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    NFL 2019 Midway Point: Gase into the Abyss

    I mean ... yeah ... that's fair...
  2. Rockroi

    NFL 2019 Midway Point: Gase into the Abyss

    So, my biggest fear going into this week for the Pats was that after playing the ravens we would know if the pats were for real or not. And, oh shit, if that's the case, the Pats have major problems. In a nutshell, the pats were manhandled and out-physicaled on both sides of the ball. The Ravens, graciously, made two bone-headed turnovers that kept the pats in the game. Then Julian Edleman - just as graciously - gave the ball back for a scoop-six and sealed the pats fate. Meanwhile, the Ravens relied on a dynamic and effective running game behind Jackson who did double duty as RB and QB and looked comfortable in both rolls. Oh, and Brady is throwing the ball to like 2 guys now; one of them is Sanu so that's a cause for hope, but generally, as good as the young WRs have looked, Brady will not got them. And the Pats would be better off with a cardboard cut-out of Gronk than anyone playing TE now. The Ravens look like the 2019 spoiler for the Pats. And that's being charitable. The ravens, traditionally, have been the team to nuke the Pats in the playoffs SPECIFICALLY because the Ravens do not blink at the Pats, Brady or Belichick. They are not intimidated; they rise to the occasion and they play tough, physical football. Here, the Ravens took legit risks; they played to their strengths and put together not just an amazing game plan, but had guys who implemented it to perfection. Jackson was a complete stud. And at the center of this is a sneaking suspicion that the Pats did not just lose a game, but were utterly exposed. And that that D has MAJOR problems (in a nutshell, the LBs cannot cover and the front line may not be able to take a punch in the teeth). The Pats D was the Boogeymen who made shitty QBs see ghosts. Now? Now... I don't want to play the Ravens in the postseason. Its a horrid match up for that D. And then.,.. what about the next 4 weeks playing the Eagles, Cowboys and Chiefs? Ah... I was afraid that we would learn who the Pats were after playing the Ravens. And if that's the case... I fear the league learned something incredibly valuable.
  3. I must have said countless times on the Reaction Threads that all they seemed to care about were 'splosions and having these pay-off moments that had no build up- just empty spectacle. Assuming these comments are legit, they completely validate my suspicions that they were clueless; that the books were too big so they did not carry narratives through; that they did not understand the characters; and that they were more for the big payoffs than the work of creating story. The fact that for 65% of the time they could hide behind Martin's work obfuscated this is no surprise. And that story about Star Wars dropping right now is sort of startling.
  4. In a story that should be a shocker to precisely nobody, Game of Thrones Showrunners/defilers, D.B. Weiss and David Benioff admitted that they had no idea what they were doing. The article - which is a recertatiom of a single Twitter thread detailing their comments - states that D&D did not understand how to write a script (check), did not understand characters and left them largely to the actors (no kidding), and were stunned that Martin would entrust his life work to them (well, I mean, if you want somebody else to finish what you started, why not?). NO!!! You don't say?!?! ( we really need a sarcasm font). So, are you telling me that these two guys with absolutely no TV experience whatsoever were making it up as they went along? I mean, that the two men who, among other things, destroyed the most important redemption arc in the show by showing Jaime raping Cersei, then compounding that failure by not knowing what rape was; who, to this day, have NOT explained who sent the cutthroat to Bran's room in Episode Two; who performed the worst heel-turn in TV History and then had the most nonsensical, slap-dash final episode since the Bible - these same two men did not know what they were doing? I mean COME ON!?!?! I have been saying this since Season Two and how they did not understand the characters and that the show went into free-fall when D&D ran out of source material. And now, finally, they have admitted it. That Star Wars show they are doing is going to suck.
  5. Excellent move for the 49'ers. Pats could not really afford Sanders and they get an additional year out of Sanu, but in a vacuum I would prefer Sanders over Sanu.
  6. E. Sanders and a 5th to SF for a 3rd and a 4th. It's a good ol' fashioned arms race.
  7. I was out this evening. My best friend's sister and her husband had me over. I am friends with both of them, but I was not there on a purely social call. My friend's brother-in-law has pancreatic cancer. I was there to draft their wills. After the official business was over we retired to the living room to watch the Pats and the Jets. And for over an hour we lost ourselves in the game and for yet another day in another season in a completely undeserving run, my friends and I laughed at the game, smiled and found reason after reason to enjoy another moment with this team. We cheered at yet another McCourty INT; laughed at van Noy recovering another fumble; made fun of Sam Darnold ("I'm seeing ghosts"), made fun of Adam Gase ("I need you to get this ball into the endzone" while Darnold looked on with a face that asked "How do I do that?"), and tried to ignore whatever the fuck Booger McFarlan was doing {"4th and 3 is different than 4th and 9" ... it was 4th and 4). My friend does not deserve to have pancreatic cancer. And we did nothing to deserve smiling and laughing at this team again. And again. And again. But one more night this team gave me and those I care about another dumb reason to laugh, joke and enjoy. I have been rooting for this team since