want to get people's attention, you have to tag them. Even then many won't see it for a few days. I never said I'd sign up. I'm not interested in playing at the moment, I was only trying to help you out.
  10. You're being vague. Are you compiling the rounds or are you trying to do that version where every player hosts a round? Some have suggested they'd like to play but don't want to host a round. Ask potential players if they are willing to host a round. If you only get 3 positive responses then that idea for the game probably isn't going to work, so then you have to decide whether or not you actually want to host a full game and provide all the rounds. Or, let's say you get 4 players willing to host a round and 4 others who want to play but not host a round. You could have two separate competitions in the same game, one between the hosts and one between the players. It's a bit messy but I think that's probably the only way that version will work because I don't think you'll get enough people willing to create a round. But the point is, you haven't checked with prospective players if they're willing to create and host a round. You need to tell them what they're getting themselves into. You can't just force them to sign up and then force them to create a round for the game. You created the thread, so take some responsibility.
  11. We didn't have sign-up threads. People need to know how it's going to work before signing up. It's nice that you have taken it upon yourself to assume responsibility for the next game but you must foster trust in prospective players. You need to show that you know what you're doing even if you're winging it. As of now, you continue to be off-putting to people. Nobody wants to play when the host cannot even explain how the game will work and acts like everyone else is being ridiculous just for asking for some clarity on how the game will work. Sort your stroppy attitude out or the game won't happen.
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