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  1. I've never been a big fan of Albo. Personally I find him less charismatic than Shorten, and that isn't a high bar. And at least with Shorten I got a feeling of competence (managed to unite the various Labor factions into a cohesive team and stopped the infighting), and that he believed to a decent extent in what he was selling. At the moment I have no idea what Labor stands for. It'll never happen as a good portion of the electorate would revolt, but I feel either Wong or Pilbersek would be far better leaders. ScoMo is riding high on COVID at the moment, but I was thinking the other day, what has he actually done? He's largely just gotten out of the way and let the individual states do their thing, while occasionally sniping at Andrews and yelling at everyone else to open their borders. Sure I guess there's the stimulus. But either side would've pushed that through. The real test will be over the coming couple of years, especially with the China relationship completely in the bin.
  2. 5x5 clean(ish, head was over the bar at least) weighted pullups at +22.5kg (~50lb) today. PB so pretty happy with that. Also been training 1 arm pullups with assistance (band or pulley system to take some weight off). Turns out those are super hard, who knew. Honestly don't think I'll have a chance until I can 5x5 at least another 10kg weighted. Otherwise have a finger joint strain. Cramping my climbing style, but at least it isn't a blown pulley. Been doing a lot of endurance / open hand work which my physio tells me I can do safely. 3-4 weeks until I can climb hard again. Counting down the days.
  3. You've got to remember Adelaide is 1/4 the size of Sydney or Melbourne (and far less dense). So on that ratio 10k/tests yesterday is very comparable to peak testing in Victoria or NSW. Sure there's been some bottlenecks but its on 3 days notice. ETA: I know a few people now who've been tested, and results are coming back inside 24hrs too.
  4. Yeah I think I was expecting more of this kind of reaction on Monday. Though possibly not quite this hard. Had been lulled a bit into a false sense of security. I'm happier with overreacting than underreacting at this point though.
  5. Oh wow. We're now headed into a super hard lockdown for most of the next week. No leaving the home aside from for essential reasons (basically grocery shopping or health reasons) at all.
  6. At the risk of more math fail: Their calculation looks to be 1-(5/90) = 94.4% Which is the number ive seen reported. Also works for your hypothetical.
  7. Yeah its 6am. I shouldn't try math.
  8. Sorry should be more specific. I'm in SA. Back into lockdown we go.
  9. Oh yes it's a colossal logistical problem whichever way you slice it, I completely agree. This will not be a quick or easy vaccination campaign, and the -80C storage requirement just adds another layer of complexity. Was just pointing out there's a relatively low-tech and accessible way for short distance distribution which people who aren't familiar with the bio-medical industry may not be aware of.
  10. Yeah you could safely throw out PA, lose AZ, and still be at 276 with GA and NV. And that's without reducing the target to 260 due to throwing a state out. Hell get rid of PA and Biden can safely lose GA and wins with only NV. They have to overturn a lot of results to win this election.
  11. Just on this. Shipping medical supplies and short term (day or 2) storage on dry ice (below -70) is not an uncommon thing. So I'm not convinced vaccination could only occur at facilities with dedicated -80s. Though yes the storage requirements does really make it a lot harder for remote and rural areas.
  12. So Biden's lead in Georgia is now up at 10k. On the numbers we were given there can't be many, if any left to count. That's far more solid a lead than anyone was predicting.
  13. I'm going to pretty much parrot the twitter thread @rotting sea cow linked a couple pages ago, and say I'd be leaning towards it being nothing much to worry about. Haven't read the paper, but if it's going to have any effect on the currently developed vaccines at all, it'll be a previously unseen mutation in the spike receptor binding domain - the target of most vaccines atm. As it's arisen in minks it's likely one that'll make it more virulent in minks, and that would likely make it less in humans. I would speculate that because otherwise it probably would've occurred and become at least somewhat prevelant over the now literally hundreds of millions of human infections, and billions of billions of viral generations. As soon as SARS-CoV-2 starts running through a farmed animal population they'll start destroying the animals regardless of the mutations or lack of them - you simply don't want to have a reservoir of virus out there as a potential source of infection. Now it's possible the mutation could give an advantage under selective pressure from a vaccine. But none have been rolled out in any kind of widespread way yet. And frankly, if it is a vaccine-escape mutation which is decently viable in the human population, it'll probably occur pretty damn fast when we inoculate a good portion of the population against the virus anyway.
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