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  1. I guess I should be happy about the Pats landing Mac Jones at #15; some boards had him as the #3 QB and/or SF taking him. So I should feel good, right? The Pats get a system QB who has experience with systems like Belichick's, and with a QB guru like McDaniels to boot? That's good, right? S...sure... but who is he throwing to? What can he do with the "talent" the Pats have around him? Nelson Agholor is the best pass-catcher on the team behind only James White, a RB. After that? Gunner Olszewski? Jakobi Meyers? Are we still pretending N'Keal Harry will be something? Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry will be prime targets, but Henry was 12th in yards and had a whopping 4 TDs in 2020; Smith had 8 Td which is legitimately great, but 456 yards (20th) and he played a full 16 games. Like... okay... I ... I guess... And Agholor is REALLY underwhelming - and has more than a drop or two in his career. Then again... Jones doesn't need to do it all right now; he can learn the system, get comfortable with people and wait for the Pats to, one day, draft a blue-chip WR ... something they have not done since Irvin Fryer. I'm not kidding. Regardless, it seems like a good pick that the Pats cannot regret taking atm.
  2. She kept a Valaryian Steel dagger for herself. I believe it was the one Baelish had.
  3. Because the show is all about fan service now. JUST THIRTY MINUTES EARLIER The Night King could sense Jon Snow coming up from half a football field away. Suddenly, he can't sense Arya until she's on him? And none of the other supernatural creatures could either? The show wanted a big applause moment for the end of the battle; Arya is almost universally one of the most darling characters in the show. That's why they did it.
  4. And the kid who played young Hodor deserves an Emmy. And I'm not really joking.
  5. The direwolves are selfless; Summer WOULD DIE for Bran. That's why we like the Stark Direwolves but are unimpressed with Lannister Lions.
  6. I am one of the biggest critics of this show- I ream it mercilessly when it is warranted. That was amazing in every sense of the word; breathtakeing and heartbreaking. Best episode in 2 years.
  7. Rockroi

    [Spoilers] EP602

    So a few people reposted my comments about the episode so thanks; awfully kind of you and I am glad you enjoyed my tongue-and-cheek (and salty) rendition of the episode. But others brought perfectly fair criticisms and observations (which I hope to address) while others gave the knee-jerk reactions we have all come to love and expect here on the boards (they include “If-you-don’t-like-iyt-why-do-you-watch?” and “stop being such a book-purist." But I like the discussion so lets work with what people said: Attitude: Well, lets assume he does the EXACT same thing with Jo; I'll hate it there too. And I never warmed to the Cat stark part BUt at the very least they were more gradual there and that story made a little more sense given the confluence of events that had to happen (including Nymeria). But I never liked Lady Stoneheart so its a complaint both ways. In this regard, I am not singling out the show as much as complaining on the general misuse of the "dead/not-dead" trope. In fact, when I wrote a review on these Boards of DoD, one of my major complaints was that Martin had cheapened death because JUST as we were in denial about Ned's death, we are utterly correct to believe that Jon will be back. And that's a shame for this story. Not true. Merely because someone sucks at something doesn't mean that every now and then they don't get something right on their own. Case-in-point, in my review I mentioned that show-Cersei is a better overall character than book-Cersei; same is true for Robert and Viserys (but, sadly, few others). Now this could be for many many reasons - maybe the book set a low bar; maybe the actor is doing a fantastic job; or maybe the runners nailed their interpretation. They are not "recreating" the ToJ scene; they are copying it. In fact, they line we have seen are among THE MOST MEMORABLE LINES FROM THE BOOK! I don't blame them for copying it; I just think that's an easier job. When they go off on their own? Disaster - oh let me count the ways: Jon Snow at Craster's + Bran at Craster's; Jaime and Cersei's "No, Not A Rape" scene; Anything in Dorne; Brienne in the North; Shae-the-Funny-Whore; The re-interpretation of Stannis; etc etc etc. I think the show is at its best when it interprets what is there; its at its worst when it has to figure out