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  1. Yeah and unfortunately they really need it. We went nearly a decade ago and loved it, particularly up in Ubud/mountains. Went back last year and it was depressingly bad. The businesses were desperate and what was once a relaxed hippyish community of tourists has been replaced significantly by young Russians fleeing conscription and felt more like being in the middle of gangland. Tattoo parlors, 'massage' parlors, and really rough looking bars everywhere.
  2. Right! And its not just life-and-death decisions but daily Sophie's Choice decisions which you are going to be blamed for no-matter which way you go. Folks with even a shred of human empathy are going to be heavily impacted. Being a world leader means making decisions to kill people or let them die and make many more suffer. Not just the bad'uns but also good people, relatively innocent people. To not do so would be a dereliction of duty and you'd be just as responsible for inaction. Like in War Games, for a person that truly wants to live a virtuous life, the only choice is not to play (not be president). Honestly, to be a good leader at that level probably does require a certain level of sociopathic tendencies, what we want is someone who is also programed to min/max policy decisions to the benefit of the nation rather than to their own personal gains or even more nefarious goals.
  3. While I get the sentiment, that would eliminate not only all boomers, but all GenXrs, and decent bunch of older or just precocious Millennials from office. Unless you are thinking of one of the hangers-on from Animal House, only like a third of the remainder that can vote would even meet the minimum age for President.
  4. Wrapped up Echo and agree with the good points others have mentioned for the most part. Nice to highlight the Choctaw culture and even took a couple tongue in cheek shots at westerners fetishizing it. That said, this one does really highlight a reoccurring theme with superhero shows/movies- mass murderers are given the opportunity to see the light and receive redemption without any serious long term consequences. The difference between the 'heroes' and the 'villains' is that the former only relapse on occasion for the 'greater good', whereas the later relapse immediately. Petty henchmen however should be eliminated with impunity and without a moment of remorse. Somehow remembering your ancestors makes it OK that there are hundreds or thousands of lives shattered by your actions... and also remove any criminal evidence and outstanding warrants for your arrest!
  5. I also wrapped up Mr & Mrs Smith and agree with the rest that Glover and Erskine played characters with real depth. The episode plots were just as ludicrous as Reacher, but they were able to sell it far better. A couple quibbles for an overall good show- the later episodes got a tad tedious as they started bickering constantly and the missions were boiled down into like 20 seconds of flashbacks.
  6. I finally wrapped up Three Body (the Chinese version) and was generally impressed. They stuck very close to the book from what I can remember, but reordered some of the flashbacks to really focus on the crime detective story before the big reveal. This worked well for the first half of the series but had the impact of dragging down a few episodes about 3/4 into it when it went back and filled in some of the parts of the book that would have interrupted the detective story at that time: The special effects were competent enough given the needs of the story and I liked the main cast. They also toned down the pretty blatant misogyny that is rife through the written series. I am curious just how much will be cut from the Netflix version. This one is 30 episodes of about 45 minutes each. While they could have cut it down by getting rid of the musical montages and the reoccurring scenes were people spend a couple minutes espousing their fears and sadness over booze, the book does have a lot of ground to cover if Netflix is going to try and do it in 8 episodes. My guess is the Cultural Revolution stuff will get the axe due to the lack of historical connection to the average westerner.
  7. Well since you are a Tool fan, I've got some advice for you, little buddy. Before you point your finger, you should know that I'm the man. I'm the man and you're the man and he's the man as well, so you can point your finger up your... Point being, I don't think this age of music is really all that different from the previous when it comes to the 'purity' of the business.
  8. Finished up Reacher Season 2. The last two episodes do a good job further cementing the protagonist as the bad guy, were it not for the Scooby Doo villains he's put up against who seem to have all the character of a wave of baddies of the NES Contra video game. In addition it leans into the plot holes of a lot of heist shows where the value of the prize isn't worth the cost of securing it. The baddies are trying to get away with $65 million dollars. The Super Puma helicopter they are using retails at $22 million by itself. Are you telling me that a VP at Not-GE Aerospace is going to go through all the risks for whatever share of $65 million he ends up getting after expenses? Hell just get a deal to ship the missiles legally to Saudi Arabia and sell your stock options after the firm's price goes up.
