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  1. Nope, that all happened. I can't blame anyone for any of the decisions they made, including the Pats for Trading Gronk and The Bucs for signing him and Gronk himself for coming back for probably one season. So this is what it feels like to be a 3rd rate team? You have to write about the Bucs....
  2. It sucks. Do you have ANY IDEA how weird it is to not know if your team will make the playoffs? I mean, how do you cope with knowing that your team may not make the Superbowl for, like, what... 3 years! How do you do it? I want like a court order that grants me some sort of immunity to this based upon "the lifestyle to which I have grown accustomed." Do you know how hard it is to go from making the AFC Championship game for eight straight years to ... being worse than... the Dolphins??? How is that possible?
  3. So, I feel legally obligated to comment one what is the most important off-season story in Football. Here goes: What the fuck was Billy O'Brian thinking? You trade the #1/#2 WR in the NFL for a running back? With THAT contract? Anyway... I always knew it would not end well for Tom Brady in New England. That's not how Bill Belichick does things here. HE did not do it with Vince Wilfork; not with Malcolm Butler; not with Asante Samuel; not with Randy Moss or Wes Welker or Mike Vrabel or Ty Law or Adam Venateri or Troy Brown or Lawyer Malloy. But we knew this (but did not care that we knew) back in 2002 when Belichick traded then-Patriot Legend Drew Bledsoe (please- it was 2002, we had so few people to ID as "legends" back then so... ) IN THE DIVISION! Fuck you, we don't care, go piss up a rope, we are moving on. Don;t care you took us to a Superbowl; don't care you had metal sticks pocking out of your throwing hand during a game after an injury; don't care you played with a collapsed lung and almost bled out; don;t give a shit you spelled Brady in the AFC championship game. Go freeze in Buffalo then fuck cows in Texas and make wine in California. We don't care about you anymore. And that was everyone. Tom Brady became the greatest football player who ever lived in early 2017 when he lead the New England Patriots to a completely LUDICROUS 25-point deficit comeback to win the Patriots 5th Superbowl. Though the Pats would go on to win a 6th Supwerbowl two years later (its insane I just wrote that), Brady's legacy was already cemented. He had won 6 Superbowls, been to 3 others and had lead the Pats to the playoffs in 18 of his 20 seasons (the only 2 were 2002 and 2008 when he was KO'd for almost the entire season). He was unflappable in the pocket, had a variety of QB records, almost all the worthwhile post-season QB records and blah blah blah blah blah ... and did it with far less talent than most other QBs of his era had. Blah blah blah... So, lets turn to how much sense this all makes. Tom Brady is 67 years old (give or take), and is still (somehow) an effective QB throwing the ball to Julian Edleman, running backs, 3/4 of a tight end split between 4 players and 3 wide-receiver shaped tackling dummies. Brady is still a very good QB. But he's not even on the back-9 of his career; he's on the back 2. It becomes a difficult situation for a team to say to a guy who is 58 years old "Here's a three year contract." But somebody will do it.... Meanwhile... Kirk Cousins just inked a 2 year, $66,000,000 contract with the Minnesota Vikings, including a $30,000,000 signing bonus, $66,000,000 guaranteed. Ryan Tannehill signed a 4 year, $118,000,000 contract with the Tennessee Titans, including a $20,000,000 signing bonus, $91,000,000 guaranteed. QBs are getting paid. And they are getting paid with incredible amounts of guaranteed money. This is not like 5 years ago when Andy Dalton got paid in funny-money- ie non-guaranteed money. And Tom Brady wants to be paid at that market rate. I can't blame him. The Patriots then had a decision to make- do they try to ink with Brady a 3-year $30+ Million contract OR do they ... sign Andy Dalton? Jarrett Stidham (whose name I will find 80 ways to misspell over the next year before he is run out of town)? Draft somebody? Play without a QB? What's the plan? Do we have one? We have known this day was coming for months... what ... what will the Pats do? Nobody knows. In fact, it seems like the plan, all along, was to have Brady play the market, leave and then let COVID-19 hit and wipe out the 2020 season. So, all signs are good so far. Except that it seems like we will have a season and Brady will do it someplace else. Probably LA; maybe TB, not Tenn. And