I wain grade school and talking about them here since my Wife was my girlfriend and my daughters did not exist. And they have given me many nights like tonight and I did nothing to deserve that. But tonight it was needed just a little bit more and appreciated just a little bit longer. Maybe I could come here and say how much the Bears chocked or how I may now be afraid of the Ravens; or how shitty the Lions may be. But instead, I guess I just wanted to talk about how this team has given me many things I do not deserve to help a friend face something he does not deserve. And I hope on a night like this when you need it, your team is there for you. When the day went to shit; when the news is not good; when the future does not look rosy, that you and those you care about and are lucky enough to be with can sit together as YOUR team comes through for YOU. Because you deserve it. Have a great night folks.
  8. Okay so a HUGE story to hit the Pats. Michael Bennett Has Been Suspended for Eleven Snaps Actually, Bennett has been suspended for a whole game, but he plays so little now that it almost does not matter. IIRC, against the Division 2 Giants, Bennett played 11 whole snaps, down from 16 the week before. Bennett has been a complete bust since he got here (its not a Defensive Scheme he does well in; you know? One where he's not 27 years old). Bennett has been in the middle of trade rumors since week 2, but his Cap Hit is $6.5 Mil, which would be the 7th biggest Cap Hit on the team, in front of guys who can actually play like Kyle van Noy, Juliene Edleman, and three water boys. I'd be stunned if Bennet is on the team after the Browns game (2 weeks), but he'll likely be outright cut, as nobody would be stupid enough to trade for him. And that is a total jinx for the Raiders to jump in.
  9. So, on Thursday, the Pats … I forget… they beat… Georgia? The Seahawks? Who… The Giants… they beat a replica of the Giants. And while the Pats looked like ass for like 2.3 quarters, the Giants are a horror show disguised as a dumpster fire, so none of it mattered. The Pats have legit issues. In no particular order, here are a few of them: -No Legit Tight Ends: Without Gronk the Pats have an Izzo and a guy who is now on IR, so they resigned Ben Watson, who iI am fairly certain is 55 years old; -O’Line: Isaiah Wynn is a walking injury; the center stinks; and Marcus Cannon is playing with one arm. -What Will The Team Do On the Bye Week Before Getting a Tomato-Can Divisional Playoff Opponent on Their Way to Getting Homefield in the AFC Championship Game? I’m not joking, this is literally the Top Three hardest thing facing the Pats this season. Yes, the Pats WR core is banged up and word is they will trade for somebody. But who? Well, its not going to be Diggs, who looks all world right now; AJ Green has already said it won’t be him, which leaves the most likely candidate Mohammad Sanu. Fucking great- a mediocre Receiver with no Up Side. Maybe he can kidnap Julio. And with all that said… fucking doesn’t matter; the AFC cannot harness a decent #2 team to challenge the pats. Here were your contenders: -Chiefs: Lost two in a row; Mahomes is still great, but he’s clearly roughed up; their D is shit; third-worst in yards surrendered and giving up 24 points a game. I checked FO and the KC D was ranked 18th in DVOAD and that was strange because I could have sworn there were more than 18 teams in the league. The KC is is so fucking terrible that even Billy O’Brien knew to go for it on 4th and 6 with less than 2 min left to play. That’s the Chiefs D- they even make Bill O’Brien look smaht. Honorable Stupidity: The #1 and #2 Offenses last season were the Chiefs and the Rams. They are a combined 1-5 over the last three weeks. While we are here- Goff had 78 yards passing all game. In the first three quarters, he had something like 25. He somehow managed to have a Passer R only 18 points lower than his yardage total. His QBR (ESPN’s stat) was 1.1 out of 1oo. Still seems high. -The Texans: The Texans are 0-for-all v. the Pats since like 1820. While that’s a mild exaggeration (Pats are 10-1 since 2003 v the Texans and the lone loss was that throw-away regular-season finale game in 2009 where the Pats lost Welker on like the 3rd play of the game and were not trying anyway). Deshaun Watson is not beating the pats at home and neither is JJ Watt or a fucking Texas tornado carrying Bowie knives. Its not happening. The Texans are still stuck with a Belichick retread in O’Brien (who I like a lot), who will melt on the big stage like candle wax on day 8 of Hanukkah. Give it up. -The Ravens: I swear, I should be afraid of them. But I’m not. I mean, the loss to the Browns alone should eliminate any fear there. Jackson is scary, but he’s also a Qb you can figure out against a legit D. Also, Harbaugh’s most successful move against the Pats was deflate-gate. Great move, shit-for-brains. Pats have been to 4 Superbowls since and won 3 of them. You suck at this. -Cleveland: Remember when we thought the Browns mattered? I know, I know, it was just me. But did you watch that choke job yesterday? Baker Mayfield is the perfect QB for Cleveland- he found a new way to destroy that city’s soul- an overrated terrible QB. He’s Johnny Manziel without the shame. He threw for less than 250 yards, 1 tD and 3 picks for an astounding PR of 54. That’s Goff-esque. OBJ is going to implode like Pruitt-Igoe Housing Complexes (read a book!) -The Colts: No. That’s it. That’s the whole list of teams in the AFC That can challenge the Pats for a trip to… I don’t fucking know… Glenndale? Bermuda? ISIS occupied Syria? I honestly don’t know or care- Miami, its Miami. It’s the closest the Dolphins will be to a Superbowl for 3o years. And the ONLY chance these teams have right now is if injuries make it so the Pats have to start the guys in Box 27, Row 9, Seats 34 and 35 at WR. That’s it. The NFC is far more competitive with the Seahawks, Saints and … fuck me, the 49’ers showing the league how its done. Amazing. 49ers v Pats would be the best Superbowl imaginable. Oh, and Dallas is still there… no they aren’t. Regardless, the Pats could lose 3 games and still pretty much have Home Field locked up. I don’t know why you read this; I don’t know why I wrote it. All I know is none of it matters because its not January yet.
