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  1. You've famously not read the books, so you have no business saying the show "improved" the Tower of Joy.
  2. The cringeworthy Tyrion scene (another one!) alone should warrant a 1. But evaluating all the other elements... Nah, still gets a 1. No saving grace.
  3. Gave it a 2, basically for Bran's scenes, that were good, details aside. Since Jon's resurrection's hype doesn't work for most and most other scenes of the episode have a lot to criticize about, they get no more points from me.
  4. This thread is for posters to rate the episode and perhaps give their reasoning behind their vote, not to judge said reasonings. For people who can't stomach opinions that go against their own, I'd advise to shut up and keep it to themselves.
  5. Oh, I didn't feel like going on a tengent about such a difficult concept to grasp as an average. And you're such a classy guy, calling others ignorant out of the blue. You're a sad intern.
  6. If people voting 1 are trolls, then people voting 10 are trolls too (there's no objective critique that can call this episode perfect), so it evens out.
  7. 1/10. Shit just keeps getting worse. It's an unintentional comedy of sorts now.
  8. In my case, i never said "I would quit the show". I said "fuck it". I'll continue watching and continue bitching as much as i want to.
  9. Well, i'll just let all the Stannis fans spew all the vitriol D&D deserve. Those who don't get that book-Stannis wouldn't do this in a million years have no idea, and will never have. Not stupid enough to try to get some sense into their heads.
  10. If you think we're "narrow-minded", what would the people who thought the show was stupid from the beginning be? I'm kind of embarrassed to remember how i defended the show back then. Most of you criticize the books to defend the show. We OTOH don't need to defend the books to criticize the show. Like i said, i liked the Hardhome battle, but i also like several mindless action flicks.
  11. Yeah, that's another thing. Jon in ADWD gets betrayed because Marsh & Co. saw him as irresponsible for meddling in the affairs of the Northern Lords. Yes, some resented them for the concessions to the Wildings, sending Cotter Pyke and valuable resources to rescue them (if they cast Mallister, why not Pyke, BTW), but deep down they all knew he was right about most of these decisions, so they wouldn't attempt against his life if he didn't give them another, better excuse. What's it gonna be in the show? A personal vendetta from Olly, perhaps Thorne and who knows who else, against Jon and by extension, Sam. That's the most likely, and much less powerful scenario IMO.
  12. Da fuq? Tysha had the exact same treatment in the show. They only removed her significance in Tyrion's story.
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