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  1. Impmk2

    U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

    This got me wondering exactly how popular the wealth tax is in the US. Was thinking it'd probably break down on a partisan basis. So 40% or so support. But no. A wealth tax enjoys overwhelming public support. Popular across party lines. So far from a pocket universe I think you need to look at your own bubble.
  2. Interesting that Trump seems to have had no approval bump from the Baghdadi killing at all (yet). Google tells me Obama got a 5 point+ bump right after Osama was announced. But even Rasmussen has Trump down by 9 (45 / 54) in a poll conducted entirely after the announcement. Am I missing something? Or is this just another case of Trumps approval numbers being so entrenched that they're basically impossible to move.
  3. Impmk2

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    I was considering buying it, but this gives me pause as I'm running UW 1440p. Did you get it working? Any good guides on how to get it sorted?
  4. For recreational runners the marginal gains you get from them will be massively eclisped by pretty much anything else you could spend your money / time on. So no, I certainly won't be dropping stupid cash on them. But I do know a few people who've raced in the Vaporflys and they are meant to be insanely fast. Plus almost all the records in the last couple years have been broken in one iteration or another of them which does make me curious.
  5. Yeah don't think I could run even 1km at that speed, even at my fittest. That's seriously fast.
  6. All the best for a speedy recovery. That's a nasty fall.
  7. Impmk2

    US Politics. Trump Crossing the Dnieper. Alea Iacta Est.

    Not sure about that. Turnbull was initially rolled when he was in opposition for supporting Labor's carbon pricing back in 2008ish, then when he was PM for trying to get a carbon framework around power generation. He's always been pretty left wing socially, supported gay marriage, just to the right on economic issues. And he was willing to sell his soul to the right to try to stay in power. Also the Australian right wing has been until quite recently mostly to the left of the establishment Dems (aside from the issue of immigration). Many on the right would prefer a stable US government under the Dems as a moderating force in the Asia pacific, as well as the existing trade framework (plus the TPP) in place. ETA: Not that this discounts your first point. I find it quite unlikely that Alexander Downer, who (despite what I think of his politics) was an extremely long serving and experienced foreign minister under the previous conservative (Howard) government, would have gone on a fishing expedition for dirt on Trump on the behalf of Obama. Potential for blowback is too high. Far more likely the story we have is right, the information more or less fell into his lap and he passed it on.
  8. Impmk2

    Anyone else watching Australian Survivor?

    I'm most certainly watching. Have never watched before, but this year one of my wife's students from last year (Baden) is in it, The atmospheric physics group at uni (Baden included) has been having regular viewings. We went in a couple weeks ago to watch with them. Baden's live commentary was hilarious. The entire group has been bugging him for spoilers, but he's been super tight lipped. He has pretty much zero chance of winning, but still rooting for him.
  9. There's also that almost the entirety (94%! )of the private school system is Australia is religious. So if the local public school is crap, as a gay student you're just screwed then?
  10. Impmk2

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    Went to the hardware store yesterday to buy some stuff. They already have a large Christmas display up, complete with 30 foot floor to ceiling inflatable Santa. Holy shit it's still September! Christmas is now 1/3 of the year apparently!
  11. Impmk2

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    Well addicted to WoW classic... just like I was 15 years ago, though now I'm trying to juggle it with a job I care about, as well as family. You know, actual adult responsibilities. How the hell did this happen?!
  12. Impmk2

    Bull**it Jobs

    There is a reasonable body of research to suggest that for most people feeling like a productive member of society is strongly linked to their sense of self-worth and mental health status, and a lot of people only get that through their job. However the amount of work you need to do (for the majority) is nowhere near 40 hours a week. Study I saw earlier this year reported it was as little as 8hrs / week. Would be good, (although probably competely unrealistic without a massive cultural change in the western world) if we could eliminate the bullshit jobs and move more towards that. I'm in a weird job space (medical research) where l swing between "this is completely pointless and we're never getting anywhere with this horseshit research", and "we're doing some of the most important work in the world", dependent on the day of the week. But that comes with the territory. Picking up some teaching which is helping these days.
  13. Wrist based heart rate is pretty bloody good these days. Provided the watch is on tight so the optical sensor is getting a good read it should be quite accurate. I've used a chest strap in the past, and aside from some smoothing (bit slow on large spikes) wrist based is near as good, and far more comfortable. At least I don't notice the difference when pacing by heart rate. VO2 max I have no idea on, not paying to put myself through one of those tests! I look at it as an indicator of if I'm getting fitter on not, which frankly, I can see by looking at the pace I can maintain vs heart rate. But I'd say to be even remotely accurate you need to have a good idea of your max HR and have that input into the device. If that's off it'll throw everything out, and it can be wildly different from person to person. My max HR is near 20bpm higher than my wife's, and we're both the same age. Went for my first run since the marathon yesterday. Knee felt 100%, but cardio has gone completely to crap over the 3 weeks off. 5km and I was struggling just to hold marathon pace. Need to get back into it if I want to run another half in a month.
  14. I tend to take the opposite view. When someones averaging close to 150 in a series, you actually need them to make a couple low scores before you can say they've been 'Figured out'. Anyone's going to generate some chances on the way to a double century. The first of those he was already on 65. Even if it were taken that wouldn't be a bad knock for anyone aside from Smith at the moment.
  15. Just had to go back to this comment. It's good to hear