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  1. I totally agree that Capaldi was a great Doctor who did not get scripts worthy of his talent until the last season. (I also think some of the difficulty in his first two seasons lay in the characterization of Clara - the writers seemed to be much fonder of her than of the Doctor, and were building her up to be as smart and funny as the Doctor, but she wasn't; and it was like the show was Clara, co-starring The Doctor; she had a great death scene and then was magically recalled to life, which felt like a cheat) I thought Bill was an interesting, fun Companion; and would have liked to have seen more of her. I'll also mention that I've liked the 12th Doctor's hair especially this past season; wild and weird, but it fit him as well as the mad guitar-playing. The Christmas special was good, one of the better ones, especially in the last half-hour - a stroke of genius and I did not see the revelation of the Captain's identity coming.
  2. I find it very hard to believe that Lyanna did not send any word to her father about her elopement with Rhaegar. It doesn't make sense; she would have known that Lord Stark and Lord Baratheon would take Lyanna's leaving with Rhaegar as a huge insult and might believe that Rhaegar took her against her will. I think Lyanna could have guessed how angry Brandon would be. True, her having gone with Rhaegar of her own will would not have diminished the insult to Robert (it would have made things worse); but Lyanna's telling her father and brothers what was really going on might have put the Starks in a wait-and-see mode as far as any action taken against House Targaryen, especially if Lyanna reassured them as to her well-being. I think Lyanna might have sent some kind of message, but it was either never delivered or stopped along the way.
  3. Raksha 2014

    What is the worst small council you can come up with?

    Master of Whisperers: Ned Stark Master of Coin: Robin Arryn Master of Ships: Sam Tarly Master of Laws: Cersei Lannister Grand Maester: Sandor Clegane Lord Commander of the Kingsguard: Petyr Baelish a.k.a. "Ser Petyr the Little" Hand of the King: Ser Bronn of the Blackwater
  4. I'm not sure how much interest or allegiance the Northern lords will have in Jon Snow as KiTN when they hear he bent the knee to Daenerys and pledged her the support of the North; and learning that he is the supposed Targaryen heir might make them rethink Sansa Stark's suitability to rule the North, or even little Lyanna Mormont. Also, unless Sam Tarly thought to bring the High Septon's diary containing the crucial entry about the annulment of the Rhaegar/Elia marriage and the secret marriage of Rhaegar & Lyanna, there's no proof beyond the supposed visions of a creepy teenaged boy and the word of Jon Snow's best friend. We saw Sam leave the High Septon's diary in the Citadel; so unless he went back and grabbed it before leaving, I don't think too many people will take the claim of Jon's legitimate Targaryen roots seriously. Even if he's riding Rhaegal; they could assume that Jon cannot be the Targaryen heir, only Lyanna's bastard by Rhaegar.
  5. Raksha 2014

