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  1. Just scrolling through the wiki and noticed Boros Blount is described as bandy legged. Bandy legged means bow legged, which is also known as Blount's disease.
  2. I don’t think it’s uncommon for families to hang around court, and I never got the impression the Stokeworths were particularly egregious in doing so. Do we know for sure they actually lived at court and had done so for much more than the short time frame of the books? In regards to them being allowed to - I think it might be connected to laws of hospitality. Cersei mentions Robert’s Estermont cousins staying at court for half a year after their marriage and him “repaying the visit,” suggesting to me a sort of lighthearted acknowledgement of them taking advantage of polite hospitality. Additionally, the Stokeworths don’t strike me as particularly cheeky guests. Lady Tanda is said to host feasts, both for prospective husbands for Lollys and just for social purposes. I assume she is paying for these feasts and isn’t just at the Red Keep picking through the larders. As mentioned already, nor are they particularly minor locally - the Stokeworth and Rosby lands are vital for the supply of King’s Landing. Another thought I just had - we know some individuals have manses in King’s Landing and it could also be possible, although I can’t recall an example of it happening, for a noble family to lease out rooms in the Red Keep.
  3. Living at court is more exciting and gives you more opportunities for the advancement of your house. The prominence of the Stokeworths at court may be influenced by them being so close if anything, as it doesn't present much issue in continuing to administer their nearby lands. Lady Tanda was also trying to find a husband for Lady Lollys, so was likely also at court especially frequently to find a match for her.
  4. How did Rickard and Brandon Stark's bodies come to be interred in the crypts of Winterfell? I can't imagine Aerys II returning them nor bothering to give them graves.
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