what should be there. Oh, I'm ... I'm sorry ... I didn't know that this thread was for "Believers" only; D&D praise-be-their-names... Be Silent All Heretics Who Dare Preach Alternative Views! BE GONE FROM THIS TEMPLE!!!! Fair point, but even here, the Show's re-interpretation of the books is substantively worse. Doran Martell is weak in the show; in the books he is portrayed as more mentally able; scheming and a long-term planner with a wide-view of the world. The story with Marcella, in the show, is "kill-now-think-later"; in the book, while a weak story, its a clearer story, not as silly and not as weakly delivered. Its not their fault that they have to make it up; no question there. Martin's pace of writing is what it is (I honestly have to write it that way for fear that I may get edited/banned) and we are likely not getting a book this year (my money- as it has been since 2011 - was that the next book would be released in 2017). However, they have not exactly made lemonade ot of these lemons. Stannis' end was probably the worst story-telling I have ever seen; Brienne in the North is not compelling; Ramsey is not as interesting as he was in the books and neither is Theon/Reek; Dorne is not just made up, its been abandoned. And we are only a few episodes into our brave-new-world. What stupidity are we in store for? Agree with both these points. While I have sort-of liked that the show avoided the "Tysha" storyline from the books, Tyrion in the books is more complex and more nuanced. Yes, sometimes his "I'm a dwarf" moaning can grate on a reader, but I the book allows for more depth, more viewing and less filler. The show seems like it feels OBLIGATED to include Tyrion and at no time can they capture what the book have there (though, I readily admit Dinklidge is incredible). Cersei is better in the show. Maybe its Hedley; maybe its her anchoring of that story-line; maybe its the writing. But she has been a better character since that scene in Bran's sickroom. I think its a true accomplishment of the show. Yup; exactly. I knew what you meant. But that has never been my criticism or most others. We do not demand 100% accuracy. We just want stuff that makes sense and is true to the narrative. I sued to call GoT an "alternate reality" from ASoIaF; but that is no longer true. Now its a bizzaro world where characters do things that don't make sense; deaths are no longer tethered to the story and dumb people do dumb things. And if I am an elitist because I ... read books (*sigh... I can't believe literacy is so caste-defining) then, yeah, sorry I have no problem with being an elitist in this regard.
  8. Rockroi

    [Spoilers] EP602

    So, there’s this Onion show called “A Game of Thrones” and it’s a satire of the books “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin. Its hysterical. Nothing on the show makes sense; they have these ham-fisted “twists” that everyone sees coming; dialog is mindless and major characters that people LOVE either 1) never show up or 2) do such lame things that it makes them seem hilarious! Its the best comedy on TV right now. Regardless, I watch the show and here is what I thought of this week’s episode: What I liked: Davos: The Guy Who Says What Everyone is Thinking: I like Davos a lot because I think it’s a good thing that there is a character who still can be a moral compass without any baggage. He makes mistakes but he tries to do good. That’s … refreshing. But why is he willing to die for a guy – Jon Snow – he barely knows and who is dead? Bran’s Dreams: This could actually be a “what I didn’t like” but I am trying to be less salty. Watching young-Ned and Young Benjen (I know many Millennials who may not remember who Benjen Stark was- the year was 2011 and it was a strange time, but there was this stark kid named “BenJen” and the show runners used him because he was in the book, but then… FORGOT HE EVER EXISTED!) … (Oh, btw – who tried to kill Bran after he was crippled? That was a pretty important moment. Sorry, the show runners never answered that question for you). ANYWAY… watching Bran see Lyanna and interact with that moment was very deep and also subtle. Well done. And I also liked the scene because it didn’t see an obvious resurrection that anyone with half a brain would have seen coming. Cersei’s Humanity: They are doing a great job in exposing the nuances behind Cersei which, I must say, are deep, convincing, believable and well-earned. I think Headey is doing a tremendous job. And in many ways, Cersei in the show is a more compelling character than Cersei in