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  1. Today is a good day because I just got Pfizer'd! 2nd dose booked in for about 1 months time.
  2. Yeah I kinda struggle with this. Having done a decent amount of lab cell culture work I know how much of a pain they are to keep pathogen free. Cells grown in a lab don't have an immune system. They're hyper suspetible to bacteria / viruses / parasites, and if anything at all gets in it'll just grow unchecked. I know the labs currently growing lab meat say that aren't / won't be using antibiotics, but on an industrial scale the temptation to throw some antimicrobial agents in as a layer of protection against throwing away large quantities of product out will be quite strong imo. Having said that I 100% agree that we need to move away from industrial scale animal consumption for environmental reasons if nothing else. Lab grown meat has the potential fill that gap, would be very interested to try some. My wife is 100% vegetarian (I eat vegetarian about 4-5 days a week mostly just for convenience in food prep these days), and has said she'd be onboard with trying some too, first 'animal' meat she would've intentionally eaten in a decade.
  3. This is a pretty poorly written article from a scientific standpoint. I know it's trying to distill some pretty complex molecular biology, but the terminology in the first couple paragraphs isn't great, it reads like the worst of undergrad essays. The paper is interesting. The data on the abberent splicing and soluble spike protein secretion seems pretty solid, albeit entirely based on in vitro cell culture work, but then they're making several leaps to a final mechanism in the absence of much real data. Needs more work backing it up (and peer review).
  4. I guess for a first time player maybe? I played the game a lot back between 2000-2005, a few good / evil run throughs with the various companions, and seemed I still had a pretty good memory for it. I knew pretty much what order I wanted to do the various quests going in and didn't mess about too much. SoD is a BG1EE expansion? I don't really think it counts. This run I did pretty much everything in chapter 2 aside from picking up all the random companions I wasn't going to take through to ToB and doing their content - so all possible stronghold quests, quests associated with Aerie, Jahiera, Keldorn (poor Minsc and Yoshimo don't get much). Killed all the various dragons, Kangaxx, twisted rune etc. Went into every building and talked to all the named NPCs I could find, then checked various guides / wiki to make sure I hadn't missed anything major and went back and did a few things I'd still managed to skip. If there's more than another few hours of content I didn't find I'd be surprised. So yeah, reasonably completionist. Unless ToB is far larger than I remember I'm pretty sure you'd have to be going really slowly (trying to do quests you weren't levelled enough for with a sub-optimal party, doubling back and dying a lot) and reading all the random book content to push it up above 200hrs.
  5. Getting towards the end of my Baldurs Gate series playthrough. Just started Throne of Bhaal. They've held up pretty well, though the 2e mechanics are dated and allow for some pretty cheesy solutions to boss fights, I'm still very much enjoying them. Not sure where people get the 200-300hr figure for a BG2 playthrough. Steam clocked me at about 60hrs for BG2, and I was being reasonably completionist, was well over the vanilla game xp cap when I hit the final boss fight, don't think I missed much. Even if that number includes ToB I can't see it.
  6. Most sources on google seem to indicate crocs can run at about 12-17km/hr. From wiki: That's just a little faster than my 5k pace, and well, well below the pace I (or another reasonably fit human) could hold for 100m. And they're only doing that for 20-30m, and have a pretty shitty turning circle. On land humans definitely have a speed / mobility advantage, unless you start with the croc very close and hidden, in which case the human is fucked.
  7. The city of Melbourne, Australia managed to go from 500+ positive tests per day to zero (with thousands more asymptomatic / minimally symptomatic cases assumed in the community). It took a harsh 112 day lockdown, but it's doable. Singapore has also dealt with reasonable sized outbreaks and managed effectively eliminate the virus.
  8. I love these. This weeks edition of [thing I don't like] must be linked to [other thing I don't like]. Let's try some more: Is climate change a child of my work colleage's inability to eat with his mouth closed? Are overly aggressive motorists a child of putting avocado on every single fucking thing on the breakfast menu? Is rampant consumerism a child of psychotic anti-estabilishment neo-nazi dropbears?
  9. Australia is reducing flights from India by 30% for the foreseeable future to manage the risk in the hotel quarantine system, as upwards of 40% of current cases are from there. The infection numbers being seen are just crazy, moreso as it's almost certainly just the tip of the iceberg.
  10. Yes it's odd. I'd be very surprised if NZ isn't routinely testing all its border workers, so would think they would've picked it up prior if there was a significantly more widespread cluster. I'm wondering how quickly they've been getting on to aircraft after they landed. In Australia we've seen a few cases in hotel quarantine which can only be explained by aerosols from infected people hanging around for a few minutes, and someone walking through them. In any case we'll know if there's more infections soon enough - all their co-workers will undoubtedly be tested as close contacts.
  11. I might be misreading but I think the original point was that while the queen is the official head of state, she's really just a figurehead / rubber stamp now, and so for all practical purposes the PM might as well be. No one was saying that the PM is officially the head of state.
  12. I was wondering when someone would do this. It's interesting how boring / simple these are. They're literally cut and pastes of full length sars-cov-2 spike with a couple amino acid substitution (I assume for folding / protein stability purposes). When I do an alignment they're absolutely 100% the same in their coding regions (ie the bit of RNA which matters). No wonder their performance is basically identical in trials, they're pretty much the same vaccine.
  13. Yeah I don't understand this. My sister in law is a psychiatrist working with juveniles in the public system here in SA. She was told that vaccination was not optional if she wanted to keep working in that role (not that she would've refused anyway), and was vaccinated a couple weeks ago now. I can't understand how staff on covid wards of all places aren't getting mandatory vaccinations prioritized. My wife has a theory it's whenever a national cycling competition is on. She barely avoided outbreak 1 in Brisbane last year as track nationals ended a day or 2 before, the Melbourne outbreak happened while she was in Ballarat for the national road comp, and then was about to fly up to Brisbane again on Saturday for the masters track cycling starting Wednesday, and this outbreak happened.
  14. Yes you're right, likely looks like 2 clusters, with the nurse and her sister as a separate breach. The initial reporting I saw was somewhat muddled and just referred them as 2 unlinked 'mystery' cases. With such low numbers I had assumed a single cluster with an unknown intermediary (which is the worst case), but we'll see when the sequencing results are released. My wife was meant to be flying to Brisbane on Saturday, but had cancelled at the last minute after the first case. Looks like we dodged a bullet there.
  15. The Australian game of COVID wack-a-mole continues, with Brisbane going into another short lock down for contact tracing purposes. Currently a small cluster of 7 people with no known connection between several of them.
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