the pats will rely on somebody to take snaps from the Center. BTW, the Pats' highest paid player is Gilmore (obviously and that is money well spent). Number 2? Their guard, Joe Thuney (and currently the fifth highest paid player on the team is Shaq Mason, another guard). I don;t know what to think about that except that I think if the Pats REALLY WANTED TO they could find a way to shave some money and get it to Brady. They don't want to. And I can't blame them. This sucks. The Patriots died at home against the Tenn Titans but had been sick for months. A mid-range team with no real upside. And Brady was a part of that. But another part were the mid-range talents the team had surrounding him, most notably a Running back that could not, you know, run; a worn out and destitute crop of TEs and a woefully under-talented WR core. The D was great against terrible teams and bad against everyone else. And Tom Brady- unlike other years like 2006, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2018 when the Pats had mediocre teams and Brady was somehow able to get them to the AFC Championship game or better - was unable to "make everyone around him better." In fact, Brady seemed miserable all season, the notable exception being week 1 and 2 when he had the promise of playing with Antonio Brown. After that, Brady was dour after wins and losses (and as the season wore on there were lost more losses than wins). He believed the team had not made a commitment to the offense and giving him good weapons. But the team HAD invested in the O; they had spent numerous high draft picks on Offensive weapons- Phony Michelle, N'Keal Harry, and Isiah Winn (another fucking Guard). Meanwhile, nothing seems to work. Brady cannot get on the same page with the new guys and relies too much on the one guy he is familiar with, perpetually injured and/or suspended from PED-use, Julian Edleman. It seems that Brady's best way to try to adapt to his new reality is to beg Gronk to comeback. But can you blame him? Look at his TE core Matt LaCosse? Ryan Izzo? Last year they had one of the few players - Ben Watson -who was almost as old as Brady catching passes from him. Muhammad Sanu ran the wrong routes and then give up on them or dropped the pass when Brady adjusted. Harry was on IR half the season and then on the field was spectacularly pedestrian. Sony Michelle earned the "phony" nickname. They were awful. So its going to end like this. The greatest Qb and player in NFL history- from the Snow Bowl, to that drive against the Rams; the dueling with Rothlessberger and Manning and then out-dueling Mahomes and Watson; that drive against NO, defeating Wilson in the battle of the franchises in 2014; to eking out a SB against Goff and the new Rams. And everything in between. But down by 25 against Atlanta? For me, it will be that Superbowl against Wilson and Seattle. That game was huge. The Seahawks were about to win back-to-back Superbowls; it was their time to be the new Dynasty, but instead Brady went something like 11-for 14 in the 4th quarter for something like a 120 Passer rating and 2 TDs. As amazing as that Atlanta SB was- and it was - the one game where Brady was the most important player ever, it was that one. Dumb pass in the 4th Q notwithstanding. But one moment? Easy. New Orleans, 14 seconds left, pass to Kembrell Tompkins in the back of the endzone to win it. Unicorns and show-ponies. Anyway... I think we always knew it would end like this, this way and this broken up. Brady will end up on another team, with another horrid logo on his helmet. And in Foxboro, Dark Hoodie got what he wanted- a team that is now and forever after simply his and his alone. He failed- understandably - to keep Brady. But he also lost Jamie Collins (to the Lions); has not gobbled up any of the available talent (Diggs, Cooper, Hopkins) and has generally stagnated so far this off season. What will 2020 look like? It can't be good. But fro Brady, I hope he does really well wherever he lands. But history does not look well there. Namath in a Rams uni; Montana in a Chiefs (he actually did well there), Unitas as a Charger. Just gross. And now its going to happen to Brady. I hope he, once again, bucs the odds (see what I did there?). It was an unbelievable ride. And he was the major reason for it- the best QB in the most QB-dependent era in the sport's history with the most hardware to show for it. He gave me the privileged to root for the best ever. I can never have a bad feeling for him (unless he turns into a right-wing yahoo like Shilling... but even then... ). It was and he was the best.