the book. I also liked the scene because Myrcella stayed dead. The scene didn’t foolishly make a character come back to life. Because that’s fucking stupid. What I am on the Fence About: The Security at Myrcella’s Funeral: So … the priest can just let in whoever he wants? And they just get in? Do they still have gold-cloaks? I mean, it’s a good scene because Jaime was in it and he’s, basically, one of the few characters who is not 1) excruciating, 2) doing stupid things that amount to “buys work” and 3) has real emotional investment. But … just cave the Sparrow’s head in; that insufferable, self-righteous asshole. Okay, I liked watching the scene and the interplay but I find the Sparrow’s power to be unreasonable and unrealistic. And yes, I know there are dragons in the universe. But, again, at least Myrcella did not come back to life like other dumb characters. Tyrion’s Contractually Obligated Scene: Hey, look its Tyrion. And Dragons. We put two great tastes that taste great together! Please forgive us for everything that happened elsewhere in this episode. What I didn’t Like: Roose Bolton’s death: This goes with my constant complaint about the way the show is currently being run: whenever there is a stumbling block in the story; whenever there a slow point OR a conflict point, the show’s “out” is to IGNORE the conflict and just … kill a character. Because that’s what they did. They didn’t know what to do with Roose, so the show-runners just killed him. No conflict; no big moment; no pay-off. Just dead. Now, what about all the people who supported roose? What about his bannermen? His retainers? His guards and heavies? Did psycho-sauce Ramsey Snow-Bolton walk up to EVERY SINGL one of thiose guys with that creepy smile on his face and his “rapey” eyes and say “Hey, guy-who-has-always-been-loyal-to-my-father-since-the-Trident – let’s assassinate my father! And you can trust me! Look at my crazy eyes and my fucking creepy face! And the way I am killing people arbitrarily and capriciously! I’m just a more vicious Tywin!” See, the problem is that at LEAST when Lord Frey or Tywin or ANYONE ELSE killed a major character – there was a reason! That they did it with some level of gain for others. When Tywin killed Robb others MAY have found it uncomfortable… but at the very least he could show it was better for everyone- end a war, kill a traitor, make peace, secure the realm… and it your name is Lord Frey, you get to be the Lord of the Riverlands. What is it that Crazy-eyed Ramsey said or did or was able to secure for those who GAINED under Roose? What could he do for them? Why would they NOT … KILL HIM?! Answer? Who knows…? Roose Bolton was a great character and he should have been better handled than “Okay-we-don’t-know-what-to-do-here-let’s-have-Ramsey-kill-him.” But, hey, at least Roose Bolton won’t stupidly come back to life. The Dumbest Scene In the Franchise: This is not hyperbole. Lady Walda’s death is the stupidest, most empty, most vapid scene in the history of the show. That includes every Shea scene; that includes the Dorne scenes; everything that happened on the Iron Isles all of it. Walda’s death was the show’s ham-fisted move to try to remind us how dangerous and vicious this world is. Okay. We knew that. Couldn’t just kill her off stage? No, we have to see it? What did the first draft of that scene look like? Ramsey: Lady Walda, you just gave birth and in no condition to walk around. So of course I called you out here on a cold winter’s day. Lady Walda: I know, m’lord. Its not suspicious at all. I just went through many hours of labor and I’m completely exhausted, but here I am! Ramsey: Is that my brother? Can I hold him in my creepy hooven-hands? LW: Of course, m’lord! In no way am I hesitant about having the bastard of my husband hold my child; because in the North, we ladies bare absolutely no suspicion of bastards; its not like for the first two seasons IT AS DRILLED INTO THE VIEWERS HEADS that bastards are not trusted; and its not like Lady Stark’s personal struggles with Jon Snow are not a major sub-theme running throughout this story! Here is my 30-minute old child! Ramsey: (takes hold of child between his mandible-claw-like appendages) He looks delicious- I mean, healthy. So, lets go to the kennels; a room my father has never ever been ever and lets hang out there for a bit. (gives child back) LW: Let me dimly follow you there. (They go into the kennel. The kennel must stink like dog-shit so she should know they are going to a kennel). LW: My, I have no problem AT ALL with my new-born child