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  1. Jaehaerys Tyrell

    The future Lord of the Crossing

    Personally I think the Freys will end the series in a fairly powerful position; Perwyn or Olyvar ruling as the Lord of Rosby and Amerei ruling as the Lady of Darry. They’ll probably take the Rosby and Darry names though, and I currently have no strong opinions about the fate of the Twins.
  2. Jaehaerys Tyrell

    What if Balon was smart?

    It’s not out of the question, historically a Hoare wed a Lannister, so the Greyjoys should be able to negotiate a marriage with a Great House if they had the willpower, but I just don’t think they’re interested. Balon in particular was too obsessed with paying the Iron Price and neglected the values of diplomacy, marriage and trade.
  3. Jaehaerys Tyrell

    In defense of Lady Lysa Arryn

    I don’t think it was right to poison Jon Arryn, but I have a lot of sympathy for Lysa; she was given a really shitty hand in life (for a noble) and for that I blame Hoster Tully. I don’t think Lysa was a bad person, but I don’t think it was right to poison Jon either.
  4. Jaehaerys Tyrell

    Daenerys & Poison

    I quite like the idea of the treason for gold being a betrayal from Tyrion, but he hasn’t even met her yet and it doesn’t seem to fit into the timeline very well. The treason for gold could refer to the Golden Company in some way. I am expecting a betrayal from Daario though, he seemed dangerously bitter at Daenerys’s marriage to Hizdahr.
  5. Jaehaerys Tyrell

    Daenerys & Poison

    With two books left to go I doubt we’ve seen more than one treason, mayhaps two. Surely the last will be very close to the end and will significantly alter Daenerys’s fate.
  6. Jaehaerys Tyrell

    The Order of the Green Hand

    Does the text ever say he’s even unattractive? Targaryens are said to have an almost inhuman beauty, so even with albinism, a huge birth mark and a gaunt figure, I see no reason that Bloodraven couldn’t still be considered to have a certain beauty. In the text we see that Tysha was attracted to Tyrion, who was likely far less attractive than her.
  7. Jaehaerys Tyrell

    Another Dance of the dragons?

    I agree, it would do Stannis no good to be telling the Northern lords he’s the Prince that was Promised because they’d think he was a madman. Portraying himself as the rightful heir to the Iron Throne and working to vanquish the Ironborn from the Northern shores and restore the Starks to Winterfell/avenge the Red Wedding is the best strategy for winning the support of the Northern lords.
  8. Jaehaerys Tyrell

    Wow, I never noticed that v.16

    We do get an explanation of the meaning of the screaming hinge in Aeron’s WoW sample chapter...
  9. Jaehaerys Tyrell

    Dancing With Dragons

    @Megorova you’re making so many false conclusions here, I’m surprised you can’t see it. Do you realise how contrived it is to chuck Rhaella into Daenerys’s ancestry “because she’s female”? And how on earth do you link the son of Drogo to the egg next to his head and not the egg between his legs? You’re not deriving your conclusions from the text, you’re misinterpreting the text to fit your own conclusions. I’m certainly not claiming to know who will ride which dragon etc., but your over-confidence in your own theory is certainly unearned.
  10. Jaehaerys Tyrell

    Dancing With Dragons

    I agree with your comment but your logic doesn’t really work here. Jon is Rhaegar’s third child, but Lyanna’s first/only. I don’t prescribe to A+J=T but Tyrion would be Aerys’s second child and Joanna’s third, making Daenerys Aerys’s fourth child and Rhaella’s third. All third born of one parent, but Jon would be thirdborn only through his father and Tyrion and Daenerys only through their mothers, which doesn’t really seem to fit with a poetic “third child” theme. Or maybe I’m being too subjective here.
  11. Jaehaerys Tyrell

    A clue from GRRM. Could Littlefinger know about fAegon?

    I think it’s part of a broader foreshadowing that a number of houses may rise for Daenerys or Aegon. We also get Lord Rowan looking “fit to gag” when Tywin mentions Rhaegar’s dead children. Which could bode very interestingly being that Lord Rowan is leading the Tyrell forces to battle Aegon at Storm’s End. I think I smell a defection coming.
  12. Jaehaerys Tyrell

    A clue from GRRM. Could Littlefinger know about fAegon?

    Didn’t Petyr give the tapestries to Nestor Royce, who’s an ally of his, not his rival, Yohn Royce? I’m a big fan of Gatehouse Ami too, but if you’re suggesting her nickname is related to her claim to Darry I don’t really see it. The line of succession to Darry as of the first book was something like Raymun > Lyman > Mariya > Little Walder > Amerei. Little Walder was the legitimate Darry heir right up until his murder towards the end of ADWD.
  13. Jaehaerys Tyrell

    The young wolf of house stark.

    When is that ever mentioned in the text as defining rape? If this is what you meant by rape then why only state this now? Literally no sane person regards that as a definition of rape. The fact you don’t even remember the name of a major POV character tells me all I need to know. I find it frankly disturbing how so many members on this forum throw around rape as if it isn’t something horrific that happens to huge numbers of real people. Why would Robb rape Jeyne because he was angry that his brothers have been killed? That is just a horrifying and despicable thing to do, and is completely against Robb’s character. Do you believe he is portrayed as a sick rapist who would force himself upon a girl because somebody totally unconnected murdered his brothers? Do you believe he would then compound this by forcing his rape victim to marry him? Do you take him for Ramsay Bolton? I implore you to think thrice before so casually throwing around x raped y theories, and to reflect upon where this twisted logic of yours come from. It isn’t normal.
  14. Jaehaerys Tyrell

    Of all the Targaryen names...

    I think it’s likely a show-only decision as Aegon is an established Targaryen name and there hasn’t been a character called Aegon appear in the show. It could also be a hint that his arc is somewhat combined with Book Aegon? But I’m not sure how likely this is. Personally I think Jon being called Aemon is the biggest possibility. Those who think he would’ve been a Viserys because Rhaegar was going for a Rhaenys/Aegon/Visenya vibe with his children fail to remember that Visenya was the elder sister, not Rhaenys. Additionally, we see numerous examples of Aegons having Aemon younger brothers; the first two sons of King Jaehaerys I and Queen Alysanne; the first two sons of King Viserys I and Queen Alicent; the two sons of King Viserys II and Lady Larra; the third and fourth sons of King Maekar I and Lady Dyanna. I certainly think this is hinting something, and would make Jon’s thought of, “I’m not Aemon Targaryen” deliciously ironic.
  15. Jaehaerys Tyrell

    All that is gold does not glitter

    I considered this but it just doesn’t seem fitting with Jon’s character. He’s said to be proud like many Arryns, and it would be a huge decision to have the ancient Arryn line pass to a bastard that I just don’t think he’d take. There is Harry the Heir and many Arryn cousins. Even if he was the last Arryn I’m sure he’d rather the Eyrie go to something like House Royce rather than a Baelish bastard.