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  1. Yeah the days of the $1 /bag of chips (226g) have long since departed sadly. Whats striking though is the 250% markup for buying a single bag vs multiple, which, as BFC mentioned a while back, is just taking advantage of people trying to limit their intake via self-rationing (or folks who dont check prices and just get whatever is on their list).
  2. Well said! It amazes me how much folks will go against their own best interests in the name of keeping up appearances. We recently held a wine party having lost a bet on a game of pool. One of the attendees, who is living off of a graduate student stipend, remarked how they loved it when we hosted because we always had quality wines and went on a tirade about unsophisticated (read poor) folks who drink wine under 25$ a bottle... all the while she was drinking a tasty glass of Spanish $5/bottle that we got from the local bargain store.
  3. To build on Kal's comments, if it was this straight forward, some economist would have danced away with a Nobel prize long ago for their sure fire way of predicting recessions. If a person happened to be a mill worker in the southern US in the last century, they'd probably be seeing signs of impending/existing recession/depression all the time, even when the rest of the economy is chugging along OK. Thats not to say that some day someone might get the formula right, but that hasnt been the case so far in history. Its important that we remove our own lived experiences from the equation when assessing larger realities such as the health of a global economy. Right now a lot of the indicators are suggesting the economy is booming while others look more worrisome (but even those are not showing the kinds of massive impending doom when compared to even the 2008 recession.) All that said, you could be right in the end, but I'd suggest the most scientific prediction is, there isnt sufficient evidence to make a prediction.
  4. Its also worth noting that while Russia is a large, populous country, Ukraine is hardly tiny with about 1/3 the population and can commit essentially their whole military to the effort. They also have plenty of territory to slowly retreat back into (reference the tactics of virtually every war Russia won). Every meter they cede is a meter closer to their supply lines and a meter further away from the Russian supply lines. Moreover, while the Ukraine military will be becoming more experienced and better equipped over time, the Russian military is getting worse equipped and less experienced over time (due to integration of draftees and tactics that dont emphasize the survivability of troops. While the fog of war is thick and anything can happen, I would think a Russian army commander would be hard pressed to believe that 'only' a 3:1 advantage in manpower as pointing towards a favorable outcome.
  5. I'd like to see a Battletech 2 with a bit more focus on the strategic layer of the campaign (there are some mods like Roguetech that attempt it, but I've found to be a bit of a mess). Also, as much as I've loved EUIV, I'd think its time for a new, more modern version (though I would dread the endless money I would be spending on DLC).
  6. So you want to develop an AI with full access to the internet to emulate sociopaths with a mandate to maximize global domination of their organization. Don't be surprised to see Sarah Connor showing up at your doorstep if you happen to win the lucky number.
  7. Hopefully they used the same pilot so he can work towards his Ace credentials. (yes, yes unlikely due to distance)
  8. Granted I was only half paying attention, but did she really spend the last 10 minutes of the speech talking about some trip during the previous administration to a village in Iraq (I think it was Potemkin al Euphrates) where she was greeted with USA chants by all the villagers of all faiths and ethnicities and then a young soldier ripped off his badge and made her swoon? Or maybe it was a flashback to one of those harlequin romances my Grandmother used to read.
  9. Well as Churchill apocryphally said- "Americans Will Always Do the Right Thing — After Exhausting All the Alternatives." Which I always took to be a backhanded complement, but apparently in today's Britain, should be taken as flattering for us across the pond. Population 67 million and they made it past person, what, 5? before thinking of recycling? (Granted, feel free to raise this back up in two years for the US.)
  10. I do enjoy the comment from BBC "A serial number enabled them to verify they had found the right capsule." I mean it would be quite an embarrassment if they found someone else's lost cesium capsule.
  11. Yep, one of the best parts of our time living in DC was the Ethiopian food options. As for your local values, if you aren't loving lutefisk, your aren't luntinglife!
  12. The gender politics situation in Korea is quite complex. One of the challenges of the Tiger nations was that their economies developed far faster than the culture has (culture generally needs successive generational changes in guard whereas $$ can flow at the literal speed of light.) The older generations tend to be very conservative, the '88' generation of folks who were active during the democratization of the country embraced more liberal social positions, but disappointingly we are seeing a large gender gap in younger folks coming into political consciousness. A good percentage of the male population has regressed into the men's rights return to conservative traditions BS, whereas, the female population isnt in any mood to give up the social gains and economic independence they've made (still a long ways to go it should be said). This has led to a lot of women saying f' it, I'm not playing this game and either choosing to be single, forgoing children, or in a lot of cases looking abroad and seeing partners that wont expect them to fall into the traditional gender role (as anyone living in a large West Coast or NE US city can attest.) Add in generations of preference for boys over girls, as has been the case in many countries in the region, and you have quite a demographic challenge. This of course just creates further bitterness and resentment among an increasingly large group of men who are left single, and, as the article notes, seem to have learned the wrong lessons on how to respond to the problem. To be fair there are a couple of more legitimate gripes in the gender war in Korea (probably chief among them is the military/civil service draft, which the majority of the female population isnt exactly on board with joining in on in the name of equality) but they are few and far between.
  13. Also the ability to have players only see what the characters they control can see is a nice addition. I've made a few maps where characters start in separate locations and either are prevented from table talking to give a feeling of isolation and fear of whats around the next bend or have magical means to communicate over distances and allow them to describe what they are seeing but not knowing where each other are (as long as you tell them not to describe what quadrant of the roll20 map screen they are on). You can make for example a jail-break scenario where the separately jailed players all have certain intel that they could pass along info to the rescuing team, or coordinate their own escape.
  14. Good lord, this was the most midwestern-USian thread on food as one could could come to. Seriously, are there so many folks that don't eat Sushi on a regular basis? You haven't enjoyed food until you've eaten live octopus where its literally fighting against you in your mouth! Eating raw beef? my daughter at at 1.5 years old absolutely destroyed a plate of tar tar that my S/O and I were craving for.
  15. Well, an early out for the Seahawks but far later than anyone was predicting at the beginning of this season. I'd call it a pretty successful season. With a fairly young team with rookies producing and a treasure trove of Russ' cookin worth of draft picks on the menu, its about as good a 'rebuilding' year as one can hope for. Rooting for SF the rest of the way now.
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