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  1. I can't understand why Rhaenyra didn't take Laenor (in the show) to visit his uncle and have a discrete fling with the uncle; and get herself a white-haired baby of Valyrian blood that would resemble her husband; and keep it all in the family. I'd even have suggested a go-round with the Sea Snake himself; but that might annoy Rhaenys and doing it with one's uncle-in-law might be easier than with one's father-in-law who one has known since childhood (even if TV-Corlys is hot).
  2. The reunion of Aegon and Viserys, which is possibly the high point of Aegon's rather unhappy life, would be a good place to end the show.
  3. I've always thought that the one person Daemon would not betray was his brother. He would annoy him, be rude to him, be a thorn in his side; but Daemon emotionally needs Viserys and craves Viserys' approval and attention.
  4. Oberyn does not, to his credit, seem focussed on hurting all the Lannisters; he doesn't seem to have any desire to harm Cersei or her children, or Tyrion - they had no part in the cruel destruction of Oberyn's beloved sister and her young children. He is, justifiably focussed on getting vengeance on the killer of Elia and Elia's baby boy, and upon the Lannister who ordered it (the Lannister patriarch, Tywin). Sadly, once Oberyn is dead, and Tywin follows him, since Oberyn's daughters are unable to focus their anger over their father's death (and all the rage that he held for 17+ years since the slaughter of Elia and her little ones) in revenge on Tywin, they are turning their anger towards Tywin's descendants, most of whom had nothing to do with the deaths of Elia and her kids or even Oberyn's death since Oberyn pretty much chose his own demise. There's a chance that Kevan Lannister might share culpability for the murders of Elia's babies; since he rubber-stamped everything Tywin did, but we don't know if he knew about it before or after the fact; and in any case, the older Sand Snakes (except for Sarella, who is apparently away at the Citadel) are saving Kevan for later, zeroing in on little Tommen and possibly Myrcella (we don't know what they plan for her short or long-term, or for Cersei). I don't think that Oberyn had any interest in slaughtering Tommen or Myrcella - children - for their grandfather's crime. I am less sure of Doran, though...
  5. Did anyone else notice that they seemed to be using Cane Corso dogs as hunting dogs? I'm wondering if this is the only hunting breed in all of Westeros? Usually, medieval European-type aristocrats and kings would use scenthounds for hunting; Cane Corsos have a history of use as protectors of home and livestock. Ramsay Bolton used them to track and slaughter helpless girls in the TV show; of course, and lived to learn first-hand the consequences of starving an aggressive breed as a training tactic.
  6. There should always be more Pugs. Daemon would be a kinder, gentler fellow with a Pug on his lap. A Pug would help poor over-burdened Viserys relax. Rhaenys Velaryon might be a bit less steely and a bit more calm if she had a Pug to love, especially now that her kids are growing up and getting into trouble of their own. And couldn't the Kingsguard use a Pug as a mascot, with a cute white cloak?
  7. I might have been more bothered if the actor playing King Viserys or Daemon Targaryen were black; since the Targaryen's pale skin is mentioned in the books. But for me, the story and the actors' ability to incarnate the character are the most important thing. I like TV-Corlys just fine. I don't care that he's not white. Maybe his unnamed mother was a summer islander. Steve Toussaint is good, his chemistry with Eve Best is good; so far they're a great power couple.
  8. It was very surprising that Alicent Hightower was hanging out in the Small Council, at the Council table at her father's side; with no objection by the mean ol' Patriarchy. I took it to mean that the King had already sealed the marriage deal with Otto Hightower and perhaps told the Council, and that Rhaenyra and possibly Alicent were the last to know. Why else would Otto bring his daughter in to attend Council with him? (makes no sense) Daemon's lying about his girlfriend's pregnancy and then making things even worse by stealing the dragon's egg intended for his late nephew, the baby Prince Baelon, was a bit awkward - I could only take as Daemon getting bored again so he has to find something painful to use to annoy his brother to get Viserys' attention. Only Rhaenyra crashes Daemon's pity-party/attention bid, so no one gets stabbity-burned. At least Daemon seems to develop a new respect for Rhaenyra, so his squatter's party on Dragonstone accomplished something at least. I still enjoy the show and will continue to watch it.