being in a kennel with wild dogs. Especially when I have obviously heard tails of these dogs chasing women through the countryside and eating them. Nope! No concerns at all. Ramsey: (Unlocks kennel doors) I want to say that I have tricked you! IT IS I WHO IS NOW THE LORD OF – LW: Lord of Winterfell? Yes, Ramsey we all know it. Even I’m not that stupid. I just have to now uselessly beg for my life- AFTER I have been locked in this room with you… (clears throat) No, please, Ramsey; please not my baby! Ramsey: No, Let me do something so fucking void of consciousness that its amazing nobody gives a shit; I will feed you to my wild dogs LW: (clearly looking off-stage, a sense of doubt crossing her face) “Wait … so … you’re not going to do this off-stage? No, you are really going to kill me so people hear me scream as the dogs eat me alive? Really? This was the best we could do? Ramsey: It’s a vicious time! LW: (Sigh) Okay, Ramsey; I get that. I get that we live in a foul, horrid time and that people’s lives are meaningless. But dow e HAVE to listen to the bones crunch down on my flesh as I scream for my life in horror? And don’t I have people sworn to me who may have been here to prevent this catastrophe? No? Fuck this is so dumb! Ramsey: It could be worse. LW: (As dog clamps down on her neck) True; it would be worse if I was a major character who died and was suddenly brought back to life, after the show cashed in on the spectacle of my death. That would be very lame. (scene) Ned’s Death Would Have Been Worse: So, lets just get to it- Jon Snow’s revival. Stupid, very obvious; totally destroys the mythology that what is dead in the show stays dead; ruins the narrative. And we all saw it coming. Like 1000 miles away. God it was terrible. But its sooooooo much worse than that. Because WE ALL SAW IT COMING! Think back to when you saw the end of the first season (or if you are one of us “insufferable book readers,” when you read) Ned’s death. You were stunned, right? I mean, you were in UTTER SHOCK! I mean, there are You Tube vids of fans Reacting to the shock. Like here.   Here, a grown man starts CRYING over it: This woman hides under a blanket like the boogey-man is about to get her: Seriously, there is a play-list of 50 reactions to this. Grown adults scream in horror. They cry. Like if their cat died or something. Its an amazing accomplishment for TV and GoT. (We won’t even TALK about the Red Wedding). Now… IMAGINE… how you felt when you read/saw Jon Snow dying. And how UTTERLY PREDICTABLE IT WAS THAT HE WOULD COME BACK! And how void of emotion it was; lame; silly; … HOW UTTERLY PEDESTRIAN IT WAS! How it was almost something (GASP) Network TV would do! Think about how far we have come since “Ned Dead at Baelor’s” to “Jon Snow just coming back to life because … magic!” Imagine if the scenes had been reversed; imagine if, for the story, the series STARTED OUT with Jon Snow’s death and immediate resurrection then ended with Ned Stark’s death? We wouldn’t care! Why? Because everyone would just assume that Ned would come back to life; because that’s what shitty sci-fi series do! They Trick the reader/viewer into believing the character is dead so they can get that HUGE payoff and reader cred, then pull a “switch-a-roo!” and, hazzah! The character is not dead. Lame. Super lame. And that’s what this show is now. Its bringing back crowd favorites while it kills everyone else because it doesn’t know what to do with them. The show has no idea what its doing anymore. Bonus Stuff I Didn't Like: So Now It Ends: The teaser at the end has the scene at the Tower of Joy and it looks great. Why? Because the ToJ was a scene that GRRM wrote; not the show runners. The Show runners are GREAT at creating and recreating stuff that GRRM already created. They do a great job at putting on screen what he already put on paper. The show –runners suck-out-loud at doing anything on their own that requires them having to create or interpret. They are bad at it. That’s why that last scene is there in the teaser- it’s a plea; an ardent cry from the show runners top the viewers saying “See? We still have the books! We can still make this work?! Its not terrible!” Its terrible. Anyway… here is a compilation of people reacting to the Red Wedding- the best part of the series; it shows viewers invested in characetrs and literally grieving over them. The show has lost that entirely becayusbecauseon’t have the books to draw from. You will never see anything like this from the show ever again, because the show is not good. Final Episode Score: 3.5/10.
