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  1. I saw a TV ad last night laying out the increases and the time frame they're over. The super industry is actively trying to make people aware of them, so they're harder to take away. Good move imo. I do think there needs some serious regulation limiting fees and the various often unnecessary insurances which chew into peoples savings. The commercial super industry especially is such a rort. The sheer number of funds out there is unsustainable.
  2. Impmk2

    Wuhan Coronavirus

    I've worked in infectious disease research for the past decade. And no. This just doesn't happen. Not like this. Animal work is expensive and annoying, quite aside from being very unpleasant to carry out. You avoid it at all costs. You don't go throwing airborne (or any) virus at animals just to see if things can 'hop species'. You heavily segregate and monitor any infected animal. You work to tightly defined hypotheses in an extremely controlled environment. I'm talking just the stuff where I work - in a PC (physical containment) level 2 facility*. The level 4 containment rules are insane. We're talking shower in / out of work through several airlocks and full body PPE (ie a pressurised suit). The people in those labs do not fuck around because fucking around could potentially kill them. The number of those facilities in any given country is vanishingly small because the cost to operate them is insane. I don't even want to think about just the admin to get an animal experiment going inside one. No one in their right mind would throw an infectious agent like SARS at any animal unless it was completely isolated. We're talking separate rooms, separate air handling, quite probably seperate entire buildings (hell we do that even at my level). Quite aside from anything else an unplanned infection could completely fuck up a very, very expensive experiment. Everything which comes out is assumed infectious and is first killed (if applicable), disinfected, then put in several layers of containment, then goes through an autoclave, before being incinerated. Is it impossible for a virus to escape a facility? Sure, nothing is impossible. Is it far more likely that a virus which has hopped species at least twice before, and is endemic amongst animals in the region has simply mutated and hopped species again? Hell yes. *we only work on tame stuff like the near pan-resistant klebsiella I'm messing with at the moment.
  3. No thanks. We've got enough of our own crazy right wing nutbag politicians without taking the UK's too.
  4. Progress! Definitely losing weight (approx 3-4kg since xmas). Possibly getting stronger, or at least not losing strength. Either way my power to weight is going up. Adding 4kg weight to the 18mm edge hangs which are progressing rapidly. 8kg on the pullups (4x6). Able to on-sight top rope at 5.11a, lead climbing in the 5.10s depending on how ballsy I'm feeling. Bouldering around a V4 depending on the problem. Seem to do better on the crimps than the slopers, but that'll just be technique and patience. Still it's great to be progressing at climbing after hitting a bit of a plateau for a couple years while I focused on the running.
  5. I get the perception. But looking into it the association is that: a) one of his staffers is married to someone who works there. and b) His campaign bought $42k of software from them. A candidate buying a subscription to software specifically designed for Democratic party campaigns is hardly surprising. It's worth noting that this is a company which was setup to work on the Clinton campaign, and Biden and Gillibrand's campaign also bought software from them. And as DMC said - that someone who works at a (apparently terrible) developer which was specifically set up to support the Democratic party, has a spouse who is Democratic candidate's staffer doesn't seem particularly surprising either. So seems like a big lot of conspiracy theory nothing?
  6. Impmk2

    Wuhan Coronavirus

    Nature paper released on the viral genetics: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-020-2012-7#disqus_thread Key points: Almost certainly of bat origin. Not snake origin as some earlier reports suggested. Extremely high sequence homology with the SARS virus. Uses same invasion mechanism. Given this it's likely that antivirals which were effective against SARS would also have some efficacy against nCov.
  7. Was very much expecting the worst so a very pleasant surprise. Bandt is the new Greens leader. No surprises there.
  8. Impmk2

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    Probably doesn't belong in the Corona virus thread, but the chronically absent masters degree student I'm (semi) supervising came up with the best excuse yet today: There were more than 400 people on the last 2 flights into Australia with confirmed passengers with Corona virus on! Last week I was at Chinese New year, there was probably someone who was on one of those flights at Chinese New year! So afterwards when I thought I didn't feel well I didn't come in as I might have caught the virus. All told while wearing the most ridiculous face mask I've ever seen. It was all I could do to keep a straight face. He then promised he'd get on with the work he missed and... promptly left for the day as far as I can tell. In another student I may have taken it as just paranoia, but this is about the 5th excuse in the past month, all getting wilder and wilder. He's been in for all of 1 full working day this year. Oh well it's not my degree.
  9. Oh ffs not Barnaby again! God please no.
  10. Impmk2

    Star Trek: Picard

  11. Impmk2

    International Thread 4

    The current nCor is reported to be killing almost exclusively amongst the elderly and people with preexisting respiratory conditions. Transmission is imo the main concern. As there's been very limited exposure on a population level, there's no kind of immunity out there. Has the potential to spread like wildfire, and perhaps mutate into something nastier in the process.
  12. Impmk2

    Star Trek: Picard

    If I recall the Hugh episode correctly - another point of difference was there was no real effort made to de-borgify him beyond cutting him off from the collective. The whole plan was around reintroducing him back with an anti-borg virus, so efforts to remove implants and return him to human form were minimal. Then when that plan was abandoned they just kinda dumped him back where they found him.
  13. Impmk2

    Nuclear weapons

    Having nuclear weapons just makes Australia a much larger target in any kind of exchange, especially as we're seen as a US regional proxy. No one is seriously considering invading, nor has anyone any time in modern history (Japanese plans in WW2 were drawn up by mid-level commanders and immediately shot down as unfeasible by their leaders, which didn't stop it being used as allied propaganda). There's no scenario short of WW3 and a total invasion of SE Asia where anyone would even think about it. At that point everyone is pretty much fucked. Then you have to consider what Australia developing nukes would mean for the region. Would it make (for example) Indonesia feel insecure? What if it triggers a regional nuclear arms race? More idiots with a button to push. More unstable semi-democracies to lose control of their weapons. Then there's that it would just be another nuclear arsenal to fall into the hands of an idiot like Trump. We elected Abbot ffs. So again, more nukes just makes the whole world a far less safe place. Bad, bad, bad plan.
  14. Impmk2

    Star Trek: Picard

    Re transporter evacuations: Completely ignoring previously useful technologies in service to the plot is in the finest of Star Trek traditions. Every second episode of TNG had that problem. Like if they just set up the computer to notify security when anyone unexpectedly boarded / disembarked the enterprise. Which we know they could do because they did exactly that several times, and then conveniently forgot about it next time the plot needed someone to disappear. As for the first ep. That was ok. Not amazing, but I'm intrigued enough.
  15. Impmk2

    US Politics: Mail and Managers for Mitch

    Sure. But Tywin said upthread that: Which I'd never heard before. Tbh I recall the complete opposite narrative which made me wonder.