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  1. Yeah I've been saying for a while now that NSW could do with a few weeks of tighter rules to eliminate their current lot of cases, and ensure it doesn't blow up. If there's any chance of having to go into a prolonged hard lockdown like Vic (and the associated economic and social harm) it's worth avoiding.
  2. Melbourne has been had hundreds of cases per day for near a month now. Has near 8k known active cases. It had at mostly stabilised after an initial pretty light lock down, but was stubbornly ticking along at around 400-500 new cases per day. They've now gone into a much harsher lockdown which seems to be starting to bring the numbers per day (and positive test rate) down. As @The Anti-Targ says most of the deaths are in aged care facilities where the CFR is far far higher. However it's limited to Victoria at the moment. All other Australian states have closed their borders to them and seem under control, though NSW looks occasionally dicey.
  3. It varied by state, but lockdown throughout Australia during the 'first wave' was pretty much everything still open aside from gyms, bars, cafes & resturants, people strongly encouraged to work / study from home if they could, schools shut for a couple months, borders closed between most states. No gatherings larger than 2-10 people (dependent on which state you were in). No leaving home aside from for work, exercise or to do essential shopping (again enforcement of this depended upon where you lived). Businesses which remained open were required to enforce distancing between employees / customers. Anyone feel free to correct me if I got any details wrong, here in SA our lockdown was extremely light. There was minimal enforcement and we could still having gatherings in friends / family homes of up to 10 people. Though it was strongly discouraged. However even during lockdown light driving into work in late March was eerie. I have never seen less traffic on the roads. Anyway, along with incoming traveller quarantine it was enough to ensure it didn't really get a foothold in Australia aside from in Vic & NSW, and drive case numbers to near 0 there too. Then after opening up there was a breach in quarantine, which the previous soft lockdown strategy annoyingly doesn't seem to be getting completely on top of, at least in Vic. NSW seems to be remaining largely under control through contact tracing alone at the moment, though it looks kinda sketchy.
  4. I guess "lockdown working, but not as effectively as hoped" isn't as snappy a headline. Need to look at the week on week trendline rather than single day figures which are prone to testing anomolies. Having said that, a couple days running of record / near record cases and a higher positive test % is concerning. But yes, I'm becoming more annoyed at the clickbaity headlines on the ABC news website as of late, they've started using ones which intentionally leave out key bits of information to force clicks.
  5. I think Sydney should at least move to mandatory masks. The clusters are becoming a little widespread for comfort.
  6. Having someone point a camera at the TV is piracy anyway. So it's . Except the point a camera at the TV method will give you awful picture & sound quality to boot. VPN is more legally grey depending on where you are. Would go that route myself.
  7. As brook said there's no reported cases of community transmission outside of Vic & NSW in a couple months now (correct me if I've missed any). So it effectively has been eliminated. I know in SA we've been more or less completely open and back to normal for the last several weeks, and our wastewater covid testing hasn't shown a thing. I'm pretty confident it isn't here. Would spread like wildfire otherwise. Despite the daily panicked headlines it looks to me like the Victorian situation is starting to come under control. Been hanging around that ~400 cases a day number for a few days now. Is certainly not doubling in positive test numbers every 5-6 days like it was at the start of the month, and we're just really seeing the effects of lockdown. The mask use should hopefully drive those numbers down further. Next few days will be critical to see where it heads.
  8. I wouldn't be so down on yourself. There's probably people here who are more qualified to talk about making muscle gains, but to me it sounds like you're pushing pretty hard for someone who hasn't done much before. Recovery days (either light workout days or days entirely off) are just as important as the days you workout. Really 3-4 days of workouts a week should be enough, especially at the start. You don't make gains during the workout, you make them while your body recovers and rebuilds. Giving it time to do that is very important. If you've got a fast metabolism building muscle mass can be a real pain, I had that problem in my 20s and early 30s. It's mostly diet, but also about what your main stimulus is. I would look for a program or a trainer to guide you in maximizing the gains you're looking for, rather than just doing a bit of everything. Also if you're doing a lot of cardio it'll probably be counterproductive for muscle mass gain. But yeah, don't stress, learn when to push yourself and when you need to stop and recover, and enjoy yourself. Otherwise you'll just burn out.
