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  1. Out of curiosity, I checked out the New York Red Bull site just now and their season tickets range from $500 to $4000 as listed on the site, with there being at least one more tier listed as "call for price" (which often translates to "a whole lot more than those printed prices"). Those upper end prices do include things like a free parking pass for all the home games and exclusive bar/restroom access. A quick scan of other teams suggests a similar range, with the non-premium seats running $500 to $1500 for the season and some much pricier options with extra perks and access.
  2. There are definitely more people wearing masks on the subway again in recent weeks. Nowhere near as many as two years ago, but noticeably more than at the start of this school year, when I was frequently the one masked person.
  3. It happened in the 2019 World Series. Nationals won 4 games in Houston and Astros won the 3 games in DC.
  4. This just reminded me of a list that was going around back when Episode I (or maybe even the Episode I trailer) came out where well-known Star Wars lines had the word "pants" subbed in somwhere. "At last we will reveal our pants to the Jedi" is the one that stuck with me and I still laugh way more than I should at it.
  5. Holy crap. I mean, Chicago is an incredibly flat course and seems like the spot where a record could be set, but it still blows my mind a bit to think about sustaining that pace. I mean, it averages out to about 4:36 a mile! For two hours!
  6. Ty and Daniel did an AMA on Reddit yesterday: I am James SA Corey, author of the Expanse and pen name of Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. AMA. Some questions about the adaptation of the first six books, a lot about the process of writing The Expanse books and their upcoming books (a completely new thing, inspired by Herbert and LeGuin), some unanswerable questions about future TV productions because of the strike, and a few plugs for their Patreon.
  7. Have you played Islets at all? It's a pretty easygoing Metroidvania that I started after finishing TOTK and have been enjoying it. Definitely works well as a game I don't need to think too much about while still being fun. That's what I did as well.
  8. Mr. X

    LGBTQ+ 7

    UF = University of Florida, and it is a state school.
  9. Fantastic clarification in that article:
  10. While Xray and I were driving up to New England this past Saturday to visit my parents, we found a four-pack of Three Floyds' Dreadnaught IPA, one of EHK's favorite beers. Our first comment was, "They put this in cans now?!?" Our second was, "We are buying this in honor of EHK."
  11. From the review: "You can also sail a capybara across a lake, which is rad." Looks like a fun, chill game!
  12. That's F9, so I'd say you're all caught up on the lore. Of course, they'll still re-explain everything you need to know and invent or retcon other bits as necessary to push the current plot forward.
  13. Back when it first came out, I used my hardcover copy of A Dance With Dragons on multiple occasions to encourage people to not block subway doors as I was getting out.
  14. I don't find reusing the map to be a detraction. It creates a sense of "this is very familiar but just a little bit off" that works well will the story line so far. [I am only (only?) 30 hours in and have focused mainly on exploration and shrines rather than the main quests.] Then there's the fact you have the main world plus the Sky and the Depths to explore, which literally expand the world both upwards and downwards.
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