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  1. So looks like the preliminary report on the market swabs has been released. Haven't had time to read it properly, but from the abstract: That's also addressed in the report: EDIT: whoops, forgot to include a link: https://zenodo.org/record/7754299#.ZBkq7nZByUk
  2. I've been holding off commenting on this as it looks to have come out as a leak after a WHO briefing by scientists with access to the data. The principle scientists involved aren't commenting yet and the data isn't available for public analysis, so imo the reporting is premature. But at most this will simply localize raccoon dogs and SARS-CoV-2 virus to the markets at the start of the pandemic, rather than anything more definitive (note that we already knew this with very high certainty). It's another data point, but isn't a smoking gun. Will be interested to read the publication, though I'm no expert in meta-genomics so a lot will go over my head. The CCP have been very keen to avoid any criticism / responsibility for the covid pandemic on any level. The 2003 SARS outbreak was strongly linked to the live animal trade and they were meant to have cracked down on it, so in many ways a repeat with none of the lessons learnt is worse than the alternatives.
  3. He outright claimed the 2017 attack was a conventional weapon attack. The UN body responsible for investigation of chemical weapon attacks later found it was a sarin attack which the Syrian government was responsible for. Anyway I'm not particularly interested in a debate about Hersh. Would only point out that he's made several controversial, anonymously sourced claims in the last decade, and tends to defend the actions of various regimes if they align themselves against the US. Would encourage anyone to have a read of his articles and interviews and make up their own mind. I personally would take his claims with respect to nord stream with a giant grain of salt.
  4. Some context is needed here. He's also a massive Assad and Putin apologist these days, denies things like the Syrian chemical attacks, and offers no source or proof of the nordsteam claim. It's possible to have too much of an anti-american bias.
  5. Unless you have some data on this I'm doubtful. At the moment panels on EVs are a complete gimmick. Basically give the power required to run the HVAC systems, or add a few (single digit) miles / kms per day. Only things like the lightyear one (makers now bankrupt) which had every surface covered in solar panels, and was designed to be efficient to the point of complete impracticality (is half again as efficient as the most efficient mass produced EVs right now) were even close to every day use. And I strongly suspect EVs will become on average less efficient with time* as battery tech / cost allows (most energy is lost through aerodynamics, aerodynamic blobs are kinda ugly, and designing largely around that can't be fun) so I can't see a simple doubling in solar power input making much of a difference. Not that may people would want to be parking a $50k+ car outside in the sun all the time anyway. Far easier / more cost effective to put a large surface area of panels near where the cars are usually parked, and use that power to charge them. *note: this is exactly what happened with combustion cars as engine / fuel technology developed
  6. The latest polling on the issue should give Labor some comfort, with 2/3s of the public approving of the change. But yeah the hyperventilation on the issue just shows how impossible any kind of meaningful tax reform would be. Could you imagine how much the (murdoch) media would blow up if they did touch capital gains or negative gearing?? They just won't go there. Ghosts of 2019.
  7. I don't really think there's much to add aside from I agree with Raja. The published genetic and epidemiological data is really quite convincing and the conclusion of a zoonosis is very strongly where the weight of the published research lies. If there's new evidence it really needs to be publicly released, but from the reporting it looks like just a rehash of the same crap from early 2020.
  8. Oh jesus christ not ivermectin. I'm sure thats being suppressed by big pharma so they can push common generic drugs like dexamethasone for severe covid. What a fantastic conspiracy.
  9. Rejoice! The radioactive capsule has been found.
  10. Extreme heat bit isn't particularly applicable to the Australian Open this year. Has been a very mild (and wet) summer. The final would've been played in approx 20C (68F), or a little lower.
  11. Probably a question best posed in the NZ/Aus thread. Not an expert on NZ politics, but it's funny how often politicians retire to "spend more time with family" right before an election they're expected to lose. Again I can't say I follow NZ politics that closely, but generally parties in the westminster system dont recycle leaders. So no, wouldn't expect that at all.
  12. I'd imagine the people cross shopping an F150 and Model Y are so tiny as to be insignificant. But people cross shopping say an EV6, Ioniq 5 (neither are now eligible for the credit), Mach E etc. If I were sitting on a waitlist for one of those and I could get a cheaper Model Y which has actual availibility, is larger, more range for the spec, vertically integrated charging network, far better app / OTA support. Would be hard to go past despite Elon's antics. I would be surprised if there isn't a lot of cancellations on this news. People were cross shopping those options when the Model Y was literally $20k more expensive a couple months ago. Sure Elon has done his best to destoy his branding, but that's a lot of money to anyone.
  13. Tesla hadn't qualified for the previous $7500 US tax credit since early 2020 having exhausted their allocation. This move makes them incredibly cheap as oppposed to 6 months ago. The other manufacturers will certainly have to respond, though ones without a North American manufacturing base right now will really struggle as they won't comply with the IRAs (still a stupid acronym) requirements for the tax credit (notably the Korean brands). Still a bit of a price war can only be a good thing for people wanting an EV.
  14. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-01-13/jewish-community-reacts-to-dominic-perottet-nazi-uniform/101849560 Short version: NSW premier Dom Perrottet wore a Nazi costume to his 21st birthday 20 years ago. He revealed this after a call from the NSW transport minister who he's been having a disagreement with about gambling reform. Apparently rumours of a photograph have been circulating in the Liberal party for some weeks, but it's unclear who amongst his colleagues started it though he's pissed off a few of them recently (also unclear if any photographic evidence exists). NSW is a couple months out from a state election in March. So this is terrible timing for them.
  15. The average person probably doesn't care enough for it to sink Perrottet. But wow the infighting aspect is a bad look for the NSW Libs as a whole. Labor mustn't be able to believe their luck.
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