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    Sansa's emotional/sexual development going through puberty into adolescence is probably rather messed up. At a time when young girls in stable situations could negotiate the balance between propriety and their changing bodies and new sexual feelings, Sansa was being stripped and beaten for Robb's victories, protected then stalked by Sandor, pawed by Dontos, married to a much older man who she could not respond to, and taken and kissed by Littlefinger (which Sansa doesn't seem to have enjoyed so much as tolerated). Then, when she was still in her teens, Sansa was badly abused and raped by Ramsay from her wedding night onward. It's no wonder she's no longer the starry-eyed young girl dreaming of a prince charming, or even, perhaps, of any man giving her some degree of pleasure or children. (it's interesting that in the books, Sandor seems to have been a catalyst for the limited sexual awakening Sansa did experience) I could see Sansa eventually marrying as long as she gets a major (or the only) voice in the choice of the bridegroom. Tyrion would, in my opinion, be a very long shot for that honor, but it's not totally impossible.
  6. The problem with teaching Sansa how to fight, at least now; is that it is similar to trying to force Arya to be a lady. Sansa has no interest or (as far as we know) aptitude for fighting. And as Lady of Winterfell with a much stronger aptitude for sewing; her talents would be far better put to use in organizing and supervising the making of warm clothing for the fighters and others; since without suitable gloves and cloaks, they will die of frostbite and/or pneumonia. And if the wights get close enough to Sansa for her to physically try to fight them off, she's dead unless she has several guards with fire and an incoming dragon. If the fighting cooks in the Battle of Castle Black were Night's Watch (as opposed to women from the town below) - I can't remember - than they were probably sturdy thugs who had at least had some arms training, not for a few weeks, but for at least a few months, when they first came there. I'm not sure that Sansa will have a few months to train before the Army of the Dead hits Winterfell.
  7. Littlefinger could have had Sansa and Winterfell if, instead of trying to persuade Sansa that her sister was going to kill her; he had undermined the mostly absent Jon's rule to a few Northern lords and had them perform a coup as well, dangle Sansa as a bride along with the Kingship of the North to one or two of them (perhaps Arya to another), then, as the coup begins, go running to Sansa with the news that these lords are rebelling against Jon and plan to seize her and offer to marry Sansa himself to save her and enforce it with the might of the Vale knights; and meanwhile assure that Arya is either killed in the process or shipped off to the Vale as a bride for Robin and hope that Robin has her pushed out the Moon Door. That would have had a better chance of working... What bothered me was not the final confrontation with Littlefinger, but the sloppiness in plotting that led up to it. We were led to believe that Arya had some serious anger towards Sansa and was threatening her life or at least bent on scaring Sansa; and we still don't know whether that interplay was real or manufactured to draw out Littlefinger; because we don't know when Sansa discussed Littlefinger with Bran. It looks like Arya was in on Sansa's plan when Arya was brought to the hall for 'trial', since Arya had the dagger. But I would have liked to see Sansa have enough agency to not only distrust Littlefinger, but go to talk to her visionary brother herself to get some extra intel. I personally think that Sansa realized that Littlefinger was pushing her to get rid of Arya shortly before she sent Brienne to King's Landing; since that move would signal to Littlefinger that Sansa wanted Arya's only protection gone from Winterfell. But we don't know; and if we assue that Arya and Sansa's increasingly tense and bitter conversations were pre-arranged to confuse Littlefinger, than why was Sansa digging through Arya's things and pulling out Faceless-masks? And why would Sansa have looked so hurt and horror-stricken when Arya coldly threatened to kill her, with real tears in Sansa's eyes? Littlefinger couldn't have seen that much if he was peeping through a keyhole, mainly he would have heard their voices...
  8. Didn't Cersei mention that the Golden Company has elephants? I foresee a big Dothraki vs. G.C. battle, horses vs. elephants; where are the Rohirrim when you need them...
  9. It wouldn't surprise me if Robin confounded everyone and survived. Whether he'll ever mature into a decent person is another matter...
  10. Sansa is still young. One doesn't become a political mastermind in even two or three seasons. She's showing that she is one of the few Starks who can understand and use politics without forgetting her Stark heritage. Sansa was clever enough to appear to listen to Littlefinger and be his obedient pupil, while totally deceiving him and managing to trap him and have him killed in full view of his supposed allies from the Vale. If Sansa had tipped her hand earlier, Littlefinger would have found a way out and made his way back to the Vale or another refuge.
  11. I have to wonder a little about the odd reluctance of the show's writers to mention Sansa to Sandor or Sandor to Sansa this season (can't remember if Brienne told Sansa last season that the Hound had Arya with him). Brienne chats with Sandor about Arya's survival, mentioning that she's in Winterfell, but doesn't say she's with her brother and sister. Does anyone think that the writers might be setting up a Sandor/Sansa reunion next season, and possibly more than one conversation?
  12. I loved it when Sansa used Littlefinger's own words against him. And she said she's a slow learner, but she does learn. (which is an interesting reflection on her former self-characterization as a "stupid, stupid little girl".
  13. Raksha 2014

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    1. Drogon's entry into the dragon pit - and exit. Beautiful work, very believable, loved his stretching his wings. 2. Tyrion's meeting with Cersei. (he's finally had a decent scene!) 3. The Stark she-wolves bring down Littlefinger! Reconciliation of Sansa and Arya - the Pack Survives (for now). I just wish there had been more reminiscing. 4. Sandor and Brienne's brief discussion on the road into the city. (but no mention of Sansa?) 5. Jaime's Independence Day! 6. Snow falling on Jaime and the South. Winter is here.
  14. I just wish there had been more setup of the Starks/Littlefinger trial. So much of that seemed to take place offscreen; and we still don't know how and when Sansa made her decisions. I am soooo glad that Sansa finally took down Littlefinger. But will we ever know if he had her worried that Arya was going to kill and replace her and then Sansa thought it over and talked to Bran or if Sansa just pretended (very convincingly) to fear a coup by Arya? And I really, really wanted the girls to reminisce about the Hound, not to mention their other experiences of the past several years.
  15. Raksha 2014

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Overall, not a bad episode, but not the strongest finale I've seen in the show. When did Sam transcribe the High Septon's entry about annulling Rhaegar's marriage and wedding R + L? Gilly was reading the entry to him and Sam was absolutely uninterested? And does Sam have any proof of the entry's existence, other than Gilly's memory? Will the North, or Daenerys, or the rest of Westeros, ever accept Jon as the righful Targaryen heir based on either his teenaged brother's visions or his best friend's girlfriend's memory of reading a High Septon's diary back in the Citadel? Dany and Jon are going to be very confused... Is Sophie Turner's acting rather stilted in the episode, or is it just me? There's not much emotion registering in her voice and face. And I would have preferred some indication that she and Arya planned the turnabout on Littlefinger, and that Sansa had even talked to Bran, instead of leaving the viewers to connect all the dots. I am celebrating Jaime's Independence Day, Finally! I wish Cersei joy of Euron on his eventual return; they deserve each other. Tormund and Beric are presumably dead? Where's Gendry? Is the final season coming out in 2018 or 2019?