  9. Just finished a rewatch of Band of Brothers and the Pacific. A friend pointed out this BBC Review of BoB https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20240119-masters-of-the-air-why-band-of-brothers-is-the-last-great-uncool-tv-show Now overall the review is very positive about the series, but seems to be begging people to watch it despite being too dedicated to truth and being 'uncool': 'It's also notable that almost all of its US soldiers, not just those in Easy Company, are white. In episode six, a black nurse helps out in a makeshift hospital in Bastogne, Belgium, but, unlike her white co-worker, she doesn't have any lines. For all of these reasons, the series has come to seem slightly dated and musty in the 20-odd years since it premiered to universal acclaim. Still, it would be wrong to see Band of Brothers as a relic. These days, its unvarnished sincerity stands out as its most valuable asset. Committed to getting its facts straight with as little embellishment as possible, it could be the last great uncool television series.' While the culture war crap the conservative right has been waging has been fairly idiotic, suggesting that a docudrama about a racially segregated military company is dated and uncool because it gets its facts straight about the racial makeup of the company is just bizarre. While for many reasons the 1940's could be called uncool, musty, and dated based on today's very modest improvements in racial equality, what is the target demographic out there that the reviewer is trying to convince to watch Band of Brothers despite it being 'uncool'?
  10. Welcome Back! As a Seahawks fan, I was about ready for him to retire prior to the start of the season two years ago. But after pulling off a playoff spot during what seemed to be a rebuilding year and then having a winning season this year, I thought he earned the chance to ride off into the sunset at his own time. Granted they should have made the playoffs this year with a few losses that really came down to our inability to stop the pass in the intermediate zone, but if a down year for Carroll is 9-8, that's pretty good in the NFL.
  11. Now you are talking- top ten song ever in my book. Though these days, I think I'd rather be on whats left of the California side of Arizona Lake. As for our current citizenry predicament. I am thinking surreptitious technology transfer to the Whales so we can welcome the Serene Benevolent Dictatorship of the Cetaceans. While admittedly the odds of things going south for Japan are a bit higher than I like, blaming the Pod for things isn't anything new around here.
  12. Not sure if there are many A Perfect Circle fans on the board, but the song Disillusioned seems to cover the bases pretty well. You could worry about complex politics/global warming/raging conflicts, or instead, your next dopamine hit is only an Instagram scroll away. Its become too easy to isolate oneself from community responsibility or critical thinking in general. I suspect under better conditions, the majority of these folks could be considerate, responsible citizens.
  13. Indeed, I checked and have over 315 free games on Epic (a handful of codes did come from humble bundle though) and of the 3 or so I've bought directly, all were purchased during the winter 75% sale + use of annual coupon (most recently RDR2 for $14 this year). As IlyaP said- while its nice to have everything bundled up in Steam, free is free. Its not like the launchers are sucking up great deals of hard drive space and you can just keep them from loading on startup until you desire to play one of the games.
  14. Hehe, pretty sure I said it was not on the same level. The Wire is in the top five series ever. Boche is fun and somewhat more coherent than most detective procedurals.
  15. I don't think you'd need to wait 10 years to make this series. Just add a parallel aspect to the reality show where a fully networked computer develops a show script with only the help of an original set of inputs and a viewer panel that can thumbs up or thumbs down scenes through a given number of iterations. Maybe even give the human group the panel to work with in the same way (with the panel blind to the source). Then take the two scripts, get the same producer/cast to make the shows, and put them out there blind taste test style to see what receives a higher audience score. Then release the reality show aspect along with the grand reveal.
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