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  1. People seem to be under the impression Rhaegar killed her. Perhaps Ned didn’t tell people he found her alive but just said, “she’s dead” and people took it to mean she’d been killed by Rhaegar or on his orders.
  2. Not to mention Addam Velaryon may have been as little as 1.6% Targaryen, assuming Corlys was his father.
  3. I think it was about halfway through AGOT that I realised Eddard and Ned were the same person haha
  4. Yeah I don’t think Baelor needed poisoning, he probably starved himself just fine. Murdering Viserys II isn’t an idea I’ve seriously considered before, but it could certainly fit with Aegon IV’s character and motivations. I wonder if he had anything to do with his mother once she’d returned to Lys?
  5. Victarion Greyjoy Many Valyrian names The surnames Penrose/Blackwood/Dayne Gorys Edoryen
  6. I suppose I always wondered why someone would call their child Shitmouth
  7. The Red Mountains of Dorne is a fairly easy choice for me. Ideally as a rich and powerful lord.
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