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  1. I don't think anyone should be charged with fraud against big banks, because big banks should be able to do due diligence to check the veracity of statements made on loan applications that if they miss people's lies it's on them and courts' time should not be wasted. Let these people's credit records reflect the fact they are unreliable.
  2. I would imagine the Ukrainian conscripts are better motivated than the Russian ones, so morale should be better and hold for longer among the lowly-trained new recruits in Ukraine.
  3. I don't know what to say. I think you are misreading my post. And perhaps also misreading the quoted part of the article, if you think Krugman hasn't mentioned the trajectory of the pound and its causes, simply because 'pound' and 'sterling' are not there.
  4. No mention of the pound you say? I mean, obviously he's talking in part about the pound dropping instead of rising or being steady. And when saying the markets are overdoing it he means, among other things the FX market, possibly mostly the FX market, since that was the most notable market reaction.
  5. NYT says Twitter says: talk of Sterling crisis is puzzling. Seems like the article and twitter are saying more or less the same thing about the pound. Though Krugman may be being a bit charitable saying the political capacity exists to course correct with this particular leadership. Does he really mean with the next govt that doesn't have Truss as PM and Kwarteng as Chancellor?
  6. I guess people who believe starting a war is a reasonable course of action will always find ways to justify starting a war to get what they want, and will not be told that their actions are wrong.
  7. I hear the German parliament voted not to send tanks to Ukraine for the war effort. That seems like Germany giving in to Russian gas being cut off.
  8. I believe the past apology about as much as I believe the apology of a kid that's emptied the cookie jar into their tummy. They will be truly sorry when they actually feel the pain and consequences of their actions. In the case of the kid that's when they feel all gross and sickly from eating so much crap in such a short time (bit of a bugger if they suffer no ill effects). In the case of Jones it's when he feels all gross and sickly from his bank account being emptied. And being truly sorry is really only believable when there is a change in behaviour.
  9. Are you referring to Strange Horses, cake, or ice cream or all of the above?
  10. Not that it would necessarily prevent Gaetz from looking like a complete idiot, but someone should tell Gaetz that Fentanyl is an FDA approved schedule II drug being: "Schedule II Drugs: Drugs with high abuse potential and an accepted medical use in the United States. Examples of schedule II drugs include morphine, methadone, oxycodone, hydrocodone, amphetamine, methylphenidate and pentobarbital." https://www.fda.gov/media/71648/download#:~:text=Schedule II Drugs%3A Drugs with,%2C amphetamine%2C methylphenidate and pentobarbital. That being the case it is actually impossible to keep fentanyl out, because it is legal to be there. It is in fact something that people totally want to have in the country such as these fine upstanding companies and products https://www.hop-law.com/fentanyl/manufacturers/ Fentanyl lollipops anyone?
  11. 4th dose (second booster) has only been rolled out to over 50's and higher risk individuals here (unless something has changed in the last 3 or 4 weeks). Not quite sure why, possibly govt is buying in less vaccine now, so doesn't have supply to meet expected demand if it was opened to everyone. First booster uptake is 73% across the whole population, so I expect 2nd booster uptake, if made generally available would be pretty decent, maybe 40-50%. Even with 2nd booster being limited to 50+ and vulnerable the the daily 2nd booster rate is almost 10x all other vaccinations combined (1st, 2nd, 3rd, paediatric vaccination). We have a 7 day rolling average of 3 deaths per day attributed to COVID. Converting that to US population for comparative purposes, that's ~180 deaths per day. Or 0.6 deaths per million per day.
  12. Surely, border countries and Europe more widely should be un-cancelling visas and allowing any Russian male into the country to seek assylum from conscription, subject to security checks to make sure they are not state sponsored terrorists being sent to infiltrate. Though even then they should be let in, but surveilled heavily and then put into preventative detention. Starve Russia of troops and workers is a legit way of shortening the war.