  9. Looks pretty positive. A 2 shot vaccine schedule isn't unusual. One of the major concerns about the technology, the presence neutralizing antibodies to the adenovirus vector reducing vaccine efficacy, was addressed and doesn't seem to have had an effect in this cohort. And no severe adverse events so far. We'll have to see how it fares in phase 3. Major concern is duration at this stage.
  10. I'm not really convinced it would've needed to be stricter, simply a few weeks longer. Elimination certainly happened with the lockdown policy as it stood in all states and territories barring NSW & Vic. Though the Victorian situation atm may well have happened anyway as it was due to a failure in quarantine which wasn't immediately picked up. I don't think anyone foresaw the lockdown being as effective as it was in crushing the curve, and having committed to a suppression strategy the political will just wasn't there to go the one step further. But yes, in hindsight, if we're going to dance between lockdown and opening for the next 6 months elimination may well have been worth going for. Hopefully by that stage at least it should be pretty clear if any of the vaccine candidates in human trials are effective. In the worst case if nothing else we will have bought a few months to get PPE stockpiled, beds ready, and more information on the treatment severe cases. And authorities here seem slowly to be coming around on mask use in outbreak situations - something which most western countries weren't doing at the start of the epidemic. So don't think the time spent is a waste whatever happens. Many lives will have been saved.
  11. Yeah the Victorian situation is quite concerning. If it really gets out of control I can't see it being solely contained to the one state. Too much essential traffic coming across borders. Really hope they can get it under control.
  12. I have a belt with pockets in it (Flipbelt) for long runs. Keeps keys, gels, phone, water etc all tightly compressed about my waist so no annoying me having stuff hitting my legs as I run. Would highly recommend getting something like it. Years ago I used an arm band for my phone for shorter runs, but that annoyed me as it moves around, so these days I mostly just carry it in my hand if I'm not gearing up for anything longer than 30mins. I never planned meals around running, aside from racing. Never really thought about it. Don't think I could've marathon trained if I didn't fit food in whenever. Hard enough getting the mileage in as it is. Gotta keep the carb intake up.
  13. Just to follow up my earlier post on the paper up thread. Having had a bit more of a look at the paper and discussed it with a few colleagues. We're all of the opinion that the March 2019 hit is almost certainly a false positive, it's probably been included in the paper only to grab headlines and boost the profile of the publication. Otherwise the paper is utterly unremarkable, and it's very light on detail of their actual methodology. Actually it pisses me off a little.
  14. Haven't had a long time to look at that paper, though hopefully should get some time today. It's interesting they're using the same viral concentration method we are (PEG6000), we've been getting some grief over that as most are using a filtration based method. Yeah, I'm doubtful about the March 2019 hit, betting it's a false positive. It's a very late, weak hit with only 2/5 of their diagnostic panel. You're right, there's nothing stopping them sequencing, so personally I wouldn't publish that without checking at least those portions of the viral genome first - both to check it is SARS-COV-2, and to check it isn't identical to anything else they have floating around in the lab (controls etc).
  15. When I'm running a lot I find it very important to keep a decent carb intake over the week, Unless I've been going super hard and I know I'm running on empty I won't really worry about it. But after a couple terrible experiences I keep an emergency gel with me in case of a midrun crash. Though tbh by the time you know about it (that omg I'm super hungry / faint feeling on a run is the worst thing ever), you're pretty much screwed already. I've been running a bit more myself, nothing crazy, putting in about 20km a week at the moment. Strength training going pretty well. Got a full 5x5 pullup workout at bodyweight +15kg the other day without failure. Going to push it up to +17.5kg after a bit of an easier rest week next week. Now able to hold bodyweight +20kg on a 7sec max hang from a 20mm edge too. Slowly working towards a front lever but need far more core work for that. Pretty happy with it all, climbing is getting much easier. Pushing into V5/6 boulders.
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