  4. Well, I DID then post articles showing that he's actually disliked by other players etc... ... but hey remind me why I loved coming here- annoying others. Oh, and I RARELY make the jacking off motion when posting on these boards. RARELY!
  5. I actually always complain about cheating now that the Pats are the only team anyone complains about it even though, literally, ever team cheats. I have done a bunch of "cheating cheaters who cheat" posts, but stopped because .... literally it was just too many. But Kelce could be the cleanest player in the world- he's actually one of the dirtiest but lets pretend -he'd still be an amazing ass.
  6. He also did a jerk off motion to a ref. Because CLASSY! Tell me again how a player of color could get away with that.
  7. Wow, really logical post. I'm a fan of a team so I cannot share opinions of things. Even when you literally asked. Glad we were all here for it. Here is somebody else who thinks this. And by "somebody else" I mean "People in the NFL" Maybe a Pats player in there so avert your virgin eyes.
  8. He's a gigantic tool bag. He is a big baby on the field, constantly bitching about the way he's covered. He cheats; he kicked a guy once during a game (I know, just like Brady); he is always getting away with offensive PI and then bitching on the leap-year when they call him. He is a hug prick after basically every play. Kelce, to me, is the epitome of White privilege (a concept I have almost no loyalty to); he's this arrogant, entitled, bully who complains whenever anything happens that's even slightly uncomfortable. And nobody calls him on it because, well, fans like him because.. well... he's white. If he were African American fans in certain areas )ie: the mid west) would not like him as much. Me? Oh I just hate him. Oh and he looks like a fat Ben Aflek.
  9. I feel really good for Andy Reid who I think got saddled with the "Never-won-the-big-one" tag unfairly. also gratz to Mahomes for being the wave of the future and getting this ring early in his career. Travis Kelce can eat a dick. And its a little bit of a good feel for the pats who defeated essentially this same team last season in the AFC Championship game which (in a round about way) enhances that team's legacy. Yes, that's still what I'm about.
  10. Seem like a few balls got batted out of the air. And ballgame.
  11. Okay, up to Handsom Jimmy G to drive this team for a win. I don't see it happening myself- that;'s not the 49'ers offense. They need ti get the run on top. But, who knows.
  12. Easy call to allow the TD to stand. He was probably in anyway, but nothing clearly wrong about the call.
  13. So, I sort of think the story of the game has been that the 49'ers are in constant "Close But No Cigar" territory on the pass riush. They always seem to have the pocket collapsed and Mahomes in trouble when he nails the killer pass. Oh, and Richard Sherman just git burned on a play. So I have that .
  14. Pretty fantastic Superbowl. Only drawback is that big baby Kelce has a TD. Looking like Mahomes will have a chance to win this thing if Jimmy G can't convert. ....and he did not.
  15. The model was not disproved, but the Pats' inability to be competitive against the Ravens, KC, Houston, Miami and now the Titans was not some strange series of coin-flip like events but extremely identifiable problems. The Pats had no consistent target for Brady to throw to; opposing defenses knew to double Edleman and that would be that. There was no play-maker left. THe running game was pedestrian most of the season and improved when the Pats converted LB Elanon Roberts to a Fullback to help Sony Michel. And even then it was merely okay. The O-Line was bad all season. And Brady is aging and what I mean by that is not that he's now "bad" but you can no longer rely on him to simply put the team on his back and make wins (a la 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015). That's not happening. Wow, its almost like as time goes by certain players' skills may deteriorate. Or that some guys cannot handle certain offensive schemes. Just want to point out that at one time Chad Ochocinco was "always good" in Cincy and came to the Pats and ... wow... didn't do so hot. Pretty weird.... The AFC has brought multiple teams to the playoffs for several years now- even Miami made it a couple of years ago. The AFC East is relatively competitive; just because the Pats won most of those competitions doesn't disprove that. I think that the Pats are not going to resurface, though, given their roster and the changes ahead. I think - THINK - Brady stays but that would only be if the Offense is built around him properly and that's a tall order. If that happens the Pats are my pic. If that does NOT happen... how quick will that Miami band-wagon get? A suddenly attractive head coach, a bucket full of picks and some steady producers on both sides of the ball? Interesting to say the least...
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