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  1. I very much enjoyed the new Dune movie; but I have reservations about how well Chalamet will do in Part II. He can play the brooding adolescent/young man quite well, but he will have to portray a rising and charismatic leader in the second movie; and I'm not sure he can credibly do so.
  2. Charles Dance was absolutely brilliant in The Crown's Season 3 and should have been Emmy/BAFTA-nominated. Menzies did a great job as Prince Phillip, too.
  3. House Martell, apparently obliterated with no consequences (i.e. their Dornish vassals ousting the bastard Ellaria and her accomplices in the murders of a reigning prince and his only heir - tolerating bastards is one thing, allowing three of them to murder a prince and his son is another). And what happened to Oberyn's younger daughters (in the show, as in the books, he has eight daughters); did they disappear? Unless the unnamed Dornish guy who turns up at the council in King's Landing in the last episode is a distant Martell cousin; but they don't even say who he is.
  4. I think the role of Geralt is a good one for Henry Cavill - he doesn't talk too much, he looks good half-naked, and he's a physical enough actor to do well with the fighting scenes (which I'll admit to not watching very closely). I don't particularly like Yennefer as a character, but she seems to have evolved to become a better person by the end of Season 1. I'm in it mostly to watch Ciri's journey. I like her; I think the actress playing her does a good job. I'm not sure how old the TV character is supposed to be - fourteen or fifteen? I liked the young Elf who was helping her; and hope they meet again. I would have liked to see a lot more of Calanthe. She was a powerful and interesting character; and I liked how Jodhi May played her.
  5. Well, it's nice to see that Ivar can enjoy an activity that doesn't involve slaughtering people.
  6. Yes, Aragorn reclaims the Kingship of Gondor, marries Arwen, and unites north and south as the Reunited Kingdom. But when the hobbits, who were definitely more the protagonists of the story than Aragorn, return to their beloved Shire, it has been conquered and oppressed (at least part of it) by Saruman and various evil men. The hobbits have to fight to reclaim it, and for the first time, war enters the historically peaceful Shire. They win, and take up their lives. Frodo, who is the central character of the story, cannot enjoy the peace that he helped to win; he is physically and emotionally worn out and cannot live in Middle-earth; he must leave for Valinor with Gandalf & Galadriel & Elrond (who take with them much, if not all, of the magic of Middle-earth) to be healed there. And the other Elves who still live in Middle-earth will eventually leave too; because the Age of Men has begun. There is much joy and relief to be had by most of the characters who survived Sauron's fall, but there is sorrow too. So I'm hoping that GRRM will have a satisfying mix of bitter and sweet, not all sweet and not all bitter. That's assuming that GRRM will actually finish the story - I'm praying he will.
  7. I thought that GRRM called the LOTR ending 'bittersweet' not due to the Aragorn/Arwen marriage, but due to the occupation of the Shire, the hobbits taking back the Shire and rebuilding, and Frodo's having emotional and physical wounds that don't heal and his having saved the Shire but having to leave it (and Middle-earth) in order to live. Also, many of the Elves leave Middle-earth; the Fourth Age is the Age of Men.
  8. The episode gets a 7 from me. It was probably my favorite of this season, which isn't saying all that much; since the season as a whole disappointed me. I loved the cinematography and the performances of Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, and Kit Harington. Drogon didn't die; and Jon was reunited with Ghost and embraced both his wolf and the North. Arya pursues the adventures she's always craved, under a Stark-bannered ship. Sansa will rule an independent North. Bran says a few words; and I'm glad Tyrion isn't dead. Pod and Brienne survived. But there are sooo many plotholes! The Council/Kingsmoot was a joke. Since it's implied that at least a few weeks have passed since Daenerys' death, there was surely time to summon more lords to the table. There still should be some more noble houses left standing. A Council consisting of: Bran Stark the weird teenaged wizard, Arya Stark, his Night King-slaying sister, Sansa Stark, Lady of Winterfell, Robin Arryn who is Sansa's first cousin and Robin's minder Regent Whasisname Royce, Gendry the upjumped Bastard of Flea Bottom new Lord Baratheon who is definitely a Stark loyalist, Edmure Tully who's finally been released from a Frey or Lannister dungeon and who is the young Starks' uncle, plus a quiet Dornish prince, Yara Greyjoy and Tyrion Lannister who's just been let out of jail - this Council is mostly composed of Starks and their friends and relatives, with Yara the only dissenting voice. I don't count Grey Worm as a member of the Council; he's a foreign invader there by virtue of his army and the fact that he apparently has the key to Jon Snow's cell. How is this Council's ruling, that a crippled teenaged wizard who hardly ever talks would make a suitable King of Westeros, going to stand? What armies are going to enforce it when various nobles start to rebel? Grey Worm is taking the Unsullied to Naath; there are no more Lannister or Highgarden troops of which we know. Is Robin Arryn going to hang around King's Landing with the Vale-Knights for awhile and help out Cousin Bran? Where did the Dothraki go? Are they merrily pillaging other parts of Westeros, or have they shipped out back to Essos? As for the rule of the Six Kingdoms: How is this new ruling Council going to fund their projects, especially, I assume, the rebuilding of King's Landing? There's no more Lannister Gold, the Crown was in debt to the Iron Bank, Didn't the Lannisters take all of Highgarden's wealth/supplies? Is it still Winter in the South of Westeros at the end? And who's ruling the Twins? Why would any remaining nobles in the Six Kingdoms trust Tyrion, the Kinslaying Imp who was convicted of his nephew's murder and who returned to Westeros with the invading Dragon Queen, to be the Hand of this weird Stark boy? And the ambiguity of the final scene was odd - is Jon Snow condemned to the Night's Watch or is he 'paroled' to the Free Folk as the Night's Watch's representative? Are there more than two other guys in the Night's Watch now? Presumably, the books' ending (if it is ever published) will flesh out these details a bit more. I personally think that with over a year to prepare for this last season, and HBO's apparent go-ahead on more episodes, we could have had a bit more texture and less sloppy-shocky plotting in both Season 8 and the series' final episode.
  9. Arya freed him (if he was being held at the Twins) in one of those scenes D&D forgot to write.
  10. I think Jaime and Cersei will both die; but maybe in different ways from the books. I actually liked their last scene in the show; all their arrogance and pride gone, their love being the only thing left and only for a few more seconds. But GRRM might well do it differently and probably better. TV-Euron was a brutish teddy bear; we already know he is much more dangerous in the books.
  11. From a recent (April 19) interview in Rolling Stone (interviewer in bold): So you’re gonna be somewhat surprised by their ending then, perhaps … Well, to a degree. I mean, I think … the major points of the ending will be things that I told them, you know, five or six years ago. But there may also be changes, and there’ll be a lot added. And I've heard/read the same thing elsewhere. So at least some of what we saw tonight will very likely be at the end of the books.
  12. I hadn't heard that GRRM gave them a rushed panicked list; I'd heard that he told them the ending but said that he didn't know how he was getting to that point. Anyway, there's no reason why he can't keep the ending (with better buildup) or change some of it or do a completely different ending including who lives and who dies among the main characters. But for now, I can be glad that Sansa and Davos and Jon made it out alive. (I always believed that Arya and Tyrion would live)
  13. What happened to the Dothraki? Are they merrily pillaging and raping their way across Westeros, or did they return to Essos?
  14. GRRM never had veto power over the scripts. I think he was given the option to write some of them, which he did; but stopped because he was supposedly trying to catch up on The Winds of Winter.
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