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  1. Yeah, I remember reading about this in July because I follow Night Shift (one of the breweries quoted in the article). Hope it doesn't hit my local brewery. If so, I suppose I'm gonna have to bust out the homebrew kit more regularly. Thanks to the magic of bottle conditioning, I am not reliant on external CO2 supplies.
  2. Lol. I opened this thread intending to make a similar comment.
  3. Featuring: Thar, a hammer-wielding pirate. Irun Man, all about that cardio. The Incredible Hull, a mild-mannered scientist who turns into a boat when he gets angry. Hawkeye, but it's the one played by Alan Alda. Blick Widow, absolutely deadly with art supplies. Dr. Stronge, a master of the mystical arts and intergalactically famous powerlifter. And Wong, because Wong is a multiversal constant.
  4. After graduating college, I lived in my college town for a few years and occasionally worked for a friend's restaurant/catering company when he needed help. During an event we did at a professor's house, my friend pointed at the door to the library and said I needed to go check it out. It was all floor to ceiling bookshelves full of books, complete with a desk built into the middle of them at one point and rolling ladders for retrieving books from the highest shelves. My favorite part was watching the guests at the party, most of whom were visiting professors and scholars from other institutions, walk in and gape in awe and envy at the room.
  5. Yes, they are excellent. I've had them twice. The first time was because someone around here did a charity fundraiser during June 2020 where donating a certain amount to mutual aid funds got you a package of fresh mooncakes. The second time was when the mother of one of my students brought mooncakes to all his teachers at fall parent/teacher conferences.
  6. I may be wrong, but I thought that the guard at the entrance to the prison made a big deal about "no superpowers" on her first visit, which is why she always has to stay de-hulked during her visits. (It clearly gives the production a chance to save money, since they can keep Maslany non-CGIed during that time.) And I'm pretty sure there were no news cameras inside, so the lawyer guy can theoretically keep She-Hulk with the press outside even when it's Jennifer Walters on the inside.
  7. My favorite thing about this is how absolutely chill all the egrets are.
  8. It's the latter. From this profile: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/09/technology/birds-arent-real-gen-z-misinformation.html
  9. Sounds like "The Fall and Rise of the House of the Wizard Malkuril" from The Book of Magic collection.
  10. Still doing the teaching thing. Switched schools this year for a change of pace and a chance to learn a different curriculum. It's been super draining, as a former teaching mentor warned me the first year at a new school would always be, but it's also been rewarding.
  11. It would be pretty cool to be able to walk into a bar in, say, the East Village and see some friend you haven't seen in years sitting in front of the fireplace at will.
  12. I think I waited an hour once, and that was in NYC in November 2020 with the pandemic, the presidential election, and *waves hands at everything else* all going on. I don't think I've voted by mail since college, and most of my in-person voting day experiences have been under 15 minutes. To be fair, I've been teaching high school since the early 2000's and usually go to the voting site right when it opens at whatever stupid early time since I'm on my way to work anyway. That definitely cuts down on the wait times.
  13. Reading this right now is the first time I realized that Rey did not start out on Tatooine.
  14. This is really the best description there is of Kurt Vile's music.
  15. Have you listened to The War on Drugs at all? They have some of the same vibe as Kurt Vile (he was a member at one point, so not too surprising). I Don't Live Here Anymore is their latest and it has some great driving around with the windows down vibes.
  16. The developers said something along the lines of it tying up the trilogy of DLCs they released. They did an AMA on Reddit a few days back (here's a link) and said they have "At least another year of content and then we'll see how it goes" when asked what more they have planned. They did say more DLC will be on the way but didn't give specifics. I picked up the new DLC last Thursday and have played through the new levels twice (well, only made it to the boss once). I really enjoyed the shipwreck. Haven't been super excited about the new weapons I picked up in terms of actual gameplay, but I thought the shark was hilarious to use. Died pretty quickly using that due to its slow speed but laughed my ass off every time I swung it around or threw it.
  17. I find Dead Cells to be ridiculously fun and lightly addictive. It's my default when I want to play something but not get tied up in a story or exploration. In the first half of this year, when I would often be virtually paralyzed by anxiety related to my former job, playing Dead Cells was a perfect way to shut my brain off. it's great fun, and I think I've now managed to unlock all the weapons in the "Everyone is Here" update (but none of the outfits). I also just played through Death's Door on the Switch and thought it was great. Very much a metroidvania that draws on things like Hollow Knight and the Zelda series -- it doesn't necessarily do anything super original, but what it does it does very well.
  18. I want to like this three times, but I can't. Instead, I liked it, quoted it, and will like my own quote post (if I can -- I have no idea how these things work).
  19. I got my Moderna booster yesterday and I think was at the pharmacy for maybe 5 minutes total, including spelling out my name so they could pull up the appointment and signing the consent forms. They didn't do the monitoring for me either -- the person who administered the shot said, "If you were going to have an anaphylactic response, it would have happened on one of the first two times so we're not worried about the third time." Been mostly okay today -- sore at the injection spot with some achiness that spread to my shoulder, though nothing that could be distinguished from my shoulder hurting because I slept in some weird, awkward position. Had a bit of a headache in the late afternoon today, so I took some aspirin, took a nap with the cat, and woke up feeling fairly normal.
  20. This is true. I'm booked for next Friday for a Moderna booster and I made that appointment a week or two ago. I mean, I was also looking for a Friday afternoon/evening so I wouldn't have to deal with any potential day-after effects on a teaching day, so I definitely complicated things, but there were many more slots available for the Pfizer booster.
  21. Oh wow, Coco. I kind of remember that whole thing happening but completely blanked on who was involved.
  22. I'm imagining a return of "Become Another Boarder Week" (or whatever it was actually called) where Scot and solo switch accounts.
  23. About an hour of my Monday morning just disappeared reading Uni Watch and I had to force myself to stop before I spent the rest of the day reading it. Figured out why the writing had a familiar feel to it when I checked the About page and found it's the same guy who wrote the zine Beer Frame back in the 90s. I probably still have a couple issues of that sitting in a box around here.
  24. Oh wow, I hadn't watched that in years. Still hilarious. And it has Sunita Mani, who played Arthie on GLOW.
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