  13. Wait, so boys don't need to reject transgender rights? I guess that's sort of progress, only 50% of minors are being brainwashed to be transphobes. Interesting they are expecting all the girls to be raped at some point, but somehow that's not the problem?
  14. Why should the government give money to the lazy and indigent to keep them warm-ish over winter? Because it's inhuman not to. Work or freeze is not the ultimatum people with basic common decency should be imposing on others. That's torture not motivation. So they are working, just not the sort of work our social contract likes and for which no tax is ever paid.
  15. Didn't realise they put it in the constitution. Though thinking about it, I guess that's the only way it could actually happen. A SCOTUS at some point would reject something like that which was merely an act of Congress. But SCOTUS can't touch the constitution. Curiously it seems a lot of people believe no one should touch the constitution, 22 amendments and a lot of those people crying about being the victims of infringements against various amendments sort of complicates that attitude a bit.
  16. Weren't lawsuits like Carroll's allegedly part of the reason Trump wanted to be president, so he could escape accountability for 8 years and perhaps run out some clocks for being able to be held to account? 4 years wasn't enough, no wonder he tried to overthrow the govt to secure himself 4 more years of respite. If he'd gotten 4 more years I would not have put it past him to seek, and obtain, support for getting rid of POTUS term limits. In an alternate future I can just imagine a Republican House and Senate backing it and voting to eliminate the filibuster to get it. Not that I personally think term limits are important for democracy. I would tend to argue that a democracy in need of term limits is borderline not a democracy, since it requires measures other than the ballot box to remove harmful leaders from office. IN a functioning democracy, shit presidents who are doing harm to a country shouldn't be able to hoodwink the electorate for more than one or two terms anyway.
  17. I wonder if a new Iranian regime would be any kinder to the Baha'i minority. Hundreds killed, thousands imprisoned, 10s of thousands stripped of property, rights and freedoms over the last few decades, no street protests by the general populace. In a small ray of sunshine, some good news on a disease that kills too many young people. https://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/wellington/300693994/jemima-gazleys-jembot-begins-cancerdetection-work A pity a bright youth died for this advance to happen. But what an amazing person, leaving a legacy many who live to their 80s and beyond don't achieve.
  18. I've had foodgasms with cake, but there are also cakes that are wholly inedible and would amount to an animal welfare offence if fed to animals. Ice cream lacks those extremes. So I will allow that if you aren't confident in the quality of either dessert you are being offered ice cream is the safer bet.
  19. I turned the security notifications back on about half an hour ago and not had any alerts pop up. So problem seems to be fixed.
  20. It's like the stolen generation repeating itself, in a different guise but basically the same attitude.
  21. It's Symantec. In the client management security log there were multiple intrusion events yesterday with this URL given as the intrusion-URL URL: http://h.parrable.com
  22. Fricken proletariat trying to tell their betters what they can and can't do. Judges should know their place. They are put there to serve their betters and protect them from the revolting masses and from the masses revolting. They may be highly paid functionaries, but they are still commoners none-the-less.
  23. Interesting new stat from our health dept. 12% of reported cases are now re-infections, 9% had their last infection >90 days prior, 3% reinfected within 90 days. My son might be re-infected (not yet tested positive, may not even be COVID) and if he is he most likely picked it up from a friend who was them-self a re-infection case. I think I know irl 2 or 3 definite re-infection cases. I'm still actively trying to avoid getting infected. I'm sure I have dodged several bullets since Omicron started waving through us in January. My latest cunning plan is to go grocery shopping in the mid-evening when very few people are in the shop, that way I am not surrounded by large numbers of unmasked shoppers of unknown infection status, and I can go through a completely empty self-checkout lane. This along with not taking public transport for my work commute over the winter has limited my exposure. Though driving to work has worsened my carbon footprint, I am working at home 4 out of 5 days so I only feel a little bit bad. I will have to get back on the train at some point, as driving and parking is stupidly expensive.
  24. I know, I was totally outraged by it. Everyone knows all Storm Troopers are Maori.
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