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  1. Future Null Infinity

    One last big twist in Season 8?

    Based on those 3 questions : Will the NK need sacrifices to get killed? Why the show told us that Daenerys can't get pregnant? Why the show didn't solve the 'younger, more beautiful queen'? it might be that the one last big twist can be the death of Daenerys and Jon and Sansa the YMBQ
  2. Future Null Infinity

    Season 8 Predictions?

    The only survivors will be Tyrion and Sam, Gilly and their baby
  3. Future Null Infinity

    Night King appreciation thread

    Best scene in whole episode was the fall of the wall The NK is Azor Ahai
  4. It is the biggest and strangest plot hole in the show for me : Jon who served in the night's watch, knows everything about the WW and the function of the wall and why it was built, suddenly after seeing the NK and the WW he pursuaded himself that the they are going to attack Westeros very soon (I don't remember him stealing the NK's plans) and stopped having faith in the wall that protected Westeros for 8000 years! and started building armies to fight them
  5. Future Null Infinity

    Discussing Sansa XXXII: Game of Faces

    Until now I was sure that Daenerys is the YMBQ at 100% but after thinking about why the show didn't resolve that mystery this season I remembered the armistice between Cersei and Daenerys so Cersei will stay as the queen and Daenerys is going into the war for the dawn and may never return which make the prophecy predictions return back to the start point : the YMBQ is either Daenerys or Sansa (Marg is dead)
  6. Future Null Infinity

    Episode Title: The Dragon and the Wolf

    The episode is written by GRRM himself https://i.redd.it/evfyyuzufehz.png
  7. It is clear for me that the NK was fully prepared from the beginning (he even brought some spears to hunt the dragons), I think it was a trap : the hound got a vision from R'hllor telling him where to go, got encircled by the NK army to force the dragons to come, the dragon came and one get killed and tranformed. Mission accomplished, R'hllor and NK are on some shady business and I think that the NK is a soldier of R'hllor like the red priests. The twist is we believe that R'hllor and NK are enemies but they are not and the red priests have a hidden goal.
  8. Future Null Infinity

    Discussing Sansa XXXI: The plot thickens...

    Ok, my advice : stay away of youtube please until sunday, people already uplodad scenes from the episode there
  9. Future Null Infinity

    Discussing Sansa XXXI: The plot thickens...

    See your message box
  10. Future Null Infinity

    Discussing Sansa XXXI: The plot thickens...

    Youtube streaming but they cut the transmission (surely youtube police)
  11. Future Null Infinity

    Discussing Sansa XXXI: The plot thickens...

    I'm watching it right now
  12. Future Null Infinity

    Discussing Sansa XXXI: The plot thickens...

    I deleted my comment I was telling you that HBO spain aired episode 6 by mistake 3 hours ago to your message "?"
  13. Future Null Infinity

    Drogon and Jon confirms Tyrion's a Targ bastard?

    For me, touching a dragon was never an indication that the person is a Targ When I see Tyrion or Jon riding a dragon then I will call them Targs