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  1. This is considerably more complex and nuanced than the source material, where every Green character is a cackling villain.
  2. The Twins are 600 years old, they absolutely existed during the Dance.
  3. That would be absolutely glacial pacing.
  4. The scene where Daemon immediately kneels to Rhaenyra at her impromptu coronation amused me since Matt Smith's Prince Philip in The Crown has an episode-length snit about being asked to do this.
  5. Why? Everybody there has already made up their minds.
  6. That's very in keeping with the themes of ASOIAF, where showing mercy to your enemies always leads to the recipients doing horrible things to you later.
  7. Why would any investors care about that? The Game of Thrones brand is strong. All a show needs is to be connected to that, it's thoroughly irrelevant whether the links to the ASOIAF narrative made it into the first show or not.
  8. Vaemond was trying to override Corlys' wishes when the man was on his deathbed; I'm not sure how sentimental Corlys will be about him once he recovers.
  9. He killed them so that Otto could be Hand again. That was pretty explicitly stated in the show.
  10. What you’re describing is them outright abducting Daemon’s children. Viserys would never agree to betrothals under those circumstances, nor do I imagine would the girls themselves.
  11. Even if they thought Daemon murdered him (evidently they didn’t), they can’t betroth the girls to Aemond and Daeron because they are Daemon’s children and live with Daemon.
  12. In the books it was, in the show it isn't. Nobody in the scene acts as if Rhaenyra has just demanded that he be tortured.
  13. Rhaenyra didn't ask for that in the show. Being questioned "sharply" is implicitly what Viserys did afterward, by speaking strictly; nobody reacts like she was asking for him to be tortured.
  14. A dragon went looking for its master. That's far from establishing it as a universal constant.
  15. It's designed to mislead the audience. Did you not see Laenor getting into the boat at the end?
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