  9. So, give the show some credit- it had no idea what to do without George so they just decided to torch the whole thing. Good things: Cersei's march was great- Hdeley was terrific, they capped it off nicely and they made me not want to vomit, which was more than the rest of the show could say. Dany- still alive. Well done. I mean, what she is doing is useless now and just taking wayyyyyyyyyy too long, but that's a little like the books. What else... okay, they moved on with Sansa. Hey- they just drove out a useless story-line and excavated the ONE useful thing. Her. Okay... running low now- well.. Jon died. K.... Uh... you know its shit without all the set-up with Ghost and warging that you never did, not once, this season, right? They brought Varys back in. Made no sense why, but ... why not? Oh- Arya. She was kinda cool, but to what end? Look, they should have done with her what they did with Bran- just say she was training and you would have had the EXACT same thing. Arya, though and unlike BRan, is popular so they had to keep her here ... doing nothing. What I didn't like So, I hate to beat a dead stag, but the show never, ever, ever, ever, ever ,ever EVER knew what to do with Stannis; and these final two episodes epitomized that, No fucking idea. So, last episode he murders his daughter ... for no reason. And it does nothing to help his cause because it was a dumb thing to do and the show runners were only interested in ridding the story of Stannis, not actually having a story. So, HALF his men desert, Stannis marches anyway, nobody cares; he gets to WF and he is met by a massive onslaught that he and everyone with half a brain would have seen coming. BUt it seems to surprise Stannis anyway. Because its all so fucking stupid. But then... Brienne. AWESOME!! ! She is there to be the ultimate, shitty-story-telling cliche! She is here to get HER vengeance (selfish, stupid, empty, vacuous, meaningless vengeance). She seems so cool, right? Why? Because the show likes Brienne; they don't like Stannis. So Stannis- a major fundamental part of the story for 4 seasons is removed for a third-level character's vengeance. Dumb. LAcked origionality, depth, nuance, intelligence and wit. Nice job, D&D; you continue to show that you have no idea what to do. Now, what about all that prophesy talk etc? Nah! That doesn't count. Why did Mel leave? Reasons. No clue what they were. And why were we watching for the last 3 seasons? What was the point of Stannis' story-line? What was the deal? Why do any of that if you are just going to kill the guy? Why was any of this important? Interesting? Worth it? Turns out... it wasn't. UNlike Robb who's death was the end of a war and solidified the Lannisters; Stannis' death is just D&D admitting "Look, we have no idea what we are doing here, and the Stannis story-line was too cumbersome for us and we are NOT that good at telling the story so, we HAD to spend a season killing the guy. OUr back up plan was for him to die from gout. HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE 10 EPISODES OF SHIT!!! Now... Jaime in Dorne. Wow. There better be a war. A long destructive war. Because that was bullshit. But, again, 10 episodes to do what you should have done AT THE VERY START! Don't waste our time with this bad bad bad story-telling. Just get to killing her because we watched 10 episodes for 1 murder. And Sam should have left in episode 2. Seriously. Regardless, the worst season of GoT ends; I do think it was a good idea to kill off a few characters (I would have chosen differently, but WTF do I know- I thought the books were good!!!! GOD SUCH A STUPID PURIST I AM!!!! Liking stuff that's "good" and not "fucking stupid."). The story is finally coming to and end and they did a good job of giving us a rump of a show to get this show done with. What's left? Some really lame, empty, silly and dumb things Tyrion is still alive and so is Dany and Jon (yes... he's alive... Jesus... ) And we still have Dorne to deal with and JAime is still around (hopefully he will do something). BUt when its all said and done, we watched a HUGE decline from Season 3 to season 5 (season 4 was pretty good); one of the best shows on TV turned, effortlessly, into one of the worst. What a shame... shame... shame... shame...
