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  1. THey have to prove to the Commission that they are a real religious organization. Below link is in context of organizations that can discriminate legally (I.e. Churches giving hiring preferences to religious individuals) But the point is that the law is very different in Canada vs the United States on this matter, where I believe the employer would usually need to first assume it is a sincerely held religious belief. http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/policy-preventing-discrimination-based-creed/8-defences-and-exceptions
  2. Probably difficult, but it will depend on your employer. How many people are actually part of a religion that bans vaccines? THese are few and far between Smaller businesses I can see rolling over, but for larger companies, the law is on their side. https://www.osler.com/en/resources/regulations/2021/exemptions-from-mandatory-covid-19-vaccination-policies-key-considerations-for-hospitals-and-health http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/news_centre/ohrc-policy-statement-covid-19-vaccine-mandates-and-proof-vaccine-certificates
  3. From what I understand, it is not easy to get a legit medical exemption. The list of reasons is very small. Some people at my wife's work have tried and all failed. They all were placed on unpaid leave. The religious angle is bogus, how many people are actually part of a religion that bans vaccines? THese are few and far between. https://health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/publichealth/coronavirus/docs/vaccine/medical_exemptions_to_vaccination.pdf My work has decided they don't care and won't be requiring it.
  4. I have been back to do warranty work on a number of condos over the years. Most I would say have been occupied. There are a few that I recall as being empty. It is very common for many units to be unoccupied in the first year after the building achieves occupancy, during the 1st board. A lot of units are bought by speculators/realtors before construction are flipped at this point.
  5. Did my duty. Traffic was epic this evening. Not sure if that is because of the election or if a lot more people than usual started back at the office today. Polling station was quite busy, but the queues were orderly, quiet and efficient. Line of maybe 30 people and I got out in about 10 minutes My poll worker was my neighbour, she always wears denim overalls and plaid shirts. It all felt very Canadian. Props to all the volunteers today!
  6. And of course Ontario will not recognize it as a stat holiday. I agree with Paxter - the holiday is a bit of a toothless gesture without action on the rest of the recommendations from the TRC report. It reminds me of the City of Toronto deciding to rename Dundas Street. What does it achieve? It lets people pat themselves on the back for a job well done, an then go back to their normally scheduled programming.
  7. Ultimately, our business (construction/development) is perhaps the least ethical, competitive, greediest and untrustworthy legal industry on the planet. This competitive culture is so fierce, that even in tightly regulated countries (i.e. where I work in Canada), there are insane incentives for us managers to push profit at nearly any cost On some jobs, we start preparing the legal action the day that we mobilize workers.
  8. Their list of "opponents" on Wikipedia is really impressive.
  9. Staggering amounts of money spent in this place. What a farce. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-47391821
  10. I was not trying to say that computers didn't exist for us growing up. They certainly did. I should have been a bit more clear. What I was trying to say is that they didn't dominate like they do now. We played video games and did use computers, but by no means did everyone own a personal computer in the 1990s. And if they did, there is no guarantee they had access to the internet. Many people at my school had to go to the library to type up reports and access information. And today, kids have access to all of this from the time they start walking. For us, that was not the case at all. To me, those kids are true digital native, and it will certainly have an impact on their learning and development in different ways. That's a better marker of a generational divide IMO.
  11. In Canada, the terminology is also used. However, it has it's limitations in my experience. For example, I am technically a Millenial (born mid 80s) and my parents are Boomers. THey are immigrants though, so they don't have the typical 'parents fought the war and came home' background. More like, their parents lived in Europe during the war, and then came here. That situation is fairly common in Toronto, Canada. However, my life experience growing up was more similar to someone born in the late 70s to early 80s than someone in the late 80s to early 90s. I know there are a few other people on this board who would probably have this same feeling (SJohn Comes to mind) The ubiqutious of mobile devices, social media, internet etc. didn't really take off until I was graduated from High School, so my childhood has much more in common with people born 5-10 years earlier than even 5 years later. People usually call Millenials 'Digital Natives', and I'm definitely completely comfortable with technology, but to call people born 1980 - 1986 native technology users is not correct. Probably most of us in that period learned it at an almost adult age - or certainly at the tail end of high school. Also most people born 1980-1986 would already have been in the labour market during the Great Recession, instead of just entering it for the first time during the Recession. Certainly it affected us (but much less so in Canada than the USA), but that is often used as a marker / life event for Millenials. September 11th Attacks / Afghanistan / Iraq War are likely bigger generational events for the 1980 - 1986 cohort than typical MIllenials.
