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  1. Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark Given Sagan's warnings about Climate Change from the 1980's, its amazing how true he had mastered not only the science of the universe, but also the science of humanity. For a certain, large portion of the population, there is no evidence that could get them to support global warming, for in doing so, they undermine a core part of their being, which is, never admit you are/were wrong.
  2. Actually, this is where I think you are missing the bigger picture of the electorate. Despite the pandemic, despite the war in Ukraine, despite the inflation, the majority, and maybe even super majority of voters are not living in particularly hard times. This isnt to ignore that 10,20, or even 30% of the voters are in dire straights, but, cynical as it may be, people are willing to support the rights or well being of others right up to the point it risks their own comfortable lifestyle. People who are not desperate are going to see the 'getting creative' political solutions as something that could risk the system's integrity and most will equate the integrity of the system with their continued prosperity. To paraphrase the Foundation, you dont change societies by killing their soldiers, or convincing them the logic or virtue of your system, but rather by taking away the middle class housewives' washing machines and automatic ovens. (latent sexism SIC)
  3. Agreed, and that's kinda my point. In a more enlightened world, I'd hope people would be voting less on how it impacts themselves personally and in the short term (like gas and food prices today), and more on how it impacts the polity 10, 20, 50+ years out. The reality is that major changes in society occur at the generational level. Vote for the world you want your grand-kids living in, for those are the ones who will really bare the brunt of your choice.
  4. Well, no- I actually think this is a great example of elections have consequences. It just expects people to have a longer term vision then what is in front of them today. In this case the consequences are from the 1988 election, the 2004 election, and the 2016 election.
  5. To me its like when a congressional vote map of the US is presented and there are pages upon pages of people who agree that it proves that 90% of the people voted for their candidate. After all, look at that sea of red! I think there is some trouble grasping how many people a million+ is, and that they could be living in an area of a decent sized farm. I mean, they never ran into anyone who voted for the other candidate, and they have 10s upon 10s of people they see in a given month.
  6. Na, no doubt she is talking about the Reagan Administration, right?
  7. I think Bethesda has taken their series more in the sandbox direction than the narrative direction for several installations now. For me the plot is just an excuse to get out there and explore, mine, build, and choose my own narrative. Heck, most of them have mod's that skip the whole plot and start you in a random part of the world. Depending on how well its developed, procedural generation does an adequate job of setting up the sandbox (see Minecraft or, now heavily updated No Man's Sky). In Fallout 4, I've spent at least as much time building settlements and connecting them with supply convoys as raiding. I am hoping that the next Elder Scrolls allows us to 'paint the map' as far as taking over each Mine and Fortress and slowly taming the wilds. But, I totally understand that's not everyone's cup of tea, I personally bounced off of Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, but realize that they are fan favorites here.
  8. I think that Starfield gameplay video finally got me hyped up. If it lives up to whats promised *cough Oblivion Radiant AI* it would be quite a game. Now the question, do you buy it on release, or wait a year for it to be debugged? I gotta wonder if Star Citizen is feeling any pressure at all, since scope-wise, this sounds similar, albeit without the multi-player. With Starfield's release, we will have seen two generations of space exploration games released without so much as a projected completion year for SC.
  9. Out of curiosity- who gets the other 375€?
  10. Just an anecdote, but I did note that our local, not particularly partisan, news broadcast yesterday referred to the Proud Boys and 3%rs as domestic terrorist groups without batting an eyelash. It caught me by surprise, even if I agree with the term used, since they normally seem shy about taking a position that could be seen as political.
  11. Thanks for pointing this one out- I've enjoyed it over the weekend. The game has a nice cathartic rhythm to deconstructing the ships and the 15 minute shifts are nice for getting in a session in a squeeze but dont disrupt if you want to play longer. Heads up though that the pressurization scheme is a bit flaky at times- had my first death to explosive decompression of an outer hull piece that was visually exposed to space. Best to use the scanner before cutting even when it looks safe.
  12. I'll second that- I always freeze up when a commercial has a horn or accident sound while driving. I will also add to the list a recent Realty commercial that has someone breaking dishes to express frustration- I know folks that have domestic violence PTSD that the smashing sound really sets on edge. I'm amazed some of these make it through the review process.
  13. It looks a lot like Mechanicus, which was a solid, if fairly straight forward X-COM clone. What really brought it up a notch (and probably the reason I played it through to the end) is it had a stellar soundtrack. If they deliver the same level of quality there, I'd definitely give it a look.
  14. Thanks Zabzie! I was just, by coincidence, loading up my child's iPad with Khan Academy courses, having realized that her school isn't exactly pushing the envelope on academics. Which, by the way, looking at the IXL coursework, has our education system regressed so much that pre-calculus is taught in 12th grade? I figured the slow progress was pandemic related, but based on that rubric, they really don't cover that much material in a year do they. We certainly had algebra and trig-based geometry in Middle School- after walking uphill both ways in the snow of course! Seems Mommy/Daddy boot camp will be extended beyond the Summer break!
  15. I bought an earlier model Titan right before the pandemic. My coworkers laughed at me then, but after a couple years of work from home, I'd dare say my back in a lot better place than theirs!
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