  10. It is with deep sadness that I must report of the death of a much beloved friend- the HBO Show “Game of Thrones” died earlier this evening after a long and tragic illness after it underwent unsuccessful surgery to have its author removed. The Show was one week short of its Fifth birthday at the time of its death. The Show enjoyed exceptional, many would say surprising, health in its first three years of life, with exceptional highs in season two and three when the show followed the books most faithfully. In fact, the closer the show followed the books, the better it was. Sadly, signs of illness began in Season One- strangely- when Drogo needlessly raped Dany Targaryen- a scene totally void in the books. Also, Shea was talking like book-Shea but was in no way the same character- she had a different back-story, seemed wiser, more worldly etc. This lead to a character TALKING like Shea but not ACTING like Shea. Also, D&D’s choice to have Shea played by a life-less mannequin was considered controversial. Season 2 also had strange scenes with unexplained issues involving several characters. Then, in season 3 the removal of Lady Stoneheart, the questionable direction of Stannis Baratheon, and a highly – and many say needless- dip into sexual perversion. GoT took a turn for the worse in Season 4 when Jaime Lannister – inexplicably- raped Cersei Lannister leading to the show-runners admitting that they DID NOT KNOW WHAT RAPE WAS! Season Five, though, led to the very drastic decision by the show runners to no longer follow the books- opting to surgically remove George R.R. Martin’s words from the story process, DESPITE the fact that in Season 4- there were whole story lines NOT in the books that made ZERO sense, most notably why Jon Snow went to Craster’s Keep and specifically DID NOT find Bran. Even though Bran – as a cripple being dragged by a Giant and two high-born kids with him, WOULD BE HARD TO FORGET! Turns out- NOBODY REMEMBERED HE WAS FUCKING THERE! Still when Season 4 followed the source material- ie: the Mountain and the Viper- it experienced unparalleled success. However, Season Five started slow, its episodes long-winded, filled with filler and rarely going anywhere; plots were usually dedicated to strange- some would say convoluted – plot points and needless acrimony. Then, more rapes, especially to Sansa in what many people considered the low point of the show. Medical and Entertainment experts agreed- it was only a matter of time. This was made worse when Gilly was- again- needlessly and pointlessly almost raped. Then, the pointless and random killing of major characters like Barristan Selmy and Mance Ryder. Then, almost heroically, D&D stopped ripping off George RR Martin and started ripping off Walking Dead and made a very good episode involving zombies attacking people and political intrigue etc. IT would prove to be a final rally for a once great show. In Week 9, GoT had Arya follow a COMPLETELY UNIMPORTANT CHARACTER AROUND FOR ABOUT HALF A FUCKING HOUR FOR NO FUCKING REASON AT ALL!!!!! Then Mance Tyrell sang (not bad, really); and then we saw MAYBE the worst scene ever in GOT history: … Jaime.. in Dorne… where he talks to three Dornish characters and they agree to let him and Bronn go… then a … HAND-SLAPPING SCENE!!!!!! WOW!!!!! It takes like 50 minutes of the show to DO SOMETHING THAT COULD HAVE BEEN EXPLAINED IN TWO SENTENCES!!!!!Then Bronn gets punched… (RIM SHOT!... loser Theme from Price is Right "Bum-bum-ba-ba-bum... baaaaahhhhhhhhhh....) Then Stannis… Stannis Baratheon has- routinely- been the worst-best character the show had: sometimes brave, other times honorable, most of the time reasonable.. but the show wanted a religious zealot who burned people alive… and then they had him act like a fucking idiot most of the time… THEN a few weeks ago he had this awesome scene with Stannis declaring that he loved his daughter because she was a Bratheon!!!! HOORAY!!!! So the only sensible thing to do after hat was, of course, have Stannis burn that same girl he declared his love for alive at the stake. That makes sense, right? FUCK NO!!!! NOPE!!! Stannis has to kill his OWN DAUGHTER- HIS ONLY HEIR!!!! BECAUSE…. Because D&D don’t know how to make a show; they don’t understand this show’s characters, how to build story and they don’t know why GoT works. Because they are bad at this job UNLESS they are explicitly following Martin’s words. While sometimes they DID LEGITIMATELY improve the story when they went away from Martin (ie: Viserys, Robert, deep-sixing Tysha, Sansa in WF, Arya+ Tywin) THE SHOW WAS ALMOST ALWAYS WORSE WHEN THEY WENT THEIR OWN WAY (Dany-rape, Cersei rape, Sansa rape, oversimplification of major story-lines etc) and the show was at its best when they strictly followed Martin (Blackwater, Mountain v. Viper; Red Wedding, Purple Wedding)- there can be no debate on that point. The Show finally succumbed to its own self-inflicted amputation of Martin when Stannis … … … burned his own daughter alive because arbitrary characters are arbitrary. The show breathed its last when a supposedly good and honorable man Stannis …. … … watched his own daughter burn to death by his own orders. Because this show does not know what it was ever doing without following directions. Witnesses claimed the show seemed to be a live a few minutes later, but sources confirmed that the signs of the show appearing alive were just cheesy Special Effects and a CGI of a dragon. The show was officially declared dead shortly thereafter. Funeral arrangements will take place over the next two seasons with a final burial planed for sometime in 2017. The Show is survived by its killers, D&D, a host of exceptionally talented actors, and the shitty ones like Shea, a bunch of people who never read the books so don't know what's going on, and only watched the show and are equal parts confused and bored (or fooled into thinking the show is still alive), and a legions of fans who will now wait in stony silence as this funeral procession of the next two seasons to end so we can get a real fucking book with real fucking characters and a real fucking plot. Donations can be made to any book store selling the real Song of Ice and Fire. Not … not this.