  10. Quarterbacks drafted by the Patriots are, so far, 12-2 this season. Somebody asked me why Snider waited until the Pats game to fire Gruden. I think it's pretty logical. If they fired Gruden last week the new coach would have STILL been annihilated by the Pats. So, if your Snider and you are taking the annihilation as a given, you keep Gruden to endure one more beating, then you fire him after a lop-sided humiliation. THEN, you have the new guy face the Dolphins and probably win. So it looks like your decisions are paying dividends already. I mean, the WORST thing that could have happened would have been if DC won and that was never going to happen. I mean... other than having to root for Washington...
  11. Just want to point out that when Wade Philips was HC of the Broncos in the 90s he was almost assuredly going to be fired after the end of a poor season. When his assistant told him he was late for a meeting with the owner (the meeting where he was going to be fired) he supposedly said, "So what if I'm late; what are they going to do, fire me?" Jay Gruden may have just wanted to get it over with. Honestly- he gets paid for the next 18 months as if he were a head coach but does not actually have to be one. And DC's statement about the firing didn't even TRY to sound comforting like "Thank you for your service." They just treated the guy like... like... like somebody who was being fired by Dan Snider...
  12. If Cleveland wins tonight, then the Pats will be the only undefeated team left in the NFL and defending Superbowl Champs. And if you listen to some of the people out here you would think the Pats haven't had a winning season since 1982. Brady threw for 350 yards, 3 TDs; Michel had a 5.7 y/carry, the D played completely insane for all but one play, and Edelman had 100 yards in the air. So, obviously, the sky is falling. Never has a 26-point win seemed so catastrophic. The Pats sucked so bad Washington fired Jay Gruden. And in some sinister way, that makes perfect sense. Daniel Snider (is that how you spell it?) must have been half-jacking off to only be down by 5 after 2 that he may have toyed with the idea of holding onto the most Washington head coach imaginable: that MAYBE he should hold onto the only HC in Snider's tenure to put together back-to-back winning seasons yet only make it to the playoffs once in 5+ seasons. The team this season had a starting QB problem that seemed to end with Colt McCoy being "the guy." That's a level of dysfunction that's almost unheard of even in Washington. Almost. And yet "only down by 5" must have made Gruden think, "I may actually have a job tomorrow." And he may have said that in one of two ways- hopefull or maybe shaking with fear and despair as he gazes into the maw that must be the dystopian hell-hole of working for Dan Snider. Either way, really. But, nope, that plucky group of barely serviceable players somehow managed to beat a 0-5 team. The Pats are on borrowed time. Or at least they seem to be if you listen to the media here. I hate this season. What else is going on: -So, the Pats got a break last night as the only other serviceable team in the AFC lost to ... maybe the NEXT almost serviceable team in the AFC. The Chiefs looked like poo for much the game as the game-plan of "Just have Mahomes chuck it up there" didn't pay off in the end. Last week v the Lions it ALMOST didn't work, but this week it flat out did not work. They are still, easily, the scariest O in the NFL. But they lost because ... No idea. I watched the whole game, no idea why they lost. Also, Travis Kelce is a fucking bitch. Does he EVER get up after an incompletion and NOT claim there was PI? Then gets into it- after like a quarter - with his OC? (btw- not lost on me that this is how Brady reacts to most everything). What an overrated shit bird. I swear to God, Travis Kelce is a walking definition of "white privilege." Guys in this league each shit for all sorts of things... but this white-bread baby who bemoans everything and plays like a prima donna is NEVER given 1/10th the shit that OBJ gets. And I honestly think its because ESPN and the networks cut certain white players more slack. Anyway, my FAVORITE part of the KC game was when Mahomes was hurt - LET ME FINISH - when Mahomes limped to the sidelines aftera 3-and-out in his own end zone and like 4 guys help him off the field and three rainers run out to meet him etc... ... and there is a half-dead KC O-line man kneeling in utter agony two feet away that EVERYONE IS IGNORING! What a great moment. Your life is shit, fatso. Rub some dirt on it. Unless you can throw for 300 yards and 3 TDs every week, you might as well be one of those invisible children in China. -Maybe all of the Bengals' problems were NOT just Marvin Lewis. - The Texans scored 53 points and look amazing. Their divisional loss to the Pats is going to be heartbreaking for them. -Colts and NO are both doing phenomenal without their marquee QBs. I don't quite get it- Bridgewater is clearly better than your average back up QB and I have always loved Brissett, but its still a little strange that both those teams are playing so well. -So, strangely, this was not Khalil Mack's revenge game; it was Gruden's. -I stand corrected; I think the Ravens are a legit team in the AFC as well. They always are. Those fucking assholes always are... Anway, Pats have a short week; play the Giants on Thursday. I just hope the Pats can somehow manage to not humiliate themselves with another barely passable 26-point win. Show some professionalism...
  13. Rockroi