  12. Really happy for you kairparavel, that's wonderful. Must be so exciting to finally be so close to that moment. Cheers
  13. 3 straight days of ICU numbers dropping in Ontario ... hopefully we are past the worst of it.
  14. So then the police can ticket them and disperse under the public gathering ban. We don't need a curfew for that, and the police don't need additional powers to do that.
  15. You know as well as I do that if this government implemented a curfew, there is no way they will close those businesses. Because of light switches or something. Anyway, I don't see what a curfew accomplishes that the public gathering bans does not. The curfew just seems like it is ripe for abuse and harassment of minorities.
  16. I am someone that has followed a lot of restrictions and taken tons of precautions, but until they close down businesses that are driving infections, and provide the support necessary to let people stay home, I will never endorse nor follow a curfew. Fuck that. We are not slaves. This latest announcement is more of the same. Punish people but still expect them to go out there and make money for our overlords. Lets bans public gatherings, close park amenities and threatens regular citizens with tickets, instead of dealing with the actual sources of infections. Did anyone ever hear of the soccer field outbreak? Or the one at Trinity Bellwoods? No, of course not - because the outbreaks are all happening at countless workplaces across the Province.
  17. All my old people got their first shots, thank goodness. My wife is scheduled for next Friday too. This Stay at Home order conveniently ends on May 20th, right before Victoria Day weekend. Curfew will never happen. Police are already saying today they will not stop people randomly to enforce the emergency orders. Yesterday's announcement proves once again that the OPC does not care about the health and safety of anyone that is not rich. We should put Dr. Brown in charge, because despite being "above his pay grade", he spoke the truth. Curfews and random stops will disproportionately affect lower income people who are forced to go into work, and are not being prioritized for vaccines, and even those eligible in their areas have less vaccine access. Despite Ford's gravely worded announcement about how Health Care heroes are on the brink of total exhaustion and collapse - this latest announcement is a whole lot of nothing. They closed playgrounds and parks, and a tiny amount of construction. Big deal. Again, money talks and OPC does not give a fuck about any of us. Ontario Proud.
  18. Don't believe any of the propaganda from yesterday's announcement. I finally got a copy of the new guidelines for construction, and probably 95%+ of construction will continue business as usual. Basically anything that starts (i.e. apply for permit) after April 17th will not be allowed to start. But even that is not 100% true, there are still many exceptions. So basically, money talks. Ontario Proud folks.
  19. It is bad. My aunt is an ICU nurse at UHN, and my uncle is a paramedic for Toronto EMS. They have been working non stop. I hope this is the peak, but it is not looking good.
  20. I came here to slag off Ford, but Gurdeep is a joy. P.S. Fuck Doug Ford. The governments response to this pandemic has been atrocious.
  21. Domestic / US Shipping has been especially challenging for us over the last year. I use both rail and truck, with the latter having already been experiencing a major driver shortage across the continent. Rail has been working good from Toronto to Vancouver. Strangely enough, I have had no issues with international. Some of my key vendors are in Spain (Basque and Leon), and I regularly import at least a container per week from either. Some product I have comes in from Germany, but not as much. Other than the strike at Port of Montreal, the issues have been minimal. I can get containers on time from Europe, but I can't find reliable drivers to go 4.5 hours from Toronto to Ottawa.
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