  11. She definitely will; no question. But juxtaposed against what is going on, it seems trivial. It probably isn't, but it seems that way.
  12. I didn't post last week; I got a little sad at the thought that there once was this show that I loved and used to love writing about, butt hen that show turned into this terrible show, without life or purpose; just this soul-less, monstrosity that did bad things without rhyme or reason; this demented awfulness would just shamble forward on it sown momentum, foisted up by all the legions of individuals who were unthinking standard-bearers for this terribleness. I mean, where would I have gotten an idea like that? Going to forego my normal review to just say these few things: I love the resurrection of Tyrion and his import on Dany's story-line. Though, truth be told, Dany's trust and import into Tyrion seems far too trusting for someone as in peril as Dany. Loved Dany's command and Tyrion's intelligence; loved Cersei in prison and how the show is showing her inexorable decline; loved that Reek told Sansa about Bran and Rickon, though not certain that is going to turn out well; loved Jon Snow beyond the Wall, how he dealt with the wildlings and how he and Tormond made their pitch. Then came the storm. That last battle was intense; gripping, meaningful and in many ways, glorious. I think the show did a fantastic job in drawing together these disparate people and weaving them into this narrative; I found myself caring not just about Jon and Edd and Tormond, but for the woman they met,that giant and even the people who were nameless and faceless as they scrambled for their lives against the oncoming storm of death and destruction. I thought the White Walker-Emperor was scary and in full command. And that final scene- even though we ALL saw it coming- of the Other's arms outstretched as an instant-army of new-Walkers silently rise and take their place. That silence was deafening. Now, as great as that scene was- and it was special - it was nothing more than a Medieval Walking Dead episode; And that's fine. Some of the more crystallized problems with the show (rape, torture as plot devices; D&D obviously having no idea why we like the show or why it works; no idea on how to tell this story now that they don't have the books to propel them forward; sense-less story-lines, boring pace etc). BUT ... I feel like the show is getting back on the right track. Meh: Arya. What she is doing seems interesting but it seems less tied to the plot than Dany and significantly smaller after that scene North of the Wall. She seems like what she is doing is interesting, just not at all important. What I didn't like: Who gives a fuck about the fighting pits? I DON'T! Sam... Jesus... what a repetitive, boring character who is being under-utilized. Don't care about him or Gilly; they are stale and pointless. Don't TELL us about Pycell bringing back Kevan, SHOW us Pyrcell bringing back Kevin; Jorah Mormont being in the city, then outside the City, then in, then out again. Fuck. DO SOMETHING WITH HIM! Stop making his life goal to get Dany to look at him. And Jaime is dead, right? But this was a great episode to see after ~5-6 episodes of utter boredom, stupidity, listlessness and pointlessness. Finally, GoT seemed important again. Lets keep that momentum up.
  13. Yeah, I call bullshit. The scene in the books bares no resemblance to the scene in the show, and its not just because it was "more brutal." In the book, Dany consents; and because we know her so well in the books we now (boteh before that scene and after) that Dany was capable of consent (something not available to us in the 21st Century because we have "Strict Liability" Criminal Codes which define the action as a crime in and of itself without any mens rea necessary and where consent is no defense... and yes, I am actually a lawyer so I do know this stuff). In the book, Dany is an equal partner in that scene and her age is relatively immaterial.
  14. JCRB- that was an incredible article and reflects a lot of what I feel has destroyed the show. I am very "impressed."
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