    NFL 2019: Wake Belichick Up, When September Ends...

    Theory is he'll never see the signing bonus; he'll only see the game check. This will likely be b/c of language in the contract that days if he acts like a lunatic or, I don't know, that's the children of a woman who once worked for him, they don't need to pay him. Im guessing they'll reach an accord w him for a portion of the money. Or Robert Kraft will strike up a discussion w AB while v he's not looking, AB will turn around to see Kraft naked w a tastefully placed wet nap in a strategic location.
  14. Rockroi

    NFL 2019: Wake Belichick Up, When September Ends...

    Seriously hate what my computer thinks is going on when I try to quote people. So, this most recent episode with Brown has me far more up on just shit-canning him. This is NOT because the allegations are any more gross or serious. This is not merely an allegation, but an allegation with direct evidence that establishes that the alleged actions actually occurred. Here we have Brown sending group texts to 1) the woman, 2) two hired lackeys and 3) his lawyer (that retainer must be fucking gigantic) and 4) the woman saying very aggressive things and then... attaching pictures of her children to the texts. (That's an awfully nice family you got there; wouldn't want anything to happen to it, like say, having the lard-ass Richie Incognito sit on all three of them, now, would we?). We have the texts. Its been confirmed- both by the reporter and the NFL - that the cell phone in question belongs to Antonio Brown; Brown's lawyer would not comment but did say that he did not instruct AB to make contact with the woman and then added, "You will notice I did not respond to the text." There is also a rash of people- artists etc - who claim that Brown stiffed them on certain projects (I don't really care about that and do not think that in and of itself warrants a suspension from the NFL). However, I heard an interview this morning from the reporter and he (and apparently another NFL reporters) both agree that 1) this story is not over and that 2) more, similar allegations are going to come down the pike and will potentially include criminal charges. I think that just given the SI story and what Brown did, something has to be done. I hope that the Pats do it on their own and we do not have to wind through the stupid universe of the COmmissioner and have him make a dumb decision.