  9. Interesting; but how was the Targaryens' power ill-gotten? Do you mean the power they derived from conquering Westeros or the means they used to make that conquest, i.e. dragons? And how does that power save the realm? So far, the key player in saving the realm, as far as we know, in the television version of the story, at least from the White Walkers/Night's King, is Arya Stark and her special Faceless Man training; which has nothing to do with Targaryen conquests or dragons. But you are right in that it is very true that House Targaryen rips itself apart, sacrifices its youngest children, not (at least as far as I can tell) necessarily for their ability to ride the dragons but for the chance to sit on the Iron Throne and rule Westeros.
  10. Too much blood (which looked fake, at least to me, after awhile) and no fire and I could not decipher the symbols at all. I don't think an opening theme should have to be constantly stopped-and-continued via YouTube for the viewers to get a sense of what it means.
  11. It's odd; Alicent, played by an actress who was 17 to 18, I believe, at the time the show was filmed, looks older than Rhaenyra, who is supposed to be 14-15 in the first two episodes and was played by an actress who was 22 when they filmed her. I don't remember anyone mentioning Alicent's age in the show. In the books, she marries at the age of 18.
  12. Or is TV-Rhaenyra still too young to have grown into the viciousness she later displays? Of course, she hasn't tried to seduce anyone yet; but that might come soon. Daemon is more boyish and bratty than he was in the book, I think, also definitely more needy. I wish they would skip the Blood and Cheese episode entirely and have their horrible deed be a random act of possibly mob violence (perhaps combining it with Maelor's eventual fate), but I doubt, judging by just the first two episode, that HBO will pass up the chance to intensify the violence content in the show.
  13. Daemon is not happy unless he is the center of attention or at least getting a lot of approval, applause, praise. He's got an ego bigger than Caraxes' gullet. I pity his next wife, and imagine there will be fireworks with #3.
  14. Ser Otto really put his foot in it, and some hapless other men's lives, at risk, by traipsing off to Dragonstone with King Viserys' writ, rather than the King's actual presence, to try to get the Rogue Prince to toe the line. Hasn't Otto learned by now that Daemon is a loose cannon who can go off at any time; and that the only person so far who can stop that cannon is Viserys? (and he wasn't there). Also, did Otto forget that Daemon left King's Landing on the back of a dragon, so that in all probability he probably still had said dragon close by, which would give him a huge advantage over a few armed men? It's darned lucky that Rhaenyra showed up. She has now become the second person in the world who can stop that loose cannon from firing. At least sometimes. I can see why the Velaryons advanced their child as a pawn in the Game at so young an age, but sheesh. She's practically a baby. All she did was make Viserys shudder and run (figuratively) into the Hightowers' arms, horrified by the thought of wedding and bedding a cute little girl.
  15. Yes, it's Stone & Blood apparently. Paddy Considine continues to be the acting MVP of the show. Milly Alcock is doing a great job. I was charmed by the Laena/Viserys scene; the young lady playing Laena was perfect, going from bright little girl to Velaryon pawn speaking Mommy's lines (or Daddy's). Eve Best was good, too. Mysaria is, so far, pretty much useless arm candy for Daemon. Daemon was a posturing brat in this episode; hopefully he'll be more useful in the next episode; I really want to see him team up with the Sea Snake (let a real man show him how real men behave). I liked the Viserys convo with Lord Strong too. I think that Viserys had already asked Otto Hightower for Alicent's hand in marriage; why else would she be standing at her father's side at a meeting of the Small Council? There's no reason for her to be there. Viserys should have told Rhaenyra that he was going to marry Alicent...
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